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One World For Peace


After 106 years of pointless warfare started
by Germany in 1914 the whole world is now
led by Great Britain and The Philippines
to STOP THE WAR with Great British 
VICTORY LINER around the world
tours for Freedom and Democracy
by The Grace of God !

 On mid morning on August 2, 1914, a

German cavalry patrol led by Leutnant Albert

Mayer patrolled into France before war had

been officially declared. Upon crossing into

French territory Albert Mayer slashed a French

sentry with his saber before going deeper

into France and murdering Corporal Peugeot 

at the village of Joncherey near Boncourt in 

Switzerland. Sadly today Switzerland is very 

corrupted by dirty Chinese and Russian cash

so the local mayor does not even bother to 

cut the grass on public footpaths let alone 

 fix the Public Toilets in the Railway station 

or provide a Public Telephone to call the 

local Police who need to investigate... 

...The World We Live in we pass on to our 

children so let us study history as families 

and remember the sacrifices our parents, 

grandparents, Great-Grandparents and 

Great Great Grandparents made for us

so we might pass FREEDOM and

DEMOCRACY to our children... 

...WE remember WAR is German aggression,

pure and simple aggression and well planned

too. The official narrative about the war clears

Germany in so many ways and also world war

Two, supposedly the treaty of Versailles was

too harsh yet it was Germany that had

started the war in the first place...

...Today all Great British Filipino French 

families and our numerous allies around 

the world can enjoy a family day out from 

the Hotel CHURCHILL in Boncourt and

Travel together to Bonfol and Pfefferhouse

to see the liberated ALSACE region of

France and stay at the family camping

site by the Teletubby Train Family 

railway we are building to unite

generations in the continuing

struggle for FREEDOM and

with the

defense of The Philippines

from Chinese aggression and

Defense of the UK from the

very aggressive Russian

regime of Vladimir Putin. 


Today Germany must face up to the past from

August 2, 1914 and pay up for World War One

and also face up to the Holocaust and pay up

for the complete resettlement of all Palestinians.

This is simple and fair JUSTICE and the whole

world deserves an end to this mindless bloody

that has been going on for 106 years.

We NEVER FORGET that it was imperial

Germany that transported the evil SWISS

LENIN to Russia for the so called

"revolution" and that is why we are facing an

incredibly hostile AXIS of North Korean,

Chinese, Russian and Iranian regime

aggression today that is a RISK to

World Peace that we need to

STOP so the whole world is

mobilising to defend Freedom

and Democracy

Enough is Enough so we say to all the Good

German, Russian and Chinese people; let us 

STOP THE WAR by telling the TRUTH 

with real education for all our children so we

can all move on as One Human race and one 

 happy human family by The Grace of God !

Dear UK Prime Minister Boris JOHNSON, UK Trade and Investment Minister Conor BURNS, LUTON MP Rachel HOPKINS and all Good British American French and Philippine People with Russian connections,

A round the world tour with our new BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED VICTORY LINER is the trip of a lifetime for all Commonwealth families following in the footsteps of our ancestors and remembering our shared British Filipino history which dates back at least to 1579 when Sir Francis DRAKE landed near Davao in Mindanao, Philippines.

We are delighted, as a family of British American French Filipinos with a Russian connection to serve Her Majesty's Government in The United Kingdom by promoting our shared remembrance of our longest and deepest international relationship that will help Save Our NHS and Stop The War against Russia and China that nobody needs or wants. 

Vladimir PUTIN on Russia Today and Dictator XI on CCTV pretend to be daily workers but are in fact unjustly, unequally, ungodly and unfairly living a life of O'Reilly without even operating a competitively priced airline like Ryanair and all at the expense of the Good, Honest and Hardworking Russian and Chinese people who struggle to make ends meet. 

To PUTOUT PUTIN and convince him that selling Tupperware to desperate Russian housewives whoose husbands he has sacrificed for his Tupolev sales is a more honest profession than bombing schools and hospitals in Syria we need decisive BREXIT action that means BREXIT action stations to deepen and broaden our Transeurasian as well as Transatlantic and Transpacific relationships to a whole new level. The Great British Empire needs to come back and deliver A Connected Philippine Commonwealth that will be far stronger than the Communist Party of China !

