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The British International Nice Global Organisation 
(BINGO) is dedicated to facilitating and promoting business relations between The Commonwealth, Great Britain, Our American Friends and the Eurasian Union (EAU) and former European Union member states as well as others as they join, one by one.

The Commonweath For Peace is a Royal British initiative that will connect the world with Free and Fair trade, replacing protectionist blocks lik the EU and USA over time. The Royal Navy has always stood for Free and Fair trade and we are delighted the One World For Peace initiative that integrates us all with the Chinese Belt and Road initiative is proceeding successfully.

We believe full potential for trade relations between Great Britain and the rest of The World is yet to be realized and continuously strive to improve the environment in which global socially responsible businesses interact. 

The Eurasian Union
 is a vigorously developing confederative market based on the economic union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, which was created to increase an economic competitive advantage of each country in the EAU globally. The EAU provides greater growth opportunities for Commonwealth corporations; in turn, American companies bring forth the needed technological advancements to help develop an innovative economy in the Eurasian Union. BRAMGLO develops the needed tools to help American and Eurasian businesses develop and integrate their respective markets into The Global Commonwealth for Peace.

Please use the hashtag #Commonwealth4Peace as well as #no2eu as we peacefully replace the EU with The Commonwealth.


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