Paris 2024 Olympic D-Day Landing Celebrations - British Embassy Cooperation
Dear Excellencies Edward Llewellyn OBE, Jane OWEN and Daniel PRUCE,

British Embassies in France, Switzerland as well as in The Philippines STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING between The Territory of Belfort in France and The Canton of JURA in Switzerland with assistance from Bright RAIL Limited UK, The French Gendarmerie, JURA Cantonal Police, The Metropolitan Police, Bournemouth Police, Manchester Airport Police, The Philippine National Police and Departments of Education, Social Security and Foreign Affairs (DepED, DSWD, DFA).

Local Partners are vital for implementing the BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED Project to STOP Child Trafficking and exploitation, The RED CROSS, Catholic Church, SNCF, Regional Council of Grand Belfort, Mayor Damien MESLOT and Deputy Ian BOUCHARD are all working intensively to reunite families separated by MAFIA Criminals who conspire to Defraud, Degrade, Deprive, Deceive and Deny children the RIGHT to a happy family life together with both their parents.

The High Court of BELFORT helps families resolve difficulties with outside parties such as hostile birth parents and racist relatives by issuing JUDGEMENTS to reunite families and PROTECT CHILDREN. High court judgements are enforced by The Gendarmerie and National Police.

The BRIGHT FAMILY of Sophie, Rachel, Jacob, Kristina, Eva and Paul BRIGHT are victims of BOTH Racist relative Caroline BRIGHT (the little sister of Paul) and Maria ANISIMOVA The trusted friend and secretary of Eva and Paul BRIGHT. Caroline and Maria have conspired to STEAL The Family apartment at 24 Rue Philippe De Girard in Paris between the Gare d'est and Gare Du Nord that is owned outright by Enid Valerie BRIGHT who was MURDERED.

The MURDER of Enid Valerie BRIGHT was covered up by Caroline who fraudulently misrepresented her own mother on the Death certificate issued by The South London Coroner. Enid Valerie BRIGHT expressly wanted to write a will ensuring the next generation would inherit the apartment in EQUAL Measure. Caroline and Maria wanted not only to exclude Jacob Michael BRIGHT and Rachel Enid BRIGHT from their shares but ALSO to exclude Kristina BRIGHT and Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT from their inheritance. 

By claiming that Paul BRIGHT was married to her (and not his wife who is a Citizen of the Philippines) it as planned by Maria ANISIMOVA that she would gain not JUST an apartment but CUSTODY over Rachel Enid BRIGHT as well as Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT so she could exploit them using apartments in BERNE such as her new address at the Restaurant ATLANTICO. 

Sophie who is just 14 plays the TROMBONE and TRUMPET while Rachel who is 16 is exploited by STRANGE MEN who speak SWISS GERMAN. Nobody can hear Rachel scream because of the TRUMPET and TROMBONE. This is expertly planned and professionally executed CHILD RAPE conducted by The RUSSIAN MAFIA with help from SWISS BANKS that also defraud Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. Maria has hidden over A MILLION POUNDS of income over the last 12 Years from HMRC and failed completely to honour her side of the 50/50 agreement which MARIA ANISIIMOVA 01/03/1971 now claims is a Marriage Contract so Paul must be her domestic servant and she keeps all income, controls all money and decides where his young daughters go to school meaning who gets to RAPE THEM and teach them lessions in blowing "Tormbones" and Trumpets". Meanwhile his WIFE Eva BRIGHT 19/02/1971 is excluded from Europe due to bureacracy and cannot help save her own beloved daughter Rachel. 


Maria is MOTIVATED by Money as she needs a large sum of ROUBLES to buy a new apartment in Moscow for her SOVIET UNION Military husband and his family. Maria was always married to the Soviet Union and DECEIVED Paul in 1995 when she signed a 50/50 financial agreement with him and he helped her emigrate to the United Kingdom. 

