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Résultat d’images pour stop child trafficking
Help INTERPOL & Police STOP Inheritance Fraud
Done by The NAZI SWISS Minger Mafia of Abuse
involving Murder, Kidnapping & Child Trafficking
WE Help Police STOP RISK  of KIDNAPPING on the Public Railways

Independent Police Advisors are members of diverse communities from across the Force area who provide advice and make recommendations to the Police. The role of an advisor is to:

1: assist the police in shaping service delivery to meet the needs of diverse communities,

2: provide guidance and feedback about the potential and actual impact of policing on different groups, and

3: act as a ‘critical friend’ challenging conventional thinking and offering an independent perspective on issues.

To volunteer to join the Police as an independent advisor email:

STOP RISK is the international Police Independent Advisory service helping Police to STOP Inheritance Fraud which involves MURDER, KIDNAPPING, Child Trafficking and the attempted silencing of witnesses by corrupt officilas in Switzerland. We encourage all Police Forces to work more with INTERPOL and publish current events on our public website as we are primarily a media organisation dedicated to helping Police STOP RISK of serious crime involving organised MAFIA groups of criminals. who abuse public authorities by, for example, recognising FAKE RUSSIAN "marriage" certificates and ignoring genuine French, British and Philippine Birth certificates, Adoption certificates, Company records and actual proof of marriage. These ORGANISED MAFIA CRIMINALS ARE A SERIOUS RISK THAT MUST BE STOPPED.

International Terrorist RUSSIAN Former KGB Member Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 KIDNAPPED the two youngest granddaughters of the MURDER VICTIM Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937 - 20/04/2013 on the 28th of April 2019 in Boncourt Switzerland; as reported to JURA Police in Porrentruy. The fugitive lied to child protection officials and produced a FAKE "marriage" certificate to justify the kidnapping. This was to cover up the MURDER by SERBIAN GANSTER Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 of his mother-in-law. The fugitive is still at large as is the murderer who is believed to be in Serbia but the corrupt official who enabled the child trafficking to the kidnapper has been identified and dismissed, though not yet arrested. It is important for local Police forces to be connected and action to be taken without further dalay. Details of the most corrupt official Christian MINGER can be found at the official website of the child protection agency:

Further details may also be obtained from the family lawyer Philipp KUNZ in Berne:

CONTACT: Advokatur Kunz, Altes Stettlergut, Sägestrasse 66, 3098 Köniz

​​Tel: 00 41 31 971 25 00, Fax: 00 41 31 971 25 51, ​

Remembering 1942 in 2022 just 80 years later is very important because current and former residents of Devon and Cornwall are increasingly victimised by extremely evil people who only love money. Because Devon and Cornwall is a pleasant area to live in where people trust each other residents and people who grew up in the area are especially vulnerable to seriously organised and malicious criminals who are prepared to MURDER, KIDNAP and TRAFFICK Children in order to defraud them out of their inheritance. Families from Devon and Cornwall often become victims of Inheritance Fraud in other places like France and Switzerland so it is very important for Devon and Cornwall Police to encourage other Police forces to work together with international organisations like INTERPOL and EUROPOL so that crimes committed in different force areas can be connected. 

The BRIGHT Family are particularly keen to Help Devon and Cornwall Police STOP Child Abuse which is often connected to the extremely serious crime of Inheritance Fraud. Serious criminals LOVE MONEY and what better way to GET MONEY than by exterminating families by eliminating the Grandparents, Kidnapping, Trafficking and Brainwashing the Grandchildren and then eliminating the parents? As our family example shows, LONDON BASED CRIMINALS like Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 together with RUSSIAN KGB Professional Kidnappers like Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 and SWISS Corrupt officials like Marcel RYSER, Christian MINGER and Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 from the NAPOLI MAFIA work together to enrich themselves with no regard for the lives of their VICTIMS like Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2022, Dominga Astilla PANGANIBAN, Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT, Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT, Jacob Michael Panganiban BRIGHT, Rachel Enid Panganiban BRIGHT and the father of the kidnapped schoolgirls Paul Edward BRIGHT. Everyone is welcome to contact us and ask specific questions using our family email:

Our original intention with BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED was to promote remembrance of World War One and World War Two in order to STOP World War Three by means of the HOTEL CHURCHILL that we bought at Rue Du Stade 2 in Boncourt, Switzerland and the CHURCHILL Appartment in Paris, France. Sadly Monsieur POSPIELOVSKY the SERBIAN GANGSTER based in London and Belgrade forced his wife to falsify the Death Certificate after POISONING her and "helping her to die" at the BUPA Private "care home" in Croydon, Metropolitan Police Area. Since the VICTIM was from CROYDE in North Devon but had retired to Paris in France and travelled via Poole and Cherbourg it is imortant for Devon and Cornwall Police to connect the crimes with Dorset Police as well as The JURA and BERNE Police in Switzerland as the Grandchildren were kidnapped in Boncourt and TRAFFICKED by corrupt SWISS officials to the kidnapper in BERNE. 

Switzerland is an extremely dangerous place with RACIST Police who refuse to help because the mother of the kidnapping and trafficking victim is a Filipino in The Philippines and The Father is British so we do not count, for BERNE Police as we do not live in Berne !!!
Sadly many Police forces choose to try to avoid soling crimes in order to reduce crime statistics. We are very grateful to Devon and Cornwall Police and all the UK and French Police for working together with The Philippine National Police so that the Child Traffickers and Racist extortionists can all be brought to JUSTICE and will finally be extradited to The Philippines for a proper punishment. Please direct all formal enquiries to our ambassador:

mbassy of The Republic of The Philippines in The UK
6-11 Suffolk Street, London SW1Y 4HG, United Kingdom

Sadly in 2022 once again evil political extremists like Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour are trying to turn people against each other. In Russia a fascist regime has established itself with the Fascist Dictator Vladimir PUTIN inspiring hatred for foreigners and attempting to wipe Ukraine off the map, indescriminately murdering anyone unfortunate enough to be in the path of an oncoming bullet, grenade or missile. Meanwhile in Europe
NAZI GANGS of political extremists have officially trafficked children in order to extort property and are actively trying to exterminate entire families, including our family. Marc LABBE at Frote and Partner is a NAZI MAFIA Lawyer implicated in the NAZI Child Abuse and Property Extortion MAFIA of Christian MINGER as reported to Paris, Berne, UK and Philippine National Police. A clear picture of this International Russian, Serbian, Swiss and Italian MAFIA Group is helping Police to STOP NAZI Terrorists today. 
Only by remembering 1942 and the NAZI HOLOCAUST can we truly appreciate the incredible evil that is once again confronting the world. Learn more about the Holocaust and learn more about the NAZI Criminal gangs that are carrying out exterminations of vulnerable families, just for their own selfish gain. Talk to your neighbours and people you meet in everyday life and help to stop evil in our time. Help our Police to work together with the community and STOP NAZI Terrorists... because we did manage to rid the world of the FASCIST Christian MINGER who trafficked our daughters to their RUSSIAN MAFIA kidnapper and we are now winning JUSTICE by The Grace of God !


 WE REMEMBER 1942 in 2022 to STOP the NAZIS 
 and support ALL Victims of Neo NAZI Terrorists. 

A sign at Dachau Concentration Camp reading "Never Again" (photo credit: US AIR FORCE PHOTO ILLUSTRATION/SENIOR AIRMAN BRIANA JONES)

Read The Report to understand the serious problem of Russian Racism

The surviving members of The BRIGHT Family are dedicated to helping The UK together with French and Swiss Police arrest The entourage of Pro-Russian NAZI Criminals who have profited from the highly suspicious death of Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 and the KIDNAPPING and TRAFFICKING of her Granddaughters. The victim survived the HOLOCAUST and World War Two only to be betrayed by her onw son-in-law The RACIST Extortionist Serbian MAFIA "Banker" Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 and his MAFIA LAWYER Remo GILOMEN who now controls accomplice Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who is in fact our secretary at BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED
 and was indoctrinated to join the SWISS Child Trafficking MAFIA of Christian MINGER and Marcel RYSER by the violent and Psychiatrically disturbed fraudster Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959NAZI Criminal MAFIA Groups are different from other MAFIA groups as they have no regard for the lives or human rights of other people at all: THEY KILL to  extort property and exploit children. They are extremely serious criminals protected by a vast network of Pro-Russian THUGS. They pay hommage to the KREMLIN so they can be effectively above the law. They have vast resources and control MAFIA banks for money laundering. They falsify documents like Passports and Death as well as Marriage certificates to extort property and TRAFFICK Children. This is why all local Police need your help. Helping your local Police to STOP NAZI Mafia Murderers, Child Traffickers, Kidnappers, Loan Sharks and property extortionists will help expose The Hipocrisy of the fascist PUTIN Regime and STOP THE WAR in Ukraine. Whatever crime you are a victim of always report it to the Police and Help make the world a better place for the next generation. Our children were kidnapped using a train in Switzerland and this crime exposed the murder of their grandmother and subsequently the SWISS Child Trafficking MAFIA of Christian MINGER. Despite the kidnapping happening over 3 Years ago the RACIST system of "Justice" in Switzerland still has not brought the criminals to justice. For this reason the case is also Filed in France where the victim Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 normally and actually lived. Falsification of the Death Certificate in Croydon and on the "Procuration Authentique" in Paris was the way in which Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 managed to evade justice, until now. YOUR crime report will help POLICE STOP RISK of further crimes and could STOP RISK of Terrorism. Please Help French Police to STOP RISK of more racist extortion. Thank you.

