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STOP Russian Terrorism:
PROSECUTE all Putinists
 Save all our Sisters 
Children in Wales protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

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Eva and Paul BRIGHT are dedicated to Help Refugees with remembrance of 1945 in 2020 so that we can STOP THE WAR that Russia has unleashed on Syria, Libya and Ukraine in order to colonise africa. Nobody wants to buy Russian weapons so the evil Vladimir PUTIN simply bombs populations and installs client regimes who will buy the weapons. Egypt has now got a client regime and buys Russian weapons but nobody in Egypt approves of Sisi. Unlike in 2011 there can be no uprising in the fascist Russian Police states.

Remembrance of 1945 in 2021 enabled us all to realise that the Soviet HEROES who fought fascist Germany from 1941 to 1945 together with the British American and Allied forces are being betrayed by Vladimir Putin. Our own work to promote remembrance in Switzerland has been betrayed by our Russian secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who KIDNAPPED our children with accomplice Christian MINGER who is STILL a SWISS Government employee! The kidnapping followed a meeting with Andrei POSPIELOVSKI who is a Serbian nationalist LOAN SHARK banker. Incredible crimes are committed by Russians in Switzerland and corruption SHAMEFULLY covers it all up.

Everyone can help our project to expose the hipocrisy of the Russian regime and STOP THE WAR today. Please pass on our website and our story as the evil Russians can, must and will be stopped by The Grace of God !

The One World Yellow Bright Road Primary School ROCKETMAN Reading project in Joncherey France brings all families together with our HEROES who have served in World War One, World War Two and Vietnam as well as Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, Libya and all other conflicts of The Great War. Understanding that the "Great War" started in Joncherey is the key to our work today to STOP THE WAR with the BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED Railway remembrance project. Learn more on our websites and JOIN US for the Normandy landings on Sword Beach on the 6th of June 2022.


The ONE WORLD ROCKETMAN Yellow Brick Road school project in association with The Mayors, School Libraries, Adams Family Diner, OptyMO bus company and S.N.C.F. from BELFORT to Danjoutin, Meroux, Morvillars, Grandvillars, Joncherey, Delle, Boncourt, Buix, Grandgourt, Courtemaiche, Couchavon, Porrentruy, Courgenay, Alle, Vendlincourt, Bonfol, Pfefferhouse, Seppois-le-bas, Friesen, Mertzen, Dannemarie, Retzwiller, Montreux-vieux, Petit-croix, Chèvremont and BELFORT.

By restoring the circular nature of the railway from Belfort to Belfort via Porrentruy and Bonfol the Basel Chemical Industries will finally have a chance to clean up their act and do something positive for the community of BONFOL where they dumped a HUGE amount of poisonous chemicals. While the chemical dump has been cleaned up the history has not. Lack of education is the most serious problem with local people generally unable even to speak basic english and totally lacking in political education.

The Teletubby Train from Bonfol to Dannemarie will enable families with small children to use their S.N.C.F. Family Railcards to travel to the historic city of Belfort on the NEW BRIGHT CoRAIL holiday services from Paris East (10th arrondissement) and then complete the education World War One circuit in just ONE SMALL DAY. 

By condensing The Siege of Belfort from 1870 to 1871, World War One and World War Two as well as the holocaust and all subsequent conflicts (including Vietnam) into just one small day of family travel on the TELETUBBY TRAIN all families will be able to reconcile themselves with other families who were on different sides in past times. The NEW WORLD from 2020 will be much like the OLD WORLD we knew before 1914 when Germany started Their "Great War" which has now turned into OUR Great War. 

Thankfully, by The Grace of God, The Germans and their Russian "revolutiionaries" are now being utterly defeated because Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004 is a SWING KID with Dai Kimoto and his other SWING KIDS who are totally opposed to the REICH of Maria ANI$IMOVA 01/03/1971 and her miserable accomplice the disgraceful and dastardly bankster Andrei POSPIELOVSKI  the SERBIAN NAZI who we all hold personally responsible for the refugee crisis in Europe. They CHOOSE to support Vladimir PUTIN and Aleksandr VUCIC who are a pair of WAR CRIMINALS.