ONE Month after obtaining a British Passport by deception Maria emigrated to Switzerland pretending to still be LOYAL to Eva and Paul who TRUSTED her as their secretary for their project to achieve World Peace and International Friendship under the supreme authority of Her Majesty The Queen and HM Royal Navy. 

Clearly Vladimir PUTIN and The Russian Navy have different opinions to HM Royal Navy and Our World is contested between The UK, USA and Commonwealth allies for Democracy and Freedom vs Russian and Chinese communist (fascist) dictatorship. The same old right wing extremist parties of RACISM and EXCLUSION are sponsored by The KREMLIN today just like the Nazis were sponsored in 1939.

British Intelligence wants to remember 1919 in 2019 in order to STOP THE WAR while Russian Intelligence wants to repeat 1939 so Vladimir PUTIN will be Supreme Soviet Space Racist dictator by 2025 just as HITLER wanted to be The Global FURER (leader) by 1945 but was stopped following The Royal Navy NORMANDY Beach Landings of 1944.

In 2019 we remember 1944 and the Liberation of BELFORT in November as well as 1994 and the VICTORY of Nelson MANDELA over the fascist Apartheid REGIME in South Africa as well as the APOLLO Moon landings of 1969 which is also when Paul Edward BRIGHT was born on the 28th of October. Paul married Eva on the 6th of January 2002 and the loving couple have been deeply happy ever since though the persistent RACISM of little sister Caroline and GREED of Maria the KGB secretary have tested their patience.

Patience is over now as the Gendarmerie and FEDPOL of Switzerland, working with UK and Philippine Police, courts, government departments and The RED CROSS all UNITE to ensure the BRIGHT FAMILY can SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND as One Happy Global Family. Nobody supports GREEDY RUSSIANS or Racist Relatives! Welcome to the 21st Century of Great British Philippine Island Bilateral relations. Pineapple rations will increase for all Russians by at least 20% each year so EVERYBODY WINS from the FREE TRAVEL and TRADE agreements now being negotiated.

British Ambassadors are your KEY PLAYERS ensuring that BREXIT means BRexit! for a Bright Rail exit from the slavery, subjection, submission, servitude and sexism of the past. We are all equal under Almighty God and Her Majesty The Queen. GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. We appeal for all Honest, Hardworking and Godfearing people to assist our BRIGHT FAMILY REUNION and STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING.

Rachel, Jacob and Sophie need to be back at school on Monday Morning at The Porrentruy Lyceum while Eva and Jacob need to be back home in BELFORT and BONCOURT. Eva is a teacher at Saint Joseph Ecole Maternelle and Paul is busy working to SAVE GENERAL ELECTRIC with his project to electrify the railway line from Paris East Station to Disneyland, Troyes and on to the HOTEL CHURCHILL DE GAULLE in BONCOURT. 

We remember CHURCHILL and DE GAULLE as we reunite France and Great Britain with BRITTANY FERRIES landing daily on SWORD BEACH near CAEN as well as PARADISE BEACH near General Santos in The Commonwealth of The Philippines. Because we all remember the past we can all be assured of a BRIGHT FUTURE with HM Royal Navy FOREVER.

Thank you all very much for supporting the BRIGHT FAMILY Practically so we can END CHILD SLAVERY and ensure a HAPPY CHILDHOOD for all children.

God Bless You All, sincerely,

Eva and Paul BRIGHT Directors of Bright Rail Limited,
Loving Parents of Rachel, Sophie, Jacob and Kristina.
Honest UK Taxpayers and defenders of the NHS.
00 63 905 689 2624 and 00 41 32 599 1073

Please copy ALL APEA, POLICE, HMRC, etc. and to:
Her Excellency Jane OWEN

His Excellency Daniel PRUCE

His Excellency Edward Llewellyn OBE

Chers Excellences Edward Llewellyn OBE, Jane OWEN et Daniel PRUCE,

Les ambassades britanniques en France, en Suisse et aux Philippines
STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING between The Territory of Belfort in France and The Canton of JURA in Switzerland with assistance from Bright RAIL Limited UK
 la traite des êtres humains entre le territoire de Belfort en France et le canton de JURA en Suisse avec l'aide de Bright RAIL Limited UK, de la gendarmerie française, de la police cantonale JURA, de la police métropolitaine, de la police de Bournemouth, à Manchester Police de l'aéroport, police nationale philippine et départements de l'éducation, de la sécurité sociale et des affaires étrangères (Deped, DSWD, DFA).

