One World For Peace - Bournemouth Air Festival


  • Clare Moody MEP
  • Ashley Fox MEP
  • Molly Scott Cato MEP
  • Julie Girling MEP
  • William (The Earl of) Dartmouth MEP
  • Julia Reid MEP

South West


Monday 25 September 2017

Paul Bright
One World For Peace
2 Lansdowne crescent

Dear William (The Earl of) Dartmouth, Clare Moody, 
Julia Reid, Julie Girling, Ashley Fox and Molly Scott Cato,

Bournemouth air festival was a Great occasion of remembrance when
we could all share in the celebrations of Great British Royal Air Force
victory over the nazi German regime in 1945. Let us all remember.

Little has changed now as just today the evil Angela Merkel and her 
fascist AfD nazis were declared 'winners' even though they have only 
got 45.6% of the vote which is significantly less then the 49.3% won by 
the SPD, Liberal, Left and Green rainbow coalition. We must act now to
publicise this democratic fact that Merkel and the AfD LOST the election.

We The British need to stand up now in Europe and argue loudly for a
return to democracy where the majority rules so that smaller parties are
not tempted to form another fascist 'Grand coalition' with Angela Merkel.

A Social Democratic Left, Green Liberal alliance will not cause us problems
in the BRexit negotiations and will indeed work with us for a smooth and
orderly Great British Brexit for Great British Rail and Sealink shipping 
services across Europe and on to Russia, China, The Philippines and
Indonesia for connecting Pelni passenger ships to Australia and NZ.

We should remember we are the Great Nation of Sir Francis Drake as well as
Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Admiral Lord Nelson and of
course Sir Winston Churchill who was a TRUE Conservative unlike Theresa
May who is a Saudi Arabian prostitute and a secret girlfriend of D. Trump.

Great Britain is a Great Nation and Great British Business especially all of our
Education businesses, like mine, which seeks to offer the UK National Curriculum 
to all German speaking countries need serious support from serious government.

A serious UK government must put Great British interests first and look after all
The Great British People First so we should not allow the undemocratic and evil
EU regime to dictate anything to us. It is ridiculous to pay 20 billion pounds to 
maintain 'access' to a single market we are denied any access to. We cannot
open UK national curriculum schools in Germany as Angela Merkel and her
nazi AfD regime refuse to accept English. The truth is the regime in Berlin
want the German people to be uneducated and unemployable so that they
will be easily led to blame 'foreigners' for all the problems of Merkel.

Exactly the same as in the nazi 1930s Corrupt, Racist, Antisemitic, Prostitute 
politicians today seek to divide and rule. It is shameful that Theresa May who
is a disgraceful appeaser of Angela Merkel just like Neville Chamberlain was
a disgraceful appeaser of Adolf Hitler is our Prime Minister. Fully 44% of
The British People support Jeremy Corbyn over May who has under 40%.

We must either toughen up the BRexit with Boris Johnson as PM and have NO
Deal at all with the EU (simply walking away is best) or we must have a general
election. Jeremy Corbyn will help us to lead Europe in a Pro British Democratic
direction, after all, to develop lucrative business contracts in Russia and China. 

We should remember Russia is our closest ally and Vladimir Putin is very popular
in Russia with over 90% popular support so he is as popular with Russians as we
in The UK see Her Majesty The Queen in The UK as our sovereign leader and our
Head of State. Good politicians of all parties are loyal to Her Majesty The Queen
and NOT to Theresa May and her fascist nazi German Angela Merkel EU regime.

Diplomatic censure of the most undemocratic German election process and this
ridiculous idea that the biggest party gets to choose the coalition in an extremely
undemocratic way is vital. All Great British business needs your support to help
our export efforts that will bring better economic conditions to everyone. With
English as the undisputed international language all The German people want
is to have democracy yet they are too afraid to speak out against the Merkel
regime. Therefore it is up to The British to bring freedom and democracy
to Europe in 2017 and 2018 just as we did in 1917 and 1918 as well as in
1944 to 1945 following the D-Day landings which we all remember.

Improving road safety in Bournemouth by means of solid concrete road blocks
which are strong enough to stop ISIS truck attacks and car bombs will ensure
safe cycling in Bournemouth and attract millions of year round visitors with
our new Train Operating Company MTR. Hong Kong has excellent shopping
and MTR are now offering special prizes to promote Bournemouth in Hong
Kong and China. We are delighted to support Great British Internationalism.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Bright CEO One World For Peace

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