It is a TRUE  FACT that Andrei Pospielovski is allied with Slobodan MILOSEVIC the fascist Serbian WAR  CRIMINAL. Milosevic may be dead but the Yugoslav wars rage on with millions of refugees displaced by poverty from Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia. Nobody likes Vladir PUTIN the evil boss of Russia Today and backer of Serbian dictator VUCIC.

Russia Today is involved in many conflicts and is responsible for millions of refugees all over Europe which Russia wants to destroy so that Russia can take over the Railwys and make a fortune for Vladimir PUTIN and his Russian Railway Cronies

Maria ANISIMOVA wants to think she is the legal mother of Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT but is very delusional because BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED is On Her Majesty's Service to bring them all to BOOK. The laws of France, the UK and The Philippines MUST be respected and our family MUST be respected.

Most illegally Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 has been using a copied KEY to break into the BRIGHT  family apartment in Paris at 24 Rue Philippe De Girard as if it were her private apartment !!!

Incredible but TRUE: Give a Russian Prostitute a key and she will copy it, adopt her kids and she will copy the economic agreement and call it a marriage contract to KIDNAP the KIDS !!!

Make a Russian Prostitute your company secretary and she will betray YOUR Shareholders and claim SHE is the Director !!! 

Give her an Italian desperado like Marco LORENZINI and a Serbian NAZI Banker who she gets to MARRY your sister and that's the strarting script for World War Three which could very well become a NUCLEAR WAR in any UK OFFICE.

Bonjour sous et au coin de la rue, 
Chère famille, Al Jazeera et les réfugiés, les services sociaux, la police et le soutien aux victimes,
G'day down under and around the corner,
Dear Family, Al Jazeera and refugees, Social Services, Police and Victim Support, 

Nous travaillons maintenant avec AJAM, l'Association du Jura pour les migrations actives, pour nous aider nous-mêmes et aider les autres dans la même situation d'extrême épreuve et de dislocation causée par l'agression russe et le soutien honteux du président français MACRON au dictateur fasciste Vladimir PUTIN qui pense que la paix peut être atteint par le retour des civils en Syrie et en Libye. La PAIX ne peut être atteinte qu'en se souvenant du siège de Belfort de 1870 à 1871, de la Première Guerre mondiale, de la Seconde Guerre mondiale et de l'HOLOCAUST. en Irlande, ce qui créera de nombreux bons emplois pour les réfugiés et les JURA Population locaux sur le chemin de fer JURA ... 
We are now working with AJAM The Association of Jura for Active Migration to help ourselves and help others in the same situation of extreme hardship and dislocation caused by Russian aggression and the shameful support of French President MACRON for the fascist dictator Vladimir PUTIN who think peace can be achieved by boming civilians in Syria and Libya. 
PEACE can only be achieved by remembering The Siege of Belfort from 1870 to 1871, World War One, World War Two and The HOLOCAUST so that is what we are working on with The BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED passenger railway services from Porrentruy to Plymouth in England and Portrush in Ireland which will create many good jobs for refugees and local people of the Population on the JURA railway... 

La famille BRIGHT est fermement solidaire de tous les réfugiés syriens et libyens qui sont victimes de l'agression extrémiste de l'UE et maintenant de la Russie. Au début, beaucoup de gens pensaient que les Russes et les Français tentaient de stabiliser la situation et de sauver des vies, mais le comportement récent des Russes en Syrie et des Français et des Russes en Libye a montré que le MACRON "français" et le PUTIN "russe" sont juste après le pétrole et le personnel agrandissement. Sagement, le président TRUMP a supprimé les forces américaines afin que le monde entier puisse voir l'agression extrémiste brute soutenue par la Russie et la France pour ce qu'elle est vraiment.
The BRIGHT Family stands firmly with all the Syrian and Libyan refugees who are victims of extremist EU and now Russian aggression. At first many people believed the Russians and French were trying to stabilise the situation and save lives but recent behaviour by the Russians in Syria and the French and Russians Libya has shown that "French" MACRON and "Russian" PUTIN are just after oil and personal agrandissement. Wisely President TRUMP has removed American forces so the whole world can see the raw Russian and French backed extremist aggression for what it really is.