Les partenaires locaux sont vitaux pour la mise en œuvre du projet BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED visant à mettre un terme à la traite et à l'exploitation des enfants. La Croix-Rouge, l'Église catholique, la SNCF, le conseil régional de Grand Belfort, le maire Damien MESLOT et le député Ian BOUCHARD s'emploient tous à réunir les familles séparées par le MAFIA. Les criminels qui conspirent pour frauder, dégrader, priver, tromper et nier le droit des enfants à une vie de famille heureuse avec leurs deux parents.

La Haute Cour de BELFORT aide les familles à résoudre leurs difficultés avec des parties extérieures telles que les parents biologiques hostiles et les parents racistes en rendant des ARRÊTS visant à réunir les familles et à PROTÉGER LES ENFANTS. Les jugements des hautes juridictions sont exécutés par la gendarmerie et la police nationale.

La BRIGHT FAMILY de Sophie, Rachel, Jacob, Kristina, Eva et Paul BRIGHT sont victimes des deux parents racistes Caroline BRIGHT (la petite soeur de Paul) et Maria ANISIMOVA, amie de confiance et secrétaire d’Eva et Paul BRIGHT. Caroline et Maria ont conspiré pour créer l’appartement Family au 24, rue Philippe De Girard à Paris, entre la gare d’est et la gare du Nord, propriété de Enid Valerie BRIGHT, assassinée.

Le meurtre d'Enid, Valerie BRIGHT, a été dissimulé par Caroline qui a faussement présenté sa propre mère dans l'acte de décès délivré par le coroner du sud de Londres. Enid Valerie BRIGHT voulait expressément rédiger un testament garantissant que la prochaine génération hériterait de l'appartement d'EQUAL Measure. Caroline et Maria voulaient non seulement exclure Jacob Michael BRIGHT et Rachel Enid BRIGHT de leurs actions, mais AUSSI exclure Kristina BRIGHT et Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT de leur héritage.

En affirmant que Paul BRIGHT était marié avec elle (et non sa femme, citoyenne des Philippines), Maria ANISIMOVA avait prévu qu'elle obtiendrait non seulement un appartement mais CUSTODY sur Rachel Enid BRIGHT ainsi que Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT pourrait les exploiter en utilisant des appartements à BERNE tels que sa nouvelle adresse au restaurant ATLANTICO.

Sophie, qui n’a que 14 ans, joue du TROMBONE et de TRUMPET, tandis que Rachel, âgée de 16 ans, est exploitée par STRANGE MEN, qui parle le suisse allemand. Personne ne peut entendre Rachel crier à cause de la TROMPETTE et du TROMBONE. L'enfant est préparé par le MAFIA RUSSE avec l'aide de SWISS BANKS qui fraudent également les recettes douanières de Sa Majesté. Maria a caché plus d'un million de livres de revenus au HMRC au cours des 12 dernières années et n'a pas honoré complètement son part de l'accord 50/50 que MARIA ANISIIMOVA 01/03/1971 considère désormais comme un contrat de mariage. Paul doit donc être son domestique. et elle conserve tous ses revenus, contrôle tout son argent et décide où ses petites filles iront à l'école, c'est-à-dire qui les violera et leur enseignera des techniques de soufflage avec "Tormbones" et trompettes ". Entre-temps, sa femme, Eva BRIGHT 19/02/1971, est exclue Europe en raison de la bureaucratie et ne peut pas aider à sauver sa fille bien-aimée Rachel.

