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So much wrong with Angela Merkel!

Angela Merkel
infamously "invited"
an unlimited amount of refugees to
Germany to
appear good but reality
says she is in fact very, very BAD !

The refugees were not given any
sort of help by the said Angela
Merkel so many STARVED to
death or drowned in the sea on
their way to Germany. Merkel
does not even pay for funerals.

Merkel does not even welcome
those who are lucky enough to
survive the crossing as once in
Germany they are subjected to
inhuman and degrading VERY
awful treatment in concentration
CAMPS a bit like World War 2.

the same as Adolf Hitler in that
the refugees are simply a source
of CA$H for Angela Merkel and
her corrupt evil VOLKSWAGEN
R€GIM€ needing CH€AP Labour

So once the "lucky" ones are in
Germany they must "integrate"
in other words: B€ FORC€D: to
speak G€RMAN and then work
for LE$$ than before in SYRIA
or even AFGHANISTAN or in
fact EVEN less than in Yemen!

It's all about CA$H and Angela
Merkel staying in office where 
she also ABU$E$ all the Good
people of Germany with VERY
FEW €URO$ and LONG Hours
of work for her VOLK$WAG€N
R€GIM€ of outdated & polluting

Truly Angela M€RK€L is ON the
Drugs of BA$F and BAY€R with
absolutely NO CONCEPT of the
actual reality of modern life as
she is living in the PAST and
she is WELL PAST her sell
by date!!! She is a HUGE
embarrassment to all
of Germany in fact

Modern Germans are Good
People and are HUMAN so
nobody wants Adolf Hitler
in the bundestag. In fact we
in Germany (we are not all
wanting to be Germans yet)
want a NEW GERMANY so
we can ALL GET PAID well

Speaking English is obviously
the best way to get paid as the
tourists who pay the bills in
the restaurants and hotels
and bars and shops and
ski resorts and ticket
offices, etc. etc. do
not speak German!

Obviously everyone NEEDS
to speak English FIRST so
we can cater properly for
international tourists as
they are not going to do
a language course just
to go on a holiday...

After all they can speak
ENGLISH in the Indian
resorts, Philippine resorts,
Sri Lankan resorts, SWISS
resorts and especially in the
so isn't it about time that
Angela M€RK€L and her
of LI€$ and MURD€R
just packed up and
LEFT the country

Just like Adolf Hitler she
can go to Argentina or be
a burden on Brazil. How
long can she stay there is
anyones guess. After all
the Argentinians have
had enough of their

A bit like in 1983 then, so
will the Argentine Armada
invade The British Falkland
Islands again for a cheap
nationalist SCAM

Don't even THINK about it!
...but you could join us for a

Join Her Majesty's Royal Navy and
help us create One World For Peace
which we call The United Kingdom
Of Konstanz (actually Constance) !

CHEERS and SEE YOU later on
in the Shamrock for a Guinness !
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