Paris 2024 Olympic TRAVEL - LE JURA MONDE Diplomatique


CommonWealth UK
Berne Delle
London Manila Melbourne

Train & Ship services from 08/04/2021

21:43 Berne
22:08 Bienne
22:51 Delemont
23:20 Porrentruy
23:36 Boncourt Hotel Locomotive
06:55 Delle Gare S.N.C.F.
07:28 Belfort City
08:16 Belfort City
12:16 Paris East
17:00 Paris Saint Lazare
19:00 Le Havere
19:30 Caen SNCF
23:00 Sword Beach
07:00 Portsmouth Royal Navy
16:00 Portsmouth Hard Interchange
18:00 London Heathrow HILTON
08:10 PAL Flight 720 to Manila

Connections to Melbourne operate every day. 

De nouvelles initiatives diplomatiques avec l'ambassade des Philippines à Berne permettent à tous les passagers SWISS d'obtenir une autorisation de transit français et britannique après avoir obtenu un visa philippin et australien pour voyager. Cela permet à chacun de voyager facilement de la Suisse à Paris via Boncourt et la gare de Belfort avec la SNCF. Les familles bénéficient d'un voyage à moitié prix avec une carte familiale française connue sous le nom d'enfant PLUS. Jusqu'à 4 adultes peuvent voyager à moitié prix avec chaque enfant. Brittany Ferries Les tarifs commencent à 29 euros par personne et les cabines familiales sont disponibles pour 100 euros pour une famille de quatre personnes. Au Royaume-Uni, des tarifs plus spéciaux sont disponibles pour se connecter à Heathrow avec une carte British Rail Family Network.

Les tarifs PAL de Philippine Air Lines vers l'Australie commencent à 588 livres sterling pour un retour d'un an via Manille. Il n'y a jamais eu de meilleur moment pour un été! BON VOYAGE !!!

New diplomatic initiatives with The Philippine Embassy in Berne enable all SWISS Passengers to obtain French and UK Transit permission after obtainng a Philippine and Australian visa for travel. This enables everyone to travel easily from Switzerland to Paris via Boncourt and Belfort City Station with SNCF. Families benefit from Half Price Travel witha French Family Railcard known as enfant PLUS. Up to 4 adults can travel for half price with each child. Brittany Ferries Fares start from 29 euros per person and family cabins are available for 100 euros for a family of four. In the United Kingdom more special fares are available to connect to Heathrow with a British Rail Family Network Railcard. 

Philippine Air Lines PAL fares to Australia start from 588 British Pounds for a one year return via Manila. There has never been a better time for a summer down under! BON VOYAGE !!! the Grace of God!

The TELETUBBY PLANE from Melbourne and Manila to Saint Louis near Basel and Saint Louis USA carries millions of Flip Flops for the EUROSHOP at Weil am Rhein and you can buy yours for just 10 Euros from us directly at the FLIP FLOP Bridge north of Bonfol on Sunday afternoons after Church, since you WILL NEED to Speak English you can enrol now at Flying Teachers in BONCOURT for your lessons and Travel to the UKOK!
Today by The Grace of God !

The Teletubby Train connects One World For Peace in our time by restoring links between France and Switzerland which were broken during the Two World Wars and never repaired. Family remembrance tourism for educational holidays that bring families together ensures that future generations will remember the conflicts of the past so that World Peace can prevail in the future. Understanding that corporate greed causes war and needs democratic control is essential for rebuilding democracy today. The Teletubby Train ensures that future generations can enjoy the Peace, Love, Justice and Freedom that our parents and grandparents sacrificed so much for to pass on to us for our children by The Grace of God and Her Majesty The Queen.

1945 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

Brought to you by Eva, Jacob, Sophie, Rachel, Kristina and
Paul BRIGHT who are all UK Public Servants of Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth of ONE United Kingdom and CEOs
responsible for email replies and websites. operating for One World.
We are responsible for promoting remembrance of World War One and World War Two in Eurasia in order to STOP WORLD WAR THREE by defeating the evil communist coronavirus and building A Connected Commonwealth of Peace and Love instead of accepting Russian Mafia Dictatorship. Join us and help us reunite families victimised by Russians Kidnapping Girl Brides because Russian KGB kidnapping needs to be stopped. Children need to be at school and enjoy a normal, happy family life with their legal parents. Please help the NSPCC STOP Child Trafficking Today.