La police de Berlin doit agir clairement dès maintenant.

Maria est motivée par Money car elle a besoin d’une grosse somme de RUBLES pour acheter un nouvel appartement à Moscou pour son mari de l’UNION SOVIÉTIQUE et sa famille. Maria a toujours été mariée à l'Union soviétique et DECEIVED Paul en 1995 lorsqu'elle a signé un accord financier à parts égales avec lui et l'a aidée à émigrer au Royaume-Uni.

Un mois après avoir obtenu un passeport britannique trompeur, Maria a émigré en Suisse sous prétexte de rester fidèle à Eva et Paul, qui l'ont confiée en tant que secrétaire pour leur projet de réaliser la paix mondiale et l'amitié internationale sous l'autorité suprême de Sa Majesté la Reine et de SM Royal Marine.

Il est clair que Vladimir POUTINE et la marine russe ont des opinions divergentes par rapport à Sa Majesté la Marine royale et que notre monde est contesté par le Royaume-Uni, les États-Unis et le Commonwealth, alliés du régime Démocratie et Liberté contre la dictature (fasciste) communiste russe et chinoise. Les mêmes vieux partis d'extrême droite de RACISM et EXCLUSION sont parrainés par le KREMLIN aujourd'hui, tout comme les nazis l'ont été en 1939.

Les services secrets britanniques veulent se souvenir de 1919 à 2019 pour mettre fin à la guerre, tandis que les services russes veulent répéter 1939 pour que Vladimir POUTIN devienne le dictateur suprême de l'espace soviétique et raciste d'ici 2025, tout comme HITLER souhaitait devenir le Global FURER d'ici à 1945 mais a été arrêté. après la Royal Navy NORMANDY Beach débarquements de 1944.

En 2019, nous nous souviendrons de 1944 et de la libération de BELFORT en novembre ainsi que de 1994 et de la VICTOIRE de Nelson MANDELA sur le régime fasciste de l'apartheid en Afrique du Sud, ainsi que du débarquement d'Apollo Moon en 1969, date de la naissance de Paul Edward BRIGHT. 28 octobre. Paul a épousé Eva le 6 janvier 2002 et le couple aimant est profondément heureux depuis que le RACISME persistant de la petite soeur Caroline et GREED de la secrétaire de Maria le KGB ont mis leur patience à l'épreuve.

La gendarmerie et la FEDPOL (Suisse) collaborent avec la police britannique et philippine, les tribunaux, les services gouvernementaux et la Croix-Rouge pour unir ses forces afin que la famille BRIGHT puisse briller comme un diamant dans une famille mondiale heureuse. Personne ne soutient les GREEDY RUSSIANS ou les parents racistes! Bienvenue au XXIe siècle des relations bilatérales entre la Grande-Bretagne et les îles Britanniques. Les rations d’ananas augmenteront pour tous les Russes d’au moins 20% chaque année. TOUT LE MONDE GAGNERA donc des accords FREE TRAVEL et TRADE en cours de négociation.

Les ambassadeurs britanniques sont vos principaux acteurs et garantissent que BREXIT signifie BRexit! pour une Bright Rail sortir de l'esclavage, la soumission, la soumission, la servitude et le sexisme du passé. Nous sommes tous égaux devant Dieu tout-puissant et Sa Majesté la Reine. DIEU BÉNIT L'AMÉRIQUE et DIEU SAUVE LA REINE. Nous appelons toutes les personnes honnêtes, assidues et pieuses à aider notre BRIGHT FAMILY REUNION et à ARRÊTER LA TRAFIC D'ENFANTS.

Rachel, Jacob et Sophie doivent être de retour à l'école lundi matin au lycée de Porrentruy, tandis qu'Eva et Jacob doivent être de retour à la maison à BELFORT et à BONCOURT. Eva est enseignante à l'école Saint Joseph Ecole Maternelle et Paul travaille à SAUVER GENERAL ELECTRIC dans le cadre de son projet d'électrification de la ligne de chemin de fer reliant Paris-Est à Disneyland, Troyes et à l'HOTEL CHURCHILL DE GAULLE à BONCOURT.

