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Attn: Boris Johnson MP
Uxbridge and South Ruislip

Thursday 5 April 2018

Principals Eva and Paul Panganiban BRIGHT
Great British Schools at The Union of Brunel Students, 
Hamilton Centre, Brunel University, Kingston Lane, 
Greater London

Dear Boris Johnson,

We fully support your brave diplomatic action to inform the world
of the dangers of Russian and German corruption, the extremist EU
and islamist terrorist RISK from Erdogan in Turkey and the need for
Vigilance in our time. You are an excellent diplomat and we are proud
to support your Great British efforts building One World For Peace.


Cllr Brian Stead
Cllr Roy Chamdal
Cllr Richard Mills

Thursday 5 April 2018

Principals Eva and Paul Panganiban Bright
Great British Schools at The Union of Brunel Students, 
Hamilton Centre, Brunel University, Kingston Lane, 
Greater London

Dear Richard Mills, Brian Stead and Roy Chamdal,

Her Majesty The Queen reminded us all of the importance of
family during The Christmas Message this year. Having family
serving in The British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and 
at GCHQ enabled us to discuss our proposals to STOP RISK
on our streets. Making Great Britain safe is the way we can
build One World For Peace in our time by removing EU risk.

We need to support our Armed Forces and Police families by
speaking Truth to Power with the BBC to defend Afrin and to
defend ISRAEL from evil EU HAMAS terrorists who target the
Israeli kindergartens instead of looking after their own kids
properly. The extremist Islamist terrorist Erdogan must be
stopped. The Turkish population of Uxbridge want all the 
following to happen; NO Erdogan, NO Merkel, NO EU!

We were right to accuse Russia of involvement in Salisbury 
as Russian corruption is a serious problem in the UK. Houses
that ought to be occupied by our homeless British Army veterans
are sitting empty in Westminster. We must stop Russians from
needlessly occupying Great British Real Estate. Germany must
be broken away from Russian corruption and Angela Merkel
must be stopped. Diplomacy is the way to achieve this: real
Public diplomacy with the TWITTER Global Megaphone.

We are a Great British Philippine family committed to building
One World For Peace called UK=OK! and so our
beloved children Rachel and Jacob can enjoy Brunel University
life and a lifetime of Global British Geopolitical Engineering.

Thank you all very much for supporting Boris Johnson and his
Great British sense of humour educating the world about the
completely corrupt relationship between Angela Merkel and
Vladimir Putin that threatens Brunel University Students.

Our family firm, Great British Schools, promotes Great British
qualifications in Europe working together with The British council
and we want to get back into Russia which is a most promising and
potentially lucrative market for Brunel Guage Great British Railways
to China and The Philippines as well as Great British Education.

Brunel University Students are all eager to repay their student
loans like the rest of us so we need a good business plan for our
Great British BRexit! for Great British Railways and Her Majesty's
Royal Megayacht Travel services from Portsmouth to Sword Beach,
Bournemouth and Poole to Cherbourg, The Channel islands and St.
Malo, Plymouth to Roscoff, Cork and Independent Basque country
Ports of Santander and Bilbao. Brittany Ferries working with Great
British Railways can also serve British Helgoland and Hambourg.

Exposing Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin for the corrupt little
EU bloodsucking worms they are was the right thing to do and we
Conservatives must support Boris and Theresa by boldly telling
The Truth, The Whole Truth and nothing but The Truth. We 
can encourage Jeremy Corbyn to help us as he has also got
The right intentions to help eliminate the fascist EU now.

The Royal British legion protects everyone on our planet from 
further war by remembering those who gave their day for our
Tomorrow. Towards a common future is The Commonwealth
Theme for 2018 as, by the Grace of God, One World For Peace
is united by The Royal Family with the forthcoming wedding.

The Royal Wedding is a Global British Event as everyone on our
planet looks up to The British Crown on the international space
station above our heads. Sir Donad Trump will be welcome to a
special ceremony in Windsor Castle where he will surrender the
Declaration of "independence" and promise to disarm his nukes.

Prime Minister Trump of The British American Commonwealth 
will pose no risk to Her Majesty's perfect British order of Peace.

Likewise Prime minister Putin of the British Russian Federation
and Prime Minister Xi of the British Chinese Commonwealth of
provincial homelands and Prime minister Duterte of The Great
British Philippine islands will all disarm their populations. The
Police in Great Britain do not carry guns. British Army units do
provide armed response units if required and are becoming an
everyday occurrence in Salisbury where rogue Russian mafia
types mix up ingredients they bought at boots the chemists.

