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To create real jobs and investment we first need to stop the risk of evil corruption,
nazi fascism and nasty racism as well as absolutely unacceptable antisemitism so now
we are working on opening up the "German speaking" market to benefit everyone.
Our NEW railway line from Porrentruy to Paris and Portsmouth will enable us
all to create truly great wealth with remembrance that truly benefits everyone.

This is a Great British Rail initiative to promote the coming socially inclusive BRexit
for British Railways that will connect One World For Peace with NO EU regime!
and so replaces the evil May "brexit" that we did not vote for and so is not happening.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of Europe without the corruption of the EU regime so
get your EHIC and Travel for Business to help us replace cars with Bamboo Bicycles
we are currently looking for business partners in all areas of The new Bicycle industry.

Great Britain
is recreating and expanding the EU to bring everyone together in Peace.
So we did "Vote Leave" to stop the old "EU" so Europe would be something better;
we especially wanted to stop the old nazi German firms of corruption like Volkswagen
& the really evil Private Health insurance industry. We voted to STOP the EU regime!

The Commonwealth for Peace theme for 2017 is the foundation for real World Peace.

We are delighted that Switzerland is helping us and we are helping Switzerland with
our projects for social inclusion in the deprived east of the country. We work together.

This file is a submission to The Federal Tribunal and is available as a PDF HERE

Opening statement by One World For Peace CEO Paul Bright from Bournemouth:
Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor = Royal Navy Admiral = Jewish
Trade Unionist

We are all united by The Royal Navy values of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
for World Peace and International Friendship with the United Nations languages
of Arabic, British English, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. The creation of the
United Nations and establishment of The Official Languages in 1945 were a Great
British effort to promote World Peace and understanding following World War Two.

Today we at One World For Peace help all local communities attract investment and
Global remembrance tourists to create jobs. Our long term tourists are well educated
and mainly seek out educational opportunities including the new World Peace and
International Development course at The University of Constance. We believe in
opening up the university to everyone so are particularly keen to attract people
from the local region. Our investment here creates a better life for everone.

We remember 1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945 for World Peace from 2014 to 2018 so
We particularly support local efforts to promote attractions of remembrance which will
inspire our Global Tourists to visit and learn more about the role played to win freedom.

Reaching out to understand and help people with disabilities is Good for business and
helps everone in the community to live a worthwhile life based on respect for others as
Jesus said: "Love you neighbour" so we have the foundations for World Peace now.

Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI, is a hidden disability which we at One World For Peace are
doing our best to raise awareness of. People living with Traumatic Brain Injury might be
slower to think and may experience a range of challenges in everyday life but all have a
valuable contribution to make to society so it makes sense to recah out and understand.

We support The British Royal Family and the Heads Together campaign #OKtoSay so 
that everyone will be inculded in society. Find out more at
We support The Royal British Legion in remembrance of everyone who has given their
lives in the struggle for freedom: learn more at and join!
We support The RMT
 UNION in the struggle to guarantee a guard on every train so all
disabled people can enjoy mobility like everyone else. Learn more at

Our CEO Paul BRIGHT survived Traumatic Brain injury sustained at the age of 13
while he was out working delivering newspapers before school on the B3231 near the
Croyde Bay Unison resort. Before his injuries he had decided on his future career as
Royal Navy Admiral as encouraged by his parents, Enid and Michael BRIGHT.

Paul firmly believes we can all have a BRIGHT future once The Royal Navy is fully
restored as it was before, protecting The Seven Seas with our Good Friends and allies.

The Royal Navy has a Glorious history of VICTORY achieved by reconciliation with
former enemies like France and recognition of the achievements of others that have,
over the years, contributed to The Royal Navy core values of Equality, Diversity
and Inclusion as we study the
Royal Navy Websites we realise that Great Britain certainly does not support
the warmongering Donald Trump any more than the terrorist and "moderate"
rebel supporting Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. WE STAND for Peace!

