Paris 2024 Olympic D-Day Landing Celebrations - One World Commonwealth For Love and Peace

Le monde entier dans une maison
The whole wide world in a house


BRIGHT RAIL oneworld connects The UK and Philippines to Australia.

Dear Fellow residents of Great Britain, The JURA Ireland and France,

We propose the installation of a railway for our children exactly like the
Garden railway in Berne. The Boncourt "Gurtenbahn" will connect
us to Delle along the riverbank as well as enabling us all to visit the
world famous international observation tower on our mountain.

Focusing on road safety and public transport will transform life in our
village by attracting families with small children who all want to live
a better life on a better planet without any deadly cars. Moving
together towards a common future benefits everyone equally.

Towards A Common Future is the Commonwealth Theme for 2018
as we remember the 1918 armistice together with our German as
well as SWISS and Austrian friends who are all now joining
The Commonwealth and helping to implement the United
Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety. Banishing
The BMW and Arresting the Audis while Making
life difficult for the Mercedes and Vanishing
the Volkswagens will save millions of lives
and enable global family reunification.

Philippine International Railways will connect The UK to
Australia enabling a sustainable permanent way for all
Commonwealth Trade and save millions of lives as
Great British Railways connect everyone now
enabling One World For Peace Today.

We are very grateful and would like to thank all the honest
politicians who are helping us to stop corruption and make
Free trade really mean fair trade with a level playing field
which we call "Stadium 2" or "Stade 2" the second field
of global trade as the EU regime now comes to an end.

Tackling Corruption, Racism, Antisemitism and The
Porsche 9-11 Types of thing (corrupt politicians and officials)
in public offices is a real challenge but we are now stopping
the Great war that was started in 1914 by corporate interests.

Millions of people have lost their lives in war from 1914 to 2018
and millions more have become displaced as refugees. We are
dedicated to stopping all war and conflict by remembering
the past for a better future today. We call on everyone
to support remembrance so we can truly build
One World of Commonwealth For Peace.

Sir Elton John sings ROCKETMAN in Honour of Kim Jong UN
We are responsible to STOP THE WAR and Save The Children...

...especially our own children Rachel and Jacob BRIGHT...

We would especially like to thank our local Justice of The Peace
here in Kreuzlingen where we are at flat number ten in
building five constance street over The Line Crossing.

The Mayor of Imus, Cavite is a Good Man, just like Our
beloved President Duterte who used to be Mayor of
Davao and is now The President of our republic.

The Mayor of Romanshorn is a fascist who desrespected
The Royal navy and paid a yob on a bike to say to me
"Royal Navy Suck Cock" and he also denied our
UK NHS Medical cards which is a violation
of the EHIC bilateral agreement.

The EVIL "Bon" has delayed our family reunifcation and
insulted OVER SIX MILLION Jewish victims of Auschwitz
because he denied us permission to open a Holocaust gold
museum at the harbour. Many GOLD BARS were taken
over the lake here after the gold had been extracted
from the teeth of the victims at Auschwitz. So
we could say Mr. "Bon" is hiding GOLD
at his UBS Deposit box in ARBON...

People who BREAK THE LAW while in Public office are
especially guilty and need to be sent to Saudi Arabia in
a black box Mercedes (Just like Hitler) for beheading
if that is the will of God and The Royal Saudi Court.

Saudi Arabia plays a vital role in upholding Jusice and the
defence of Israel. Iran also plays a vital role defending the
Palestinians so we need QATAR Airways new catamaran
service connecting Iran to Qatar and Saudi Arabia for
World Peace and International Friendship. This is
all now possible with BRIGHT RAIL oneworld.

BRIGHT Rail International is your route to Vladivostok
for Our ASIAN DREAM Shipping oneworld family holiday!
and you can always email in Moscow!

Standing up to Corruption, Racism, Antisemitism and most
of all the evil €U Prostitutes in Public offices like the fascist
mayor of Romanshorn Mr. "bon" is very difficult. The
corrupted "President" of the district court in Arbon
actually had me arrested by KAPO and locked
up in Munsterlingen spital for reporting it!

Azkaban Prison is where Sirius BLACK got locked up
and it took Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix
to rescue him. It took our beloved daughter Rachel
and our Russian friends as well as The British
embassy diplomatic service to rescue me... 

It was actually The PHILIPPINE Embassy in Berne that
intervened to rescue me and also to reunify the Coreans
who had been focibly separated by The WEST Following
the imposition of the DMZ line to split up families and
actually it was PYONGYANG who helped me to fix
that one (but the South Korean Ambassador was
OK and invited me around to his house too).

The Royal Navy does not like the U$A as you know we are
not happy at all about their Boston "Tea Party" and Trump
has STILL not surrendered the Declaration of Independence
that was a condition of him being allowed to meet The Queen.

The Royal Navy is everywhere these days, we are moving in 
to Romanshorn and insalling RED LINES all over the place.