The NAZI MAFIA Holocaust to exterminate our family has been going on
for years 
our family since 2002. Please share our story to STOP NAZIS
 British Embassy References Paris: ENQW321267  Berne: ENQW067944 

 French Police IGPN reference S-2022/1128 to STOP The NAZI MAFIAS 

 Metropolitan Police Hate crime reference 4.12.19 TV1-6887-19-0100-DP 
 DO NOT vote for NAZI Serbian Russian & SWISS 
The image of Marine Le Pen and Vladimir Putin used  in the Rassemblement National campaign leaflet.


Know the Truth about the Russian MAFIA in Europe:
SAVE FRANCE and rest of the world from these evil
terrorists who only love MONEY~your money!
CORRUPTION is deadly and destroys families.

Eva and Paul Panganiban BRIGHT together with their son Jacob are responsible for developing the British and Philippine Diplomatic presence across Eurasia to completely STOP THE WAR in Ukraine peacefully by education the Russian People about the Triple Entente. Russia was actually allied peacefully to France and The United Kingdom in 1914 and The People of Russia Today also want to be peaceful but they have been BRAINWASHED by the EVIL NAZI Fascist Dictator Vladimir PUTIN.

Sadly the world is once again menaced by GEOPOLITICAL TERRORIST NAZIS who only love money. The terrorists know that they cannot win the war which is not their aim as they only love money. Vladimir PUTIN is simply a MAFIA BOSS and the main aim of his war against Ukraine is to displace refugees so that his MAFIA TERRORISTS can PROFIT from Child Trafficking and Exploitation.

Everyone needs to really care about the victims of terrorism, the trafficked and exploited children, and boycott russian oil and gas immediately. War against the DESPOT PUTIN and his EVIL NAZI MAFIA of RACISTS only leads to more kidnappings, more extortion and more suffering. So a united response to Russian aggression must be the PURSUIT OF JUSTICE AGAINST TERRORISTS. When the entire population realise that Vladimir PUTIN is just a Child Trafficking MAFIA BOSS and a warlord then nobody will buy his Oil and Gas and he will be removed from office, peacefully by the Russian people as they wake up from being brainwashed.

Stopping the war would be easy if there was JUSTICE in Europe and the criminals who kidnapped and trafficked our own daughters were brought to justice but they are in SWITZERLAND where there is no such thing as justice because MONEY TALKS. Learn about what happened to our family and understand why corruption in Switzerland and The LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

Do your bit to work with the Police and Help Police STOP TERRORISTS because there is a lot of human trafficking in Europe and a lot of corruption. We advise against all travel to Europe until our children are safe and the TERRORISTS are locked up behind bars because they are just animals that deserve to be in a ZOO:

 BRIGHT RAIL Secretary
Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 The secret KGB RUSSIAN TERRORIST kidnapped our youngest daughters who she was paid well to look after when we questioned the falsification of the Death Certificate of their loving grandmother Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 RIP. The falsification is part of the ongoing EXTORTON of the BRIGHT Family apartment in Paris organised by Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 who is a SERBIAN Gangster and wife abuser. This disgusting social worm actually FORCED his wife to FALSIFY The Death certificate of her own mother by holding her children HOSTAGE in Belgrade where there is rampant Police corruption. It is difficult for anyone to cope with domestic abuse but the kidnapping of grandchildren after the highly likely murder of their grandmother is sadly typical of RUSSIAN MAFIA crimes in Switzerland. A global crimewave of RUSSIAN AGGRESSION has been rising in the last two decades and now it is time to STOP RISK of more Russian criminality including the TERRORIST WAR against Ukraine. 

It is a sad reality of business life that people you invest in and trust can betray not only the family who helped them but also The British Government so there are now updated travel warnings on the Travel Advice pages of the Foreign and Commonwealth office

All children have a right to a happy childhood with their legal and legitimate parents but increasingly children are victims of trafficking for exploitation and the extortion of family property. Of serious concern to Police in Paris and Berne as well as London is the MURDER of Grandmothers and the kidnapping of their grandchildren for the extortion of property. The parents who try to stop the abuse are defamed and destroyed by a RUSSIAN MAFIA of corrupt and racist officials who abuse their positions of trust in society. Our children are now being used as HOSTAGES in order to EXTORT their property and destroy their family, all for the benefit of a few greedy men and the Russian KIDNAPPER who betrayed the United Kingdom and our family. The good news is POLICE DO ARREST KIDNAPPERS in Nigeria and perhaps even also in Switzerland...

If you see the kidnapped children please report this immediately to the nearest Police station and email the parents at as well as contacting our lawyer Philipp KUNZ on 
00 41 31 971 25 00 email: because these French, British and Philippine children must be saved from the SWISS & RUSSIAN TERRORIST MAFIA. Remember Switzerland is the most dangerous country in the world due to official corruption.

Anyone can be made homeless and destitute by Russian Terrorist aggression. Crimes against humanity would become part of everyday life if Police turned a blind eye to terrorist murders, kidnappings and human trafficking by corrupt officials. We are therefore deeply grateful to Berne Police and The French National Police as well as The UK Police and Philippine National Police for helping us bring the terrorists responsible for attacking our family to justice. By deciding to take judicial action against these terrorists the Berne Police are defending human rights and freedom for everyone. We are deeply grateful to the Social Services of The Canton and Republic of Jura in Porrentruy and also in Portsmouth for helping our family as we stand up to terrorism.

Terrorists are people who want to profit at the expense of others and have no respect for human rights... Sadly the Russian TERRORIST Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 and the Serbian GANGSTER Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 decided to PROFIT from taking advantage of the BRIGHT family. The loving Grandmother of our children Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 normally lived at 24 Rue Philippe De Girard in Paris, France. Sadly she was enticed to Egypt where she unexpectedly became ill and was flown back to the UK where her untimely death was made possible in a private BUPA clinic. The daughter and son of the victim were not consulted about the funeral arrangements and her medical records were destroyed after 3 days without consent of her children. A false "usual address" of Maadi, Cairo, Egypt" was then entered on the Death Certificate to prevent a routine Police enquiry. 
All this was arranged by her son-in-law over the heads of her own daughter and son. After questioning the falsification a kidnapping was arranged and then her grandchildren were officially trafficked to the kidnapper in Switzerland by corrupt Swiss officials.  This shows how easy it is for very serious domestic abuse to take place. Case BM203770 in Berne therefore is heard to shine a spotlight on Swiss corruption and the blatant disregard for the human rights of others by Russian and Serbian nationalists who only love money and are sadly very well connected in an international criminal MAFIA of Corruption, Racism, Antisemitism and Piracy of Public offices.

Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 ordered the kidnapping of our youngest daughters and this was made possible by the falsification of family records by Marcel RYSER and Pascal BEDIN from the Italian MAFIA. 
Christian MINGER the corrupt president of the Authority for the "Protection" of Adults and Children in Delemont and his lackey Marco LORENZINI are the big fish here who are now CAUGHT by criminal case BM203770.

The Russian backed criminal MAFIA works by intimidation so even if one member of the group of gangsters wants to tell the truth this is made impossible by gang violence. The MAFIA tried to kill Pascal BEDIN because he wanted to help us in the end and explain that Maria ANISIMOVA was in fact our company secretary. The whole truth is now being heard at the criminal court in Berne. 
The MAFIA HITMAN Alain GIRARDIN was PAID to try to kill Pascal BEDIN at the SBB CFF FFS type of railway station in Porrentruy with a fishing knife. 

