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Welcome to UK OK for good

We save local councils money while
improving services and the quality of life.

We promote social mobility and inclusion
 for everyone in all communities across the globe.

We achieve this by promoting British Education
and community life with excellent public
services which create social inclusion.

Our goal is to make the UK OK for all.
We promote all sectors of the UK including:
Travel ~ Education ~ Health ~ Nutrition ~ Housing

We promote a safe environment for all
road users so that everyone in the community
is able to travel as well as enjoy cycling,
walking, sailing and exploring.

We also promote the UK as the best
place for tourism, business and investment.
This is to create jobs for everyone.

We operate various websites to promote
green travel which is socially inclusive
and available to everyone.

We support the UK 2030 government
initiatives to stop climate change and
use energy more efficiently.

Support mobility for all...
Travel in comfort and style 
travel more with a 95% reduction in CO2
Railway ~ Motorship ~ Trolleybus
mv Pont-Aven
Public transport is available to everyone in the
community and gives everyone to opportunity to
travel to work, study, leisure as well as to visit relatives.

We believe the roads are for everyone so we support
safety for cyclists and pedestrians. As alternatives to fossil
fuel vehicles we promote Zero Emission Low Speed new
electric buggies like the e-merge. With a maximum speed
of 20 mph, road accidents can be stopped which will save
NHS resources leading to better care for everyone.

We invite cooperation from all organisations serving
the whole community and promoting social inclusion.

With mobility for all the UK is OK for good.

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