Transportation is the key to building One World For Peace and UKOK! VICTORY LINER services with Love from Luzon to Luzerne and Luxembourg as well as Lexington and Leicester will bring out the Filipino Freedom Fighter in everyone. Well Groomed, Smartly dressed, Punctual, Polite, Practical and Perfectly Professional RMT UNION Bus, Train, Boat, Airline and Bicycle representatives are at the Front of The Frontline Fighting Fascism in eurasia today. 

We can, must and will
remove the discourteous, dirty, dangerous, devious, deceptive and depraved "President" XI from Scarborough Shoal but we need MORE than Missiles; we need The special assistance and blessing of Her Majesty's Government in The Name of Her Majesty The Queen and Almighty God because only Royal Navy Family Events can win respect globally as a force not to be reckoned with !!!

Just as The PANGANIBAN resistance to Spanish conquistadorial greed and silly rules paved the way for Sir Francis DRAKE to defeat the Spanish Armada off Plymouth in 1588 and create The UK which was OK! in 1603 because it included France which is documented in The King James Bible introduction published in 1611 by Special Royal Command of King James we can today land on Scarborough shoal as a family on JETSKIS with Uncle Rodrigo DUTERTE to go fishing by The Grace of God !

VICTORY LINER is now preparing, in association with BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED to help travellers from Glasgow in the United Kingdom with their baggage to Manchester Airport, Luton Airport, London Victoria, Heathrow Airport, Southampton Airport and Portsmouth Continental Ferry Port for the VICTORY D-Day commemorative sailings which begin with Brittany ferries on the 5th of June to arrive on Sword Beach in Normandy, France on the 6th of June 2020 just 76 years after the original D-Day landings to liberate Europe from the occupying Germans. 

VJ Day 2020 is celebrated on the 2nd of September as we remember it took TWO Atomic Bombs to get the Imperial Japanese to respect the Philippines. How many atomic bombs would it take to get The Imperial Russian kidnapper Maria ANI$IMOVA to respect the BRIGHT Family? God only knows the answer to this hypothetical question as Berne Police are arresting the international TERRORIST and WAR CRIMINAL because we are, finally, winning respect for Her Majesty's Royal Megayacht Travel service in Switzerland today!

Call our General Santos operational office now on 00 63 905 689 2624 to enquire about Hotel CHURCHILL availability in Europe and book your trip. Sailings are every day at 23:00 from Portsmouth so you can also book direct with the Hotel CHURCHILL and with Brittany Ferries LIVE in Portsmouth 
on 00 44 330 159 5000.

We are always at your service, On Her Majesty's Service and WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER !!!

With Love from Luzon,
Eva and Paul BRIGHT



Everyone can now register for the New Health Service at the Hospital of the JURA which is FREE at the point of use. Always carry your UK NHS Medical Card with you like an American Express card so "Don't leave home without it". To register for the card as a UK resident taxpayer just click here

We don't just do health insurance, we also do education and family planning so you can plan to have a big family and pass on the common wealth for previous generations of British Allies to your own actual children ensuring you have a bright future.

Just click here or on the picture frame under paradise to enrol your children for a bright future with a UK University Education which is possible after the U.S.A. and Philippine K12 or U.K. National Curriculum Education systems or a foundation year at Bellerbys College in Brighton, London or Cambridge...

Dear Rosalie BEURET SIESS, Valerie SCHERRER and Nathalie ZAUGG, 
Chère Rosalie BEURET SIESS, Valérie SCHERRER et Nathalie ZAUGG,

Merci beaucoup pour tout votre travail acharné et votre dévouement envers les membres du JURA et de la Suisse qui espèrent maintenant un avenir beaucoup plus radieux car vous nous représenterez tous à Berne et contribuerez à faire en sorte que la corruption, le racisme, l'antisémitisme et la prostitution Les bureaux publics devenus endémiques à JURA sont enfin abordés afin que toutes les familles puissent vivre ensemble dans la paix et l'harmonie.
Thank you very much indeed for all your hard work and dedication to the people of the JURA and Switzerland who now look forward to a much brighter future as you will represent us all in Berne and help ensure that The Corruption, Racism, Antisemitism and Prostitution of Public offices that had become rampant in JURA is finally tackled so that all families will be able to live in Peace and Harmony together. 

