Paris 2024 Olympic D-Day Landing Celebrations - Royal Universities
The Royal Universities
create One World of Peace
by promoting Royal Navy
remembrance of Peace
with the TRUE United
Kingdom UKOK!

Great British Labour Party Philosophy
is equally found in the German Left Party
which puts people first before corporate profit.
Together with the SPD and Green parties the
left has a 320 seat majority in the Bundestag.

Opposing the democratic Left/SPD/Green true
majority is the 311 seat minority of Merkelites
who are propped up by bribery and cash loans
provided by the infamous 'Deutsche bank' in
the same way that Theresa May in the UK is
propped up by Barclays and dodgy loans
financing deadly Saudi weapons exports.

As the world wakes up to Saudi financing of
terrorism and Police finally act to stop it we
are moving on to a better world for Peaceful
and sustainable international development.
The World Peace & International Development
module is worth 10 credits and combies summarised
courses from Philosophy, Politics and Economics at
Hull University together with Developmemt Studies
from SOAS at the University of London and partner
university courses available through the Eurasmus
programme at The University of Constance.

We make The UK safer and
better by promoting safe 
roads with remembrance
of our historic struggle
to achieve sustainable
peaceful mobility.

We make the World and
UKOK! with remembrance.

Everything we do creates a safer future.
In a new age of military threats, our people
have a shared vision to protect the connected
world, to create and deliver intelligent global
solutions across an ever more connected 
global landscape to deliver peace...

Following a road incident in 1983 my family was
understandably devastated with my injuries, road
crime is a very serious problem in the UK and costs
families of the victims great loss. Finding purpose
living with TBI has been a challenge. Normal life
(like before the injury) is no longer possibe so
I owe my everyday survival to my family and
a few good friends. The key to recovery
in my case has been working to ensure
that the root causes of the incident
that affected me can be addressed.

Roads are deadly and no amount of complaining to
the local council (NDDC) about the need for safe roads 
by my father could help. A letter I found later said
the road improvements needed (like safe cycling
space, pavements etc.) would be too expensive.

It has been very difficult to understand why councils
do not prioritise safe roads given the huge costs of
road incidents to the NHS and social care system.

At present the Police do not help victims of road
crime recover costs from vehicle insurers. We could
save the NHS and even reduce tax if the full cost
of road crimes were recovered from insurers.

After many years of wondering why life is a risk
on the roads a few answers are becoming apparrent
in particular favouritism to the automobile and also
insurance industries that has accompanied the
dismantling of safe public ptransport over the
last century. Why is this and what role have
wars played in the dominance of corporatist
interests over those of the community?

How can we stop war and rebuild Public wealth?
What role can remembrance play in our efforts?
Can we remember the past to creat a better future?

My belief is YES WE CAN!

Therefore promoting remembrance is my purpose
to help me ensure that roads can be made safe and
proper recognition to our HEROES who fought to
defend The UK and Commonwealth against the
corporate interests of Germany that have
started FOUR global conflicts to increase
their profits at HUMAN expense.

We remember 1914 to 1918 from 2014 to 2018
We remember 1870 to 1871 and 1939 to 1945

Germany has started FOUR World Wars and still
the evil Angela Merkel expects us all to forget and
accept her corporate corruption? WE Don't think so!

The Royal Navy remembrance society remembers
generations of HEROES who fought for freedom
with The Commonwealth nations of today and
our allies. We are not about to forget that we
saved the world before and we do it again.

This is why Brexit means BRexit for British
Rail which will replace the evil German
automobiles infesting our UK streets
and killing our children on roads.

Following The RMT UNION BRexit for
British Rail we are restoring Public and
Democratic ownership of the Railways.

Jeremy Corbyn has already announced
the policy framework and we will now
use this opportunity to ensure full and
proper respect for our HEROES who have
served in Her Majestys Armed forces so
that 2017 can truly restore us to 1945.

Peaceful rebuilding of Great Britain will
mean we need to reopen all our railways
since there will be no more arms sales to
Saudi Arabia and no more free market for
VW, BMW, Audi, etc so we will be returning
to the railways, our traditional British Rail.

Throughout the Commonwealth nations
love British Railways and we are now on
course to connect the permanent way from
Bournemouth via Cherbourg to Cape Town.

South African railways will be running
through trains to London with special
boat carriages rolling on to Brittany
ferries in Cherboug on all sailings.

Australian Queensland rail will likewise
run through trains across the sea to Bali
from Darwin and on to Davao in Mindanao.

The Philippines is the newest Commonwealth
member and English teachers as well as nurses
eagerly await their train to the mainland. We
are a small island chain just like the Pacific
islands of The Philippines. Great Britain
and the Philippines have been at
work together since 1580 when
Sir Francis Drake visited his
adopted homeland near
to Davao Mindanao.

Several Royal Navy missions over the
years have ventured forward to help
liberate the Philippines from Spanish
and USA domination. Great Britain
liberated Cavite and Manila from
Spain in the seven years war.

Royal Navy Passenger Fleet Admiral
Paul Bright landed in Davao in 2000
where he met his beloved wife Eva.

