One World For Peace - God Save The Queen

Cycling To Work will make the UK=OK and all are most
WELCOME because without deadly German cars there
will be space on the UK=OK! roads for us all to get fit and
do our bit to SAVE THE NHS ON OUR BIKES!

Dear Lady Warsi,

Accepting refugees is in our UK National Interest as explained:

Cycle to work day highlights how we can make more space for
everyone in the UK and be OK with freedom to cycle on our own
streets and develop our UK=OK bicycle and Public Transport
which will create many jobs and save the NHS as well.

Please pass this urgently to all fellow lords as refugees are
welcome in the UK and this has always been our traditional policy
as a GREAT nation that has always been leading the World to PEACE.

We fought to defend freedom from the evil Spanish Armada,
We fought to defend freedom from the evil Napoleonic French,
We fought to defend freedom from the evil NAZI Germans and
We fought to defend freedom with the Commonwealth, Russia,
China, the Philippines and all GREAT nations from 1914-2015.

Germany started The 1914 to 2015 War because German industry
wanted to profit from selling cars that nobody needed and this was
the reason why Germany attacked Belgium in 1914 and Poland in
1939 and invaded the Ukraine in 1941 and formed the European
Union in order to dominate Europe as we can see by the German
behaviour in Greece where austerity is undemocratically imposed.

Nobody needs a car but by corrupting politics the Germans have
ensured total market domination in transport and this kills many
millions of children on the roads as well as in the German wars
for resources that are sadly now conducted by corrupted UK and
USA politicians such as David Cameron, Tony Blair, Barack
Obama and george Bush. This insanity must be stopped now.

We shall now restore The British Peace enjoyed from 1815-1914
which is also known as The British Empire UK=OK! FOREVER.

Remembering our GREAT History inspires us to do the correct
thing today which is to lead the World to Peace once again as
We restore GREAT Britain together with our allies.

Refugees are welcome in the UK because with World Peace they
will return home to Syria and Libya and the Ukraine as well as
returning home to France and Germany which will mean that
WE The British will be very well placed for international trade.

We will leap over all other nations and be always and forever
remembered as the ONE GREAT Nation that welcomed the
refugees and stopped all wars as we leave NATO and we
help our American friends disarm for World Peace.

Welcoming refugees is GOOD for UK Business and will ensure
that English is the GLOBAL language and create millions of
GOOD JOBS for UK citizens all over the world as teachers
and engineers as we build the BRUNEL Railway across
Eurasia to America with British Rail to Buenos Aires.

This will peacefully ensure the Falklands are forever British
as well as helping our Argentinian friends travel to Port Stanley
as tourists aboard HMS Royal Megayacht Travel service ships.

To summarise, everyone loves the UK because we are OK!

Yours sincerely,

Eva and Paul Bright CEOs of the UK=OK! Foundation The UK is OK For Royal Global Democracy Democratic Europe. Total Liberation.

We stop all risk and make the UK=OK! for everyone.
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