Pascal suffered so much for trying to help because that is how the RUSSIAN MAFIA works...
So we are not angry with Maria as she is under RUSSIAN MAFIA control...
Thankfully we have a very good lawyer to help us as our family are now victims of very serious crimes and we are very grateful to Berne Police and JURA Social Services as well as The UK and Philippine governments for helping our family.
 Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1946 ordered BRIGHT RAIL Secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 to kidnap our youngest daughters on 28/04/2019 for the RANSOM of our family apartment in Paris and family hotel Churchill Project in Boncourt. This followed questioning as to WHY the address on the Death Certificate of their Grandmother Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 was STILL false after SIX years. The message was simple "Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 (who is the legitimate adoptive and natural father of the girls) must either agree to be "married" to "maria" real name MARTIANKA or ELSE he will never see his children or his REAL WIFE Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT 19/02/1971 again...Kidnappers are controlled by a HUGE MAFIA of men some of whom are in the photographs that have been given to the Police. Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 has already confessed and so has Dominique GELIN who grabbed our family documents in Boncourt. One of our daughters was THROWN IN A RIVER in Switzerland... Seriously, Switzerland is not safe for foreigners... Thankfully we have The NEW Attorney general Stefan BLATTLER on the case and Damien RERAT of JURA POLICE is rounding up the JURASSIC SUSPECTS.... old men in grey suits who are lawyers, banksters and even the President of the Authority for the "Protection" of Children and Adults... Christian MINGER ... There is no end of stories in the news about innocent lives being ruined by corruption but the attorney General is going to STOP THE this is now an INTERPOL CASE so please contact the Police and submit evidence as many families have been affected by the terrible corruption in Switzerland:

Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 ENLEVÉE la citoyenne française et britannique Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT le 22/10/2004 ET sa sœur aînée qui est citoyenne philippine et britannique le 28 avril 2019 sur ordre d'Andrew POSPIELOVSKY le 17/10/1964 qui ASSASSINÉ leur grand-mère Enid Valerie BRIGHT du 17/04/1937 au 20/04/2013. Le KIDNAPPING n'était pas seulement pour la RANÇON de l'appartement familial BRIGHT à Paris et de l'hôtel en Suisse mais aussi à des fins de TRAFIC SEXUEL car les jeunes filles ont été utilisées pour encourager le trafic d'enfants et aussi pour promouvoir les intérêts russes en Suisse qui est l'EXPLOITATION des enfants. L'ancien AGENT RUSSE du KGB A également VOLÉ TROIS PASSEPORTS BRITANNIQUES appartenant au gouvernement de Sa Majesté au Royaume-Uni ET a obtenu un passeport britannique pour elle-même par TROMPERIE et PARJURY à Luton... Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 KIDNAPPED French and British Citizen Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004  AND her elder sister who is a Philippine and British Citizen all on the 28th of April 2019 on the orders of Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 who MURDERED their Grandmother Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013. The KIDNAPPING was not only for the RANSOM of the BRIGHT family apartment in Paris and Hotel in Switzerland but also for SEX TRAFFICKING purposes as the young girls were used to encourage child trafficking and also to promote Russian interests in Switzerland which is EXPLOITATION of children. The Former KGB RUSSIAN AGENT also STOLE THREE BRITISH PASSPORTS belonging to Her Majesty's Government in The United Kingdom AND obtained a British Passport for herself by DECEPTION and PERJURY in Luton.
LUTON POLICE Reference TV1-6791-19-0100-BP
Eva and Paul BRIGHT
from the UK and Philippine Government departments of Education and National Heritage (DDCMS) advise ALL Visitors to Switzerland of the serious corruption and Bernese MAFIA MEN who use female accomplices to exploit women and children for the purpose of extortion and exploitation...
Eva et Paul BRIGHT des ministères britanniques et philippins de l'Éducation et du Patrimoine national (DDCMS) informent TOUS les visiteurs en Suisse de la grave corruption et des HOMMES de la MAFIA bernoise qui utilisent des complices pour exploiter des femmes et des enfants à des fins d'extorsion et d'exploitation...

Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 and Dominga Astilla PANGANIBAN 29/03/1946~03/12/2021 are both VICTIMS of the cold blooded EVIL SWISS Corrupt Official Christian MINGER and his MAFIA of RACIST EXTREMISTS that he uses to PERVERT the course of JUSTICE and RUIN the lives of MILLIONS of Women and Under age Girls.  TWO Grand mothers died with broken hearts just so that Christian MINGER and his MAFIA MEN could profit from the exploiation of their grand-daughters and extortion of BRIGHT family property. We support all familes affected by violence and KESB corruption.

Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 et Dominga Asstilla PANGANIBAN 29/03/1946~03/12/2021 sont toutes les deux VICTIMES de l'officiel corrompu de sang-froid EVIL SWISS Christian MINGER et sa MAFIA d'EXTRÉMISTES RACISTES qu'il utilise pour PERVERTIR le cours de la JUSTICE et RUIN la vie de MILLIONS de femmes et de filles mineures. DEUX Grand-mères sont mortes le cœur brisé juste pour que Christian MINGER et ses MAFIA MEN puissent profiter de l'exploitation de leurs petites-filles et de l'extorsion des biens de la famille BRIGHT. Nous soutenons toutes les familles touchées par la violence et la corruption de l'APEA.

Anyone can become a victim of human trafficking as we explain, we are working with the Police to bring the following men to justice so please help the Police STOP TERRORISTS and pass on any information you have. It is imperative to help the victims of these EVIL MEN including Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who was coerced into becoming a traitor against the United Kingdom as well as the BRIGHT Family who helped her so much over the years: nobody wants to be a terrorist except the truly EVIL MEN:
Tout le monde peut devenir victime de la traite des êtres humains, comme nous l'expliquons, nous travaillons avec la police pour traduire les hommes suivants en justice, veuillez donc aider la police à ARRÊTER LES TERRORISTES et transmettre toute information dont vous disposez. Il est impératif d'aider les victimes de ces EVIL MEN dont Maria ANISIMOVA le 01/03/1971 qui a été contrainte à devenir une traîtresse contre le Royaume-Uni ainsi que la BRIGHT Family qui l'a tant aidée au fil des ans : personne ne veut être une terroriste sauf les vrais hommes vraiment méchants:

Dear Jura Police Chief Damien RERAT, Berne Police Chief Stefan Blattler, Belfort Brigade Commander Karin Spaite, Metropolitan Police Officer Christina Clayton and Detective Sergeant Leo Glendon,
Cher chef de la police du Jura Damien RERAT, le chef de la police de Berne Stefan Blattler, le commandant de brigade de Belfort Karin Spaite, l'officier de police métropolitaine Christina Clayton et le sergent-détective Leo Glendon,

RE: RDV 10.12.2021 RE: Philippine Presidential complaint PCC-NCC-10-09-2020-032 & BM203770 &  19/220/03 Public Prosecution against Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959, Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964, Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971, Christian MINGER, Marco LORENZINI, Jens SOMMER, Michael SCHNEIDER, Dominique BAETTIG, Dominique GELIN, ZURCHER, FALBRIARD and other child trafficking criminals. responsible for the ATTEMPTED MURDER of Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 and actual MURDER of his mother Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 and KIDNAP of her granddaughters for the RANSOM of her apartment.
Objet : RDV 10.12.2021 Objet : Plainte présidentielle philippine PCC-NCC-10-09-2020-032 & BM203770 & 19/220/03 Ministère public contre Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959, Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964, Marcel RYSER, Christian MINGER, Marco LORENZINI, Jens SOMMER, Michael SCHNEIDER, Dominique BAETTIG, Dominique GELIN, ZURCHER, FALBRIARD et autres trafiquants d'enfants. responsable de la TENTATIVE DE MEURTRE de Paul Edward BRIGHT le 28/10/1969 et effectif du MEURTRE de sa mère Enid Valerie BRIGHT du 17/04/1937 au 20/04/2013 et du KIDNAP de ses petites-filles pour la RANÇON de son appartement.

Thank you all very much for working together via INTERPOL to resolve the seriously organised crimes against our family and stop the RACIST and ANTISEMITIC institutional abuse of our family by the CORRUPT APEA President Christian MINGER who is the central official responsible for the TRAFFICKING of our daughters for brainwashing, abuse and exploitation which followed the THEFT of the BRITISH PASSPORTS and KIDNAPPING of our youngest daughters by our company secretary at BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED namely Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who is a RUSSIAN National who obtained a British Passport by deception in Luton in 2006. LUTON POLICE Reference: TV1-6791-19-0100-BP The CRIME of obtaining a British Passport by deception in this case is recorded as a HATE CRIME as it was used in a KIDNAP for RACIST EXTORTION.
Merci beaucoup à tous de travailler ensemble via INTERPOL pour résoudre les crimes gravement organisés contre notre famille et mettre fin aux abus institutionnels RACISTES et ANTISÉMITES de notre famille par le président corrompu de l'APEA Christian MINGER qui est le fonctionnaire central responsable de la TRAITE de nos filles pour lavage de cerveau, abus et exploitation qui ont suivi le VOL des PASSEPORTS BRITANNIQUES et l'ENLEVEMENT de nos plus jeunes filles par notre secrétaire d'entreprise chez BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED à savoir Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 qui est une ressortissante RUSSE qui a obtenu un passeport britannique par tromperie à Luton en 2006. POLICE DE LUTON Référence : TV1-6791-19-0100-BP
Le CRIME d'obtention d'un passeport britannique par tromperie dans ce cas est enregistré comme CRIME DE HAINE car il a été utilisé dans un ENLÈVEMENT pour EXTORSION RACISTE.

