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  • Welcome to One World For Peace

We are pleased to serve you in all six United Nations languages as we build One World For Peace, The World We Want. We are dedicated to connecting The World peacefully by Public Transport which will create millions of Good, Green Jobs in Bournemouth and the UK, where we are based, as well as the rest of the world. Remembrance tourism brings Education, Peace and Prosperity to The World.
We help all local business and government integrate into the Global Economy to stop the risk of extremist racism, xenophobia and anti-semitism by remebering the past so we can build a peaceful future together.
Remembering 1914 to 1918 as well as 1939 to 1945 from 2014 to 2018 enables us all to learn from the past and move on to build a better future together by remembering the Armistice of 1918 in 2018.
One World For Peace is The United Kingdom diplomatic mission for road safety deployed to Europe to promote The United Nations Decade of Action for road safety together with sustainable international tourism by train and ship.
Many people have misunderstood the "brexit" which was actually a vote for road safety. Understanding how war was used to damage Public Transport services enables the British government to Bring Back British Rail which is the state owned railway company. We confidently say "Brexit means BRexit for British Rail" as we connect One World For Peace as intended by Isambard Kingdom Brunel the famous British engineer. As we Bring Back British Rail and connect our island by sea to the rest of the world we Promote Public Transport everywhere.
We will Bring Back British Rail to deliver affordable and accessible travel for everyone so that travelling around Great Britain is as easy as travelling around Switzerland with half price and junior family cards.
Everyone can travel without a car in Switzerland which is why we are promoting the Lake Constance region where we are working to improve travel opportunities in Germany and Austria where some people still feel they need cars.
We all know from the recent news that the large car manufacturing firms have been cheating on emissions and that deadly CO2 and other emissions are a serious risk that needs to be stopped.
Today many people are talking about electric cars being the future but we believe electric trains, buses and bicycles will be more practical for most people.
As the global population grows and people naturally enjoy the company of others we foresee Public Transport as the solution to our mobility needs with bicycles used for the short trip to the bus stop or railway station.
Overseas travel by ship is time saving when compared to flying as overnight sailings enable passengers to sleep on board in cabins so as to arrive well rested the next day to continue their journeys by train.
Current rail and sea routes enable London, Dublin, Edinburgh and Cork to be reached overnight from Paris with Brittany Ferries via Caen to Portsmouth, Cherbourg to Poole, Saint Malo to Plymouth and Roscoff to Cork.
The new railway line from Porrentruy to Paris in just three hours will enable everyone in Switzerland to enjoy day trips to Paris as well as weekends in London.
Overnight Churchill Night Line sleeper trains will enable everyone to spend a healthy afternoon on the Normandy beaches and pay their respects to our HEROES who landed from Portsmouth to liberate Europe in 1944.
As we remember 1945 we remember One World Of Peace was achieved by Great sacrifices. Remembrance is the key to ensuring the safety of future generations. Today we overcome extremism and monoculturalism by remembering the conflicts that Germany and then the EU sponsored. The war in Syria is over now and peace is returning to Libya. Korea is reunifying as One Korea after so many years of division. The Philippines is putting the People First with a focus on road safety and Philippine National Railways. Everywhere we look the work of One World For Peace is bearing fruit and providing strong foundations for a Peaceful Normal World Order.
Diplomatically we are moving The British Embassy from Berne to Boncourt since this will enable British diplomats and civil servants to visit the embassy in a day trip by Eurostar trains from London and greatly improve our services on offer.
We welcome everyone to the Lake Constance region and to The United Kingdom where you will always enjoy a very warm international welcome.
Our new Labour Government is committed to growth and jobs so we have many vacancies and will be very pleased to meet you at the Embassy.
Our diplomatic mission is expanding to include help and advice on going to The Americas as well as The Commonwealth so we will do our best to answer any questions about the Normal World Order of Peace we are building together.
The new map of Europe showing the route of the New Railway line as well as our Royal Navy promotional business card and One Happy Family logo is attached together with our "Trump Tunnel" Megaproject flyer. The project to connect The UK and Russia to America over the bering strait is now well underway and we will be happy to provide more details of this very large engineering opportunity.
Every day we enjoy a swim in the sea, rain or shine, you are most welcome to join us at The One World For Peace Royal Navy Swimming Club.

With very best wishes for the future,
Paul Bright CEO One World For Peace
  HM Royal Navy Swimming Club
Fleet Admiral Paul BRIGHT (RN008)

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