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Royal! OK!

Great Britain, Ireland and France are moving towards a common future
with Public Transport from Belfort to the Normandy Landing Beaches
with Brittany Ferries sailings to Cork, Plymouth, Poole & Portsmouth.

Remembering 1918 to stop all war in 2018 makes sense now we can see
a bright future for europe with no more German domination as our
sisters and brothers in Germany wake up to STOP THE WAR
that chanellor Merkel supported with the corrupt EU regime.

The Good People of Germany are waking up to STOP THE WAR
by stopping the corrupt regime of Angela Merkel at the ballot box
by voting for the LEFT, SPD, Green and Pro-Business Liberals
who all want FREE Kindergartens and Great British Education
for everyone in order to integrate Germany into the Global British
economy of The Commonwealth and One World For Peace now.

Politics in Germany is very murky and difficult to understand, so as
Merkel talked "peace" the corporations that paid for her ensured
war continued, by supplying chemical weaapons to rebels in the
Syrian conflict and by making HUGE Profits from exporting
PANZER tanks to Erdogan in Turkey who was actually
invading Syria in actual fact. Only by studying history
can we see that history repeats itself so in 2018 with
remembrace of 1918 we can STOP THE WAR in
Syria and also in Yemen where Theresa May
makes money from selling missiles to the
Saudi dictotorship while she also trades
with the Iranian dictatorship, all at the
benefit of her very own dictatorship.

The RMT UNION of Rail, Maritime and Transport workers together
with the CGT UNION of the Confederation Generale du Travail in
France works together in solidarity across the channel in order
to STOP THE WAR by bringing the corrupt politicians to
justice. We call on all the population to support our
strikes that are to restore democracy in 2018 as
we did in 1918 with the armistice which was
made possible by German workers going
on strike to STOP THE WAR in 1918.

Sir Francis Drake was sent by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the FIRST
of England and Wales to Liberate the Philippines and other places the
EVIL European Spanish Armada had colonised in a most brutal way.

The EVIL King Philip of Spain called the Islands "The Philippines"
because he thought they could be his own private islands and he
therefore had the right to brutalise the local people to find gold.

Local Natives who did not bring gold to the EVIL Spanish colonisers
who were known as "conquistadores" had their arms cut off or worse
so only those who were obedient to Spain were able to survive.

Population Geneticists will understand the mission of the Spanish in
the Philippines was very similar to the Nazi Germans who wanted to
wipe the Jewish people and nation off the face of the earth during
the Holocaust that the Germans carried out from 1933 to 1945.

The Philippines were especially welcoming to Jewish refugees both
before and during the second world war and this tradition of true
Philippine hospitality continus today as Jewish people are once
again persecuted in the German speaking lands of Germany,
Switzerland, Austria and indeed throughout the EVIL €U.

The Euro currency has so impoverished the people of Europe that
now they turn on each other. A Jewish Trade Unionist doing business
in Eastern Switzerland is very vulnerable if also British and exercising
rights of equal treatment for his family and respect for his nationality.

British Jews in German speaking lands have been subjected to awfully
discriminatory practices simply for exercising their rights to EU treaty
agreements such as the European Health Insurance Card. Paul Bright
was even dissappeared into a SWISS Concentration camp known as
the "Munsterlingen Spital" and was held incommunicdo and was
planned to be exectued following inhuman experimentation.

Fortunately for Paul he had a Russian KGB Secratary and Plans
were in place for his safe release with GCHQ and The British
Emergency Diploatic helpline in London standing by. As
always a friendly local (in this case a nurse) allowed
Paul to use her mobile phone and trigger the
deployment of KGB agent Anisimova...

Working together with our Russian, Philippine, Free French and
American frinds we topple the fascist EU dictatorship of Angela
Merkel who is in a Mercedes (just like Hitler)... It's 1945 and
it's 1918 in 2018 as we rememebr the past for a bright future!

Set sail from Swanage, Poole or Bournemouth with Poole City cruises
and join the French resistance on board Brittany Ferries as you all
sail on to Cherbourg to learn more about the liberation of 1944
the Germans finally surrendered on August 26th.

