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Borocay, Berne & Bienne 
to Moutier, Porrentruy &
Joncherey, Versailles and
Portsmouth D-Day Party

Borocay 10:00
Manila 22:00
Genoa 11:00
Berne 07:46
Bienne 08:19
Moutier 08:38
Porrentruy 09:22
Bon  court 09:35
Joncherey 09:43
Grandvillars 09:46
Delle 09:40
TGV 09:55
TGV 10:01
Belfort 10:10
Belfort 13:20
Paris Est 17:16
Paris S.L. 19:09
Sword Beach 21:45
CHECK IN: 22:00
Sailing 2UK: 23:00
Portsmouth: 07:00

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