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Enjoy your holiday travel at the 
Emmaus fair trade coffee Libraries
From Cambridge by Train and Ship
to The Top of The Jurassic Republic

We remember 1917 for World Peace in 2017
with the reopening of the World Famous
Churchill Night Line to liberate France
sailing from Portsmouth in 1944 and
going on to liberate Europe in 1945
together with our Russian allies.

We remember World War One
and World War Two in order to
STOP World War Three in Syria
...and reopen the International Railway...

Armistice remembrance timetable
via Portsmouth Historic Royal Navy
Dockyard on to Sword Beach 1944
Daily Trains start from 11/11/2017

Armistice day remembrance

Image result for royal british legion  
We remember World Peace
Sailing with Brittany Ferries
Remember The Triple Entente
and our World War HEROES

Depart Cambridge 09:00 
10:00 London Vic 11:00
13:00 Portsmouth 23:00
07:00 Sword Beach 08:00
09:00 CAEN SNCF 10:00
12:00 Paris G.Lyon 14:00
16:30 Belfort TGV 17:00
17:00 Delle Station 18:00
Emmaus International Projects
for World Peace and Global Solidarity
United Nations connected by land & sea

One Happy Family 

Public Services for all
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The NEW UK is The UK that is OK!

We promote World Peace and Genuine
International friendship remembering
that there is only One World and that
is Our World so we are taking care
of it together. The environment is
saved when air travel is replaced
by Rail and Sea travel by BAE
British American Embassy
surface ships and trains.

The Chinese Belt and Road is an
initiative planned by Fleet Admiral
BRIGHT in Beijing in 2001 together
with The Chinese government at
Beijing Materials Institute.

By converting warships into passenger
ships we stop all war. On Scarborough
shoal we are opening a Philippine
Chinese Royal Navy fairground 
where issues of war and peace
can be remembered together.

Common sense travel for you over land & sea

Come and visit BAE Surface ships
at Her Majestys Naval Base in
Portsmouth to learn how we
convert warships into new
Passenger ships for you...

Visit The British American Embassy
to learn how we are reshaping all
international relations to promote
Peace now we have managed to
STOP THE WAR by remembrance
of our HEROES who gave us Peace.


Armistice Day in Delle
All wellcome: 11/11/2017


Connected for Peace
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