Nous nous souvenons de CHURCHILL et DE GAULLE lors de la réunion de la France et de la Grande-Bretagne avec BREITANY FERRIES débarquant chaque jour sur SWORD BEACH, près de CAEN, ainsi que PARADISE BEACH, près du général Santos, dans le Commonwealth des Philippines. Parce que nous nous souvenons tous du passé, nous pouvons tous être assurés d'un avenir prometteur avec SM Royal Navy FOREVER.

Merci beaucoup à tous d’avoir soutenu BRIGHT FAMILY. En pratique, pour mettre fin à l’esclavage des enfants et assurer une bonne enfance à tous les enfants.

Dieu vous bénisse tous sincèrement,

Eva et Paul BRIGHT Administrateurs de Bright Rail Limited,
Parents aimants de Rachel, Sophie, Jacob et Kristina.
Honorables contribuables britanniques et défenseurs du NHS.
00 63 905 689 2624 et 00 41 32 599 1073

Veuillez copier TOUS les APEA, POLICE, HMRC, etc. et à:
Son Excellence Jane OWEN

Son Excellence Daniel PRUCE

Son Excellence Edward Llewellyn OBE
Email: Tel: 00 63 905 689 2624

Switzerland and the UK now have ONE
UNITED Kingdom of free and fair trade
going forwards saying no2eu meddling!

As you all know the RMT UNIO
N says
UKOK! and as we now do
Bring Back British Rail but
Great British Rail connected to
Switzerland via The Republic and
Canton of JURA at the TOP of the
Swiss confereration on our MAP.

We connect London to Paris and
Berne via Belfort with 
 of the Eastern
lines from 
Gare d'est to the
Historic city of Belfort so
all families can travel:

The RMT UNION is dedicated to Royal
Navy values of Equality, Diversity and
Social Inclusion all over One World
For Peace so we want Philippine
seafarers to be paid the same
as British seafarers and all
vessels to fly British Flags
while at sea or in port.

Opertion PAPYRUS JURA 2019 follows
Operation Papyrus 2018 in Geneva and
Vaud to Document the Undocumented
in order to ensure everyone has their
family residency rights respected in
Switzerland and the UK as well as
in The Philippines. Remembering
our HEROES from 1944 together
ensures we win remembrance of
1919 in 2019 as we celebrate the
Treaty of Versailles that did,
formally end the Great 
War in 1919...

What is formally declared and signed
often is not respected by all as so many
officials are Corrupt Racist Antisemitic
Prostitutes in Public office we must still
fight for our rights on a daily basis and
keep calm and carry on while so much
is still to be resolved which includes
German remembrance and respect
for the Treaty of Versailles signed 
in 1919 and remembered in 2019. 

The Great British School of Constance
is for everyone in the local lakeside as
well as riverside community from the
historic city of Constance to Saint
Jacob stadium in Basel where
our trains will call before
continuing on to The
Republic of JURA
and Paris EAST.

Learning English is MORE FUN in the
Philippines and that's why we have got
a million teachers ready to deploy to
Germany, Austria and Switzerland
to open the FREE Kindergartens
that will ensure EQUAL Rights
for German speaking families
to obtain a proper Great
British Education that 
is FREE of Charge and
paid for by the local
state governments.

As we all know now the Great War didn't
end as promised "a war to end all war" so
we had to fight World War Two and now
World War Three has been raging since
the fascist EU regime invaded Ukraine
again in 2014 as if we forgot 1941 with
the Kiev coup that murdered over 40
RMT UNION affiliated members in
Odessa still not properly documented.

For this and many other reasons the
RMT UNION decided to Vote to Leave
the EU in order to defend the Truth to
ensure that our fellow Transport and
Municipal workers did not die but
will be remembered as HEROES
defending a Democratic Ukraine.

