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Sunday September 11th 2016, remembering 1916

We are delighted to offer FREE ENGLISH HELP to everyone in the local community now that the United Kingdom is formally engaged with Switzerland as Brexit means BRexit with British Rail &

the purchase of Stadler THURBO type trains for British Railways United Kingdom Branch lines.

TRAM 10 From Zurich to the Airport is being extended to Winterthur and will join the Frauenfeld Wil Bahn which will also serve Sirnach due to funding from The Canton of Thurgau where the 1914~1918 museum is temporarily accommodated at the Town Archive (StadtArchivFrauenfeld).

Winterthur Trams will gradually supplement buses on all routes so there will be a 5 minute interval with buses continuing to rural villages. We are now actively encouraging driver applications from Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish speakers who can help our international guests like UK Prime Minister May, Saudi leader Abdullah, Chinese premier Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin to find their correct destinations in Winterthur since we are promoting international restaurants as well as promoting sales of complete Public Transport systems.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been in Switzerland quite a lot in the past month, as we all know. She has been very impressed by the Appenzeller Bahn, THURBO Trains and SBB CFF FFS with her First Class General ticket also providing SBS Special Boat Services from Romanshorn and the Post Office Bus service providing handy connections for walkers. As we know walking is a sport and is part of the UK Government NHS National Health Service PLAN for Great British Fitness without the EU. We The British are scrapping cars to invest in Great British SWISS Railways.

Sustainable travel for everyone is the key to building an inclusive commonwealth as planned by Her Majesty the Queen and her Chinese friends at the recent state visit of China to the United Kingdom.

The Jurassic Republic is your gateway to France, Ireland, the USA and The United Kingdom with TGV Travel from Boncourt to Paris in under 3 hours and London in under 5 hours. Universal comprehensive Education is provided at the United Nations college in Delemont. UK SWISS Health Insurance coverage is provided in all European locations with the new UK EHIC cards.

Paul Bright UK Ambassador to the Jurassic Republic (Education, Transport and Health) FOLLOW @RoyalNavyNews &!

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