On Her Majestys Service - Reunited Families
Reunited UK Families

Paul, Eva, Jacob, Rachel, Sophie
and Kristina BRIGHT are UK
Maria ANI$IMOVA who
a family from The UK


Swiss Police 00 41 32 420 95 00 
Manchester Police 00 44 161 856 0250

Modern Slavery Helpline & Resource Centre Ref: 15170.
Bournemouth Police 00 44 1202 222 222  Ref: 55190107045
UK action FRAUD REF: NFRC 190803128509

BRITISH AMBASSADOR Jane OWEN Phone: 00 41 31 359 77 00

VICTIM STATEMENT by Eva & Paul BRIGHT: "We trusted Maria since we met her in Russia in 2001 but she deceived us, betrayed us and has even brainwashed our own daughter against us. Rachel & Sophie have suffered Extremist (NAZI Russian) 
Emotional Abuse as well as Violent Physical Abuse. Police suspect Maria plans to TRAFFIC the children to RUSSIA and Romania for MURDER and HUMAN ORGAN THEFT. Sadly Paul is too old to be much use so he has been abandoned at Rue Du Stade 2 in BONCOURT on the SWISS BORDER with FRANCE. The children are in BERNE where Sophie is USED to play the TROMBONE and Rachel is deprived of BOTH her mother Eva and father Paul while being brainwshed against them by Maria (a crime known as GROOMING).

We are a British Family as Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT 01/03/1971 married Paul BRIGHT
28/10/1969 on the 6th of January 2002. Paul had TWO British Parents Enid and Michael BRIGHT but Enid BRIGHT 17/04/1937 was MURDERED on 20/04/2013 after an agonising death caused by a LACK OF CARE at a private hospice in CROYDON.
Her Majesty's coroner in Croydon coroner is now reopening the case.

In times of adversity we, The British, do not get angry; we get EVEN because it's EVEN STEVENS and Steven is a very good friend of mine from Friedrichshafen. Steven is the KING of Biafra and Cameroon is next door where English is also spoken together with French. A bilingual education benefits all children as when they do get trafficked for sex with strange men (very strange men who cannot speak French or English)  they will be able to know that the men are STRANGE. Young girls in the UK often experiment with sex and social workers have been known to pass on contraceptive pills in McDonalds to 14 year olds in Gateshead BUT she had a boyfriend. There is a HUGE difference between having sex with your boyfriend and STRANGE men who speak GERMAN.

GERMS are STRANGE to our bodies and GOD gave us ANITBODIES to fight the GERMS that infect us. AIDS is one GERM passed on by GERM ANS so the GERMANS must be repelled by means of ANTIBODIES which in the actual world are GENDARMERIE DEPLOYED to BERNE. So we are asking the court to authorise the IMMEDIATE DEPLOYMENT of a detachment of ARMED JURA POLICE on the 08:20 to Porrentruy bringing along for the ride 10 Gendarmes and backup from the 1er RANGEMENT d'artillerie so MISSILES WILL BE

TGV Totally Great Vengeance is of course also required as HMS VENGEANCE from Gasgow Govan Shipyard (near to sea life) will be pointing missiles of the NUCLEAR VARIETY at MOSCOW and Nizhny Novogod. As I explained to the POLICE it was not my intention for BUSINESS STUDIES students in GORKY State University to trade in human flesh. Sadly the students forgot to do their homework on the European Union with those maps I got from the BRITISH COUNCIL OFFICES where Sir John MAJOR was promoting himself for the 1997 UK General Election.

Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 did accompamy me to HARPENDEN in Hertfordshipe and campaign for TONY BLAIR who thankfully BOMBED SERBIA and stopped the maurauding SERB Butchers who raped and murdered millions of Albanians. Maria then gotraped by an albanian (she claims) so if this is true I say to Maria "You got what you gaveto Sophie and Rachel as we say in the Royal Navy, it goes around and it comes arond". The Royal Navy never surrenders so we ask the court to sentence Maria and also Caroline, her accomplice in FRAUD to deceive Eva and Paul BRIGHT out of their apartment in Paris (at 24 Rue Philippe De Girard) for a JUST sentence. Life in Prison, each for LIFE meaning LIFE with NO PAROLE locked in a CELL with NO CELL PHONE will ensure that we can FORGET the ordeal and LIVE ON by The Grace of God !


