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 Global Investors Forum October 2016


We are delighted to cordially invite investors to join our celebration of the Chinese Belt and Road which connects The Jurassic Republic from the North of Switzerland to Dublin, Lisbon, Madrid, London, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Manila, Jakarta, Canberra and Wellington by sustainable High Speed Passenger Rail and Sealink ferries. Our SNCF link now opens in 2016 and is connected by THURBO Train from Romanshorn.

Sustainable travel for everyone is the key to building an inclusive commonwealth as planned by Her Majesty the Queen and her Chinese friends at the recent state visit of China to the United Kingdom.

The Thurgau Global Investors Forum is held at The Grand Hotel Health Club in BONCOURT

Here is an executive summary of the key topics and opportunities:

~ The Jurassic Republic as your gateway to France, Ireland, the USA and The United Kingdom.

~ TGV Travel from Boncourt to Paris in under 3 hours and London in under 5 hours door to door.

~ Education opportunities with the trilingual English, French & Russian academy (I Study in Jura).

~ Health Insurance coverage for UK based SWISS Residents working in multiple European locations.

~ Peaceful conversion of old “rust belt” industries following the BRexit for World Peace at the G20.

The forum is open to all and advance registration secures a 50% discount on participation fees.

Every serious investor should attend as the New Global Order of the G20 in China is here now.

The REAL USA like the UK is OK! God Save The Queen. Just Say NO to the M€RK€L R€GIM€!

I am, sincerely, On Her Majesty's Service with the UK=OK! Foundation for World Peace.

Paul Bright UK Ambassador to the Jurassic Republic (Deployed from Portsmouth) FOLLOW @RoyalNavyNews &!

Please see the website for further details

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