Notre propre famille est également victime de cette agression extrémiste qui a détruit des millions de familles. Tous les lundis matin, nous rendons visite à nos amis au centre de réfugiés de Porrentruy par le bureau de la sécurité sociale. Notre propre oppresseur russe n'est autre que notre secrétaire à la famille et aux affaires Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 qui a KIDNAPPED et BRAINWASHED nos enfants!
Our own family are also victims of this extremist aggression that has destroyed millions of families. Every Monday Morning we visit our friends at the refugee centre in Porrentruy by the social security office. Our own Russian oppressor is none other than our family and business secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who KIDNAPPED and BRAINWASHED our children! 

L'enlèvement s'est produit le 28 avril 2019, le même jour que les réfugiés juifs ont été déportés vers les camps de la mort allemands NAZI pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, de sorte que l'incident est traité comme un incident TERRORISTE par les autorités britanniques et nous demandons une compensation financière comme VICTIMES DE TERRORISME INTERNATIONAL sur la pièce jointe un. Nous écrivons sincèrement et cordialement aux membres de la famille ALL BRIGHT et demandons une aide financière immédiate car nous n'avons pas d'argent pour vivre.
The kidnapping happened on The 28th of April 2019 which was the SAME DAY as the JEWISH Refugees were deported to NAZI German Death camps in World War Two so the incident is being treated as a TERRORIST Incident by the British Authorities and we are applying for financial compensation as VICTIMS OF INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM on attachment one. We sincerely and cordially write to ALL BRIGHT Family members and ask for immediate financial assistance as we have no money at all to live on. 

Nous sommes profondément reconnaissants à Valerie SCHERRER et Yves GIGON qui tentent de communiquer avec le kidnappeur et complice d'extorsion raciste Caroline BRIGHT 14/02/1974 qui a sans aucun doute été victime de cet acte horrible par le mari du nationaliste serbe Andrei POSPILOVSKI qui est BANKER. VALIANT BANK de BERNE a parrainé le KIDNAPPING et la MAFIA RUSSE sont profondément impliquées afin que la POLICE DE BERNE soit informée de la situation par JURA POLICE.
We are deeply grateful to Valerie SCHERRER and Yves GIGON who are trying to communicate with the kidnapper and racist extortionist accomplice Caroline BRIGHT 14/02/1974 who was no doubt put up to this horrific act by Serbian Nationalist husband Andrei POSPILOVSKI who is a BANKER. VALIANT BANK of BERNE sponsored the KIDNAPPING and the RUSSIAN MAFIA are deeply involved so BERNE POLICE are informed of the situation by JURA POLICE. 

En raison de la situation diplomatique sensible, la police ne peut pas simplement intervenir, car il y aurait probablement un SHOOT OUT à Berne et l'otage principal pourrait être blessé. La police fait de son mieux car nous sommes assurés par l'agent MORGENTHALER et d'autres agents des unités de soutien aux familles de la police de BERNE et de JURA. Nous aimons la police et nous aimons promouvoir la police sur nos sites Web familiaux car seule une police sérieusement armée appuyée par des grenades propulsées par fusée et des missiles nucléaires de la Royal Navy peut résoudre cette CRISE INTERNATIONALE.
Due to the sensitive diplomatic situation Police cannot just intervene as there would likely be a SHOOT OUT in Berne and the primary hostage could be hurt. Police are doing their BEST as we are assured by officer MORGENTHALER and other officers of the BERNE and JURA Police family support units. We love the Police and we love to promote the Police on our family websites as only SERIOUSLY ARMED POLICE backed up with Rocket Propelled Grenades and Royal Navy Nuclear missiles can resolve this INTERNATIONAL CRISIS

Nous aimons nos FELLOW REFUGES à Porrentruy qui veulent tous rentrer chez eux tout comme nous voulons rentrer au Royaume-Uni et être OK! L'Ambassade britannique est donc informée et Son Excellence Jane OWEN nous aide, tout comme l'Ambassadeur des Philippines Son Excellence Denis YAP LEPATAN et l'Ambassadeur de France Son Excellence Frédéric Journès, Ambassadeur de France en Suisse. https://ch.ambafrance.org/-L-Ambassadrice-
We love our FELLOW REFUGEES in Porrentruy who all want to return to their homes just as we want to return to the UK and be OK! so the British Embassy is informed and Her Excellency Jane OWEN is helping us as is Philippine Ambassador His Excellency Denis YAP LEPATAN and French Ambassador His Excellency 

