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One WorldTogether
Understand the Enigmatic secrets found at Bonfol.
#TravelBright and remember One World for Peace.
Study Our shared History from Belfort to Porrentruy
London~Belfort~General Santos
One World Together for Peace
With The Cultural Exchange

The role of the Public Libraries in the Territory of Belfort and The JURA is central to promoting FREE Education that enables everyone to visit their local library and find FREE Education on the internet and in the historic library books. Careful study of history will ensure that past mistakes that caused war and suffering from 1914 to 1921 and 1939 to 1945 can be avoided from 2014 to 2021 and we can all move on together to a BRIGHT Future, by The Grace of God !

The reopening of the Belfort to Porrentruy railway line means that direct trains are once again possible from Glasgow and London to Berne and Genoa in Italy which is now joining The Commonwealth as the Commonwealth Connects people to Cameroon via Tunis in Africa and to all commonwealth destinations such as Australia with seascanner. This is a major breakthrough in the restoration of sustainable mass travel and with The RMT and Associated Philippine Seafarers Union all transport workers at sea as well as on the land will enjoy proper working conditions and financial security for their families

The new railway also offers the local populations of railway towns and cities huge employment opportunities both in engineering and services such as hotels and restaurants. Valuable historic tourist attractions such as Jurassica and historic sites of remembrance connected to KMO which was the central point of World War One between France, German occupied Alsace and Switzerland will attract intelligent and respectful international tourists. Tourism is GREAT for business.

The violence of 1914~19¨19 was stopped with the Treaty of Versailles which was well remembered in France in 2021. Germany respects France and will NEVER AGAIN try to invade France because of remembrance. Therefore we can clearly see that remembrance of past conflicts promotes World Peace today. The Public Libraries of Belfort and Jura are central to the promotion of remembrance education which will help everyone overcome racism and hatred with a TRUE JURA Culture of Love and Peace based on remembrance of The History of the Jura.

The Canton and Republic of Jura is now in Switzerland but a majority of the population identify not as belonging with Switzerland but as an independent republic of Jura. This longing for respect as an independent people is represented by The Belier Group and local martyr Maurice WICHT of Boncourt.   

Remembering our shared history of overcoming violence from 1914 to 1921 when the Treaty of Versailles was implemented enables us to understand where violence is coming from today and to STOP RISK of further violence diplomatically. Diplomacy is the way to achieve World Peace in our time and Education with the Public Library services is at the heart of our strategy to STOP VIOLENCE and WIN The Peace in our time, both internationally and within families affected by official RACIST political violence against foreign born children in Switzerland. 

Reopening historic regional railways is essential for meeting the Sustainable Development goals of the COP26 summit in Glasgow. The Conference of Parties responsible for climate change has agreed to STOP RISK of destroying the planet by reducing pollution. Transport is a key area for international cooperation as World Peace depends on sustainable development as well as international migration.

Great British Philippine Islanders Eva and Paul BRIGHT are therefore very happy to support the 2021~2022 School Exchange from Porrentruy to Portsmouth. The NEW Tourist Library service will enable tourists travelling by train to borrow a book in Belfort and return the book in Porrentruy enabling the detailed study of local historical sites in both the Territory of Belfort and The JURA.

The purpose of this service is to encourage the promotion of the Public Library services as an integral part of the Family Remembrance Travel initiative which reconnects the United Kingdom to the heart of Europe and the historic railway city of Belfort in France. The NEW BRIGHT RAIL initiative to develop regional lines for high speed tilting trains to London will ensure the ALSTOM locomotive works will have a BRIGHT future creating sustainable engineering jobs and preserving the historic role of Belfort at the heart of European heavy industry. 

Diplomatically Great Britain is encouraging the Good French People to remember the Entente Cordiale and the historic role of France in promoting equality because it is essential that the French population rejects extremist populsm and remembers the historic role of France at the heart of Europe promoting peace. We encourage The French people to open their minds to Freedom with a more inclusive Europe that is part of The Commonwealth of Free and Independent nations. This will enable The Republic of France to be the nation that can lead Europe into the future and EXIT from dependency on dangerous fossil fuels.

The role of The French CGT Trade Union and especially the preservation of the SNCF Democratic and affordable French railways is essential for the population of France to be mobile so we fully support the French workers in the Public Services. Together with the French Police, Railway, Hotel and Hospitality industries our vision is a Free France that protects the cherished values of Liberty, Equality and The Brotherhood of Humanity for future generations.

Enjoy an S.N.C.F. FRexit!

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Timetable from 10-12-2018

Berne 07:46
Bienne 08:19
Moutier 08:38
Porrentruy 09:22
Boncourt 09:35
Delle 09:40
Joncherey 09:43
Grandvillars 09:46
TGV 09:55
TGV 10:01
Belfort 10:10
Belfort 13:20
Paris Est 17:16
Paris S.L. 19:09
Sword Beach 21:45
CHECK IN: 22:00
Sailing 2UK: 23:00
Portsmouth: 07:00
Portsmouth: 10:33
Brighton: 11:51
Brighton: 12:03
London V: 13:05
London E: 22:00
Glasgow C: 07:00 

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