Obviously Vladimir Putin did not order an assassination on the
streets of Salisbury just before his democratic election. Of course
Boris Johnson lied and exaggerated and this behaviour is not the
sort of thing any real foreign secretary does (unless he was just
having a laugh with the intention of embarrassing Angela Merkel).

The Great British International sense of humour could save Boris
and Theresa if deployed effectively. We are all certainly doing our 
best in The BRIGHT Family to try to help. A general election would
also be a good idea to open up debate and encourage participation.

Her Majesty's Royal Canadian Mounted Police can be deployed 
throughout North America to help our British American friends
disarm the streets. Equally in the UK Police need to disarm many
teenagers who carry weapons. We must STOP RISK on our streets
and eliminate the danger that has infested our island before being
in a position to lecture others. Getting rid of Vicious Volkswagens, 
BMW Bribery, Audi Aggression, MAD Merkelites in the Mercedes
and Porsche 9-11 types of 9-11 ISIS terrorists in Toyotas has been 
proposed by BRUNEL UNIVERSITY STUDENTS for many years now.

 The whole university community hopes and prays that you will see 
the logic of clearing our streets of deadly cars, knives, guns and other 
weapons imported from the EU. Brunel students need safety so that
there is no danger walking home at night after leaving the union.

Deployment of The British Army on the streets to STOP RISK is
a good idea as everyone loves our sqaddies who have sacrificed
so much for us recently in Afghanistan trying to STOP RISK of
German forces blowing up civilians collecting fuel for heating.

The Good people of Afghanistan face the same problems as our
own British people namely excessive heating bills caused by evil
EU over consumption of Russian oil and gas. Nobody can afford
to heat their homes if Angela Merkel is allowed to import Russian
fuel too cheaply and pay off Vladimir Putin for building ANOTHER
North stream pipeline. Poland and The Baltic states oppose German
and Russian plans to unfairly stitch up the European energy markets.

Instead of Boris Johnson and Theresa May lying to the whole wide 
world we need a proper Conservative leader like Jacob Rees Mogg
who will firmly say and order rail companies to
keep the guard on the train. Every train needs an RMT UNION
guard and this can be afforded as British Army units will be 
on the streets stopping vehicles and reminding people that
Walking and Cycling are the best ways to keep fit and Save
Our NHS. It will be Glorious to see our Army HEROES safe
on the home front stopping risk smuggled in from the EU.

Remembrance of The Siege of Belfort in France by evil Germanic
Barbarians from 1870 to 1871 as well as remembering WW1 and
WW2 is vital to help everyone understand our UK=OK! Great UK
British Army plan to STOP RISK. The Royal Navy needs to be on
guard around our shores with torpedoes at the ready to sink on
sight any EU illegal fishing boats or Deadly German car carrying 
ships. The Volkswagens, BMWs, Audis, Mercedes and Porsche 
9-11 types of thing belong at the bottom of the deep blue sea,
or better still never produced in the first place. Breaking up
Germany and incorporating it into neighbouring states is
illustrated on the new map of Europe published on the
web site as Germany is a risk to stop.

Remembrance of World War One and The Armenian genocide by
Ottoman Turkish barbarians helps us understand why today our
American friend Donald Trump needs to support the Kurdish
resistance against the Trurkish invasion of Syria by The evil
Erdogan using panzer tanks supplied by evil Angela Merkel.

Remembrance of World War Two and The Holocaust explains
why Israel needs to be protected, Palestinians need new homes
in Germany and Angela Merkel must be stopped from corrupting
Europe with Vladimir Putin. We British must lead! The whole wide
world loves Great Britain and detests the German EU regime so
kindly may we also request your help for our forthcoming UK=OK!
promotions with The Department for exiting the EU as we can, 
must and will make a success of The Great British BRexit!

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN ! There shall be NO R€GIM€ !!!

With very best wishes for a happy Easter School holiday in 2018 as
we look forward to 2019 with Remembrance of 1919 and no more war.

Yours sincerely,

Principals Eva and Paul Panganiban BRIGHT
Great British Schools at The Union of Brunel Students, 
Hamilton Centre, Brunel University, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex. UB8 3PH. 

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