Because I am personally the UK Civil Servant responsible for the sponsorship of the said Maria ANSIMOVA 01/03/1971 into the United Kingdom from GORKY in the SOVIET UNION (aka. Nizhny Novgorod in Russia Today) it is my personal responsibility according to the UK Civil Service code and my UK National Security Clearance in particular to duly inform the British Police and Security Services including the Civil Service Pensions Department as if the RUSSIAN DEFECTOR is not properly stopped from abusing the BRITISH ENTRY VISA and subsequent PASSPORT then it is of course my noble and honourable duty to forfeit my UK Civil Service Pension.
Parce que je suis personnellement le fonctionnaire britannique responsable du parrainage de ladite Maria ANSIMOVA le 01/03/1971 au Royaume-Uni depuis GORKY dans l'UNION SOVIETIQUE (alias Nizhny Novgorod en Russie aujourd'hui), c'est ma responsabilité personnelle selon le Royaume-Uni Code de la fonction publique et mon autorisation de sécurité nationale britannique en particulier pour informer dûment la police et les services de sécurité britanniques, y compris le département des pensions de la fonction publique, comme si le DÉFECTEUR RUSSE n'était pas correctement empêché d'abuser du VISA D'ENTRÉE BRITANNIQUE et du PASSEPORT ultérieur, il est bien sûr de mon noble et honorable devoir de renoncer à ma pension de la fonction publique britannique.

It must be stated that I Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 do not believe and my wife Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT 19/02/1971 also does not believe that our secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 is acting alone since we were duly informed by my father Michael John BRIGHT 27/05/1934 from Brisbane Australia (who is currently serving as a member of Her Majesty's Returned Services League and formerly a member of Her Majesty's Royal Air Force Naval Support Engineers) that the secretary was not acting alone; "It's not just Maria" were his exact words spoken to me following the KIDNAPPING of 28/04/2019.
Il faut dire que moi Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 ne crois pas et ma femme Eva Asilla Panganiban BRIGHT 19/02/1971 ne croit pas non plus que notre secrétaire Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 agit seule puisque nous étions dûment informé par mon père Michael John BRIGHT le 27/05/1934 de Brisbane Australie (qui est actuellement membre de la Her Majesty's Returned Services League et anciennement membre des Her Majesty's Royal Air Force Naval Support Engineers) que le secrétaire n'agissait pas seul ; "Ce n'est pas seulement Maria" étaient ses mots exacts qui m'ont été prononcés à la suite de l'ENLEVEMENT du 28/04/2019.

The KIDNAP occurred after I questioned the FALSIFICATION of the Death Certificate of my mother Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 directly to my brother-in-law Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 in Serbia.
The RANSOM DEMAND was to say that I say I was "MARRIED" to the secretary Maria ANIMOVA 01/03/1971 OR be declared "insane" by the APEA as she had "proof" of marriage that was in fact a FAKE Russian "marriage" and in fact a SOVIET UNION Economic contract that is not recognised under the laws of ANY democratic country (and probably not even under Russian law, certainly not in the circumstances).
Le KIDNAP s'est produit après que j'ai interrogé la FALSIFICATION du certificat de décès de ma mère Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 directement à mon beau-frère Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 en Serbie. La DEMANDE DE RANÇON consistait à dire que je dis que j'étais " MARIÉ " à la secrétaire Maria ANIMOVA le 01/03/1971 OU être déclarée " folle " par l'APEA car elle avait " la preuve " de mariage qui était en fait un FAUX " mariage russe " " et en fait un contrat économique de l'UNION SOVIETIQUE qui n'est reconnu par les lois d'AUCUN pays démocratique (et probablement même pas par la loi russe, certainement pas dans les circonstances).

BECAUSE the "document" which was called in the family "The COMECON PACT" is so clearly a FRAUD (when presented as a "marriage" to justify a kidnapping) the APEA has refused to publish it as confirmed by our Social Services appointed lawyer Cedric Baume who we found with the help of LAVI Victim support worker Elodie Buchwalder in Delémont. It is important to say that without the help and generous LOANS of the Social Services department we would have frozen as well as starved to death. We owe the deepest debt of gratitude to our social worker Yves Gigon and the director of Social Services Valerie Scherrer as their intervention is SAVING the LIVES of my little sister Caroline and her THREE daughters currently in Serbia as well as our THREE Trafficked daughters who had their UK passports stolen and my wife and indeed our secretary as she would clearly be expendable after the apartment and our family holiday home were EXTORTED from the family by my very evil brother-in-law and his MAFIA MEN which include the "Lawyer" Marc LABBE who refused to help save our sisters and the "Doctors" SOMMER and SCHNEIDER who also attempted to destroy me and my family.
PARCE QUE le « document » qui a été appelé dans la famille « Le Pacte du Comecon » est si clairement une FRAUDE (lorsqu'il est présenté comme un « mariage » pour justifier un enlèvement) l'APEA a refusé de le publier comme l'a confirmé notre avocat nommé par les services sociaux Cédric Baume que nous avons trouvé avec l'aide de l'assistante aux victimes LAVI Elodie Buchwalder à Delémont. Il est important de dire que sans l'aide et les prêts généreux du département des services sociaux, nous serions morts de froid et de faim. Nous devons la plus profonde dette de gratitude à notre travailleur social Yves Gigon et à la directrice des services sociaux Valerie Scherrer car leur intervention SAUVE LA VIE de ma petite sœur Caroline et de ses TROIS filles actuellement en Serbie ainsi que de nos TROIS filles victimes de la traite qui ont eu leur Passeports britanniques volés et ma femme et en fait notre secrétaire car elle serait clairement consommable après que l'appartement et notre maison de vacances familiale aient été EXTORQUÉS à la famille par mon beau-frère très diabolique et ses HOMMES MAFIA qui incluent "l'avocat" Marc LABBE qui a refusé d'aider à sauver nos sœurs et les "Docteurs" SOMMER et SCHNEIDER qui ont également tenté de me détruire, moi et ma famille.

We now know for certain and have legal proof as submitted to Elodie Buchwalder and also held by our notary Gilles Hassler and our lawyers that my brother in law Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 is the central organiser of the EXTORTION with a racist character that motivated him to order the KIDNAPPING and DECEPTION of the APEA which was enabled by Christian MINGER and facilitated by Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 who is wanted by the Carabinieri Anti MAFIA specialist Police unit in Domodossola, Italy since Mr. BEDIN is originally an ITALIAN MAFIOSI from Napoli who personally knows his accomplice Marco LORENZINI who MENACED my wife.
Nous savons maintenant avec certitude et avons la preuve légale telle que soumise à Elodie Buchwalder et également détenue par notre notaire Gilles Hassler et nos avocats que mon beau-frère Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 est l'organisateur central de l'EXTRACTION à caractère raciste qui a motivé lui d'ordonner l'ENLEVEMENT et la DECEPTION de l'APEA qui a été permis par Christian MINGER et facilité par Pascal BEDIN le 11/06/1959 qui est recherché par l'unité de police spécialisée Carabinieri Anti MAFIA à Domodossola, Italie puisque M. BEDIN est à l'origine un MAFIOSI ITALIEN de Naples qui connaît personnellement son complice Marco LORENZINI qui a MENACÉ ma femme.

Seriously organised crime is easy to commit in Switzerland if you are a SERBIAN GANGSTER who is based in BELGRADE the MAFIA CAPITAL of SERBIA and SWITZERLAND as confirmed by several Police officers informally in Basel Claraplatz Police station (who are not named as their identities must be protected). The SERBIAN GANSTER Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 has a house in London as well which is being SEIZED by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs in accordance with laws aginst domestic violence in the UK so that it can be awarded in it's entirets to his battered wife Caroline Helen BRIGHT 14/02/1974 who is my little sister.
Le crime organisé est facile à commettre en Suisse si vous êtes un GANGSTER SERBE basé à BELGRADE, la CAPITALE MAFIA de la SERBIE et de la SUISSE, comme l'ont confirmé plusieurs policiers de manière informelle au poste de police de Bâle Claraplatz (qui ne sont pas nommés car leur identité doit être protégée ). Le SERBIAN GANSTER Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 a également une maison à Londres qui est SAISIE par Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs conformément aux lois contre la violence domestique au Royaume-Uni afin qu'elle puisse être attribuée dans son intégralité à sa femme battue. Caroline Helen BRIGHT 14/02/1974 qui est ma petite soeur.