Your Remembrance of 1944 and 1945 together with The
Royal British Legion ensures we can, once again, liberate
Europe as 2018 and 2019 commemorate the ending of the
First World War in 1918 and 1919 when the Treaty of
Versailles was signed and Germany promised never
again to start a war. Sadly Germany did not keep
the promise and World War Two was started by
Germany invading Poland in 1939. Foutunately
Great Britain challenged Germany to STOP
and together with our allies who
included the Russians, Americans, Free
French led by Charles De Gaulle, heroic
Philippine resistance, Chinese and
Commonwealth we did manage
to STOP THE WAR in 1945.

Remembrance is very important as we approach
brexit day on March 31st 2019 because we did vote
to leave the European Union as it has become just
another German plot to take over Europe and an
attempt at Global domination of our world by a
very evil Germanic corporatist regime led by
the evil Angela Merkel and her corporations
that bribe her to put their profits first while
making the ordinary German people suffer
along with the ordinary British, French and
everyone else on our planet. Low wages, an
insecure job, poor housing of homelessness,
massive debts and bankruptcy are the type
of problems everyone is dealing with now.

Families are broken up, children grow up with
only one parent or no parents and even those
lucky enough to have two parents will find it
very hard to get a good job, even if they are
able to attend the very best universities!

Germany has done it again, following the Kiev coup
of 2014 increasingly aggressive European Union
foreign policies, militarily backed by NATO,
have seen the destitution of Ukraine as
well as most people on the edge of
the European Union, in africa
Angela Merkel and her evil
corporations sponsor all
manner of dictatorships
and local people suffer.

Stopping the war against humanity that Germany and
the European Union have unleashed with austerity
and attacks on Libya and Syria requires talking
to the German people so that they will rise up
and topple the Merkel regime just as the
British people need to rise up and
topple Theresa May the €U
appeaser who is cheating
us out of our BRexit!

The BRexit! we all voted for is to SAVE OUR NHS
and STOP THE WAR by taking control of our
borders so that we can say NO Volkswagens,
NO BMWs, NO Audis, NO Mercedes and
certainly NO Porsche 9-11 types of
transport for EU terrorists.

Restoring Great British Rail will bring back good
quality permanent engineering jobs and millions of
public service jobs as Guards, Ticket Clerks, Travel
advisors, childcare workers, Train Drivers and start
an economic boom enablng houses to be built which
people will actually be able to afford to buy and we
will ensure 2019 is 1919 and also 1945 as we will
STOP THE WAR with Jeremy Corbyn PM; so:

Replace your car with new
Great British Railways for
every city in every nation
of One World For Peace
as Jeremy Corbyn PM
restores British Rail!

Remembrance of The 1918 armistice in
2018 together with our German speaking
sisters and brothers ensures Her Majesty
The Queen
will be able to declare One
World For Peace
on November 11th
as we rebuild Great British Rail to
provide Great British Education
across Eurasia & The new world
building Great British Railways
with the belt & road initiative
in partnership with China

Replacing deadly €U imported cars by
rebuilding Great British Rail will make
Britain Great again with Good Jobs for
all and SAFE Public Transport saving
millions of lives on our roads and
helping us to Save Our NHS.

Our NHS was built in 1948 before the
railways were cut back and deadly cars
began causing mass casualties and also
fuelling wars for resources needed for
private motoring like petrol and oil.

Sustrainable Public Transport creates
jobs, reunites communities and helps
everyone get to work on time with
NO VW, NO BMW, NO Audis,
NO Mercedes, NO Porsches
NO stress & NO Problems!

We all owe it to our ancestors who gave
their today for our childrens' tomorrow
to do our best to do our duty to God
and to The Queen to ensure that
the whole world remembers
The "great" War 1914≈2018
so we stop the war today...

...as there is nothing "Great" about war
we're voting Labour to STOP THE WAR
together in 2018 by remembering 1918...

Common sense means books not bombs
and Health not Hardship. Prioritising
People First makes sense for us all.

The Headway Advice Together Service
is opening on Bournemouth Pier this
year as we remember 1918 in 2018
to promote One World For Peace
with The Commonwealth which
will include a United Ireland
delivered by Jeremy Corbyn
and Bournemouth Labour

A life of purpose with
Traumatic Brain Injury

Accepting you have TBI is the 
most difficult thing to do...

