Paris 2024 Olympic D-Day Landing Celebrations - MASTERMINDS

FRANCE has decided to leave the European Union and
Join The UK to be OK! with The Commonwealth as GE
General Electric opens the Great British Rail Inter City
125 Extended Range Pantograph Plant in Belfort so our
Nuclear Trains replace nuclear missiles as seen on BBC TV

The Connected Commonwealth is our theme for 2019...
as Great Britain liberates Europe once again as in 1919 and
1945. We cordially invite all our neighbours to join us in The
Commonwealth and enjoy real, true freedom of movement on
board our Inter City 125er types of train and on our ships...


Vive La Chemin de fer
du Cameroun:

Commonwealth For Peace theme of 2017 prepared
the way for us 
Towards a Common Future in 2018 as we
remembered 1918 together with all our German speaking
sisters and brothers on the
11th of November 2018 in
the historic city of
Constance where we are building
Rainbow Coalition For Real Global Democracy
so that the United Kingdom can FREE EUROPE
together with our French and American friends
again in 2019 just as we did before in 1919.....
and then again from 1945 with our FINEST
friends as it's more fun in The Philippines

The Vicious Dictator
Angela M€RK€L has resigned...
or simply gone down into the Berlin Bunker and
shot herself in the head (
just like Hitler) so we
understand well there is NO Alternative for the MAD

and totally ridiculous fabrication "deutschland"
and WE help Our World to be FREE AGAIN.

The Treaty of Versailles will be honoured as we do
remember 1919 in 2019 and Germany must pay as
President Donald Trump said and La Republique est
en marche as President Macron said..... En marche à
la Grande Ville Francaise de la La Lac du Constance
as obviosly FRANCE is GREAT and includes that 
big "Lac du Crocodille" of DORA the explorer...

Towards a Common Future is The theme for 2018 as
we all prepare for the Great British BRexit that now
really means BRexit! for British Rail Holidays to
the UK for everyone to be OK! and enjoy sun,
sea and sand at our most excellent beaches.

James Bond is in France arranging the FRexit!
and also in Ireland arranging the IRexit! for us all!

The UK is OK! and you are welcome so
we cordially invite you to the our BRexit!
round table discussions in Constance.

Remembering The Siege of Belfort, World War One,
World War Two, The Holocaust, and Pro German
EU wars against Yugoslavia
, Libya, Syria
Yemen and now Ukraine again from
2014 to 2018
we can say with full
confidence: Enough is Enough!

The problem is Germany does not want to truly face
up to it's past and continuing dependence on fossil
fuels which are needed for Volkswagens, BMWs,
Audis, Mercedes and Porsche 9-11 types
. War
is required as the German economy is very
unsustainable but war makes sustainable
profits for the evil German corporations.

Everyone in Germany understands the GroKo
regime of Angela Merkel
is finished but refuses
to accept this truth. Europe is being held hostage
like an experimental monkey being forced to die
while breathing Volkswagen exhaust fumes!

The Great British Schools project promotes The UK
English International School curriculum to everyone
by providing FREE Education with NO Tuition fees in
association with the LEFT PARTY in the bundestag
in order to Stop The War with real UK education.

Already established in Constance at the Telecom
Tower our antennas on the roof enable anyone with
an internet receiving device to register for free and to
connect to the internet for FREE in association with the
Council of Constance "Stadtkonzil Konstanz" and the
Public Works authority "Stadtwerke Konstanz" who
also provide public transport and other services.

The Great Public Library of Constance opposite the
Cathedral of Constance is undergoing an Anglication
exercise and welcomes books in English as well as all
downloaded valuable Great British Education materials
which volunteers can print out and submit for indexing.

I would personally like to thank the head librarian for
the most valuable help and assistance in bringing the
UK to Germany to make everything OK! for our growing
cohort of interntional students, tourists and visitors from
all over the world, especially the new markets of the east...

It is now true that Brexit means BRexit! for British Rail
with the NEW SWISS TGV Lyria services connecting all
passengers from Constance via The Jurassic Republic
of Switzerland to Paris in just two hours from Belfort
TGV station which is a 20 minute bus ride from the
SWISS Border at Boncourt. SBB CFF FFS offer
many reductions to people in Constance to
travel to the border of France where the
fare is 2.5 Swiss Francs to the TGV
and from 20 Euros on to Paris.

From Paris there is a TGV to Le Havre and also
to Caen and Cherbourg as well as Saint Malo and
Roscoff for the Connecting Brittany Ferries sailings
at night to Cork, Plymouth, Poole and Bournemouth
as well as the Royal Navy Dockyard in Portsmouth.

Travelling at night means enjoying a Guineess on
board as if you were in the Shamrock Irish Pub by
the railway station or enjoying a coffee as if you
were at Coffee fellowes in the railway station.

Be sure to buy yourself an Economist, China Daily,
New York Times and Spotlight English magazine 
for your trip and maybe change some euros in
to pounds to benefit from extremely Great
British value prices on board our ships
where Guiness is just Two pounds
and food is incredibly good!

Welcome to The NEW UK that will be OK! for you!

We all sincerely look forward to meeting you
and playing football on the beaches in 2018.

Our shared Great British German sense of humour
means that we can all say "Two World Wars and a
World Cup" together now. We are all sisters and
brothers after all as Her Majesty The Queen
herself is descended from Hannover in
Germany so all's well that ends well!

With very best wishes for 2019 as we remember 1919

Eva and Paul Bright CEO Bright Rail Limited

Constance 2018:
One World For Peace all together now

We are a legal UK entity
known officially as a UK 
Unincorporated association.

An ‘unincorporated association’ is an organisation set up through an agreement between a group of people who come together for a reason other than to make a profit (for example, a voluntary group or a sports club). Our reason is to Make Britain Great Again, so that we can all go on to make a HUGE Profit later on!

Our main Export is Great British Education so we promote Great British Schools which will all be FREE when the Good German People VOTE  LEFT for their FREE  Kindergartens.

It will all be paid for as Germany will be much more competitive when everyone speaks English First and there is no more EU  regime. So don't vote for the "Alternative" as there is no alternative to speaking English if you want Germany to be integrated into the Global British Economy!

You don’t need to register an unincorporated association, and it doesn’t cost anything to set one up.

Individual members are personally responsible for any debts and contractual obligations.

If you make a profit (and we do intend to)

If the association does start trading and makes a profit, you’ll need to pay Corporation Tax and file a Company Tax Return in the same way as a limited company.
For this purpose we are registered as HMS (Her Majesty's Services)
Royal Malaysian Travel Service and Great British Railways. We
anticipate profitability when we have a democratically elected
government in The United Kingdom that puts people first and
our enterprise will then be administered as a public utility
providing sustainable transport services for everyone.


YES Scotland is the REAL UK=OK! Since 1603 1 visitors today to The REAL UK=OK=CHURCHILL FOREVER !