The Royal Navy accorded protection to British Hawaii to prevent colonisation by
the USA just as we accorded protection to South Africa to prevent the racist and
imperialist Boers from forcing everyone to speak Dutch and practice apartheid. 

All of us in The Commonwealth support Nelson Mandela because he stands for
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion just as we support Martin Luteher King because
he stands for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion against the Inequality, white supremacy
and exclusion of Donald Trump who thinks he can "Make America Great Again" with
no respect for the millions of Our American Friends who made American Great in 
the first place. America became Great because America supported Great Britain,
The Commonwealth, The Free France of General De Gaulle, Russia and China
in World War Two and helped establish the State of Israel to defeat The Nazi
German Fascism, Racism, Antisemitism and corruption which started the war.

Sadly the four evils of Fascism, Racism, Antisemitism and Corruption persisted
after 1945 and are still persistent in the German speaking world today as I have
sadly been confronted by antisemitic, fascism, racism, exclusion and a total
lack of respect for diversity as I am testifying to the Federal Tribunal now.

The Swiss Federal Tribunal, like the UK
 Supreme Court, upholds the true values
of Switzerland just as our supreme court upholds the true values of the UK and is
responsible for ensuring we are OK! In Switzerland fascism, racism, antisemitism
and corruption are not tolerated as has been recently evidenced by the ruling aginst
the racist SVP
 Party posters of the supremacist White Sheep kicking the Back sheep
off the map. Today I am the Black sheep and I am requesting a fair judgement so I
can know for certain that I am welcome as a Jewish British Trade Unionst here.

While the SVP
 has been exposed as racist the FDP is still creating social divisions
by deliberately refusing to speak official united nations languages at their town halls
and deliberately refusig to help disabled people in need of understanding, like myself.

Switzerland must now decide if it shares our Great British Royal Navy values of true
Equality, Diversity and social Inclusion. The UK is also making the same decisions.

It is no coincidence that Nelson Mandela was named after Admiral Lord NELSON
and indeed NELSON, like MOHAMMAD, IBRAHIM or JESUS are all very popular
names for children in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world today. Nobody
wants to be called Adolf for obvious reasons! We all share One World Of History.

British parents usually choose their childrens names from famous worthy historical 
characters and Saint Paul obviously inspires many parents to use this famous name.
As Saint Paul says in Philippians 4 verse 6 "Be careful for nothing but in every thing 
by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known unto God"
and as follows in verse 7 "And the Peace of God, which passeth all understanding,
shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus". The Bible brings Peace.

Today Donald Trump is busy in Afghanistan but he has no bibles, certainly not the
King James Version, and we remember Hillary Clinton and her "state" department
burned The Holy Koran by the digger load. The USA has clearly lost its way.

Traumatic Brain Injury survivor Paul BRIGHT suggests that all politicians, in all
countries, do their best for World Peace and International Friendship by respecting
Remembrance of World War One, World War Two and The Holocaust so as to
STOP the RISK of the four evils of Fascism, Racism, Antisemitism and Corruption.

Corrupt relationships between politicians, from local Mayors and "health insurance"
to The President of the USA and his military industrial complex need to be challenged
at the highest courts in every land. In the UK Theresa May has been shamed by her
corrupt relationship with ATOS for discrimination against disabled people by the
recent ruling against her in Geneva and the SVP was shamed by the Federal
Tribunal ruling against it's racism with the Black and White sheep posters.

All Politicians must support Royal Navy Values of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
so it is quite wrong to impose non official languages on newcomers and then use the
confusion this creates to generate wrongful profits for affiliated private corporations.

We all remember World Peace and International Freindship were achieved in 1865
with the VICTORY of The United States over the slave owning confererate racists
and today we all know it is wrong to support white supremacist fascists who really
do parade with nazi German swastka flags, all of us except Donald Trump. Today
Donald Trump thinks Antifascists and fascsits are equal, as he instructs his "navy"
to start World War Three against The Korean People. The Royal Navy does NOT
support Donald Trump and I have written to my MP to advise him of this fact!