Meanwhile Art stolen by the nazis has
been seized by the CIA and we are both
reassured that Justice will prevail at the
Line Crossing Court called Kreuzlingen
. So many people in
Thurgau are implicated in 
stolen gold
from World War Two
 and the WW3
cover up in Ukraine that a long and
interesting case will be enjoyed by
RMT UNION Television

way in this interestinand eventful year..Join our trip to Versailles on 28/6/2020
to restore the Treaty of Versailles in 2019

The UK and Russian Passport THEFT and TRAFFICKING of our daughter by our Russian Secretary is an internal corporate RISK we really need to STOP. Therefore Maria can SURRENDER the STOLEN PASSPORTS or face trial at the TRIBUNAL DE GRANDE INSTANCE IN BELFORT.

Dear Justice SCHERB, High Court Judges, POLICE, Social Services, elected representatives and members of the public,

BRIGHT versus ANISIMOVA is a very diplomatic and complex case where a fair outcome is in the national interests of France and The United Kingdom as well as Switzerland. Understanding the actual reasons for the deeply deceptive and unreasonable behaviour of Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 and her many accomplices in this case is vital for JUST and FAIR Judgement to be made. The correct judgement of this case will save millions of British, French, Swiss and allied lives as well as protecting Global Freedom and Democracy for future generations to enjoy a happy and safe childhood. Every generation builds up wealth and experience to pass on to the next generation. We hope this case will protect humanity by The Grace of God !

We are Eva and Paul BRIGHT and are Christians married on the 6th of January 2002 in London, United Kingdom. We are the parents of Rachel Enid Panganiban BRIGHT 01/10/2002 who takes her second first name from the first name of her loving paternal Grandmother Enid Valerie BRIGHT and is a British Citizen currently studying at the Porrentruy Lyceum in Switzerland in preparation for a career serving Her Majesty The Queen in The Royal Navy and an excellent education at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. We are also the parents of Jacob Michael Panganiban BRIGHT 26/05/2004 who takes his second first name from our loving paternal Grandfather Michael John BRIGHT who served Her Majesty The Queen in The Royal Air Force at Chivenor Royal Air Force base in the United Kingdom.

Our beloved daughter Rachel Enid takes her second first name from the first name of her Paternal Grandmother Enid Valerie BRIGHT of 24 Rue Philippie De GIRARD in the 10th arrondissement of PARIS next to the Gare d'est where our HEROES set off to fight German aggressors in VERDUN in 1916. The BRIGHT FAMILY is committed to defending the memory of FRANCE as our Key Friend and Ally in the ongoing war against fascism which is why our loving mum bought the apartment for Rachel Enid. The apartment is next to the historic railway line from Paris to Belfort, Delle, Boncourt and Berne which was vital for VICTORY in the defence of BELFORT from 1870 to 1871 and in both World War One and World War Two. The BRIGHT FAMILY are determined to prevent World War Three from becoming nuclear which requires an effective deterrent to Russian Aggression. Rachel Enid stated her intention to serve FRANCE and The UK and our allies with The Royal Navy when asked about her future career intentions by her teacher Frau End as part of a class exercise at Primary school in Romanshorn, Switzerland. Rachel was a member of the local Romanshorn Canoe Club at the time in 2012 and especially wanted to serve aboard a submarine. We now understand why our Family secretary and trusted friend Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 has been acting very strangely over the last few months.

On The Morning of Sunday the 28th of April 2019 it was discovered by Bright Rail Limited Director Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 that our secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 had stolen the British Passport of Rachel from inside his suit pocket and was secretly boarding a train to Bienne with Rachel and her adopted sister Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004 with what we now know was the intention to traffic our beloved daughter Rachel and her sister Sophie for exploitation and deny them both a normal, happy family life together with us at our temporary family home and Bright Rail Limited representative office located at Rue Du Stade 2 in Boncourt, Switzerland.