The person responsible for the MURDER is Caroline BRIGHT who LIED about the address of her mother in order to avoid a French Police investigation becuase this would have uncovered the POISONING in Cairo, Egypt. The address is 24 Rue Philippe De Girard in Paris next to the Gare Du Nord and the EUROSTAR. The apartment is worth about a million euros so Maria and Caroline are MOTIVATED to KILL OFF PAUL just as they conspired to MURDER his mother and SEPARATE the family of Paul.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING was carried out to weaken the family as without UK Police and Social Services the family is very vulnerable and dependent on Maria who gives the children some food to earn thier TRUST and LOYALTY so they can be more easily TRAFFICKED when the time is right for Maria from ZURICH Airport.

Maria works at ZHAW in Wadenswil and was born in 01/03/1971 just 10 days before Eva and is PSYCHOTICALLY LOYAL to Vladimir PUTIN the fascist dictator of Russia. This is all about money as Putin wants his corrupt regime to survive and Maria is afraid to stand up for humanity so she does the easy thing and holds her friend Paul who trusted her in 1995 as a hostage and abuses his wife and children. FRAUD has been committed against our family firm BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED as we sold TWO houses and an apartment in the UK to support Maria in her studies to get the good job in ZURICH.

The plan was for Maria to help us once she had a good job and money but she decided to betray us instead. This is the sort of behaviour RUSSIAN business partners do all the time so Paul was taken advantage of as was his wife Eva who met Maria with Paul in person in 2001 before they got married. Please help us. Call the POLICE and NSPCC and if possible come and rescue us from Switzerland as it is very cold here and REALLY HOSTILE as without money we are nothing. There is NO NHS and NO Social Service to speak of. We really need help from the UK=OK!

Eva and Jacob BRIGHT managed to escape from captivity and are safe with our family in The Philippines where Philippine National Police are helping arrange an international coalition to TAKE DOWN the fascist PUTIN Regime that funds Maria and her EVIL Employers at ZHAW in Wadenswil but we need help NOW.

Please Kristina BRIGHT on 00 41 78 798 7335
Please call Paul BRIGHT on 00 41 32 599 1073
Please call Sophie BRIGHT on 00 41 76 741 3035
Please call the TRAFFICKER on 00 41 76 787 6006

HELP: EvaBrightEducation@Gmail.com Tel: 00 63 905 689 2624

HMS Royal MegayachtTravel

Dear Justices of The High Court, Mayors Ronnel RIVERA, Damien MESLOT, Their Excellencies Denis Yap LEPATAN and Jane OWEN, Presidents MACRON and DUTERTE, Prime Minister Boris JOHNSON and Conor BURNS MP,

Thank you all very much for your help with our establishment of The CAUSE:

entre for Authorised family 
Unification Services in Europe
We STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING by placing ARMED Gendarme responders on every Train, Bus and Boat in the same way as airport security at Saint Louis BRIGHT JAZZ Airport (aka. Basel Euro Airport) control all adults who accompany children on flights.

Family names on PASSPORTS must be identical and in accordance with the LEGAL CODE of the Philippines, France, United Kingdom and Swiss JURA meaning BRIGHT=BRIGHT and NOT "Anisimova" who is our secretary with a PACS agreement NOT a marriage contract as she knows well. Maria has been playing the VILLAIN to get our message across and I am happy to say the children are relatively alive and well, but not really happy.

TRUE FAMILY Happiness requires a loving MARRIED COUPLE who are serving God like Eva and Paul BRIGHT who may employ the services of "Mary Poppins" but Mary Poppins is a NANNY and NOT a Parent and we should all be aware of this fact!

FAKING the character of an official DISNEYLAND Character to GROOM a child or children is an OFFENCE against the law of copyright and also a SERIOUS CRIME against humanity if it results in the TRAFFICKING of a Philippine British or French British child to Switzerland for Exploitation. CHILD TRAFFICKING IS A SERIOUS CRIME !!!

by The Grace of God !

One World For Peace

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