Paul was a keen student of Royal Naval History before his incident and has always
seen it as his duty to God and The Queen to do his best to restore The Royal Navy to
The former position of Global Peacemaker, Guardian of World Peace and International
Friendship. It is for this reason, probably, that his little sister Caroline was trained in
Russian studies so that Paul would gain sufficient intelligence and practical support
to enable him to complete his task of restoring The Triple Entente in our time.

Previously Paul was an active
Sea Scout and had the rank of Patrol Leader at his local
Caen Troop Scout Group in Braunton. Paul was a keen swimmer and a member of the
Croyde Surf Lifesaving Club. Paul liked to travel and went to London on Saturdays
with British Rail using the money he earned from his newspaper delivery job.

In 1983 the British Falkland Islands were attacked by the Argentine Dictator Galtieri
and this was around the same time as Paul had his most unfortunate encounter with
a reckless motorist which he cannnot remember. 34 years later Paul is beginning
to come to terms with his injuries and share his coping strategies with the World
in the hope that increased awareness of Traumatic Brain Injury can help to stop
the risk of further injuries on the roads and finally restore Peace to The World
which has been his main coping strategy and purpose of life since 1983.

Remembering World War One and World War Two as well as The Holocaust is the
key to World Peace Today which is how Paul has been able to live on as a supporter
of The Royal British Legion. Paul has been very lucky. Following the devastation of
his road incident and the subsequent escape to a new life in St. Albans strategy of
his loving parents, Paul started rebuilding his life at his new Church of England
school, Townsend. Townsend school was very supportive of Paul and helped
him continue to swim and just complete his secondary education in 1986.

Living with TBI is totally different from living before and the person with TBI is not
at all the same as before, so it is important to understand the perceived need for the
change in location from Croyde to Saint Albans as an important, positive move at
the time. Paul continued to enjoy travel and returned to Devon with British Rail
on the new InterCity125 trains that had been brought into service on the South
West Country line from London Paddington to Exeter. Continuing to be able
to travel by train was and still is, perhaps a central coping strategy for Paul.

The Glasgow coma scale is used by the NHS National Health Service to assess
Brain Injury. Following the incident Paul was in a coma for over Two Weeks at
Plymouth Freedom Fields hospital where doctors feared the worst, Persistent
Vegetative State. Recovery was indeed a miracle and life since then has been
a daily experience of survival, only with the help of friends and relatives.

Perhaps the most important factor for Paul has been his ability to maintain his
belief in himself and the importance of his mission to continue the historical and
central mission of The United Kingdom to bring Peace to The World. This is also
perhaps the most difficult thing for non British and non Commonwealth people
to understand about Paul and his country. The True, Real United Kingdom, as
he decribes it "The UK is OK! and you are welcome" is completely different
from the current state the UK is in so, understandably some foreigners may
think that Paul is mad. Some foreigners do not understand the history of
The UK and some do not want to understand, which is troubles Paul.

Paul is committed to World Peace and explaining things peacefully, though he
has been known to get a little enotional when his Queen and country are insulted.
It is importnt to remember The Royal Navy is Loyal to Her Majesty The Queen
and NOT the current regime in Downing street. This is very important to Paul.

Being from a military family, with his father having served in The Royal Air Force
and his Grandfather having served in the Home Guard during World War Two and
Great Grandfather having "gone to France" in World War One. All of us together
in The Great British Commonwealth pass information on from one Generation
to the next and in this way we all have a collective commonwealth memory to
sustain us all through the centuries and finally bring
Peace to The World.

Details of my appeal to the Federal Tribunal and
UK Supreme court will be updated as the cases progress.

We shall achieve Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
by The Grace of Almighty God and Her Majesty The Queen.

God Save The Queen.

With Remembrance we shall all LIVE ON together.
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