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Help Stop Child Trafficking
Help Police stop the MAFIA

Please call the Philippine Embassy on 01 44 14 57 00 or Police
to help Police STOP Swiss MAFIA Child Abusing
who have KIDNAPPED and TRAFFICKED our daughters
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Join NotFound and help reunite families
At BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED we are committed to helping Police STOP Russian Mafia Kidnappings and child trafficking by corrupt officials in Switzerland. Anyone can became a victim of Human trafficking and often family members will violently betray other members of the same family for financial gain using intimidation and official corruption to PROFIT from the extermination of key victims such as the parents of trafficked children. These people engaged in child trafficking can only be described as EURO TERRORISTS because they simply love EUROS money and terrorise people connected to the family through control and manipulation. BRIGHT RAIL Secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 admitted that she was not in fact the wife of the Director but was pressurised into lying officially by the corrupt official Christain MINGER who was subsequently forced to resign from the APEA. Sadly in Switzerland MAFIA numbers are higher than previously thought and Russian MAFIA Fraudster Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 and MAFIA associates like Marcel RYSER all conspired to falsify our family records. This enabled the victim's son-in-law Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/11/1964 to attempt the extortion with a RACIST character of our family apartment in Paris and TRAFFICKING of the granddaughters of the victim. He is responsible for arranging her Death and the Falsification of Death Certificate information he forced his wife to sign off in CROYDON, UK. This force was achieved by keeping her children hostage in Serbia (which is a corrupted MAFIA state like Switzerland) while she attended the funeral. This has all been reported to the Coroner, Metropolitan and UK Anti-Terrorist Police. Due to a lack of international resources and the criminals deliberately committing crimes in different countries the case is yet to be resolved. Thosands of children have gone missing and our case is one of many so Please Help JURA Police Reunite Families affected by this MAFIA.

Family members who are Jewish or Black or otherwise from a minority group are especially vulnerable to the MAFIA because of deeply entrenched Antisemitism and Racism in Europe dating from colonial times. To appreciate the seriousness of the problem
it is important for everyone to become well educated about the Holocaust and other genocidal crimes that have taken place such as the Spanish conquistadorial brutality against the Philippine people. By learning about the terrorism of the past everyone will be much more able to fight Racism and Antisemitism in Europe today and overcome Fascism together. 

Getting legal help to deal with this case has been extremely difficult but today it was confirmed (by MATMUT assurance in Paris) that MACIF assurance ought to have helped us obtain the services of a lawyer in France to assist our Police appointed lawyer Philipp KUNZ in Switzerland. If you have any information that can help our family please send it to our lawyer in Berne: Please also inform the local Police and contact missing children Europe so that the criminal network can be broken, the children set free, the extortion stopped and the criminals arrested. Only be remembering history in Europe can the MAFIA be finally broken which is why Education is so important and we encourage all families to be extra-vigilant in Europe where millions of children have gone missing and once they are adults they are not considered missing any more so this is a very serious and ongoing crisis for millions of families today:


BRIGHT RAIL Secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who is a RUSSIAN CITIZEN was forced to kidnapp our youngest daughters who she was paid well to look after after we questioned The SERBIAN MAFIOSI Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 about the falsification of the Death Certificate of their loving grandmother. She was then forced to CLAIM she had ADOPTED our children and a FAKE MARRIAGE was used by CORRUPT APEA Official Christian MINGER who has now resigned BUT Switzerland STILL HARBOURS Russian Kidnappers and officially TRAFFICKS CHILDREN because we have no idea where our children are and SWISS officials and lawyers do not return telephone calls or reply to emails. French, British and Philippine National Police are now investigating the CRIMINAL ADOPTION of our children by a RUSSIAN TERRORIST.

It is a sad reality of business life that people you invest in and trust can betray not only the family who helped them but also The British Government so there are now updated TERRORIST WARNINGS for travel to Switzeralnd. It is now well known that SWITZERLAND is harbouring RUSSIAN TERRORISTS and is fully complicit in the TRAFFICKING of Children from The Philippines, UK and France for exploitation and the EXTORTION of property

STOP Criminal
apea Adoptions

All children have a right to a happy childhood with their legal and legitimate parents but increasingly children are victims of trafficking for exploitation and the extortion of family property. Of serious concern to Police in Paris and Berne as well as London is the MURDER of Grandmothers and the kidnapping of their grandchildren for the extortion of property. The parents who try to stop the abuse are defamed and destroyed by a RUSSIAN MAFIA of corrupt and racist officials who abuse their positions of trust in society. Our children are now being used as HOSTAGES in order to EXTORT their property and destroy their family, all for the benefit of a few greedy men and the Russian KIDNAPPER who betrayed the United Kingdom and our family. The good news is POLICE DO ARREST KIDNAPPERS in Nigeria and perhaps even also in Switzerland...