...especially if it means you
will no longer be driving...

so please support MORE buses!
with MORE Bus Conductors!!!

Recovering from and learning to live 
with Traumatic Brain Injury 
requires the brain 
to reconnect neural networks based on memories 
from BEFORE the Traumatic Injury happened:


The Purpose of my life is to demonstrate that

given the right help and support in an inclusive and
equal society where diversity is respected; TBI patients
can not only be better helped to recover but also go on
to contribute to society in amazing and unexpected
ways. In my case, to make The UK=OK! for all
by bringing back Great British Railways and
bringing back Great British Bus conductors
and restoring our Sealink shipping services...

Connecting The Commonwealth was originally planned
by Sir Isambard Kingdom Brunel who built The Great
Western Railway to Bristol and the famous bridge at
Plymouth to Cornwall and Penzance so that all
people could travel and be connected as
shown here with the NEW BRIGHT
Yellow Inter City 125er extended
range diesel electric passenger
 train for The Philippines:

The Inter City 125er types of Advanced Passenger Train are based on the 
old British Rail 125 but also feature a pantogaph so that electricity can
be taken from overhead cables which have already been installed
near to London and Manila. The clear advantage of our 125
is that the diesel generator in the Power car can be used
where there is no electrification such as in Cornwall
and Cavite province while electrification is now
underway (eg. Manila to Batangas and Niac).

Today, in 2018 we are remembering 1918 and The Armistice we agreed 
with Germany to STOP THE WAR so that we can do it all over again
in 2018 as we did in 1918. Germany today is sponsoring numerous
wars and rebellions in order to destabilise countries and get the
natural resources needed for their unsustainable car industry.

When we do finally manage to get The Germans to agree to
remember 1918 in 2018 (probably not until November 11th)
then we will be able to finally put an end to the corrupt and
environmentally destructive German motor car industry.

It is well known that Angela Merkel and Theresa May BOTH
profit from corruption as reported in Der Spiegel, a German
magazine uncovering BMW Bribery (corruption in Germany).

It is primarily for this reason that The RMT UNION supported
Vote Leave to leave the EU as it is a corrupt mafia regime mainly
set up to protect the rotten German automobile industry which
also funded Hitler and the Thrid Reich. The EU is therefore
often called The Fourth Reich by people in Bournemouth
who work with British Signals Intelligence (GCHQ).

Brunel built Great ships like the Great Western which
sailed from Bristol to The Americas as well as The Great
Eastern which was to sail to India, Malaysia, The Philipppines 
and on to Asutralia, New Zealand and all the Pacific islands.

UK=OKfamily mission connects us all with 
The Commonwealth of the Philippines now connecting The
British Commonwealth from Australia to London via the
PAL Philippine Air Lines HUB at NAIA Nino Aquino 
International Airport. We are also working with our
Chinese, Russian and German sisters and brothers
to build a British TGV High Speed Train service
from Zamboanga and General Santos to Aparri
which will enable P&O ferry passengers to see
the Philippines from the comfort of the train.

Great Britain gave The Railways to The World!

While The Railways were certainly not invented in Germany, 
China or Russia we do need to work with The Germans,
Chinese and Russians to connect One World For Peace
so that's why we need a TRUE 
BRexit!!we need to
connect people and build bridges without the evil
EU R€GIM€ so that is why the RMT UNION did
indeed support the campaign to Leave the EU!

So let's be happy and celebrate The BRexit!!

The Labour 
BRexit!!! for British Rail is a GBR
Green Blue and Red BRexit!!which also includes
a United Ireland because The Empire 2.0 is based not
on militaristic supporters of gunmen like Theresa May
but on Commonwealth Consensus with Jeremy Corbyn.

A UK that is genuinely OK! for all will respect the
Royal Navy Values of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
that have been lost over the last 45 years since we joined
the European Union in 1973 and became obsessed with
German cars, Private insurance and property profits.

