One World For Peace - SHIPPING
Dear Visitors,
We promote British Passenger shipping as HMS Royal Megayacht Travel services
(Incorporating Great British Railways) which will create millions of Goood UK Jobs.
We are booking agents for Brittany Ferries, DFDS, P&O, Cunard, Northlink Ferries
and Saint Peter Line sailing to Russia in connection with Stena line sailing from Ireland
to the UK and on to Holland and Sweden. Our shipping connections are served by
connecting railways at all our ports.
There has been much speculation about what Brexit actually means and how this
will affect British shipping. I can assure you that with Jeremy Corbyn PM Brexit
really means BRexit and we are going to make a success of it
Theresa May is somewhat confused about industrial policy and some would say
she is somewhat in the pockets of German and Saudi automobile and fossil fuel
producers and of course some even are so bold to say she is secretly a prostitute
in the pay of Donald Trump and the Koch brotherhood, which looks very likely!
We are a NON Political shipowners service so we are not interested in politics
but are simply in the Business of shipping in order to promote The Royal Navy
and our historical contributions to Global Civilisation. Her Majestys Royal Navy
Historic Dockyard
 is our number one attraction so we are UK based in every
possible sense of the concept. We promote UK Flagged passenger shipping.
Registering ships in the UK means paying UK Living wages and this guarantees
access to the UK Single Market Ports across the UK Common Travel Area
(Including France and a United Ireland). We are connecting The World.
We are registered with HMRC at Rochester and trade with the UK Tax reference
NS 43 40 32 C. During the current Brexit means BRexit international UK negotiations
we are acting on behalf of Our Passengers as British Diplomatic Services to promote
the positive role the UK has historically played for World Peace building.

Jurassic Railways operate the new DELLE to CHERBOURG motorail
and passenger 
Services as well as container traffic to Switzerland enabling
UK exporters to export 
Goods and personal services with just one change
from The Brittany ferries 
Ship in Cherbourg to the Jurassic Railway
which saves time and a lot of trouble.

As a member of The Institute of Export I have spent a number of years exploring what UK exporters want from BRexit. The answer is NO EU at all.
NO customs and 
NO borders. Of course this is easy to achieve by an initial 
HARD STEEL BRexit for 
British Rail with full WTO Tariffs initially applied especially on German cars and the MAN Type of chauvinistic trucks!

RED STAR PARCELS will resolve customs and 
Border formalities so
exporters will pay a fully inclusive CIF price at British Rail 
In HAMBOURG we are reminding everyone that this is a DANISH Port and Denmark
Is of course LOYAL to Her Majesty The Queen unlike Germany where the Merkel regime must go now. The Good German people all want to achieve real democracy.
Angela Merkel is a dictator with only 311 seats in the Bundestag which is less that 
320 which we do command with our UK=OK! LEFT/SPD/GREEN coalition.
We did Vote Leave so we Take Control and promote a Democratic Europe.
Sinn Fein and the DUP both want more railways and ports for Ireland so there
is no need for any special deals. We simply endorse common sense Irish Tourist
Board policy of a United Ireland now. Building bridges help business, say no to walls!
The EU will be remote controlled by Great Britain with Dublin able to veto anything
we do not like. Of course the EU will collapse quickly as we are doing deals with
Denmark and Poland and Greece. Eliminating the EU and NATO will cause
Germany to implode at first then the regions will all join the France, The
Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, The Czech Republic and Austria as
shown on our new map of Democratic Europe without Germany.
We remember 1914 to 1918 from 2014 to 2018 to achieve World Peace with 
NO Deutschland NOD! Join the Royal British Legion and support our
returning HEROES who gave us our freedom by defeating Germany.

With very best regards, sincerely,


Fleet Admiral Paul BRIGHT HMS RMT GBR at your service

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