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RMT helps UKOK BRexit!!!
and stops all terrorism and war
with REMEMBRANCE today...

A message from HMS RMT Fleet Admiral Paul Bright
who has the mission to replace cars with bicycles and
Public Transport for all
which is safe and sustainable
ensuring Trade Union Human rights are protected.

Currently on deployment in Germany to promote
remembrance and the UK we are achieving GREAT
PEACE with The Good Germans who appreciate
our sacrifices in liberating their country from
the Nazi German dictatorship in 1945 and
understand our historic role today.

By remembering the 1918 armistice in 2018 we will
be able to permanently stop war with sustainable
public transport and democratic accountability
of governments to PUBLIC needs for services.

The UK National Curriculum will be made available
to all in Germany so history will be properly taught.

We stop Vicious Volkswagens and Bin the BMW
Bribery that brought Hitler and Merkel to power
with Audi Aggression and MAD Mercedes Mayhem
 in Isuzu Pick up trucks with our
common sense apporach to Road Safety.

We put the PEOPLE FIRST and STOP RISK on roads.

Stopping the corporate takeover of The Queens Highway
is the way to stop Theresa May arming dictators and
terrorists. Support the RMT UNION for Road Safety
and safe British Rail trains with GUARDS on trains.


We must remove The Unelected May Dictatorship now
because Theresa May is damaging the Good reputation
of the country that gave The Railways to The World.

Her continued sponsorship of the terrorists in Syria 
follows the disastrous foreign policy of the disgraced
David Cameron and simply enriches her fellow arms
dealing cronies while civilians are the victims. It is
important to understand that Her Majesty The
Queen does not support Theresa May so 
please help our Queen stop Mayhem!

Understanding the History of Signals Intelligence will
help everyone understand how Great Britain has stood
up to Germanic corporate fascism that is unsustainable
and caused World War One and World War Two and
started a Third World War in 2014 when Nazi German
fascists were employed to impose a Ukrainian regime
following EU USA sponsored MAIDAN MASSACRE.

Instead of the insane foreign policy of arming dictators
and despots we need to be working with all nations to
build Peace as we are the key power in the United
Nations Security Council. Only Great Britain
can bring Peace to the world together with
Our American friends, France, China
Russia and all good allied nations.

It is important to remember Great Britain and
The Royal Navy have a proud history of ending
slavery stopping WW1 and WW2 and more
recently toppling the fascist Argentine
dictatorship in the 1983 falklands
war which is why Argentinians
today say the UK is OK!

The Royal Navy deserves full credit for
restoring democracy to Argentina and now
in the United Kingdom with a FREE and
FAIR election that will end Tory rule.

By remembering 1914 to 1918 from 2014
to 2018 we can stop all current conflicts
and stop World War Three. Stopping
the war is Common Sense foreign
policy which is good for real
business serving people.

World Peace has always been the historic mission
of Great Britain and The United Kingdom since
our founding by Good King James of Scotland
in 1603 as documented in the introduction
to The King James Bible for all to read.

The Global Commonwealth for Peace of Her Majesty
the Queen replaces the mindless competition for cars
and other materialistic overconsumption with ONE
World of PEACE and safe Public Transport for all.

We are forever grateful to our Soviet HEROES
who fought Germany in World War Two and
liberated the Nazi German concentration
camps. Israel has a right to exist since
Germany tried to wipe out Jewish
people in the Holocaust and the
evil nations that oppose Israel
need to rethink their policies.

At the same time Palestinian people need
to be resettled not as refugees but as full
German citizens as Germany caused
their suffering with the Holocaust.

by President Trump. Germany must repay 
Greece and all other european nations
robbed by the evil EURO REGIME.

Most importantly Germany must remember
the evil caused by their starting of Two
World Wars and continued aggression
in Ukraine against the Russian east
where people wish to join Russia
as they voted for in Crimea.

Equally in Korea people have voted for friendly
reations with the North where Pyongyang has
succeeded in defending itself from the USA
paving the way for peaceful reunification
after the USA finally quits asia allowing
real democracy to flourish with the
Connomwealth as in Malaysia.

We are On Her Majesty's RMT Service on behalf of The People
of the United Kingdom for One Korea as founded in 1603 by
Good King James
of Great Britain, Ireland and France.

By The Grace of God we restore Democratic Government
by Special Royal Command
with HM Royal Navy for UKOK!

