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Thursday 22 June 2017

Fleet Admiral Paul Bright
c/o Conor Burns MP
135 Hankinson Road
0044 1202 534888

Dear Good people in Germany,

Germany is responsible for starting FOUR WORLD WARS as well
as commiting the Holocuast and there is little change today from 
the nazi time. Many towns still have nazi memorabilia infact and
this is clearly NOT OK! because we in the UK fight that sort of thing!

I am a nazi hunter and we will destroy the reich and wipe Germany off
the map as they tried to wipe my people, the jews off the map so it is
quite reasonable we are now, peacefully wiping Germany off the map.

We remember the 1917 Truce in 2017 and we remembered the 
Triple Entente of 1914 in 2014 as The UK, France and Russia 
once again declare Enough is Enough of Geman USA wars.

Brexit means BRexit for British Rail with Jeremy Corbyn PM.
Instead of closing Railway stations and subsidising motor and private
van insurance we need a Government that will defend British Rail and
restore RED STAR PARCELS so we can safely EXPORT UK goods overseas.

China has a good railway system as does Russia so why not The UK?
After all it was Great Britain that gave the railways to the World!

The European Union clearly is not working for my family and
millions of others voted for David Cameron to LEAVE and yet 
we have got a remainer in Number 10 Downing Street who 
simply wants to remain in her current job even though
nobody at all supports her or her TORIES at all!

It is not amusing to Her Majesty The Queen that The UK has
become an absolute dictatorship. Theresa May must go now!

We have been in Bournemouth for seven years now but are
currently homeless due to tax credits stopping unexpectedly.

Living with Traumatic Brain Injury is not easy but with the
current regime in Downing Street it is impossible to survive.

My wife and children deserve a decent government as do all
the people of Great Britain. Government must obey the laws
that exist in a democratic society. Tax credits and disability
benefits must be paid. The homeless must be housed within
a reasonable timescale. Seven years is rather a long time!

My children missing out on proper UK school will never have
the same opportunities I myself had going to a Good Church 
of England school myself (Townsend School in Saint Albans).

Unlike me, my son Jacob has yet to have the privilege to learn
how to swim. Due to very unfair UK immigration officials at
the British Embassy in Manila my wife and son are suffering
very much. Surely there is someone who can help us fix all
the problems caused by a deeply undemocratic government.

It is shocking to see our fellow humans burned alive in tower
blocks so we are indeed perhaps lucky to be homeless. Please
could you explain, by email today, exactly how you can sleep
at night supporting a fascist dictator like Theresa May when
we have a Decent Democratic Royalist Prime Minister waiting
to lead our country to better times. We must have democracy.

Please help Jeremy Corbyn form a Government by Monday Morning.
because the vast majority of UK people want a decent government now.
My family and millions like us know justice cannot be delayed
forever. Since 2010 we have not had a government in the UK and
we have ruined millions of lives in other countries like Libya, 
Syria, Ukraine and Yemen. We have become a global pariah.

The current regime in Downing Street is an insult to the Royal Navy.

My Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Father did not fight
TWO WORLD WARS and The Cold War in order to have their
memories insulted by an insane woman squatting at public
expense in Number 10 Downing Street. This must STOP NOW.

We all know 2+2=4 and 320 is more than 311 so Angela Merkel
has NO Majority and has no right to govern Germany just as
the evil Adolf Hitler had no right at all as 2+2=4.

It is up to the Good German people to topple the Merkel regime.

We trust you will evict the rotten regime immediately so we
can, like millions of others, start to hope for a better future.

As in Germany so in the UK where Theresa May has NO majority.

Yours sincerely,

Fleet Admiral Paul Bright GCHQ Royal Naval Intelligence

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