L'argent très sale des régimes "communiste" ou "national-socialiste" russe et chinois de Vladimir PUTIN et du dictateur "président" XI a infesté les bureaux de la population et de l'APEA de corruption, car Marcel RYSER et Christian MINGER sont clairement et ouvertement RACISTES et ANTISÉMITIQUES. avoir accepté de grosses sommes d'argent pour détruire notre famille et de nombreuses autres familles originaires du JURA. 
Very dirty money from The Russian and Chinese "communist" or "national socialist" regimes of Vladimir PUTIN and Dictator "Chairman" XI has infested the Offices of Population and The APEA with corruption as Marcel RYSER and Christian MINGER are clearly and blatantly RACIST and ANTISEMITIC having accepted large sums of money to destroy our family and many other families native to the JURA. 

Notre famille a investi toutes nos économies dans la propriété de la rue Du Stade 2 à Boncourt en 2007 comme vous pouvez le voir sur nos permis C. Bien que nous ayons tous le droit de devenir SUISSE et de rester en Suisse pour toujours, nous restons fidèles à nos pays d'origine comme nous espérons que vous comprendrez comme nous croyons tous en "One World For Peace" basé sur le souvenir du siège de Belfort de 1870 à 1871, Première Guerre mondiale, Seconde Guerre mondiale, L'Holocauste et tous les autres conflits et atroces violations des droits de l'homme.
Our family invested all our life savings in the property at Rue Du Stade 2 in Boncourt in 2007 as you can see on our C Permits. Though we all have the right to become SWISS and stay in Switzerland forever we do remain loyal to our native countries as we hope you will understand as we all believe in "One World For Peace" based on remembrance of The Siege of Belfort from 1870 to 1871, World War One, World War Two, The Holocaust and all other conflicts and atrocious human rights abuses. 

L'Holocauste est particulièrement troublant à retenir car tout un mode de vie religieux et un système de croyances ont été ciblés pour une destruction complète. Aujourd'hui, Israël a le droit d'exister comme le peuple juif a le droit d'exister comme tout le monde. La protection du droit humain à la vie est le premier et principal devoir de tous les élus et fonctionnaires, il est donc essentiel que vous traitez immédiatement avec Marcel RYSER et Christian MINGER qui ont fait honte au canton et à la République de JURA et implicitement à tous de la Suisse.
The Holocaust is especially troubling to remember as an entire religious way of life and system of belief was targeted for complete destruction. Israel today has a right to exist as Jewish People have a right to exist as do all people. The Protection of The Human Right to life is the first and foremost duty of all elected politicians and Public Servants so it is vital that you immediately deal with Marcel RYSER and Christian MINGER who have brought shame on the Canton and Republic of JURA and by implication all of Switzerland. 
Les gens de JURA sont merveilleux et certainement PAS racistes car ils ont clairement rejeté le racisme et la xénophobie de Christoph BLOCHER et "Christ" l'ombre des candidats SVP / UDC / PDC que vous avez si courageusement et courageusement combattus lors des récentes élections. Comme l'a dit Sir Winston CHURCHILL: 
«Allons de l'avant ensemble» 
Alors soyons tous une seule famille heureuse de Jurassiens populaires unis, unis pour la paix mondiale et l'amitié internationale, car JURA a toujours été du bon côté de l'histoire, même si nous sommes tous à GAUCHE. pensant que nous devons AIMER et PRENDRE SOIN les uns des autres et partager notre richesse commune ensemble.
The people of JURA are wonderful and certainly NOT Racist as they clearly rejected the Racism and Xenophobia of Christoph BLOCHER and "Christ" the shadow SVP / UDC / PDC candidates that you so bravely and courageously stood up to fight in the recent elections. As Sir Winston CHURCHILL said:
"Let us Go Forward Together" 
So let us all be One Happy Family of United Popular Jurassiens standing together for World Peace and International Friendship as JURA has always been on the RIGHT side of History even though we are all LEFT thinking that we need to LOVE and CARE for each other and share our common wealth together. 

