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Welcome to The UK=OK! Foundation
for World Peace with Public transport.
NEW British Diplomatic RMT GBR
Commonwealth Passports Unite us all
for Global Common Wealth holidays:

We bring Public Transport providers
together to create a better World of
Travel opportunities for customers.

One World for Peace connects all
oneworld airlines with Ground
travel for seamless travel from
The airport to the beaches and
all tourist as well as business
destinations enabling airlines
to offer the best services.

Every airline and indeed the
other alliances such as The
Sky Team and Star Alliance
are welcome to use our sites
for information and are also
welcome to join oneworld.

By avoiding excessive and
overlapping competition all
transport providers can lower
prices while also increasing pay
for staff & offering better services
including Rail, Maritime & Taxis.

Airline alliances were invented
precisely to improve productivity
and by consolidation we can now
achieve One World for Peace.

We especially welcome the Star
allaince based in Germany to be
at one with us so we may build
upon the recent Global Peace
led by The British Diplomatic
Service from Bournemouth.

By arranging Peaceful Korean
family reunification with the
North and South Koreans we
have managed to Stop WW3
with remembrance of previous
conflicts, especially World Wars
One and Two 1914~1918 and
1939~1945. Remembering
past conflicts enables us all
to Stop The War today and
Save The Children from
further traumatic events.

We remember 1917 to achieve
World Peace together in 2017. By
applying Common Sense to Global
challenges we resolve all current
conflicts and restore the 1918
Armistice in 2018 together.

Already in 1917 it was clear the
Great War which The German
Kaiser had started by using
complex alliances in 1914
was achieveing nothing.

Troops on both The British
(Triple Entente) side and the
German (Triple Alliance) side
began playing football instead
of fighting. Meanwhile Trade
Unions in Germany arranged
strikes to stop producing the
deadly weapons that killed
so many innocent people.

This is The Beautiful Game

Today once again, after 100
years The RMT UNION with
Trade Unions around The
world are stopping wars
that serve no purpose
so we can achieve
World Peace now.

There is more to be gained
from Peace than from war so
from a business point of view
Peace is Profitable and we do
sincerely Stop The War today
with The Royal British Legion
and The Union Jack Club:

FULL Credit must be given to
Armed Forces for the
centuries of struggle
and sacrifice given
to unite our world
as one
in 2017.

2017 is a very special year for us
as we welcome Friedrichshafen
to our HUB network as LHR
Terminal 007 with easy access
from Zurich by rail and ship:
Booking code FDH meaning
amily Direct Holidays as
we are near the beach
so you can rent a boat:

We remember the contribution
of all the allies of 1914 including
Japan that suffered TWO atomic
bombs on civilians in 1945 which
was a USA war crime since ONE
bomb would have been enough.

Luck stopped Trump in time as
USS Carl Vinson returns to port
for conversion to civilian use!

Today we look back and see the
USA was at fault in many ways
since 1945 starting war in Corea
as well as Vietnam and recently
almost starting World War Three
with aggression against Pyongyang.

The TV series "The man in the
high castle" explores different
outcomes of war and helps
us understand just how
lucky we all are today.

We support Heads Together for
Common Sense with the British
Royal Family as we focus now on
stopping the most deadly risk we
face (far more deadly than war)
which is crossing the road...

With very best wishes for 2017
HMS RMT GBR Fleet Admiral
Paul BRIGHT Lord of Glencoe


On Her Majesty's Service
for The Commonwealth
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