We had no idea at the time that Rachel was perhaps thinking of HMS VENGEANCE which is a very large nuclear submarine carrying the United Kingdom nuclear deterrent, namely the TRIDENT SYSTEM. As we now piece together evidence from over the years we begin to understand the TRUE NATURE of our Russian Secretary Maria ANISIMOVA who did hit our beloved daughter Rachel many times in 2009 when her father Sergei ANISIMOV was visiting his daughter Maria in Switzerland. Rachel will need to be strong and courageous to overcome the long term Psychological harm inflicted on her by Maria in 2009. The Royal Navy will also need the complete support of the Great British Public in order to successfully deter further Russian aggression. Domestic Violence in the bedrooms of foreign children is an evil, dark art that is sadly what The Russians have now perfected. Millions of children in Syria have suffered far worse abuse than our beloved Rachel suffered in Switzerland.
Russian aggression must be stopped.

Maria ANISIMOVA was brought up in GORKY which is the TOP SECRET Military city 440 km EAST of Moscow where The latest Chemical, Biological and Nuclear weapons are made together with missile delivery systems that have been used repeatedly in Syria against helpless and defenceless children. The domestic violence and betrayal by Our Bright Rail Limited secretary Maria ANISIMOVA is therefore part of a much larger pattern of Russian aggression against the United Kindgom and our allies including France, The Philippines, The Commonwealth and The United States. We therefore request appropriate legal assistance including Police Protection and state support for our family because we have been placed in a completely destitute financial situation by the behaviour of Maria ANISIMOVA who is working for RUSSIA.

We stand with all the people of the FREE WORLD who are increasingly victims of Russian aggression and extreme domestic violence.

Travel to

OK! and certainly


Eva and Paul Panganiban BRIGHT serve Her
Majesty's Government of The United Kingdom
and Her Majesty's Commonwealth as well as
The Philippine Commonwealth that will soon
be connecting Malaysia to Australia over
the West Philippine Sea with HM Royal
Megayacht Travel Services by ship.

We promote educational family & school travel
to Normandy, Versailles, Paris, Verdun and the
historic city of Belfort with the newly reopened
 railway connecting Northern Europe to the
Global Southern hemisphere via DELLE
in the South of France next to the FIRST
CFF station in Switzerland: BONCOURT
HOTEL is located to promote One
World For Peace in Our Time.

SBB stands for Super Bright Bus (Jeepneys)
CFF stands for Chemin Ferroviare Filipino
FFS stands for Filipino Family Services

Eva and Paul BRIGHT are teachers and civil service
professionals and have been on a Global MISSION
ever since 1994 when they celebrated the VICTORY
of Nelson MANDELA becoming The PRESIDENT of
South Africa ending the fascist apartheid R€GIM€
that oppressed black and mixed families in order
to give purely white only families unfair priveleges.

Sadly apartheid and family separation continues
to this day so we promote hope for all in 2019
because we remember 1919 and 1944 and 1969
and 1994 and the VICTORY of Nelson MANDELA.

After 25 years of Struggle, Sacrifice and Sometimes
loneliness in the foreign fields Eva and Paul will now
soon be reunited. Their first official meeting was on
The Princess of The World, a passenger ship in
Davao awaiting departure to General Santos
where Paul met the family of his future wife.

As an STA Travel passenger with an OPEN JAWS
Type of airline ticket Paul had the right to travel at
his own pace and in his own style on his own as
he was looking for someone special and he knew
he would have to go hunting high and low if he was
to satisfy his cravings for someone like you, Eva.


Thankfully for Eva as well as Paul the sad song
by Adele "Someone like you" will not have to be
played on the Bright Rail Limited stopping trains
to Brisbane via Barangay MABUHAY as they're
reunifying their family at The HOTEL Churchill
De Gaulle in the UKOK! Jurassic Republic
where we say and certainly
NO Corruption, NO Racism, NO sorts
of Antisemitism and cerainlty NO!
NO! NO! Prostitutes in our
Public Offices!!!