Following several around the world
trips and Russian roulette type of
things we are now thankfully in
the process of rebuilding The
Philippine National Railway.

GREAT British Railways are indeed GREAT
World Peace and the United Kingdom of
Korea and making America Great British
again are all achieved by following the
Royal Naval Narrative to logical and
inevitable VICTORY by the Grace of God.

is the key to learning exacly why REAL
UK is OK and we have a Plan for PEACE
with Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn.

We are NOT Political and we support the
politician of the day who is best, in our
honest opinion, to bring us PEACE.

Previously Sir Winston Churchill of The
Conservative Party restored World Peace
in 1945 and in 2017 it is the turn of The

I am Fleet Admiral Paul BRIGHT of 
HM Royal Navy Counterintelligence which
existing from 1914 as department MI7
but officially closed down in 1918
but I am here so we are OPEN!

Our global UK mission is To #StopTheWar
with the #Commonwealth4Peace theme
for 2017. Click HERE to find out more.

The GCHQ Royal Engineers have the task
of ensuring politicians today uphold our
UK mission for World Peace. We work by
promoting the UK and GCHQ sites of interest
such as Bletchley Park and all the historic UK
military museums. Please help us by adding your
comments and advice, including your site on  
this guide and joining our online discussion
forum @RoyalNavyNews all views welcome.

After we achieve World Peace The Royal Navy
will be able to connect the World for Peace and
The British Army will be able to operate Great
British Railways while The Royal Air Force
will be incorporated into British Airways.

Civilian roles require the same skills as military
life such as precision timekeeping for railways
and embankment making and vehicle control
for the army. Terrorists will always need to
be stopped so roadblocks are required!

Terrorists are people who think their business
has a God given priority and so they kill others,
this is wrong so terrorists obviously need stopping!

The Vicious Volkswagen driver speeding around
a corner before he kills a child on a bicycle is just
as guilty of taking a life as a suicide bomber so
always remember why Police are enforcing
UKOK! enhanced road safety controls!

Because roads are deadly and incidents do
happen we provide a detailed map to all our
promoted attractions so that no cars are needed
and visitors can reach destinations by British
Rail trains as well as buses or by walking,
cycling or using mobility buggies.

The UK is OK and you are welcome!

Traditionally the UK is a peaceful country
and our armed forces have the duty to maintain
World Peace. Because we are only a very small island
in the sea British Intelligence is needed to achieve
our mission which can be understood by
exploring our global history.

Many people jump to confused conclusions
about the UK and our true intentions. People ask,
for example, why we deployed to The Falkland
Islands, why Afghanistan, why are we selling
weapons to the Saudi Arabians?

These are all very good questions about a
nation that claims to be for World Peace and
I hope to be able to help answer those
questions on this website.

The Great war started in 1914 and today
we are remembering 1914 to 1918 from
2014 to 2018 together with our German
sisters and brothers. In this way we will
celebrate the 2018 Armistice together and
Her Majesty The Queen will be able to
declare World Peace in our time.

British Citizens all want World Peace
and we are working on it! Let us begin by
remembering the Peaceful World we used to
live in after defeating Napoleon at the
Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

We fought against Napoleonic terror
with the help of our Russian and other allied
nations because Napoleon was evil and had
brutally invaded many countries including
Syria. This is one reason we know that
it is wrong to support the war now
so we are promoting real Peace
together with our Russian
partners for Peace

World Peace was achieved in 1815 and
visitors to the UK can pay their respects
to our HEROES who gave their lives for
our freedom whose names are engraved
at Waterloo station. Sadly in 1914 Germany
invaded Belgium and France and this was
called The Great War, the war to end all war.

In 1918 an armistice was agreed but as we
all know Germany started the war again
in 1939 invading Poland and in 1941 invading
Russia and Ukraine. Remembering past battles
enables us all to understand that the
Great War is not yet over because in
2014 Germany (via aggressive EU
expansion) invaded Ukraine once
again with the Maidan coup.

Surely after 100 years The Germans would
not think it possible to rewrite history?

Events inform us. Angela Merkel tried, and failed,
to argue that Nazi German allies liberated the
nazi German concentration camps, Russia
was of course offended by these lies.

At the time British Politician David Cameron
was clearly on the German side! Only thanks to
GCHQ Remembrance were we The British able
to stop his madness! Learning more about our
past battles clearly helps stop the war today.

We have many wars to stop. British signals
intelligence exists to ensure our troops
are deployed to STOP WAR rather than
start new wars. This is why we live in a
democracy and voices opposing
government policy have
the protection of law.

Let us begin our tour of UK History with a
visit to the Great War Tank museum where
visitors can learn how our HEROES fought and
won the battles of 1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945
as well as subsequent battles against the
extremists who are funded
by corrupt regimes.

At all times we remember our privilege
to explore and our freedom that
was won for us by HEROES.

Welcome to The Bovingdon Tank Museum
Enjoy a nice riverside walk from the railway!
YES Scotland is the REAL UK=OK! Since 1603 1 visitors today to The REAL UK=OK=CHURCHILL FOREVER !