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  • Caroline Russell AM
  • Nicky Gavron AM
  • Kemi Badenoch AM
  • Andrew Boff AM
  • Sian Berry AM
  • Tom Copley AM
  • Shaun Bailey AM
  • Fiona Twycross AM
  • David Kurten AM
  • Caroline Pidgeon AM
  • Peter Whittle AM

London Assembly


Saturday 24 June 2017

Fleet Admiral Paul BRIGHT
c/o Jeremy Corbyn
House of Commons,

020 7219 3545

Dear Kemi Badenoch, Caroline Pidgeon, Andrew Boff, 
Fiona Twycross, Nicky Gavron, Tom Copley, Shaun Bailey, 
Peter Whittle, David Kurten, Sian Berry and Caroline Russell,

Please contact Jeremy directly by email> leader@labour.org.uk

We in The Royal Navy Swimming Club are very happy and grateful
to Jeremy Corbyn for putting together an EMERGENCY BRexit team
this weekend. On Monday morning Theresa May will likely resign
as I have pointed out over the years that she is in direct violation
of The Armed Forces Covenant.

Military families like mine did not fight for The Crown for many
generations to see our country sold out by a bought and paid for
Saudi and USA Prostitute like Theresa May who is a disgrace to
The Conservative party of Sir Winston Churchill as well as an
insult to The Royal Navy. GCHQ is fully aware of her TREASON.

It is a treasonable offence to misrepresent the UK as Our Prime
Minister and cause Terrorism in the UK by sponsoring the Saudi
regime both by selling weapons and by perverting the course of
Royal Naval history and justice. Nobody in The Royal Navy will
carry out her infamous orders to press her silly little red button.

We do not need a red button for a government we need a Decent
Democratic Royalist Government that puts people first and sees
to it that Military families do not suffer undue discrimination
as a result of the constant redeployments and family separation
that is very painful to endure. Working for GCHQ overseas is a
very rewarding job but my beloved wife Eva has had enough.

With Jeremy Corbyn PM I will be able to bring The Philippines
into The Commonwealth and secure The Pacific for The Royal
Navy and restore British protection for Hawaii. Donald Trump
will be neutralised and Korea will be reunited. 

We will secure Global Nuclear Disarmament and Then, only
THEN we shall disarm TRIDENT instead of starting WW3.

The Royal Navy are PEACE MAKERS we are not peace breakers!
Further information is available on our web site www.UkOK.fr.gd
We remember 1914 to 1918 to establish World Peace from 2014 to 2018.

Yours sincerely,

Fleet Admiral Paul BRIGHT
HMS Enterprise RMT GBR
Visitor Centre 
Victory Gate 
HM Naval Base 

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