If you see the kidnapped children please report this immediately to the nearest Police station and email the parents at as well as contacting our lawyer Philipp KUNZ on 
00 41 31 971 25 00 email: because these French, British and Philippine children must be saved from the SWISS & RUSSIAN TERRORIST MAFIA. Remember Switzerland is the most dangerous country in the world due to official corruption.

with EDUCATION by The Grace of Almighty God and #YouToo!
Email us at with your infos.
contact the team on the ground: Tel: 00 41 32 599 1073
Metropol Criminal Crime Ref: CCR-2233-19-0100-000
Met. Crime Incident Number CIN-28500-19-0100-000
Airport Trafficking Heathrow ATH-3311-19-0600-000

Free World War I Tank 1 Stock Photo -
Understanding the
GREAT WAR against fascist EURO-TERRORISTS is easy when you visit the GREAT WAR MUSEUM in Meaux which is easily accessible from The GARE DE L'EST in Paris. Germany invaded France in 1914 as the GREEDY invaders just loved money and the properties they could steal from the France by annexing territory. In 2014 the cycle of history repeated itself when Fascist Dictator Vladimir PUTIN invaded Ukraine. The EURO TERRORIST MAFIA profit from the unstable political situation in Europe and this is why everyone should support ukraine and HELP POLICE STOP THE RACIST EURO MAFIA. Many Ukrainians have been abused by Russian Terrorists who simply love money and must be stopped.

EURO TERRORISM is very serious and many victims end up dead so acting today will help save lives and help Parents of missing children save their children before it is too late.
Antisemitism and Poverty we realised the URGENT need
to form an association to help improve communication with
SWISS authorities in order to STOP Child TRAFFICKING
& protect family welfare in the Canton our JURA where the
NEW Railway enters JURA and Switzerland from France.

Every year over 400 Children dissappear from France who
are then trafficked on via SWISS Airports where no family
name checks are carried out
. By improving security and
communication on the trains, at the airports and most
of all between Child Protection organisations we at
BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED are helping Police to
concerned about our secretaury, Maria who
has been behaving very strangely and we do
sincerely ask her to please STOP NOW as
it is time for all our children to be happy.

For the safety of all children we work in association with the
NSPCC and Bournemouth Police with the co-operation of the
Metropolitan Police and French Gendarmerie as well as JURA
POLICE Cantonale. We sincerely hope we will reach an amicable
compromise for the benefit of our children so we can help others
by focusing on the deployment of Gendarmes and SNCF Guards
on all trains to welcome passengers and make travel safe for all.

Family Travel by train should be for FUN not Fear. 

We would like to point out this is not a game and we now
understand what is going on and our chidlren have suffered
hugely from pointless cruelty and family separation; all
because evil people want to PROFIT from our suffering.
This cruelty to our children must now STOP.

Child Trafficking takes many forms and children from the
most vulnerable families become victims. Sophie BRIGHT
is now in an "internat" denied contact with her loving
sister Rachel and father Paul. Rachel is threatened by
street homelessness as is her father Paul following a
breakdown in business communications with his
secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who
may not have intended to become a CHILD
TRAFFICKER but certainly is now as
the Authority for Protection of 
Adults and Children made
a very big mistake.

Lady Eva BRIGHT of Glencoe
Scotland together with her
Husband Lord Paul Bright Of Glencoe are committed to a
better world for ALL The Children, not just Rachel, Jacob
Sophie & Kristina BRIGHT but ALL Children everywhere.

Lady and Lord BRIGHT are both members of the Royal
Commonwealth Society and BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED
our family business is building A Connected Commonwealth
to connect One World For Peace in our time by remembering
1579, 1588, 1919, 1944, 1969, 1974, 1989 and 1994 in 2019.