By 1983 when I sustained my TBI the car had taken over

roads and cycling was clearly not safe. When my father 
tried writing to the local North Devon District Council it
replied that it would be "too expensive" to fix the deadly
stretch of road! Thankfully now (after FIVE fatalities)
the road has been made safer. The STOP RISK 
campaign was set up in 1983 as my father
explained to me "laugh and the world
laughs with you, cry and you cry
alone" so I am not alone and
my wife would like to be
with me in the UK so
please help us to

What is to be done?

1: Contact your local Police Force and ask them to
pay more attention to prosecuting reckless drivers
who cause injuries on our roads so that victims get
the compensation they need for their head injuries.
Police can help STOP RISK!

2: Contact your local council and demand TOLL ROADS
so that cash can be raised to pay for FREE Bus services
for people who need them. Living with TBI means it is 
dangerous to drive so like millions of others I depend on the 
restoration of proper local bus services.

3: Register to VOTE and VOTE for BRexit!!!

It's a FREE Country so vote for your
chosen candidate based on facts

I had my TBI in 1983 while delivering newspapers on my bike before school. There was this idea of "recovery" but in reality there in not recovery only adaptation. Recently I learned the brain builds new networks based on memories from before the event in order to cope. Nobody ever explained this. The NHS is severely underfunded and does not care properly for TBI survivors, we must lobby for more support and funding ought to be found by claiming damages from the people who caused the TBI such as reckless drivers. The NHS could get funded from properly claiming the care costs from vehicle insurance companies, so not from tax. It is up to us all to lobby the government to properly make drivers responsible for the TBI they cause by reckless driving. Insurance companies are legally obliged to pay for TBI care so please help support the STOP RISK campaign at stoprisk.page.tl/TBI.htm We need to turn the page to totally live and stop being in denial of TBI and the many new needs we all have. This is only possible thanks to the loving generosity of my beloved wife Eva who looks after me and is here in the photo supporting my work for The Commonwealth at her school. Thank you for reading and please comment on the NHS Headway site at https://healthunlocked.com/headway/posts/138331825/accepting-you-have-tbi-is-the-most-difficult-thing-to-do.

  Call Mobile: 00 63 905 689 2624
UK Landline: 00 44 239 216 2222


I would like to thank my beloved wife Eva and my
family for looking after me since living with TBI is
very difficult and I need the loving support of people
around me so that I can go on. Remembering that the
Royal Navy is the guardian of World Peace and genuine
international frindship is the way to STOP RISK and 
live peacefully so my life is dedicated to reminding
everyone of this fact so we can ensure global
disarmament and return to peaceful
passenger shipping instead of 
wasting money on wars.


I found my purpose with TBI when I found my beloved
wife Eva who is the only one who has made any effort
at all to understand me and look after me well. I
am asking everyone to help Eva and Jacob so
that we can be One Happy Family together
as this needs the general support of the
whole extended family. This Public
announcement can be read in
public at the web site:

China has no right to invade The Philippines so we are
working with the Chinese government to get them to
understand The Philippines must be respected so
China can play a positive role in peacebuilding
and leave Scarborough shoal alone as it
is an important Philippine fishing area.

Remembering that Sir Francis Drake landed in The
Philippine island of Mindanao in 1579 and inspired the
resistance to conquistadorial Spanish colonialism is
important to understand why the UK is defending
The Philippines and why we also depend on
the goodwill of The Philippine people.

England was saved from Spanish Armada invasion in
1588 because the Philppine people had been previously
inspired to resist Spain in 1579 so it is only thanks to
the Philippine people that Spain could be so easily
defeated in 1588 which led to Good King James
of Scotland rescuing England and Wales to create 
Great Britain in 1603 and publish the King James Bible
in 1611 paving the way for humanity by The Grace of God !

Ireland and France were also saved by Good King James
and The UK then included Great Britain, Ireland and France
so as today Great Britain with The BRexit! inspires France
and Ireland to FRexit! and IRexit! and saves Europe
from the evil EU regime by The Grace of God !

I myself was saved from my own misadventure by my
beloved wife Eva who looked after me and married me
and saved me from God knows what could have
happened on my way to visit my loving dad
in Australia in the spring of 2001 so all
I ask is everyone respects my wife
as we need support from the
whole family and this is 
important for us
to survive.