This email is importantly copied to the Foreign and Commonwealth office and Her Excellency Sian McLeod who is our woman in Belgrade where my little sister and her children are held CAPTIVE of the GANGSTER POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 under the CORRUPT and BRUTAL REGIME of Aleksandr VUCIK the NAZI Serbian dictator. Sadly Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 is also effectively held "captive" as she is under the control of several particularly NASTY NAZI MAFIA MEN including Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 who is the subject of our Police Information Interview which is scheduled for the 10th of December 2021 at 09:00 in Porrentruy.
Cet e-mail est important en copie au ministère des Affaires étrangères et du Commonwealth et à Son Excellence Sian McLeod qui est notre femme à Belgrade où ma petite sœur et ses enfants sont détenus CAPTIFS du GANGSTER POSPIELOVSKY le 17/10/1964 sous le RÉGIME CORROMPU et BRUTAL d'Aleksandr VUCIK le dictateur nazi serbe. Malheureusement, Maria ANISIMOVA le 01/03/1971 est également effectivement détenue "captive" car elle est sous le contrôle de plusieurs MENSUELS particulièrement NASTY NAZI MAFIA dont Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 qui fait l'objet de notre entretien d'information de police qui est prévu pour le 10 décembre 2021 à 09h00 à Porrentruy.

It is very important that Mr. BEDIN is protected by the Police as I have explained because he is a very important WITNESS to Human Trafficking and knows how to find our kidnapped and trafficked daughters as he has explained to me. The case is not really against Pascal BEDIN in Porrentruy or Maria ANISIMOVA in Berne but is most certainly against Cristian MINGER and Marco LORENZINI of APEA DELEMONT, Dominigue GELIN of BONCOURT and "Doctor" Michael SCHNEIDER of BASEL where we are now assisted by the most excellent lawyer Peter Vetter from San Diego as well as the excellent Doctor Sanford also from the United States.
Il est très important que M. BEDIN soit protégé par la police comme je l'ai expliqué car il est un TÉMOIN très important de la traite des êtres humains et sait comment retrouver nos filles kidnappées et victimes de la traite comme il me l'a expliqué. L'affaire n'est pas vraiment contre Pascal BEDIN à Porrentruy ou Maria ANISIMOVA à Berne mais très certainement contre Cristian MINGER et Marco LORENZINI d'APEA DELEMONT, Dominigue GELIN de BONCOURT et "Docteur" Michael SCHNEIDER de BÂLE où nous sommes désormais assistés des plus excellents l'avocat Peter Vetter de San Diego ainsi que l'excellent docteur Sanford également des États-Unis.

It cannot be overstated how important it is in our case to have BOTH Legal and Medical expertise from the United States as well as other friendly allied nations like Denmark and France as we are fighting against the MOST EVIL ORGANISED CRIME IN HISTORY arranged by a vicious MAFIA of loyalists to none other than the FASCIST DICTATOR Vladimir PUTIN who is the most evil male chauvinist PIG on the planet today and is in possession of a vast arsenal of deadly atomic weapons that impresses MAFIA MEN WHO LOVE VIOLENCE AND INTIMIDATION such as Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 who clearly needs expert Psychiatric help, in my honest and humble opinion.

Previously at Porrentruy Police Station headquarters of the most excellent JURA POLICE it was said to me "Pascal BEDIN is a very crazy man" and I replied "he only pretends to be crazy, in fact he is very dangerous" because I have been personally attacked violently TWICE by the said GANGSTER who is also incredibly deceptive and pretends to be an "honest Catholic" but as I explained to him "Our Church is totally opposed to violence". It is my sincere wish that we can help Pascal BEDIN to renounce violence in the Name of our LORD and SAVIOUR Jesus CHRIST which is why I am so happy there is a LEGAL case now by The Grace of God !
On ne peut exagérer à quel point il est important dans notre cas d'avoir à la fois une expertise juridique et médicale des États-Unis ainsi que d'autres pays alliés amis comme le Danemark et la France alors que nous luttons contre le CRIME ORGANISÉ LE PLUS MAL DE L'HISTOIRE organisé par une MAFIA vicieuse. de loyalistes à nul autre que le DICTATEUR FASCISTE Vladimir POUTINE qui est aujourd'hui le COCHON chauvin le plus diabolique de la planète et qui possède un vaste arsenal d'armes atomiques mortelles qui impressionne les MAFIA QUI AIMENT LA VIOLENCE ET L'INTIMIDATION comme Pascal BEDIN 11/ 06/1959 qui a clairement besoin de l'aide d'un expert psychiatrique, à mon humble avis, as a BROTHER in CHRIST in The Holy Catholic Church, by The Grace of God !

A proper LEGAL CASE AGAINST VIOLENCE is very important in the JURA where violence on the street is a very serious problem as I was also physically attacked by Dominique GELIN in Boncourt and this was caught on camera at the local Post office "SWISSPOST" and witnessed by the Postman on duty who kindly refused to give me the 20 Swiss Francs demanded by Mr. GELIN for the return of all our family documents as reported to POC310 as well as the Interior Ministry in Delömont personally where the official Philippine Statistics Office proof of our marriage and the legitimate birth of BOTH our legitimate children and the legitimate adoption of BOTH thier adopted sisters was officially stamped and has been duly circulated to hundreds of recipients. It is very important to give FULL PUBLICITY to this case so that everyone knows the time for violence and intimidation is OVER.
Un véritable dossier JURIDIQUE CONTRE LA VIOLENCE est très important dans le JURA où la violence dans la rue est un problème très grave car j'ai également été agressé physiquement par Dominique GELIN à Boncourt et cela a été filmé au bureau de poste local "SWISSPOST" et assisté par le facteur de service qui a gentiment refusé de me donner les 20 francs suisses demandés par M. GELIN pour le retour de tous nos documents de famille comme signalé au POC310 ainsi que le ministère de l'Intérieur à Delömont personnellement où le bureau officiel des statistiques des Philippines preuve de notre mariage et la naissance légitime de DEUX nos enfants légitimes et l'adoption légitime de DEUX sœurs adoptives ont été officiellement tamponnées et ont été dûment distribuées à des centaines de destinataires. Il est très important de donner toute la PUBLICITÉ à cette affaire afin que tout le monde sache que le temps de la violence et de l'intimidation est TERMINÉ.

We have now been able to reconsider our decision to invest in Switzerland and have decided to INVEST IN FRANCE instead and also to ask for urgent help to reunify our family in France. We continue to be open to the possibility of promoting tourism in Switzerland but without any sort of Justice and with ongoing abuse we are quite sure you will all understand that we do not feel able to welcome other foreign visitors as we were certainly not welcome and are STILL persecuted by Christian MINGER as has been explained to JURA POLICE and is well documented. Not everyone at the APEA is corrupt, Nathalie ZAUGG helped us to save our daughter from a RACIST ATTCK in Boncourt organised probably by Dominique GELIN and carried out by "friends" from the Porrentruy Lyceum on the way home from school she was THROWN IN THE COLD RIVER TO DIE.
Nous avons maintenant pu revenir sur notre décision d'investir en Suisse et avons décidé d'INVESTIR EN FRANCE à la place et aussi de demander une aide urgente pour réunir notre famille en France. Nous restons ouverts à la possibilité de promouvoir le tourisme en Suisse mais sans aucune sorte de justice et avec des abus continus, nous sommes sûrs que vous comprendrez tous que nous ne nous sentons pas en mesure d'accueillir d'autres visiteurs étrangers car nous n'étions certainement pas les bienvenus et sommes TOUJOURS persécuté par Christian MINGER comme cela a été expliqué à JURA POLICE et est bien documenté. Tout le monde à l'APEA n'est pas corrompu, Nathalie ZAUGG nous a aidé à sauver notre fille d'une ATTAQUE RACISTE à Boncourt organisée probablement par Dominique GELIN et menée par des "amis" du Lycée de Porrentruy en rentrant de l'école elle a été JETÉE DANS LE FROID RIVIÈRE À MOURIR.