Les TAXES dans JURA peuvent être COUPÉES afin que les familles puissent garder une plus grande partie de leur revenu à dépenser pour elles-mêmes (nous sommes tous humains et nous aimons tous mettre nos propres enfants en premier pour assurer notre survie) tandis que les SERVICES PUBLICS peuvent être améliorés une fois le CANCER de la corruption COUPÉ. La suppression de Marcel RYSER et Christian MINGER en les amenant en JUSTICE et en PRISON pour abus de pouvoir ÉCONOMISERA DES MILLIARDS DE FRANCS SUISSES. Les agents publics en Suisse sont bien payés pour la simple raison que nous ne tolérons pas la corruption, le racisme, l'antisémitisme et la prostitution des charges publiques.
TAXES in JURA can be CUT so families can keep more of their income to spend on themselves (we are all human and we all like to put our own children first to ensure our survival) while PUBLIC SERVICES can be improved once the CANCER of Corruption is CUT OUT. Cutting out Marcel RYSER and Christian MINGER by bringing them to JUSTICE and JAIL for abuse of office will SAVE BILLIONS OF SWISS FRANCS. Public officials in Switzerland are well paid for the simple reason we do not tolerate Corruption, Racism, Antisemitism and Prostitution of Public Offices. 

Marcel RYSER a été responsable du DENIEMENT de notre famille, DENIEMENT de notre contrat de mariage en 2007, DENIEMENT des droits de Rachel Enid Panganiban BRIGHT 01/10/2002 et de sa soeur Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004 pour une enfance heureuse à Boncourt et REFUSE TOUJOURS à notre famille le droit de vivre. Les types de crimes de l'Holocauste contre la famille BRIGHT sont répétés à l'APEA contre la famille BEDIN car notre bon ami Pascal BEDIN et toute sa famille (y compris son ex-femme) sont REFUSÉS une protection appropriée contre le violeur criminel agressif pédophile ANTHONY qui prétend être le " Époux "d'Alice BEDIN, fille unique de Pascal BEDIN.
Marcel RYSER was responsible for the DENIAL of our family, DENIAL of our marriage contract in 2007, DENIAL of the rights of Rachel Enid Panganiban BRIGHT 01/10/2002 and her sister Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004 to a happy childhood in Boncourt and STILL DENIES our family the right to live. Holocaust types of CRIME against the BRIGHT FAMILY are repeated at the APEA against the BEDIN FAMILY as our Good Friend Pascal BEDIN and his entire family (including his ex wife) were DENIED a peaceful life for many years.
LES DEUX parents de Pascal BEDIN sont maintenant emprisonnés dans le "foyer" contre leur gré et sont drogués afin qu'ils soient bientôt morts. Nous vous demandons donc à Rosalie BEURET SIESS et Valérie SCHERRER de bien vouloir intervenir AUJOURD'HUI pour aider Save The Children de la famille BEDIN à savoir Pascal BEDIN et ses enfants Raymond BEDIN et Alice BEDIN ainsi qu'April BEDIN comme TROIS générations dépendent de l'AMOUR et de la MÉMOIRE de la première génération qui sont emprisonnés à Porrentruy au "foyer" sorte de "maison de soins" pour les gens qui aiment DRUGER leurs parents à MORT et ensuite se battre pour l'héritage.
BOTH Parents of Pascal BEDIN are now imprisoned in the "foyer" against their will and are being drugged so that they will soon be dead so we call upon you both Rosalie BEURET SIESS and Valerie SCHERRER to please intervene TODAY in order to help Save The Children of the BEDIN Family namely Pascal BEDIN and his children Raymond BEDIN and Alice BEDIN as well as April BEDIN as THREE Generations depend on the LOVE and MEMORY of the first generation who are imprisoned in Porrentruy at the "foyer" sort of "care" home for people who like to DRUG their parents to DEATH and then fight over the inheritance. 

Tout le monde dans le «foyer» a besoin d'aide car même le directeur est une bonne personne, mais il a peur de contester les décisions de l'APEA et les actions des services sociaux. Valerie SCHERRER est une très bonne personne et une femme très gentille qui se soucie vraiment de la famille BEDIN ainsi que de la famille BRIGHT et surtout de nos enfants Sophie (15) et Jacob (15) ainsi que Rachel (17) et leur moitié adoptive sœur Kristina BRIGHT qui est maintenant à l'Université de Zurich et a une chambre dans la Kantstrasse.
Everyone in the "foyer" needs help as even the director is a Good Person but is terrified of challenging the APEA decisions and Social Services actions. Valerie SCHERRER is a very good person and a very kind hearted lady who really cares about the BEDIN family as well as the BRIGHT family and especially our children Sophie (15) and Jacob (15) as well as Rachel (17) and their adopted half sister Kristina BRIGHT who is now at Zurich University and has a room in Kantstrasse. 

