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Principals Eva & Paul Bright are fully
Financially backed by The Black Horse
and HM Government Department of
Digital Culture Media and Sport.

We fully support family reunification
at the LEFT PARTY in Constance.

Most working families today struggle
to stay together as there is too much
stress travelling for work and school
since roads are very dangerous and
public transport takes a long time.

The Great British School of Constance
enables families to travel to school as
one family unit with the Train, Bus
and Boat services provided by the
local council Stadtwerke Konstanz.

Upon arrival parents and children
can eat breakfast together at the
cafe Francaise and easily go on
to work in Constance by foot.

At the same time as providing an
important public service for people
in the Lake of Constance area which
has a population of over ten million
people, we help stop the "brexit"
which nobody wants any more.

Instead of "brexit" we have been
engineering The BRexit! for British
Railways with Her Majestys Royal
Megayacht Travel Service which is
in operation connecting people to
history at the D-Day beaches in
Normandy, France. Brittany
Ferries provide an excellent
holiday experience and are
paying workers proper
French wages with an
excellent working

The regime of Theresa May and it's
imfamous "hostile environment" has
made life in the UK impossible for so
many British and Syrian families
that have forced to seek refuge
in Germany and wish to be
able to contribute to the
rebuilding of Great
Britain and Syria
all the time.

Family reunification is the most urgent
issue of the day in Germany today as
with reunification people prosper
but separated families struggle.

Everyone in Germany wants a good
British education so we founded The
Great British School of Constance
and are inviting help from all local
people for developing our school
which will help all families to be
together for more hours each day.

Please lobby the ICRC in Geneva and
the government of Angela Merkel via
your local German Embassy for your
right to a normal happy family life.

Millions of familes are affected in all
countries. Familes can be separated
by EU bureaucracy as well as war
that the EU started in actual fact.

Therefore it is imperative that we do
reunite all familes in Germany as
quickly as we possibly can so the
refugees and separated familes
can be together and children 
can enjoy their rights to a
happy childhood in the
German countryside.

Great British Schools promote education
around the world to build one world
for peace and stop the war today...

...by selling your car and investing in
education and public transport you
can do your bit to build a better
world of peace for the next
generation as previous
generations have
fought for our

To stop World War Three we need
to live sustainably and stop invading
countries for "regime change" and
access to oil and raw materials...

...Education is the key to World Peace
and it's all about transport. The German
corporations dominate the world wide
transport industry, bribe politicians
and close down public transport...

World War One made huge profits for
German weapons makers like Krupps
and then World War Two made huge
profits for Volkswagen, BMW, Audi,
Mercedes and Porsche 9-11 types of
corrupted politicians like Hitler.

Today politicians like Merkel,
May and TRUMP are all corrupt:
prostitutes bought and paid for by
the huge corporations that make
money every time a missile is
fired, a car sold and fuel is
pumped into the tank...

The EU is a mafia state with an
aganda to replace democratic and
public transport on the railways
with private road based travel.

EU rail privatisation and road
building serves Volkswagen,
BMW, Audi, Mercedes and
other corporate interests.

The RMT UNION opposes
EU privatisation and supports
democratic public transport so
support the RMT strike, GCT
strike in France, GDL and
Lufthansa strikes in
Germany so we
can stop war.

War only benefits the corrupt,
evil politicians. Remember that
The Royal Family and British
commonwealth stand for
World Peace today...

Her Majesty The Queen unites
us all to STOP THE WAR and
build One World For Peace.

Rememberance of WW1 and
WW2 is the way to stop WW3.

Join The Royal British Legion
for Peace and Vote Labour

...because every generation has
the duty today to pass on the gift
of remembrance to secure a
much better world for our
children tomorrow.

Learn more with remembrance
and email us for help planning
family school trips with public
transport to Stop The War.

Email Great.British.Schools@Gmail.com

Eva & Paul Bright of Great British Schools
Promoting Global British Education to build
One World For Peace with the Commonwealth

Email: Great.British.Schools@Gmail.com
www.UKOK.fr.gd and www.no2eu.com

mail Great.British.Schools@Gmail.com
Principals Eva and Paul BRIGHT, The Great British School Of Constance

Konstanzer Multiculturelles Universidad, Konstanzer str. 5, CH-8280 

Dear SWISS, French, Chinese, Russian, Korean and German friends,

We are delighted to welcome SWISS International Air Lines back to the oneworld.com Air, Land and Sea global network in order to better connect our global customers with seamless passenger travel services. Her Majesty´s Scottish Royal Megayacht Travel services are the peace time services of HM Royal Navy  which will be fully resumed following the Armistice day festival of remembrance on The 11th of November 2018 as Her Majesty The Queen stands for World Peace.

Remembering history enables us to build One World For Peace in our time as all really intelligent people realise that there is no sense in war. World War One started in 1914 and was ended by the armistice of 1918 so it is common sense to celebrate World Peace in 2018 by remembering The Armistice. Several important events are planned in the meantime which will ensure that Royal Navy Values of Diversity, Equality and Full Social Inclusion will apply throughout One World For Peace from Armistice day 2018 on to 2019, 2119, 2219 and forever by The Grace of God:

1: Education about Royal Navy History including Sir Francis Drake landing in Mindanao, The Great British Empire, The USA rebellion, The Napoleonic wars, The Siege of Belfort, The Founding of Germany, The Namibian genocide, World War One, The rise of fascsim, World War Two, The Holocaust, Israel, The Nakhba, The European Union, Corporate corruption today  (Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, BAYER, Monsanto, SWICA, Deutsche bank, etc.) and the recent coup d´etat in Kiev as well as The Chinese invasion of Scarborough shoal will help the population see sense. An intelligent population votes for intelligent LEFT Party politicians.

2: Peace negotiations; China is justifiably afraid of USA imperialism just as we, the British voted to Leave the EU in order to take control. Both China and The USA need to step back and agree to peaceful sustainable development based on the UK=OK! Chinese belt & road initiative proposed by Eva and Paul Bright while teaching in Beijing in 2001. We connect One World For Peace with sustainable and socialy inclusive, RMT UNION protected Railways and Ships. Everyone working at sea on land or in the air is entitled to UK Wage rates so there will be a level playing field OK!

3: Restoration of the pre war railway lines. Before 1914 everyone could travel easily with Public railways. World Wars One and Two destroyed many railways and the resulting automobile dominated corrupt corporatist resource intensive development caused further wars and also devastated the landscape. We need to replace cars with bicycles so that everyone can live well sustainably together. We are delighted to help Switzerland lead the Global Change to Global sustainability both by promoting Real British Cambridge IGCSE education for all and promoting World Peace with the railway reopening  of the 1914 original railway lines, most importantly: Berne~Bienne~Porrentruy~Delle~Belfort Ville~Paris~Caen and Cherbourg; railways which also serve the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam via Epinal~Nancy~Liege~Maastricht and Rotterdam.

Thank you all very much for all your help confronting corruption, rapping racism, abolishing evil Antisemitism and prosecuting prostitutes who abused their public offices for profit. Stopping the risks of corruption enables a level playing field with equal opportunities for GOOD BUSINESS.

We are Sincerely, at your service, On Her Majesty´s Service for World Peace today,


Eva and Paul Panganiban BRIGHT of The Great British School of Constance, June 2018=1918

Tax Registered address: Number Two, Lansdowne crescent, Bournemouth, BH1 1SA UK=OK!

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