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Sir Francis Drake landed in Mindanao to Liberate The Philippines

  • Ashley Fox MEP
  • Clare Moody MEP
  • Molly Scott Cato MEP
  • Julie Girling MEP
  • William (The Earl of) Dartmouth MEP
  • Julia Reid MEP

South West


Sunday 24 September 2017

Paul Bright
One World For Peace
2 Lansdowne crescent

 Dear William (The Earl of) Dartmouth, Julie Girling, 
Molly Scott Cato, Julia Reid, Ashley Fox and Clare Moody,

The People of Biafra have been loyal to us Brits and The Commonwealth
since their nation was incorporated into Nigeria in 1914. In the same way
the People of Catalonia have put up with being in Spain, our historic enemy.

Great Britain has stood up to the evil Spanish Armada ever since Sir Francis
Drake sailed out of Plymouth to Mindanao in The Philippines in order to offer
all The Philippine people a much better life free from the fascist conquistadores.

The evil Spanish conquistadores were a brutal bunch of bastards (mostly they
were illegitimate and rejected by the mainlanders so they joined the navy).

Needless to say the Spanish Navy, like the US Navy is NOT The Royal Navy
and I see no ships in their fleet. Offering to grant freedom to Biafra, and also
Scotland today will ensure Catalonia will break free from Spain first and end 
the armada threats against Gibraltar. As you know Gibraltar, like our British
Falkland Islands and all other overseas British dependencies are FOREVER 
BRITISH and I have Russian and Chinese naval support for this.

During my time teaching at Beijing Materials Institute in Tongzhou I was 
able to agree the One Belt, One Road, One World UK=OK! Initiative to really
connect the world for peace as intended by Isambard Kingdom Brunel when
he first pioneered The Great Western Railway and Great Eastern Shipping
line. As you know Great Britain is loved all over The World for the railway
especially in Iran, Pakistan and India as well as Bangladesh and Malaysia.

Myanmar will be incorporated into the Commonwealth and Royal Marines
will accompany all trains in the first few years to STOP the evil BURMANS
who are currently committing genocide against the Muslim population.

Her Majestys Government must be Loyal to Her Majesty The Queen and
help me eliminate the fascist Spanish, German, USA and EU regimes. We
all know France and Russia are our friends together in the Triple Entente.

I trust an announcement will be forthcoming shortly and we shall very
soon eliminate both the EU and USA which are threats to Great British
World Peace which is enduring and lasted well from 1815 to 1914 so 
now is the time to remember 1917 in 2017 and 1918 in 2018.

Yours sincerely,

Admiral Paul BRIGHT (RN007)

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