Paris 2024 Olympic D-Day Landing Celebrations - DECLARATION
Moving The British Embassy from
Berne to Boncourt, in the Jurassic
republic of the Swiss confederation.
Purpose: to STOP
the RISK of fascism
taking legal action against the SVP
and FDP political parties of SHAME.

Admiral Paul BRIGHT (RN008)
One World For Peace UK=OK!
2 Lansdowne crescent
United Kingdom

15th August 2017

Dear Friends of Switzerland,

We STOP the RISK of fascism by taking legal action.

The Tribunal Federal has ruled that the SVP "Black sheep"
posters are racist and they have thankfully been taken away
from the SBB stations but the SVP racists remain in place.

In Boncourt we are deeply ashamed of the SVP and will stop them.
Jura will declare independence from Switzerland if there is racism.
We in the Labour Party and RMT UNION do not tolerate racism.

Boncourt is the natural gateway to Switzerland from France
and The UK with Eurostar trains taking just two hours from
London to Paris and Three hours from Paris to Porrentruy
via Disneyland and Belfort. The line is almost complete.

Upon arriving in Switzerland in 1986 I got off the train in the
beautiful village of Boncourt and decided it would be a very
nice place for the British Embassy on the border with France.
Gernerations of very good people live in Boncourt so we
would not need the expensive security fence we have in Bern

Unlike the rest of Switzerland the canton of Jura is a republic so
can declare independence. The JEXIT association of Boncourt 
will then be able to invite respectable cantons to join the JURA.

I am dedicated to my country, The United Kingdom, but I need to
be in Switzerland to tackle the extremist racism, xenophobia and
anti semitism found in Thurgau. Only when we have defeated the
fascist SVP and FDP at the ballot box can Switzerland be free.

With the new capital city in Porrentruy Switzerland will be happy
and foreigners will be able to vote for a National Health Service as
we have got in the UK which is free at the point of need and paid
for by general taxation. HMRC is opening an office in Boncourt
so that all taxes can be paid and Switzerland will not be a tax
haven any longer. UBS must declare all stolen Jewish gold.

As a foreigner I cannot vote in Thurgau so I have no intention of
staying and have at all times maintained my UK resident tax status
because I love the UK and know it will be OK with Jeremy Corbyn.

I hope the local SWISS people have realised their voting mistakes.

Many Swiss stole Jewish gold in World War Two and smuggled
it into UBS safe deposit boxes. Theresa May is known to have a
lot of stolen NHS funds from privatisation locked up in Berne.


In 1992 everyone was very happy about German reunification
but soon after this the railway line closed as more and more of
the people of Switzerland bought Volkswagens, BMWs, Audis,
Mercedes and Porsche 9-11 types of thing. What happened?

After the war, in 1953 Germany played the "we are sorry" card
and got their war debts written off. They formed the EU protection
racket for their automobile and chemical as well as banking cartels.
Germany went on to dominate Europe just as it wanted to in 1939.

The EU never served the people of Europe so that is why we voted
to leave the EU. We now prepare to lead Europe to better times with
our new Prime Minister Sir Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party.

Sadly the EU sponsored road building and not railways but still
in Switzerland the train continued to Boncourt so I made it my
job to reopen the line to Belfort and Paris. The tunnel to London
would come first. It has been a long struggle to bring back British
Rail to connect One World for Peace, but we're getting there.

Firstly I would like to thank the Swiss Border Guards who
ensure I am protected while in Switzerland. No nazis or racists
are allowed here and where they do manage to sneak in they are
duly held accountable by the Tribunal Federal in Lausanne.

Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination are of course found in
all places and Switzerland is no exception, the difference is that
when we do detect racism, xenophobia or discrimination in the
Swiss confederation we have a clear legal course of action.

Today I am making my almost daily crossing into Switzerland
from Constance where I am staying with my university friends 
who are helping me prepare the World Peace and International
Development studies course which we plan to teach in 2018.

We are remembering 1918 in 2018 together as British and German
friends and this project has been ongoing since 1984 when I first
arrived in Germany with my father from the RAF Royal Air Force
on board DAN AIR from London Gatwick airport to Dusseldorf.