I am Admiral Lord BRIGHT of Glencoe, Scotland
known as RN008 On Her Majestys Service to bring
Peace to The World by promoting remembrance. This
is my way of coping with Traumatic Brain Injury which
gives me purpose in life, which is very important for
survival. Life must have essential purpose to cope.

The existential struggle of The United Kingdom to
bring Peace and Freedom to the world is The cause
that Her Majesty's armed forces have always been
fighting for. As a young boy before my Traumatic
Brain Injury which happened at the age of 13
I signed up to join The Royal Navy as a Sea
Scout with Braunton caen troop in Devon.

Though my time in the Sea Scouts was ended by my
injury and I have depended on the support of family 
and friends ever since I continue to serve Her Majesty
by promoting the eternal role of The Royal Navy to
Bring Peace to The World. Today as we witness
Donald Trump and Kim Jong un threatening
to wipe us all off the map we can recall the
importance of Royal Navy history in our
existential quest to Stop The War.

We remember that The United Kingdom was founded
well before the USA every existed and we remember 
The USA was founded in defiance of The Royal Navy.

Therefore we ask ourselves: What is Donald Trump
actually doing in asia, and especially in Korea?

Korea was united before the USA annexed the state
of "South Korea" just as Ireland was united before
the Germans gave guns to the terrorists who would
become the IRA in "Southern Ireland" remembering
that Korea was united before the USA arrived helps
us to calm things down. At the South Korean and
North Korean embassies I remind ambassadors
that The United Kingdom is for One Korea.

Pyongyang has resisted the USA invasion of the
south and is only defending the freedom of Korea.
Surely with NO USA in Korea the Koreans will
be able to work things out and live together.

Traumatic Brain Injury limits my ability to work in
a normal setting but I can still serve Her Majesty as
a diplomat and help achieve World Peace in our time.

This is why it is important for The United Kingdom 
Government to support disabled people like me and
help us make our full contribution to British society.

What will the world look like with One Korea?
Well, Donald Trump will go home, he can make
America Great Again by fixing things in America.

Asia will be free and Korea will be reunited. Great
Britain will be Great Again having brought Peace
to the World with our Royal Naval remembrance
common sense intervention. The Philippines will
be able to trade freely with Russia, China and
The Commonwealth and we will not need to
import chlorinated USA Deep Fried Mc Cain
chickens or eat at KFC. Great British railways
will connect the world for peace and those German
cars can all be returned as our BRexit deal is finalised.

One World For Peace is dedicated to remembering all
Royal Navy historic achievements such as abolishing
slavery and defending Native Americans from the
USA terrorists. Perhaps most of all we stop risk
of Traumatic Brain Injury as we explain why
nobody will need a car once we have safe
roads. This is why I am voting Labour
so we can put People First and make
Britain Great Again with British Rail
and HMS Royal Megayacht Travel Service
which is the civilian branch of The Royal Navy
trading as Brittany Ferries and sailing from HMNB
Portsmouth. We connect The World for Peace with our
Royal Navy Remembrance day trips to Normandy, France.

We remember 1944 and 1917 in 2017 so that next year we
will remember 1945 and 1918 in 2018 and then Her Majesty
The Queen will be able to declare World Peace in our Time.

Our civilian fleet deployed from Her Majestys Naval
Base HMNB in Portsmouth known as Brittany Ferries
connects The World for Peace. We sail to Sword Beach
every night at 23:00 and also have day time sailngs in
the morning and afternoons. Our ships are ideal
for family travel and you can book half price
cabins if you are on a Sword Beach
remembrance family tour.

We land on Sword Beach just as our HEROES did
in 1944 to Liberate France from the Occupation by 
The Germans. In 1945 we, The British, together with
Our Commonwealth, American, Russian, Chinese and
allied friends liberated all of Europe and brought real
Peace to The World. We did it before in 1918 as well
and in 2018 we are remembering The Armistice
together with The Germans and The German
speaking world in Switzerland and Austria.

We promote family holidays to the UK via the
New Festyland attraction on bus line number 3

from The SNCF station at Caen. There is no
need to say which boat you are sailing on
so enjoy Caen and Sword beach at
your leisure in total freedom.


YES Scotland is the REAL UK=OK! Since 1603 12 visitors today to The REAL UK=OK=CHURCHILL FOREVER !