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Friday 22nd September 2017

Dear Mr. Huber and Mrs. Tobler,

As a British businessman temporarily on business in the EU and
Switzerland I would like to thank you both for your help in standing
up to the antisemitic and racist discrimination I have suffered in the
fascist canton of Thurgau. The SVP and FDP parties are now both
under critical examination as are KAPO their local political militia.
On Friday the 3rd of March, following my previous declaration that 
I am Jewish, a Trade Unionist and Disabled; I was forcibly taken by
officers G. Nussli and B. Schmidt on the orders of R. Zanoni court
president of Arbon to Munsterlingen spital. It is clear that to be a
British, Jewish, Disabled Trade Unionist is incompatible with life
under a fascist regime. My problems began after I declared my
region as Jewish at the town hall in Romanshorn where I have
got a representative office of HMS Royal Megayacht Travel
service. Holocaust Remembrance Ships play an important
role in remembering how many Jewish, Disabled, Trade 
Union members and others were helped to escape the
Nazi German regime from 1933 to 1945.
Only after the intervention of Scotty at HM Emergency Diplomatic 
helpline in our London centre and the physical intervention of my
Russian secretary was I able to regain my freedom after 7 HOURS.
Auschwitz was closed in 1945 by Russian liberators but Munsterlingen
Spital is still in business, they even have the audacity to send me a bill!
My claims for SIX MILLION Swiss francs from Munsterlingen spiral, the
KAPO and the court in Arbon as well as Romanshorn town hall are all
intended to fund Holocaust Education. 24 Million Swiss francs is very
small change for the Education budget but will help so many children.
Nobody wants to live in a fascist canton or be denied a proper education
so it is commendable that the Friedensricheramt in Kreuzlingen and also
in Romanshorn is up to the job of stopping endemic corruption. It is all
simply about money, the SWICA organisation pays a backhander to an
SVP and FDP agent in return for forcing people to use their insurance.
Sir Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister of the UK will therefore demand a
complete and total BRexit for British Rail that will eliminate the EU
and really break up Switzerland if the Federal Police and Federal
Department of Justice forget to tackle racism and antisemitism.
On a lighter note we have now agreed the planning framework for the
United Kingdom National Curriculum to be taught at The local Cantonal
School and extended into the secondary and primary schools. This will
mean the end of the divisive selection process at the age of 14 since
all children will receive a proper UK education until the age of 16 as
if they were fortunate enough to be at a Church of England school.
My business here is quite simple: to open up the German speaking
market for British schools teaching the UK national curriculum as all
Good parents want for their children. Good parents want the best for
their children and in todays world that means a proper UK education
as is currently only available for those who can afford very high fees.
Antisemitism and Racism is deeply ingrained into the German speaking
world where German is presented as The 'official' language. While we all
know that German is NOT an official United Nations Language deception
works well on uneducated people. Today, just as in the 1930s there are
some who accept this approach if it means they can get on in life.
Thankfully The British people understand The fascist nature of Germany
where Angela Merkel rules even though most people voted against her in
exactly the same way that Adolf Hitler was able to. Ukraine was invaded by
the fascist EU regime backed by actual Nazi German supporters of Bandera
in 2014 exactly as in 1941. Obviously the Russian speaking people object.
The Crimea was always Russian until Khrushchev decided to give it away
during soviet times but we can now see the antisemitic nature of Nikita and
he will be judged by history as he is already dead now. Thurgau politicians
from the racist SVP and fascist FDP will be judged at the Federal Tribunal
as I have already prepared the charge sheet and it is now time for justice.
I would like to thank all good people for standing up to the fascist parties.
In solidarity,
Paul Bright CEO One World For Peace
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