Germany and Britain are friends and the UKOK! Project of One
World For Peace is designed to cement that friendship forever and
ever,  eternally. We love Sir Winston Churchill and The Royal Navy.

A few Good friends in Germany saved me from the Swiss Gestapo
the otheer day who alleged that I was MAD because I believe in
Sir Winston Churchill and Great Britain. Germany is OK like the
UK almost (there is an "official language" here which harms
business) but anyway much better than Switzerland where
there is a Gestapo. We must stop this Gestapo organisation.

SWICA is held accountable for corruption as I have shown my UK
Health insurance cards yet they persist in harrassing me with invoices.
I am seeking judgement against the SWICA and their corrupt political
servants who push already insured people on to their rip-off system.

The Gestapo are deeply embedded in the Canton of Thurgau where
the openly racist, xenophobic and frankly criminal SVP and FDP are
mascurading as acceptable political parties. Their extreme arrogance
is a barrier to busienss and their extreme school curriculum does not
even mention the holocaust, World Wars or Shakespeare, for example.

Keeping the working class down by means of restricted access to good
Grammar schools, known as "Kantonschule"is very dangerous but it
does ensure that the SVP and FDP racist xenophobic and extremely
anti semitic politicians manage to cling to fiefdoms like Romanshorn.

Romanshorn, Kreuzlingen and Constance are all essential to British
business travellers are our Great British Rail trains need to pass here.

We do not have problems in the West of Switzerland where Boncourt
and Delle are the line crossing from Paris to Porrentruy, the new Swiss
capital city we are planning after the BRexit for British Rail to the UK.


This declaration is made as i am frontier worker and am based in the
UK as that is my centre of economic activity. I am here on official
business for the incoming Labour Government of Sir Jeremy
Corbyn PM. I am a member of the Great British Labour
and Labour friends of Israel and Palestine group.

Sadly some people do end up detained by the Gestapo at the infamous
Gestapo Psychiatric experimental unit called "Munsterlingen Spital"
and one of my friends is there now. I demand his immediate release
as well as SIX MILLION Swiss francs in compensation for my
detention to be paid to the Holocaust Educational trust in the UK.

I also claim TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND Swiss francs as fair
compensation for wasting British official time. The nonsense in
Romanshorn has delayed One World For Peace by at least two
years and millions of innocent people have died in wars caused
by corruption. The British Embassy will be supporting them too.

Enough is Enough. The Gastapo SVP and FDP parties must be
banned. BANNING the SVP as Nazis are banned in Germany
is in the SWISS as well as the UK National interests. Switzerland
and The United Kingdom are
dedicated to defending Human rights.

We do not tolerate the SVP or FDP and their racist policies of the
fascist town halls that insist on "German only" as if it were 1939.
We remind all parties that Sir Winston Churchill
lives FOREVER.

Refugees are suffering today as SWISS manufactured and funded
weapons paid for by UBS Bank killed millions of Syrians and made
millions more flee for their lives. Refugees must be made welcome
in Switzerland because Switzerland has been making money for
decades by funding wars and illegal resource extraction.

One World For Peace stands up to fight racism, xenophobia and
anti semitism. We stop discrimination because we can. Nobody
argues with The Royal Navy and our centuries of achievement.


My case is submitted to all relevant local jurisdictions for mediation
before proceeding to the Tribunal Federal for judgement as this is
an extremely serious case. Here are the key outcomes expected:

1 Refugees must be welcomed.
2 United Nations languages must be promoted.
3 Nobody will be forced or expected to learn German.
4 All UK EHIC Health cards are valid and must be accepted.
5 The UK National Curriculum must be made available to evryone.
6 There will be due respect for remembrance of The Holocaust.
7 Swiss schools must educate everyone properly, not just a few.

Sincerely, On Her Majestys Service,
For The Holocaust Educational Trust

Paul Bright CEO One World For Peace

Signed in person ..............................  at ................................

Witness ............................................. Date ............................

Copied to Labour Friends of Israel and Palestine,
The British Embassy in Berne, The RMT UNION
and all interested parties,
for general publication.

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