One World For Peace - MP
To my MP Conor Burns,

Bournemouth Against Racism is a Royal Navy Special
Operations Branch (SOB) Project to eliminate Corrupt
Racist Antisemitic Prostitution in The EU as we prepare
for The Great British BRexit with Great British Railways.

Great British Railways holidays to Jersey, Guernsey, Sark,
Alderney and the 1944 Normandy landing beaches (especially
Sword Beach 1944) will ensure happy family holidays and
happy family reunification of British families that were
forcibly separated by Corrupt British Embassy staff.

My beloved wife Eva and our beloved son Jacob have been
Disrespected, Denied, Disallowed and so after nearly TWO
DECADES we are both happy now we are fixing things.

In particular there will be NO Porsche 9-11 types of THING
in Bournemouth. With NO Volkswagens, NO Audis, NO BMWs,
and NO MAD MERKEL in The Mercedes (just like Hitler) we
will all be able to sleep well under Bournemouth Pier where
we are camping in our submarine HMS Alliance II.

We are a happy family and there are many fish swimming now
in the Deep Blue Sea after the exhaust fumes from the Volkswagens
were banished here. I do hope the British Embassy in Manila is doing
it's job properly as we are all On Her Majesty's Service and my Embassy
in Friedrichshafen is doing well navigating the BLACK North Sea canal
from Novorossiysk to Newcastle via Sofia, Belgrade, Bratislava, Vienna
and NEW Ulm.

NEW Ulm is in the racist free Bavaria and after we arrive in Constance
with ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV we will BLAST the SWISS if they are
STILL arguing with HM Royal Navy. As you know we stand for
tolerate the sort of crap Corrupt Racist Antisemitic Prostitution
that has been going on in Arbon and is still going on in Frauenfeld
but not for long.

Yours sincerely,

Admiral Paul BRIGHT (RN007) because we do
Democratic Europe. Total Liberation. 1918=1945=2018
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