Paris 2024 Olympic TRAVEL - BOND 24 PLOT

James Bond 007 was invented by Sir Ian Fleming 
during World War Two.

Following the "end" of the war deals were done and German terrorists
who we call NAZI SCUM were recruited by the CIA and MI6 and
continued the reign of terror by other means, namely cars.

Exactly the same old NAZI corporations that sponsored
Hitler now sponsor MAD M€RK€L in the Mercedes,
AUDI, Volkswagen, BMW and Porsche 9-11 Types.

We all know that 9-11 was an inside job but it was an inside
job from HAMBURG and not from Washington!

Israel was a NAZI invasion of Palestine and TRUE Jewish People
don't recognise the state of "I$I$ I$RA€L" which is why we
are building the new Jerusalem in Constance on the lake.

Join the BOND 24 set now and win a beach appartment!

FIND BOND on the BOAT drinking beer all day and
staying up all night to get lucky, he is a Royal Navy
HMS RMT SBS Fleet Admiral after all!



We Remember 1914 For Peace in 2014 OK!
We Thank so  .com
Now On Her Majesty's Scottish
Royal Megayacht Travel Service

It's MoreFun to
SNCB - London To Europe By Train
Bora-In Fahrt
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mv Pont-AvenRed Arrow Churchill. A living legend invites you.

Nelson Mandela FOREVER

Give your customers their CASH PAYBACK direct at your till.

Now available at all shops in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany,
France, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Malta, Spain, Greece,
Cyprus, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia
& all EU countires to build customer loyalty, sales and profits.

Example customer countries (all include:
Iceland, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, China, United States,
Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Gambia, Cameroon, Angola,
Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Cuba, Venezuela, Egypt.

We at Her Majesty's Royal Megayacht Travel Service RMT 
want to do our best in order to really help retailers significantly
at the till. Customers are issued with a TAX PAYBACK
form which is stamped by customs on exit to the ship,
train, bus, aircraft or at pedestrian border posts.

Customers return to your shop on their next visit
bringing you the stamped form. This is submitted
as normal instead of the sales tax due to customs.

This saves the retailer the problems of cash
handling and builds customer LOYALTY and
encourages SALES because customers

In 1914 our HEROES did their duty
defending our country enabling
TAX FREE shopping in 2014

Free 2014
On Her Majesty´s Royal
Megayacht Travel Service 
YES Scotland. NO TAX. no2eu

Grunge tax free rubber stamp, vector illustrationGrunge tax free rubber stamp, vector illustrationGrunge tax free rubber stamp, vector illustrationGrunge tax free rubber stamp, vector illustration


Join us today to be Safe and Sound so
Shine bright like a diamond
  'cos we need
someone like you to set fire to the rain
SKYFALL because it´s SKYFALL

The Great Scottish Pound
is our currency issued by the
Royal Bank of Scotland and
guaranteed by our energy.

Our mission is to save lives
by fully understanding risk 


Germany started the War in 1914
because then, like now, the evil AXIS
German economy was unsustainable
We STOP THE WAR in 2014
Just like we did in 1945

Great Britain, The Commonwealth, Russia, China and
The decent Americans and allied forces STOP THE WAR.

Genuine Democracy stops all risk. FULL STOP.
Because Great Britain keeps the Peace on Earth FOREVER
We are for WORLD PEACE and International friendship
with sustainable travel by bicycle, buggy, train and ship...

Once upon a time there was a happy Island nation called the UK=OK!

We got taken over by an evil empire known as the EU and suffered.
Then one day someone said and we stood up.
The EU was banished from the Kingdom and all was OK in UK. Freedom Reigns Great Destination
Come to the UK and you'll be OK with No EU.

We promote cycling for World Peace
We make life better with active travel and freedom for everyone
which helps STOP RISK from evil German corporations that are
once again dominating Europe. We can STOP this RISK with our

oyal Megayacht Travel
& Great British Railways
Because you're worth it
WE are here for you...
Welcome to UKOK
FREE Education & NHS

WE are?
Who are WE
Where are WE ?
WE are going to help you
WE are One World For Peace
WE call upon the World to Unite
WE put People FIRST before profit


Thank you very much for supporting the cause of World Peace.
The R€GIM€$ are sponsored by corporations that profit from war.
NO more LIZARD Merkel, FROG Hollande and WEASEL Rajoy.
In Germany, France, the UK and USA these corporations also made
cars which kill 12 million people every decade and seriously injure
60 million more. Most victims are in developing countries with no
access to medical care. Austerity imposed from the German
controlled ECB privatises Public Transport and increases
the very serious deadly inequality we see on the streets
of the world that results in death for corporate profit.

We know the names of these corporations: Mercedes, BMW, AUDI,
Volkswagen, Porsche and Krupp. We know that Car and Arms firms
give corrupt politicians donations of cash.

By promoting REAL Democracy and complete road safety in the
developed world we can STOP the RISK of death and war. Instead of
promoting car sales by building inappropriate roads, Public Transport
and safe cycling needs to take priority. At the moment very few
people in the rich world are aware how they are involved.

Please support the movement for democratic change in Germany
and sign the petition to STOP the corporatist Merkelites from their
agenda of imposing more austerity and war on the most vulnerable.

The Democratic Left/SPD and Green parties won the election with 320
seats but Angela Merkel, who lost the election with only 311 seats, refuses
to resign. The Corporatist Merkelites are a huge risk that must be stopped
as must the warmongering EU R€GIM€,
VOTE YES Scotland and

One Happy Family

Public Services for all

Travel ~ Health ~ Fitness
Housing ~ Education

YES Scotland is the REAL UK=OK! Since 1603 120 visitors today to The REAL UK=OK=CHURCHILL FOREVER !