Dear Teachers, Justices and Police officers,
We Teach Peace with Royal Navy trips of remembrance to the Normandy Beaches of 1944, The Palace of Versailles for 1919 and The beaches of Davao for 1579 when Sir Francis Drake landed in Mindanao to inspire Philippine Independence as just nine years later the BRAVE Philippine HEROES of independence enabled Sir Francis Drake to sink the entire Spanish Armada while bowling in Plymouth near to Devonport Dockyard...

Sir Boris JOHNSON the new UK=OK! and Prime Minister is committed to investing in BAMBIKES for every Great Bright Rail station across Eurasia to enable everyone to sell their cars and live a better life by Train, Bus, Boat and BIKE!

We remember 1579, 1588, 1815, 1919 and 1944 in 2019
with our newly reopened railway line from JURA to Joncherey, Belfort, Paris and Normanday for Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in order to rebuild One World For Peace and put the people first above corporate profits so that we can stop risk of aggression and risk of war by restoring the Treaty of Versailles on the 28th of June 2019 in Versailles, France.

Great Britain, France and Ireland are working together as we remember the Entente Cordiale and The Triple Entente that enabled us to STOP RISK of German invasion from 1914 to 1919 and defend France by fighting back German corporate sponsored aggression. The Good People of Europe today also reject the German CDU Corrupt Disgraceful Undemocratic regime of War and Austerity imposed via the EU in favour of Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, IG Farben group (Holocaust era) companies and of course Deutsche Bank...

Great Britain is leading the way out of this mess to rebuild One World For Peace with the Great British BRexit! for Bright Rail family holidays of remembrance that will practically enable A Connected Commonwealth as all friendly allies are invited to Join The Commonwealth as discussed at The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in 2018 with the theme "Towards a Common Future" which has now moved on to build A Connected Commonwealth with through Advanced Passenger Trains from Glasgow to Genoa for Her Majesty's Scottish Royal Megayacht Travel Ships to General Santos and Darwin in Australia:

avec l'amerique et
Grande Bretagne
et les Philippines!

Berne, Bienne, Moutier &
Porrentruy to Portsmouth
for Philippine Airlines 007
flight to Manila DIRECT
for your Bambike 2GO!

Berne 07:46
Bienne 08:19
Moutier 08:38
Porrentruy 09:22
DELLE (fr) 09:40
Joncherey.    09:43
Grandvillars 09:46
Belfort Ville 10:10
Gazelle d'or

Belfort dep: 13:20
Paris East:- 17:16
Louis Blanc Buffet
Paris S.L.:- 19:09
Sword Beach 21:45
Brittany Ferries
CHECK IN: 22:00
Sailing 2UK: 23:00
Portsmouth: 07:00

HMRN Dockyard

Soft Interchange UKOK!

Coach departs at 13:50
Coach arrives at 17:50
First class evening meal
Heathrow LHR 22:20
Manila:-) MNL 18:40
:-) MNL 08:00
Melbourne MEL 06:20

Melbourne MEL 04:20
Manila:-) MNL 10:50
:-) MNL 13:25
Heathrow LHR 20:35
£578 all in via Manila
+Brittany Ferries £50.00
+SNCF €100 First Class

Bright Rail Limited is
based in Bournemouth
& investing in Philippine
National Railways
Inter City 125 Types &
Very High Speed TGV
trains from Aparri and
on to Gensan, Cotabato 
Marawi and Zamboanga
in Mindanao for pleasure:

2GO Passenger ferries sail
on to Zamboanga for
Sandakan in Sabah
Malaysia and on to
Davao for Bitung
in Indonesia and
then on to Darwin in
Australia for Melbourne

Please call and visit Our 

Philippine Embassy in
Berne for details:

Contact Details


Philippine Embassy
Kirchenfeldstr. 73
CH-3005 Berne
Tel: +41 (31) 350 1717 
Fax: +41 (31) 352 2602

Hotline (for urgent/emergency matters): +41 79 5421 992



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