Of course IF the APEA worked normally then the secretary would have been helped to return the children and receive Psychiatric treatment as she is NOT their legal mother by any stretch of the imagination (according to the law in France and The UK and The Philippines and Australia). Sadly the APEA under Christian MINGER is seriously disfunctional as is well known to both social services and JURA Police. We are very happy to be given the opportunity to present our case to the JURA POLICE and request that it be duly sent to the tribunal in Porrentruy directly from the Police station by Damien Rerat who is the chief of Police and has also commissioned Cedric Baume our lawyer to help us by attending the Police station on the 10th of December at 09:00 in person. This follows the presentation of the case to Philippe JOSS our Bernese police liason officer who is helping us to safeguard our kidnapped and trafficked children as well as our secretary who he has explained was acting under duress, in particular from Cristian MINGER as we also explained to Cedric Baume.
Bien sûr, SI l'APEA fonctionnait normalement, la secrétaire aurait été aidée à rendre les enfants et à recevoir un traitement psychiatrique car elle n'est PAS leur mère légale par aucun effort d'imagination (selon la loi en France et au Royaume-Uni et aux Philippines et en Australie ). Malheureusement, l'APEA sous Christian MINGER est gravement dysfonctionnelle comme le savent bien les services sociaux et la police JURA. Nous sommes très heureux d'avoir l'opportunité de présenter notre dossier à la POLICE DU JURA et demandons qu'il soit dûment transmis au tribunal de Porrentruy directement du commissariat par Damien Rerat qui est le préfet de police et a également mandaté Cédric Baume notre avocat pour nous aider en se présentant au commissariat le 10 décembre à 09h00 en personne. Ceci fait suite à la présentation de l'affaire à Philippe JOSS notre officier de liaison de la police bernoise qui nous aide à protéger nos enfants kidnappés et trafiqués ainsi qu'à notre secrétaire qu'il a expliqué agir sous la contrainte, notamment de Cristian MINGER comme nous l'avons également expliqué à Cédric Baumé.

The most serious crimes commited by the MAFIA are CONSPIRACY to commit HOMICIDE (111-117CP) and PROFIT from the death of a victim ie. ROBBERY (140CP) as well as HOSTAGE TAKING (185CP) of Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004 who we legally adopted in Montpellier, France and we duly registered as a BRIGHT CHILD at the British Embassy in Paris. This relates to the KIDNAP FOR RANSOM (220CP) of The BRIGHT family apartment at 24 Rue Philippe De Girard in Paris as documented on the "Procuration Authentique" which also confirms our usual residence in The United Kingdom and NOT in Switzerland.
Les crimes les plus graves commis par la MAFIA sont CONSPIRATION en vue de commettre un HOMICIDE (111-117CP) et PROFIT de la mort d'une victime, c'est-à-dire. VOL (140CP) ainsi que PRISE D'OTAGES (185CP) de Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT le 22/10/2004 que nous avons adopté légalement à Montpellier, France et nous avons dûment enregistré comme BRIGHT CHILD à l'Ambassade britannique à Paris. Il s'agit du KIDNAP FOR RANSOM (220CP) de l'appartement familial The BRIGHT au 24 Rue Philippe De Girard à Paris tel que documenté sur la "Procuration Authentique" qui confirme également notre résidence habituelle au Royaume-Uni et NON en Suisse.

As explained and accepted (once again) by our dear friends at the SWISS CUSTOMS and BORDER CONTROL (on TRAM 3 from France to Basel this afternoon) we do not live in Switzerland but do own a holiday home at Rue Du Stade 2 in BONCOURT which is held in TRUST by Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who REMAINS officially our company secretary at BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED and has also asked for help to LEAVE THE MAFIA MEN who are controlling her. This was further explained at Basel University Hospital Today and we are interviewing Michael SCHNEIDER on the 3rd of December at 14:00 to ask if he wishes to remain in employment as a doctor or be considered as a serious criminal by the French, British and Philippine as well as the SWISS authorities. We also copy this email to our secretary so she can pay the relevant invoices and help to proove her sincerity to Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom:
Comme expliqué et accepté (encore une fois) par nos chers amis de la SWISS CUSTOMS et BORDER CONTROL  (sur le TRAM 3 de France à Bâle cet après-midi) nous ne vivons pas en Suisse mais possédons une maison de vacances Rue Du Stade 2 à BONCOURT qui est tenue en TRUST par Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/ 1971 qui RESTE officiellement notre secrétaire d'entreprise chez BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED et a également demandé de l'aide pour QUITTER LES HOMMES DE LA MAFIA qui la contrôlent. Cela a été expliqué plus en détail à l'Hôpital universitaire de Bâle aujourd'hui et nous interviewons Michael SCHNEIDER le 3 décembre à 14h00 pour lui demander s'il souhaite rester en poste en tant que médecin ou être considéré comme un criminel grave par les Français, les Britanniques et les Philippines. ainsi que les autorités suisses. Nous copions également cet e-mail à notre secrétaire afin qu'elle puisse payer les factures pertinentes et aider à prouver sa sincérité envers le gouvernement de Sa Majesté au Royaume-Uni :


The sad reality of this whole case is that Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 the CORRUPT former tax inspector and Christian MINGER The CORRUPT APEA President abused Maria ANISIMOVA as did many other men, including Marcel RYSER the CORRUPT head of the population service that falsified our family records, not only physically but Psychologically and Geopolitically as she was forced to BETRAY not only our family who she has served as our family secretary since 1996 but also The United Kingdom and Her Majesty The Queen. This is why we describe, accurately, these men as TERRORISTS on the websites that do not exagerate the truth. The SIX young girls as well as women victims in our family need to be SAVED from the very evil MAFIA MEN. It is of course for this reason that Marcel RYSER has fled from the scene of the original CRIME against our family at the POPULATION OFFICE IN DELEMONT.

La triste réalité de toute cette affaire est que Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 l'ancien inspecteur des impôts CORROMPU et Christian MINGER Le président CORROMPU de l'APEA a abusé de Maria ANISIMOVA comme l'ont fait beaucoup d'autres hommes, dont Marcel RYSER le chef du service de la population CORROMPU qui a falsifié notre les dossiers familiaux, non seulement physiquement mais psychologiquement et géopolitiquement, car elle a été forcée de TRAIR non seulement notre famille dont elle a été notre secrétaire de famille depuis 1996, mais aussi le Royaume-Uni et Sa Majesté la Reine. C'est pourquoi nous décrivons, avec justesse, ces hommes comme des TERRORISTES sur les sites Internet qui n'exagèrent pas la vérité. Les SIX jeunes filles ainsi que les femmes victimes de notre famille doivent être SAUVÉES des MAFIA MEN très diaboliques. C'est bien entendu pour cette raison que Marcel RYSER a fui les lieux du CRIME originel contre notre famille au BUREAU DE LA POPULATION DE DELEMONT.

This is a VERY SERIOUS case as my little sister Caroline Helen BRIGHT 14/02/1974 is not returning telephone calls or emails and we have no idea where our children actually are in fact.
C'est un cas TRÈS GRAVE car ma petite sœur Caroline Helen BRIGHT le 14/02/1974 ne retourne pas les appels téléphoniques ou les e-mails et nous n'avons aucune idée de l'endroit où se trouvent réellement nos enfants.


Thank you very sincerely and most cordially for your help and your work in passing on information so that we can resolve these very serious crimes against our family as soon as possible.
Nous vous remercions très sincèrement et très cordialement pour votre aide et votre travail de transmission d'informations afin que nous puissions résoudre au plus vite ces crimes très graves contre notre famille.

REGISTERED ADDRESS 2 Lansdowne crescent, Bournemouth, BH1 1SA, United Kingdom. WE ARE NOT RESIDENT IN SWITZERLAND.

Parents of the TRAFFICKED British schoolgirls and directors of BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED where Maria ANISIMOVA is our secretary.

Parents des écolières britanniques victimes de la traite et directeurs de BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED où Maria ANISIMOVA est notre secrétaire.    

Bureau du Président des Philippines Son Excellence Rodrigo Roa Duterte Numéro de code de référence : PCC-NCC-10-09-2020-032

Département des Affaires étrangères General Santos City, Philippines Numéro de code de référence : VGSC - 1170 - ATN - 2020
British Embassy Berne Reference Number: ENQW067944  
Berne,Switzerland Civil Court Civil Case CIV 202249 
Berne ,Switzerland Criminal Court Criminal Case BM 203770 
Porrentruy, Switzerland Tribunal Court Reference : 39/19 & 106/19
Metropolitan Police Hate Crimes Court Reference  4/12/19: TV1-6887-19-0100-DP


Dorset Police Reference: 12-0275
BELFORT TGI Reference: 19/220/03
MET CIN- 24896-19-0100-000
UK ACTION FRAUD Reference : NFRC 190803128509
Metropol Criminal Crime Reference : CCR-2233-19-0100-000
Met. Crime Incident Number CIN-28500-19-0100-000
Airport Trafficking Heathrow ATH-3311-19-0600-000

LUTON POLICE Reference TV1-6791-19-0100-BP

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Telephone 00 41 61 205 93 99 

Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 has been confirmed at Porrentruy Police Station as the leader of the MAFIA of GREEDY MEN who only love money and know how to manipulate Women and Girls prey on vulnerable foreigners in Switzerland and abuse positions of Public Trust and Authority. Everyone needs to work together to STOP RISK of this toxic corruption ruining the lives of Women and Girls as well as the Good family men who stand up to protect them. In particular foreign documents like Passports, Birth, Adoption and Proof of Marriage Certificates as well as company records need to be respected. In case BM203770 the MAFIA of GREEDY MEN in Switzerland is organised by RUSSIAN DEFECTOR Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who willingly helped the MAFIA as she thought she could PROFIT by destroying the life of her diretors at BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED and abuse the BRIGHT Family who helped her so much over the years.

Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 a été confirmé au commissariat de Porrentruy comme le chef de la MAFIA des HOMMES GOURMANDS qui n'aiment que l'argent et savent manipuler les femmes et les filles s'en prenant aux étrangers vulnérables en Suisse et abuser des positions de confiance et d'autorité publiques. Tout le monde doit travailler ensemble pour ARRÊTER LE RISQUE de cette corruption toxique qui ruine la vie des femmes et des filles ainsi que des bons pères de famille qui se lèvent pour les protéger. En particulier, les documents étrangers tels que les passeports, les certificats de naissance, d'adoption et de preuve de mariage ainsi que les registres de l'entreprise doivent être respectés.  Dans le cas BM203770, la MAFIA des GREEDY MEN en Suisse est organisée par la DÉFECTEUSE RUSSE Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 qui a volontairement aidé la MAFIA car elle pensait pouvoir PROFIT en détruisant la vie de ses directeurs de BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED et en abusant de la BRIGHT Family qui l'a beaucoup aidée au fil des ans.

Corruption is a very serious problem in Switzerland and Christian MINGER (1) had no reason to recognise the FAKE Russian "marriage" certificate translation from Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who is now receiving psychiatric help (2). The FAKE Marriage was used by MINGER to justify the KIDNAPPING of the granddaughters of Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 ordered by Andrew POSPIELOVSY (3) in order to EXTORT the BRIGHT family apartment in Paris at 24 Rue Philippe De Girard where the victim normally lived.

La corruption est un problème très grave en Suisse et
Christian MINGER
(1) n'avait aucune raison de reconnaître la FAUX traduction d'acte de "mariage" russe de Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 qui reçoit actuellement une aide psychiatrique (2). Le FAUX Mariage a été utilisé par MINGER pour justifier l'ENLEVEMENT des petites-filles d'Enid Valérie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 commandé par Andrew POSPIELOVSY (3) afin d'EXTORTER l'appartement familial BRIGHT à Paris au 24 Rue Philippe De Girard où vivait habituellement la victime.

BRIGHT RAIL Secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who we referred for Psychiatric help (2) was coerced and encouraged as well as manipulated by the APEA to claim to be the wife of Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 and betray his real wife Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT 19/02/1971 who helped Maria so much since meeting her in Russia in 2001. It is not in the interests of our secretary to loose her British Passport that we helped her obtain so she could serve as our family and commercial secretary to develop the BRIGHT RAIL Project known as The Hotel CHURCHILL at Rue Du Stade 2 in Boncourt, Jura, Switzerland.

La secrétaire de BRIGHT RAIL Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 qui reçoit maintenant une aide psychiatrique (2) a été contrainte et encouragée ainsi que manipulée par l'APEA pour prétendre être l'épouse de Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 et trahir sa vraie femme Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT 19/02/1971 qui a tant aidé Maria depuis sa rencontre en Russie en 2001. Ce n'est pas dans l'intérêt de notre secrétaire de perdre son passeport britannique que nous l'avons aidée à obtenir afin qu'elle puisse servir de notre famille et de notre commercial secrétaire pour développer le projet BRIGHT RAIL connu sous le nom de The Hotel CHURCHILL à Rue Du Stade 2 à Boncourt, Jura, Suisse.

La Suisse perd le respect à cause de la corruption, il est donc important de nommer les Officiers SWISS corrompus, et les "Avocats" comme Remo GILOMEN (4) et Marc LABBE (5) ainsi que les "Médecins" comme Jens SOMMER (6) qui ont un public devoir d'être honnête mais choisir de recevoir de grosses sommes d'argent afin de pervertir la justice au détriment de tous ceux qui sont honnêtes en Suisse. Les gangsters de dictatures comme la Serbie et la Russie opèrent en toute impunité et l'absence de contrôles financiers en Suisse permet de verser des sommes importantes à des fonctionnaires corrompus qui abusent de leur position de confiance publique. Malheureusement Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 (7) a abusé de sa position au service des cotisations de Delémont avec Marcel RYSER (8) pour falsifier les actes de famille BRIGHT à l'Office de la Population donc il semblerait que la secrétaire de la société BRIGHT RAIL Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03 /1971 était « marié » au directeur de BRIGHT RAIL, Paul Edward BRIGHT, le 28/10/1969. Ce n'était pas un crime sans victime car les enfants BRIGHT ont été kidnappés par la secrétaire le 28/04/2019 sur ordre d'Andrew POSPIELOVSKY. Ce n'était pas une blague de famille, POSPIELOVSKY avait EMPOISONNE Enid Valerie BRIGHT du 17/04/1939 au 20/04/2013 et falsifié le certificat de décès. Tout est une question d'argent, l'appartement de la Famille BRIGHT au 24 Rue Philippe De Girard à Paris aurait été hérité par la secrétaire et le directeur et sa femme devaient être BUMPED OFF (tué) par Pascal BEDIN poussant Paul Edward BRIGHT dans la voie principale à Delle le 09/10/2021 comme signalé à Delle Gendarmerie.
Switzerland is loosing respect due to corruption so it is important to name the corrupt SWISS Officials, and "Lawyers" like Remo GILOMEN (4) and Marc LABBE (5) as well as "Doctors" like Jens SOMMER (6) who have a public duty to be honest but choose to receive large sums of money in order to pervert justice at the expense of everyone in Switzerland who is honest. Gangsters in dictatorships like Serbia and Russia operate with impunity and the lack of financial controls in Switzerland enables large sums to be paid to corrupt officials who abuse their positions of Public Trust. Sadly Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 (7) abused his position at the Delémont contributions service along with Marcel RYSER (8) to falsify the BRIGHT family records at the Population office so it would appear that BRIGHT RAIL company secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 was "married" to BRIGHT RAIL Director Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969. This was not a victimless crime because the BRIGHT children were kidnapped by the secretary on 28/04/2019 on the orders of Andrew POSPIELOVSKY. This was not a family joke, POSPIELOVSKY had POISONED Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1939~20/04/2013 and falsified the Death Certificate. It is all about money, the BRIGHT Family apartment at 24 Rue Philippe De Girard in Paris would have been inherited by the secretary and the director and his wife were to be BUMPED OFF (killed) by Pascal BEDIN pushing Paul Edward BRIGHT into the main raod in Delle on 09/10/2021 as reported to Delle Gendarmerie.

Switzerland is incredibly dangerous for foreign visitors and what has happened to our family can happen to anyone so it is very important for all victims and witnesses to come forward and talk to the Police.

La Suisse est incroyablement dangereuse pour les visiteurs étrangers et ce qui est arrivé à notre famille peut arriver à n'importe qui, il est donc très important que toutes les victimes et tous les témoins se présentent et parlent à la police.

Getting involved in corruption is a very silly thing to do as BRIGHT RAIL Secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 has found out. She is now wanted in connection with the death of the grandmother together with Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 who is the abusinve husband of Caroline Helen BRIGHT 14/02/1974 who was forced to sign a falsified Death Certificate because her own children were kept as HOSTAGES during the funeral in Croydon, United Kingdom. Andrew POSPIELOVSKY is an extremely deceptive and dangerous man who STILL refuses to allow his wife to correct the Death Certificate of her own mother so that he can EXTORT the BRIGHT family apartment in Paris. 
S'impliquer dans la corruption est une chose très idiote à faire, comme l'a découvert la secrétaire de BRIGHT RAIL, Maria ANISIMOVA, le 01/03/1971. Elle est maintenant recherchée dans le cadre du décès de la grand-mère avec Andrew POSPIELOVSKY le 17/10/1964 qui est le mari abusif de Caroline Helen BRIGHT le 14/02/1974 qui a été forcée de signer un certificat de décès falsifié car ses propres enfants étaient gardés comme OTAGES lors des funérailles à Croydon, Royaume-Uni. Andrew POSPIELOVSKY est un homme extrêmement trompeur et dangereux qui refuse TOUJOURS à sa femme de corriger le certificat de décès de sa propre mère afin qu'il puisse EXCORTER l'appartement familial BRIGHT à Paris.