Always remember, it is BEST to avoid crossing RED LINES.

When thinking about The Royal Navy few of us imagine a happy
family holiday in these troubled times yet the Royal Navy is doing
a splendid job of helping save refugees from the Meditteranean sea
who are escaping the evils of Erdogan and punishments of Putin.

We all have to choose sides in this life but it's better to choose our
sauces on your lunch than our forces on your beaches. We all love
France so we do not tolerate German invasions and that is why we
did remember 1944 in 2014  and now it is 1918 in 2018 as we do
remember The Siege of Belfort from 1870 to 1871 and we also
remember the Namibian Genocide, World War One, World
War Two and The Holocaust. Therefore Great Britain is
ALWAYS going to support Israel and Palestine as
BOTH EQUAL under God and The Queen.

We must now STOP THE WAR that Germany started in 1914...

We support The LEFT PARTY in Germany as everyone wants 
FREE KINDERGARTENS and The Great British School of
Constance is opening in the Telecom Tower. LESSON 1
is all about spelling: It's Constance NOT "konstanz"...

Angela Merkel is laughing all the way to the bundesbank with the
blood of Kurds and Syrians on her hands as she signed off Panzer
exports to dictators not to mention BASF and BAYER chemical
weapons exports to Syria and the downing of oneworld MH17.

It really does not matter if Pro-Russian "rebels" or Pro-€U regime
forces pulled the trigger on that BUK missile launcher that was
probably made in Russia. We also make rocket launchers too!

Novichoc is also made in England at Porton Down and God only
knows how it got into the BMW ventilation system of the Skripal
car. We should instead ask WHY were they driving a BMW at all?

Thankfully Sir Elton John was also Made in England so we might
have something valuable to export after The Brexit because my
wife is @TheBRexit! so brexit means BRexit!!! for Great
British Rail holidays and you can truly 
Travel in style
with HMS Royal Megayacht travel Service.

Great British Rail is coming to The Philippines faster than a
cannon ball in Cavite we are travelling at the speed of light...

Email us at for a tailor made
HOLIDAY to France for a day trip or a lifetime deployment
On Her Majesty's Royal Megayacht Travel Service UK=OK!

...and for an education that you can ONLY find in The Jurassic
Kingdom PLAYLAND email us for that too, we are here 4U! for eary years up to ten
and for ages eleven plu.

We are, Sincerely, On Her Majesty's Service and
we are also AT YOUR SERVICE as well...

Eva and Paul Panganiban BRIGHT

(Signed by electronic signature 007 and 008 in 2002
while on this 007 Themed Great British Rail Train)

PLAYLAND has Playmobile
as well as Lego & woodblocks

Case study and results:

The Philippines is very
important to the UK as
we will save scarborough
shoal from invasion and
save our filipino fishing
communities and that
means FISH and CHIPS
for all after The BRexit!

Living on after Traumatic
Brain Injury is difficult if
results cannot be achieved
and further lives are lost
on roads. The campaign
for safe roads to help our
Police STOP RISK was
seen as crazy when
"everyone had a car"
and so listening to
TBI survivors and
imagining a better 
world with Public 
was a good
idea in the end as we
are saving milions of
and saving our 
too as we scrap
cars and rebuild our
Great British Railways.

Excellent British Public
as Public Phone
really help people
and are vital for TBI as
well as other disabled
people to be a little
bit independent,
they're also a pupular
tourist attractions so
why doesn't everone
use them then?

Corporate adverts
brainwash people but
TBI survivors think in
a slower, logical way...

So it would seem we are
quite useful to society
and really ought to get
our DWP offices open
again and stop the €U
forcing everyone to be
cutting back on our
public services we
all need so much
in actual fact!

The UK is a Global
country and others do
look up to us so we can
lead the world by export
marketing of UK things
like respect for disabled
people and our world
famous phone boxes.

Everyone loves The UK
and that's why we have
managed to pursuade
Philippine airlines to 
fly to London and
love the UK so we
will be fine after the
BRexit! because we
are The UK and we 
are Globally OK!

Everyone can join our
sales team and rebuild
Great Britain exporting
our telephone boxes and
we will Make Britain 
Great Again
so we
can STOP RISK on
roads &
Save our NHS.

Families in The UK and
Philippines need to talk
about many things to do
the right thing and pay
their National Insurance
so we are installing a UK
OK Public Telephone at
GSIS in General Santos
to connect to the DWP
this will really help our
UKOK! marketing at
The World Cup in 2022
because Qatar is our UK
Global HUB and we do
also like Qatar Gas so as
to have a UKOK hot bath
so buy your very own UK
OK community phone
box for everyone near
you and it will even
pay for itself and make
a little profit to give the
DWP some money as we
all do our best in fact...


YES Scotland is the REAL UK=OK! Since 1603 1 visitors today to The REAL UK=OK=CHURCHILL FOREVER !