One World For Peace - Holidays to remember
God Save  The QueenRemember UKOFor Peace!
British Rail with #JC4PM and one
Great BritishUnited Ireland
As Commonwealth remembrance brings us all together

Remembrance is central to saving
lives both by building World Peace
and understanding the nature of
risk on our roads. After the war
the same German companies 
that profited from death now
manufacture cars that kill
over 1.5 million people
every year and injure
over 50 million.

Read more about how road safety
will save lives and stop corporate
profiteering from road incidents.

We remember
1918 and 1945 so we
can Stop all War & Save Our NHS
by rebuilding
safe UK local public 
transport to STOP RISK on roads
in 2018 with the 
#LabourBRexit!!! and

Stopping risk on our roads really
will build One World For Peace
with Royal Navy remembrance
as the foundation of the NEW
Pacific century of World Peace

Print and hand out World Peace
cards to help us win One World
For Peace in our time, today!












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