Paul is a member of the RMT UNION (M0129053) UK Labour
and the Royal British Legion for Peace remembering
1914~1918 today from 2014~2018 together with our Sisters
and Brothers in Germany. Her Majesty The Queen will
declare World Peace at the Armistice remembrance
celebration in 2018 at PORT ROYAL #FDH
locally known as Free Drich Hafen but
The British call it PORT  ROYAL

Stay at our Union Jack affiliated GOLF Resort

BRexit!!! establishes World Peace
based on remembrance of Pax Britannica from
1815 which lasted until 1914 as we remember:
World War One ! World War Two ! no2eu !
 with The 
today we are
all equal under God and The Queen.

Dover Shipping Branch
wants equality for all UK & Philippine
which means UK Pay and conditions for all working at sea
(Rule Britannia) because life in The Philippines is in fact
actually far more expensive than life in The UK.

We need Rule Britannia to protect all seafarers and all passengers
from the evil EU crooked conditions that led to the sinking of The
"Herald of Free Enterprise" and "COSTA" shipping disasters.

We say NEVER AGAIN to that sort of thing.

The purpose of
BRexit!!! is to PUT PEOPLE FIRST 
by declaring UK=OK!

The Blue (Tory) UK becomes OK (Labour) with
#JC4PM Jeremy Corbyn PM. Today Jeremy
explained how Labour will actually
Save Our NHS and Unite Ireland.

The Labour
BRexit!!! is achieved by reminding Germany
of 1914~1918 from 2014~2018 thereby restoring
The United Ireland that was whole before 1914
when Germany started The Great War.

With Labour Ireland is Whole again.

We thank Jeremy Corbyn very much indeed for his
most excellent work helping promote the interests of all
The People of The UK and The rest of the world:
BRexit!!! we declare REAL World Peace.

BRexit!!! for British Rail is a BRIGHT IDEA because
The Great British RMT BR
exit means

The May "brexit
means brexit" was never a True
for B
ritish Rail
but a silly Tory brexit that was designed to
give the NHS to Richard Branson & EVIL EU chums.

BRexit!!! means WW1, WW2, and Now
BRexit!!! reminds Germany that it does not own Europe
BRexit!!! means the End of Angela Merkel & her €U R€GIM€

Look at the Labour 10 Point Plan achieved with

Fleet Admiral Bright continues his deployment from Bournemouth
to France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland to build bridges with
the local people by introducing the UK National Curriculum to all
schools and help all nations restore FREEDOM and Join UKOK!

The UK National Curriculum is offered by The British Council.

We remember our allies who have stood together since 1914 defending
freedom and democracy around the world. It is my greatest pleasure to
promote the 1914~1918 museum in Frauenfeld to tourists from all over
the World as we build World Peace from 2014~2018 with remembrance.

We are building a permanent War & Peace museum in Romanshorn
with the people of Friedrichshafen that is renamed PORT ROYAL
capital of Wuttembourg Les Bains after the GerEXIT of BW.

The HUGE Graf Zeppelins are to be build again as BRIGHT 
as Paul promised his friends in the beer garden
that they could all get a HUGE PAY RISE if they bought
him a beer. The German peope are very friendly.

The ship on the sea is renamed HMS NELSON
in honour of Paul's brother in Law Nelson
who is the brother of his beloved wife
and son joining him from Cavite.

NELSON is of course related to Nelson Mandela
and Fleet Admiral Lord Nelson through The UKOK!
Commonwealth affiliation to
HM Queen Elizabeth.

Arabic, British English, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish
are the United Nations Official languages as declared
in 1945 German is clearly NOT an official language.

This has been a very difficult message for Paul to deliver
but it is thankfully getting through and now English is
spoken by all people who want to serve customers
because most people do speak English First.

Tourists who used to land at Zurich airport
now land at PORT  ROYAL by Air and Sea
or on board Great British Rail Trains so now
it is easy to see why Friedrichshafen was the
chosen ONEWORLD airport for Europe.

HMS RMT GBR Fleet Admiral Paul Bright (RN008)
CEO UKOK! Foundation for World Peace.

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A million RED ROSES to my beloved wife Eva

YES Scotland is the REAL UK=OK! Since 1603 4 visitors today to The REAL UK=OK=CHURCHILL FOREVER !