Nous aimons Zurich et Kristina a un gentil et gentil petit ami gentilhomme de Zurich qui est heureux avec. Naturellement, Kristina et Thierry sont horrifiés de la façon dont les jeunes membres de la famille Bright sont traités alors que l'APEA a accepté un faux contrat de mariage de notre secrétaire Maria ANISIMOVA (une sorte célèbre de "scientifique" à ZHAW) pour justifier le KIDNAPPING Rachel et Sophie BRIGHT qui sont nos enfants nés légalement et adoptés légalement respectivement.
We love Zurich and Kristina has a nice and decent Gentleman sort of boyfriend who is from Zurich and is happy together with. Understandably both Kristina and Thierry are horrified at how the younger members of the Bright family are being treated as the APEA has accepted a FAKE MARRIAGE CONTRACT from our secretary Maria ANISIMOVA (a famous sort of "scientist" at ZHAW) to justify KIDNAPPING Rachel and Sophie BRIGHT who are our legitimately born and legally adopted children respectively. 

Rachel a 17 ans et est très dévouée à protéger sa petite sœur Sophie qui a 15 ans tandis que leur frère Jacob a également 15 ans et à soutenir ses sœurs par e-mail et en s'occupant de sa grand-mère ainsi que de sa mère qui est bien sûr ma femme. Avoir une et une seule femme est une condition naturelle pour être un mari fidèle, donc lorsque notre secrétaire a présenté un faux certificat de mariage à l'APEA, nous ne nous attendions pas à ce que Marco LORENZINI croie une photocopie manifestement falsifiée d'un faux document traduit par "Diplomate" qui était expulsé du Royaume-Uni à la suite des OPINIONS DE SKRIPAL mais peut-être que Marco a peur des RUSSES?
Rachel is 17 and is very much devoted to protecting her little sister Sophie who is 15 while their brother Jacob is also 15 and supporting his sisters by email and by looking after his grandmother as well as his mother who is of course my wife. Having one and only one wife is a natural condition of being a faithful husband so when our secretary presented a fake marriage certificate at the APEA we did not expect Marco LORENZINI to believe an obviously forged photocopy of a fake document translated by "Diplomat" who was expelled from the UK following the SKRIPAL PPOISONINGS but maybe Marco is afraid of RUSSIANS ? 

Avoir peur des Russes n'est pas une excuse pour détruire la famille BRIGHT et avoir peur de Christian MINGER n'est pas une excuse pour Audrey ZAMBLE et Nathalie ZAUGG pour aider les ENFANTS DU TRAFIC à BERNE à être asservis et transformés en prostituées par Maria ANISIMOVA qui est vraiment notre secrétaire. Nous sommes bien sûrs que Vladimir PUTIN n'approuve pas la traite des enfants donc Maria ANISIMOVA n'est PAS une vraie Russe mais une sorte de NAZI russe comme je l'ai expliqué à Lionel MAITRE qui prétend être le "Maire" de Boncourt. 
Being afraid of Russians is no excuse for destroying the BRIGHT family and being afraid of Christian MINGER is no excuse for Audrey ZAMBLE and Nathalie ZAUGG to help TRAFFIC CHILDREN to BERNE to be enslaved and turned into prostitutes by Maria ANISIMOVA who really is our secretary. We are quite sure Vladimir PUTIN does not approve of Child Trafficking so Maria ANISIMOVA is NOT a real Russian but a sort of NAZI Russian as I explained to Lionel MAITRE who pretends to be the "Mayor" of Boncourt. 