Career details of Eva and Paul BRIGHT
Principals of Great British Schools
Members of The Royal British Legion responsible for promoting World Peace overseas.
Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport
Working for The UK Civil Service as Volunteers for The Department of Digital Culture Media and Sport Based in Bournemouth, United Kingdom.

• 00 41 32 599 1073


Personal statement


We are Directing a team to deliver general maintenance and project development and are hands-on champions of organisation, quality, performance and – in everything we do – safety. Our mission is to Stop Risk and make The UK=OK! For Royal Global Democracy with Boris JOHNSON as Prime Minister. Our international relations team is delivering results that speak for themselves.
We are keen to promote work with The
UK=OK! and deliver excellence for our business partners such as Network Rail as we electrify British Railways and connect One World For Peace. Please see our websites for further details at and Our Global Education Together project has the NGO Title One World For Peace.
We specialise in change management and teaching the teachers of Eurasia how to implement the UK Education system.

Thank you all very much for supporting our project.


Work Experience (Paul Bright)


Principal of The Great British School of Constance

08/1996 - Present

Responsibilities & Achievements

Starting as an Englsh Lecturer at the State University of Nizhny Novgorod
and continuing with UK Security Clearance and a career at the Department
of National Heritage (Now the DDCMS) I have developed the concept of The
Great British School of Constance to offer UK qualifications to everyone in
Eurasia. Based in Bournemouth we are opening a new school at The
Telecom Tower in Constance (behind me on the picture) and are now
currently operating online and with local schools in the Constance area.

Our mission has many tasks including the eradication of corruption in
Switzerland and the EU which has been helped as we voted for BRexit!

There will soon be NO EU so we invite all nations to Join The Commonwealth.

Executive summary:

Expanding the British Education system to Eurasia.
Work includes embassy visits, school visits, talking to parents,
arranging educational pathways for students, consulting, etc.

Education Consultant, Beijing Materials Institute
09/2001 - 12/2001
Responsibilities & Achievements
Implementation of the Chinese UK Educational studies project which is currently ongoing.

Education Consultant, Ecole Louis Blanc
09/1999 - 09/2001
Responsibilities & Achievements
Advising on improvements to the out of school environment in the 10th Arrondisement of Paris

Education Consultant, Bellerbys college London
09/1997 - 07/1999
Responsibilities & Achievements
Implementation of the Business Studies Pre University programme enabling foreign students to go to UK Universities.

Security Clearance for AA starting grade at The
Department of National Heritage, UK Civil Service.

06/1996 - 07/1996

Responsibilities & Achievements
Advising on improvements to the UK Hotel industry including benchmarking,
language training for staff, connectivity with public transport, international promotion.

English Lecturer, State University of Nizhny Novgorod
09/1995 - 06/1996

Responsibilities & Achievements
Giving lectures in English about The Geopolitical changes following the end of the Soviet Union
Marking of student eassays, leading discussion groups, visiting local schools, private lessons, etc.

Student Tutor, Hull University
09/1992 - 06/1997
Responsibilities & Achievements
Tutoring students at Hull University while taking the degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.



University of Hull

1992 - 1997

Undergraduate degree

Politics, Philosophy and Economics (2:2)

London University
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
1997 - 1999
Master's degree
MSc Development studies First Class
Having passed the exams in London in 1999 my work began to develop the world as intended by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Mindanao Railways is a long term project for Philippine National Railways and will connect the Philippines providing very good jobs for everyone. In addition Her Majesty's Royal Megayacht Travel service will connect The Philippines to Sanya in China via Scarborough shoal and The Commonwealth (Australia to the United Kingdom) via Bitung and Davao, home of President Duterte. We are incorporation The Commonwealth of Independent States (including Russia) into The Commonwealth to build One World For Peace.  One World For Peace is an International Development Studies Project and my forthcoming Phd dissertation will explain everything in detail.

Townsend School Saint Albans

1984 - 1986


● Mathematics & Statistics - C
● English - C
● Physics - B
● History - C
● Biology - C
● Chemistry - C
● Technology - C
● French - D
● German - D


1990 - 1992

Business Studies (Distinction)

Institute of Export
1990 - 1992
Graduate Diploma in Export (Miex (Grad))

Cambridge English
1990 - 1991
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL Certificate)

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