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Dear Victims of complex Domestic Abuse,
Welcome to the Enid Bright foundation for family justice.
COMPLEX Geopolitical Domestic abuse involves one member of a family abusing others; eg. The brother-in-law arranges the death of his mother-in-law and then the kidnapping of her grandchildren to intimidate his brother-in-law and sister-in-law as well as his own wife. It is very important for everyone in society to understand the complexity of domestic abuse and deceptive manipulation so that we can all support each other in everyday life and stop the violence.
Extremely serious and complex violence is possible especially when the abuser is in a foreign country and has control over the children. This enables the abuser to manipulate the behaviour of others; eg. forcing his wife to sign off a falsified Death Certificate for her own mother in order to deceive the Police.  

In addition the abusive family member may be of a totally different Political outlook, eg. a PUTINIST who believes in violence and does not share the civilised values of normal people in The United Kingdom, France, The Philippines and allied democratic nations. Thankfully now the whole world is uniting against dictators and this will enable us all to STOP EXTREMIST FAMILY VIOLENCE
Our family has been affected by this type of abuse for over 20 years because deception is part of the abuse. People connected with the family such as a family secretary, babysitter, nanny, company secretary or business partner can be working with the abuser secretly; until it is too late and serious violence occurs eg: a grandparent is suddenly suspiciously dead or children have been kidnapped or both happen in short succession.
By talking about domestic abuse as an everyday conversation topic people can break down barriers and overcome fear. Abusers will understand it is TIME TO STOP VIOLENCE and the truth can set the whole world free. Seemingly impossible and unstoppable violence such as the Russian war against Ukraine can also be stopped when everyone understands that Vladimir PUTIN is simply a desperate control freak, just like an abusive husband or a scheming company secretary

We are very happy to be working with various Police forces from Berne in Switzerland via France to The UK as well as the most excellent Philippine National Police and the Presidential Complaints Centre to save our kidnapped daughters. At the local Police station in Paris this morning we finally were able to file the case about abuse from her son-in-law Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 who seeks to PROFIT form her untimely and highly suspicious death in Croydon.
We are based in Portsmouth at the Job Centre and are desperately in need of help with housing. In Switzerland and France the Police now understand the need to cooperate with UK Police and properly investigate suspicious deaths of British citizens. The mission of the Enid Bright foundation for family justice is to help all families affected by domestic abuse.
We are very happy that we are using our experience in working with the Police to advance the cause of justice and develop a UK based family legal support network for victims of crime abroad. We have now got two websites to help people understand what happened to our family so that other families can be supported knowing that domestic abuse is common and needs to be fought together with the Police and government agencies working together. We are confident that we will be able to find and rescue our kidnapped and officially trafficked daughters and they may be able to fulfill their dreams of joining The Royal Navy.    We are very grateful to all the jobcentre staff and LBT Global and The British and Philippine Ambassadors for supporting our family.
Thank you all very much.

Eva and Paul BRIGHT (Parents of the missing girls).
Promoting ONE world of PEACE and LOVE with remembrance.


From 2021 to 2022 we remember 1944 to 1945 becuase the Free World defeated fascism before so we can do it again. The evil Russian invasion of Ukraine and racist extortion of property, kidnapping and deception can be stopped as all of humanity remembers the sacrifices of our Parents and Grandparents. We trust in God that JUSTICE will prevail and we can STOP THE WAR by the Grace of God !
Please email us with information about our kidnapped daughters so we can pass information on to the Police and stop the violence against our family. Thank you so much for your help: 00 63 905 689 2624 UK00 41 32 599 1073

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