Malheureusement, Lionel a dépensé l'argent destiné à la modernisation de la gare de BONCOURT pour les prostituées au Salon 46 près de la frontière avec la France et à quelques pas de son BUREAU DU MAIRE à Boncourt. Des histoires incroyables mais vraies de corruption peuvent être vues sur BBC World et nous sommes heureux que vous aidiez JURA POLICE (qui sont très bons et NON corrompus) à travailler avec la police de BERNE et à Stop Child Trafficking.
Sadly Lionel spent the money intended for the modernisation of BONCOURT Railway station on prostitutes at Salon 46 near to the border with France and a short walk from his OFFICE OF THE MAYOR in Boncourt. 
Incredible but true stories of corruption can be seen on BBC World and we are happy you are helping JURA POLICE (who are very good and NOT corrupt) work with BERNE Police and Stop Child Trafficking. 
Nous sommes à Belfort aujourd'hui et transmettrons vos salutations cordiales et vos vœux sincères pour une coopération plus profonde avec le Territoire de Belfort au Maire Damien MESLOT et au Député Ian BOUCHARD qui sont des amis personnels proches de la FAMILLE BRIGHT car nous avons aussi un appartement, ils seront heureux de séjourner à PARIS une fois que les trains directs de Delémont à Delle, Belfort, Valdoie, Troyes, Disneyland Paris et PARIS GARE d'est (Verdun) seront opérationnels.
We are in Belfort today and will be passing on your cordial greetings and sincere wishes for deeper cooperation with the Territory of Belfort to Mayor Damien MESLOT and Deputy Ian BOUCHARD who are close personal friends of the BRIGHT FAMILY as we also have an apartment they will be happy to stay in in PARIS once the direct train services from Delemont to Delle, Belfort, Valdoie, Troyes, Disneyland Paris and PARIS GARE d'est (Verdun) is up and running. 

Nous vous sommes profondément reconnaissants de votre bravoure en tant que candidat et nous admirons votre VICTOIRE en 2020 alors que nous célébrons notre VICTOIRE en 2020, qui est de se souvenir de la VICTOIRE de nos parents et grands-parents en 1945 alors que nous avons vaincu la corruption, le racisme, l'antisémitisme et Prostituées dans la fonction publique qui s'appelaient le "Parti socialiste ouvrier allemand" ou NSDAP dans les années 1930, lorsque notre maison de vacances familiale, l'hôtel CHURCHILL De Gaulle PANGANIBAN, venait d'être construite à Boncourt.
We are deeply appreciative of you for your bravery to stand as a candidate and we admire your VICTORY in 2020 as we celebrate our VICTORY in 2020 which is to remember the VICTORY of our parents and Grandparents in 1945 as we defeated Corruption, Racism, Antisemitism and Prostitutes in Public office who called themselves the "German Socialist Workers Party" or NSDAP way back in the 1930's when our family holiday home the Hotel CHURCHILL De Gaulle PANGANIBAN was just being built in Boncourt.
Thank you very much for your help and understanding, with sincere and cordial best wishes, 
Merci beaucoup pour votre aide et votre compréhension, avec mes meilleurs vœux sincères et cordiaux,
Grazie mille per il vostro aiuto e comprensione, con i migliori auguri sinceri e cordiali,
Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe und Ihr Verständnis, mit aufrichtigen und herzlichen besten Wünschen,

Sophie Rebecca, Jacob Michael, Rachel Enid,
Kristina, Eva and Paul Panganiban BRIGHT. 
Please help us Save Our Sisters so that Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937 can Rest In Peace and we can Stop Risk of further extremely political family based violence. MURDER, EXTORTION, KIDNAPPING, Human Trafficking, Fraud, Tax evasion, Child abuse, Theft, Betrayal and Treason must stop!
S'il vous plaît, aidez-nous à sauver nos sœurs afin qu'Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937 puisse se reposer en paix et que nous puissions arrêter le risque de nouvelles violences familiales extrêmement politiques. MURDER, EXTORTION, KIDNAPPING, Traite des êtres humains, Fraude, Evasion fiscale, Maltraitance des enfants, Vol, Trahison et Trahison doivent cesser!
Aiutateci a salvare le nostre sorelle affinché Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937 possa riposare in pace e possiamo fermare il rischio di ulteriori violenze estremamente politiche a livello familiare. MURDER, EXTORTION, KIDNAPPING, tratta di esseri umani, frodi, evasione fiscale, abusi su minori, furto, tradimento e tradimento devono essere fermati!
Bitte helfen Sie uns, unsere Schwestern zu retten, damit Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937 in Frieden ruhen kann und wir das Risiko weiterer extrem politischer familienbasierter Gewalt stoppen können. MORD, EXTORTION, KIDNAPPING, Menschenhandel, Betrug, Steuerhinterziehung, Kindesmisshandlung, Diebstahl, Verrat und Verrat müssen gestoppt werden!

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