Education is the key to World Peace so each year tells a story:
In 1579 Sir Francis DRAKE
 inspired the Panganiban resistance.
In 1588 Sir Francis DRAKE totally defeated the Spanish Armada.
In 1919 Commonwealth USA and France defeated Germany...
In 1944 We did it all again liberating BELFORT on November 23
In 1969 The USA landed on the Moon to secure SPACE Freedom
In 1974 HERO Maurice WICHT ensured the liberation of JURA
In 1989 the rotten "communist" regime of the Soviet Union fell.
In 1994 Sir Nelson MANDELA won FREEDOM for AFRICA.
In 2019 we remember all this with Eva Bright Education now!

 is not free of course but education is free and is paid
for by taxes like the UK NHS so we are committed to paying our
fair share of taxes and declaring our income accoring to the
1995 income sharing agreement signed with our Russian
partner and company secretary Maria ANISIMOVA
who has sadly forgotten how we helped her over
many years. Her Majesty's courts and tribunal
Services working with international partner
organisations are helping. Email Contacts:

Eva BRIGHT Education:
Michael John BRIGHT: Brisbane
Tribunal Cantonal JURA: JURA
Tribunal De Grande Instance:

 Caroline Helen BRIGHT:
Helvetia Insurance Porrentruy:
Departement des finances (DFI):
POLICE Cantonale JURA:
Service de l'action sociale:
Direction Lycee Porrentruy:
Tribunal De Grande Instance:
APEA Delemont:
Office of Population:

Dear Directors and Judges of Porrentruy Lyceum, Stockmar College,
JURA POLICE, Dorset Police, The French Gendarmerie in DELLE, 
APEA Delemont, Regional Social Services, KESB Berne, UK Foreign
and Commonwealth Office, INTERPOL, The United Nations High
Commissioner for Human Rights UNHCR and UK Supreme Court,
La Tribunal De Grande Instance BELFORT and Tribunal Cantonal,

As reported to JURA POLICE following the THEFT of Passports
for our two daughters Rachel Enid Panganiban BRIGHT 01/10/2002
and Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004 Sophie have now been sold to
RUSSIAN MAFIOSI and is held against our will in BERNE as was
suspected by PC Patricia and The Chief Constable of JURA POLICE.

We discovered that our secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 had
lied to The Porrentruy Lyceum and claimed she has parental authority
over Sophie and Rachel while in fact Sophie was adopted at Birth
by us in Montpellier, France as is well documented.

The Mayor of Boncourt, Lionel MAITRE can confirm that we presented
the original Birth and adoption Certificate for Sophie as soon as we were in
possession of it as it needed to be sent to Boncourt from Montpellier.

The APEA can confrim receipt as this was transmitted to them by our
communal secretariat from Boncourt. The APEA can also confirm the
receipt of our letter sent to explain that we needed to be in BELFORT
as The Tribunal of Grand Instance has passen on the case to the
Gendarmerie regarding the KIDNAPPING of Sophie and Rachel as well
as the HIGHLY
 LIKELY MURDER of their Grandmother 
Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937 since the details on the death
certificate was falsified with a WRONG ADDRESS.

are all very serious crimes as is FRAUD such as claiming to be a
wife when you are a secretary in order to TRAFFIC CHILDREN as
ownership of their rightful owners.

Obtaining a British Passport by deception is a SERIOUS CRIME
with a 14 year PRISON SENTENCE as has also been committed by
our trusted friend and business partner as well as secretary Maria ANISIMOVA
01/03/1971. Police references and the NSPCC reference are all
the websites at:

We are a reunited family in that the APEA understands our life and the
extreme hardship imposed on us by Maria ANISIMOVA but we are still
missing our beloved Sophie and our EEA Family permits.

We trusted the Mayor to help us with this but we were deceived as
the APEA has taken action to destroy our family and exterminate us as they
commuitted the crime of deliberate CHILD TRAFFICKING.

 Zurich Airport is on alert but needs to improve security
of hundreds of children each week.

Please act now as our daughters need urgent protection

Eva, Rachel, Jacob, Kristina and Paul BRIGHT


Dorset Police ref: 12-0275
Bournemouth 00 44 1202 222 222
Swiss JURA 00 41 32 420 95 00
Manchester 00 44 161 856 0250
Victimised UK Children




NSPCC REF: A-1489051
Bournemouth Police Ref:55190107045
Companies House Ref: NUM 1235475X\
VICTIM STATEMENT by Eva & Paul BRIGHT: "We trusted Maria since we met her in Russia in 2001 but she deceived us, betrayed us and has even brainwashed our own daughters against us. Rachel has suffered Emotional Abuse and Violent Physical Abuse. We ask POLICE to PLEASE HELP US SAVE OUR DAUGHTERS RACHEL and her adopted sister SOPHIE."

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