Paris 2024 Olympic D-Day Landing Celebrations - Enjoy life on TWO WHEELS

God Save OurQueen
Family Tourism &Education!!! and

Plan your trip carefully following the
natural river courses from Gensan up
to Tampakan Diamond MINE and then
continue up River to avoiding the
deadly 60 Philippine roads so
you can swim in the Rivers!

We trekked up the river from Purok 6 at Lanton Apopong with our Panganiban Bright Resorts guide since we were staying there anyway. The service was excellent and we avoided the deadly 60 Philippine roads. It's very important to find the right guide at the right price so be bright in your decision. Trip Advisor really helped, thank you so much! Our phone is 00 63 905 689 2624 if you have any questions but it is best to just arrive. They are open 24 hours and have good security round the clock! Great British Schools promote education
around the world to build one world
for peace and stop the war today... selling your car and investing in
education and public transport you
can do your bit to build a better
world of peace for the next
generation as previous
generations have
fought for our

To stop World War Three we need
to live sustainably and stop invading
countries for "regime change" and
access to oil and raw materials...

...Education is the key to World Peace
and it's all about transport. The German
corporations dominate the world wide
transport industry, bribe politicians
and close down public transport...

World War One made huge profits for
German weapons makers like Krupps
and then World War Two made huge
profits for Volkswagen, BMW, Audi,
Mercedes and Porsche 9-11 types of
corrupted politicians like Hitler.

Today politicians like Merkel,
May and TRUMP are all corrupt:
prostitutes bought and paid for by
the huge corporations that make
money every time a missile is
fired, a car sold and fuel is
pumped into the tank...

The EU is a mafia state with an
aganda to replace democratic and
public transport on the railways
with private road based travel.

EU rail privatisation and road
building serves Volkswagen,
BMW, Audi, Mercedes and
other corporate interests.

The RMT UNION opposes
EU privatisation and supports
democratic public transport so
support the RMT strike, GCT
strike in France, GDL and
Lufthansa strikes in
Germany so we
can stop war.

War only benefits the corrupt,
evil politicians. Remember that
The Royal Family and British
commonwealth stand for
World Peace today...

Her Majesty The Queen unites
us all to STOP THE WAR and
build One World For Peace.

Rememberance of WW1 and
WW2 is the way to stop WW3.

Join The Royal British Legion
for Peace and Vote Labour

...because every generation has
the duty today to pass on the gift
of remembrance to secure a
much better world for our
children tomorrow.

Learn more with remembrance
and email us for help planning
family school trips with public
transport to Stop The War.

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