L'extorsion se poursuit contre le BRIGHT RAIL Hotel CHURCHILL, rue Du Stade 2 à Boncourt, sur la voie ferrée historique de Glasgow à Gênes reliant la mer du Nord à la Méditerranée. La secrétaire de BRIGHT RAIL, Maria ANISIMOVA, le 03/01/1971, détient un acte hypothécaire à 50/50 auprès des administrateurs de Thurgau Kantonalbank TKB et s'est également vu confier le titre de propriété à son nom. La CONFIANCE est normale au Royaume-Uni mais en Suisse, la corruption est endémique, c'était donc une erreur d'imaginer que les normes britanniques de confiance et de décence pourraient également s'appliquer en Suisse.
The extortion continues against the BRIGHT RAIL Hotel CHURCHILL at Rue Du Stade 2 in Boncourt on the historic railway route from Glasgow to Genoa connecting the North Sea to The Meditteranean. BRIGHT RAIL Secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 holds a 50/50 mortgage deed at Thurgau Kantonalbank TKB with the directors and also was entrusted to have the Title Deed in her name. TRUST is normal in the United Kingdom but in Switzerland corruption is endemic so it was a mistake to imagine that British standards of Trust and decency could also apply in Switzerland.

Il s'agit donc d'un APPEL PUBLIC pour demander à la police de participer aux enquêtes contre la corruption, car toute personne peut être victime d'atteintes aux droits humains, de traite des êtres humains et d'extorsion de biens en Suisse.
This is therefore a PUBLIC APPEAL to please come forward to the Police and help with enquiries against corruption because anyone can become a victim of human rights abuse, human trafficking and property extortion in Switzerland. 

Les familles sont détruites par de faux documents et des pratiques trompeuses de « protection » des adultes et des enfants. DES JUGES corrompus comme le "juge" ZURCHER à Berne Kockerpark font TRAFIC de jeunes filles à vendre comme "épouses" à des HOMMES avides parlant ALLEMAND plusieurs fois leur âge. Veuillez soumettre les preuves pour le cas BM203770 directement à la police de BERNE, BÂLE ou JURA. La justice doit prévaloir et la MAFIA Criminelle de Christian MINGER et son avocat Remo GILOMEN et les racistes associés doivent être arrêtés afin que notre secrétaire Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 puisse restituer les passeports britanniques volés de nos enfants à Philippe JOSS de la police de Berne au commissariat de Bumpliz que nous vous invitons à visiter en personne. Parce qu'il s'agit d'un cas très sensible, merci de téléphoner au préalable au 00 41 31 638 82 20 pour prendre rendez-vous. Merci d'avoir aidé nos HÉROS DE LA POLICE À ARRÊTER LE RISQUE DE TERRORISME et à ARRÊTER les trafiquants d'enfants.
Families are destoryed by FAKE Documents and deceptive Adult and Child "Protection" Practices. Corrupt JUDGES like "Judge" ZURCHER in Berne Kockerpark do TRAFFICK young girls for sale as "wives" to Greedy GERMAN speaking MEN many times their age. Please submit evidence for case BM203770 directly to BERNE, BASEL or JURA Police. Justice must prevail and the Criminal MAFIA of Christian MINGER and his lawyer Remo GILOMEN and associated racists must be stopped so our secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 can return the stolen British Passports of our children to Philippe JOSS of Berne Police at Bumpliz Police station who we invite you to visit in person. Because this is a very sensitive case please telephone first on 00 41 31 638 82 20 to make an appointment. Thank you for helping our POLICE HEROES STOP RISK of TERRORISM and ARREST Child Traffickers.

Bureau du Président des Philippines Son Excellence Rodrigo Roa Duterte Numéro de code de référence : PCC-NCC-10-09-2020-032

Département des Affaires étrangères General Santos City, Philippines Numéro de code de référence : VGSC - 1170 - ATN - 2020
British Embassy Berne Reference Number: ENQW067944 

Berne, Switzerland Civil Court Civil Case CIV 202249 
Berne, Switzerland Criminal Court Criminal Case BM 203770 
Porrentruy, Switzerland Tribunal Court Reference : 39/19 & 106/19
Metropolitan Police Hate Crimes Court Reference  4/12/19: TV1-6887-19-0100-DP


Dorset Police Reference: 12-0275
BELFORT TGI Reference: 19/220/03
MET CIN- 24896-19-0100-000
UK ACTION FRAUD Reference : NFRC 190803128509
Metropol Criminal Crime Reference : CCR-2233-19-0100-000
Met. Crime Incident Number CIN-28500-19-0100-000
Airport Trafficking Heathrow ATH-3311-19-0600-000

LUTON POLICE Reference TV1-6791-19-0100-BP

Alors que nous nous souvenons tous de l'armistice de 1918 pour la paix mondiale le 11/11/2021, chez BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED, nous travaillons à la promotion du souvenir de la paix afin d'aider notre police à ARRÊTER LES TERRORISTES aujourd'hui. La violence doit être stoppée diplomatiquement et cela s'applique aussi bien dans les familles que sur la scène internationale. JUSTE Alors que la Chine attaque et envahit les Philippines et que la Russie attaque et envahit l'Ukraine, les EVIL MEN essaient d'attaquer et d'envahir les familles heureuses.

Donc, la clé pour comprendre comment ARRÊTER LA VIOLENCE est de se rappeler comment elle a commencé en premier lieu, le mépris des autres. L'Allemagne a manqué de respect à la France en 1914 et la Russie a manqué de respect à l'Ukraine en 2014. Malheureusement, en 2013, la mort TRÈS SUSPECTE d'Enid Valerie BRIGHT du 17/04/1937 au 20/04/2013 fait actuellement l'objet d'une enquête de la police MÉTROPOLITAINE en tant qu'adresse sur la mort. Le certificat reste faux.

Personne ne se doutait de quoi que ce soit à l'époque mais après avoir interrogé la falsification nos enfants ont été kidnappés par notre secrétaire de famille Maria ANISIMOVA le 01/03/1971 apparemment sur les ordres de mon beau-frère Andrew POSPIELOVSKY le 17/10/1964. La violence dans la famille est très difficile à supporter tout comme la violence sur le champ de bataille, mais se souvenir d'événements menant à des actes violents comme une mort suspecte ou un enlèvement nous aide à ARRÊTER LA VIOLENCE.

L'arrêt du terrorisme à la maison et dans le monde nécessite la coopération de toutes les bonnes personnes. Nous sommes donc très heureux que l'Église catholique travaille plus étroitement avec l'APEA où un FAUX « mariage » russe a été illégalement reconnu, ce qui a conduit au TRAFIC de deux Britanniques. écolières. De nombreux incidents de ce type se produisent en Suisse où il y a beaucoup de corruption et d'extorsion, nous invitons donc tout le monde à aider la police.

Veuillez contacter L'Officier de Police Philippe JOSS au
Commissariat de Berne Bumpliz au 00-41-31-638-8220
et citez la référence Criminal Case BM203770.

LUTON POLICE Reference TV1-6791-19-0100-BP

Arrest Terrorists!
Defend The Truth
Save The Children

As we all remember the 1918 armistice for World Peace on 11/11/2021 we at BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED are working on promoting remembrance of Peace in order to help our Police STOP TERRORISTS Today. Violence must be stopped diplomatically and this applies as much in families as also on the international stage. JUST As China attacks and invades the Philippines and Russia attacks and invades Ukraine so EVIL MEN try to attack and invade happy families. 
So the key to understanding how to STOP VIOLENCE is to remember how it started in the first place, disrepect for others. Germany disrespected France in 1914 and Russia disrespected Ukraine in 2014. Sadly in 2013 the HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS Death of Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 occurred and is now being investigated by The METROPOLITAN Police as the address on the Death Certificate remains false. 

Nobody suspected anything at the time but after questioning the falsification our children were kidnapped by our family secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 apparently on the orders of my brother-in-law Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964. Violence in the family is very difficult to bear just as violence on the battlefield but remembering events leading up to violent acts like a suspicious death of a kidnapping helps us STOP THE VIOLENCE.

Stopping terrorism in the home and in the world requires the cooperation of all Good People so we are very happy that The Catholic Church is working more closely with the APEA where a FAKE Russian "Marriage" was illegally recognised, leading to the TRAFFICKING of two British schoolgirls. Many such incidents occur in Switzerland where there is a lot of Coruption and Extortion so we invite everyone to help The Police.

Please contact our family Police liason Officer Philippe JOSS
at the Berne Bumpliz Police Station 00-41-31-638-8220 
and quote the Criminal Case reference BM203770.

OneWorld For Peace and

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