Frédéric Journès, ambassadeur de La France en Suisse


Nous remercions Al Jazeera et les services sociaux pour nous avoir tous aidés réfugiés à Porrentruy et nous tenons à affirmer fermement notre engagement à rembourser le JURA avec nos services dédiés BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED de Porrentruy à Plymouth via Boncourt, Belfort et Paris ainsi que Porrentruy à Portrush via Bonfol et Pfefferhouse et le tunnel sous la Manche ainsi que le pont et le tunnel Boris vers l'Irlande qui est maintenant au stade de la planification de la construction.
We thank Al Jazeera and the Social Services for helping all of us refugees in Porrentruy and we wish to state firmly our commitment to repay The JURA with our dedicated BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED services from Porrentruy to Plymouth via Boncourt, Belfort and Paris as well as Porrentruy to Portrush via Bonfol and Pfefferhouse and the Channel Tunnel as well as the Boris Bridge and Tunnel to Ireland which is now at the planning stage of construction. 

Al J. S'IL VOUS PLAÎT AIDER NOTRE FAMILLE ainsi que le Royaume-Uni et le Qatar à vaincre les mauvais dictateurs RUSSIE et FRANÇAIS PUTIN et MACRON qui sont fous et croient honnêtement qu'ils peuvent s'en tirer en tuant des civils et en encourageant leurs "citoyens" nationalistes NAZI à victimiser notre communauté des personnes déplacées à Porrentruy.
Al J. PLEASE HELP OUR FAMILY as well as The United Kingdom and Qatar overcome the RUSSIAN and FRENCH evil dictators PUTIN and MACRON who are insane and honestly believe they can get away with murdering civilians and encouraging their NAZI Nationalist "citizens" to victimise our community of displaced people in Porrentruy

Assuring you all of our best intentions at all times for World Peace and International Friendship with Love, Peace and Respect for all families by The Grace of God ! 
Vous assurant toutes nos meilleures intentions à tout moment pour la paix mondiale et l'amitié internationale avec amour, paix et respect pour toutes les familles par la grâce de Dieu!
Sophie Rebecca, Jacob Michael, Rachel Enid,
Kristina, Eva and Paul Panganiban BRIGHT.
Sophie Rebecca, Jacob Michael, Rachel Enid,
Kristina, Eva et Paul Panganiban BRIGHT.
Building a BRIGHT Future for humanity with the NHS by remembering 
our HEROES and rebuilding our lives together by the Grace of God !
Construire un avenir BRILLANT pour l'humanité avec le NHS en se 
souvenant de nos HÉROS et en reconstruisant nos vies ensemble par la grâce de Dieu!
Turning the page for total liberation as The UK is OK! because we do STOP RISK by The Grace of God ! 
Tourner la page pour une libération totale alors que le Royaume-Uni est OK
parce que nous ARRÊTONS LE RISQUE par la grâce de Dieu!

K OK Family Help & Advice centre
Great British Police do a GREAT JOB both in the UK and around the world working with other Police to STOP RISK of terror from Russian Terrorists like Anisimova the agent who kidnapped the BRIGHT Children and then produced a fake marriage contract to justify not just the kidnapping but also to try to escape from her numerous other crimes like tax evasion and MURDER of her own parents with the Russian REGIME and the sad and untimely death of our loving mum Enid Valerie BRIGHT who was murdered by the Zurich Insurance REGIME all to try to SILENCE the BRIGHT family and EXTORT an apartment in Paris...
So sad, Maria was so brainwashed by crazy Russian and Swiss insurance propaganda she even believed her own lies, or was she just greedy and selfish in fact ? 

Why do people become criminals and why do criminals never know when it is time to stop ?

JUDGES WILL JUDGE HER and her punishment will save many other families the terror of having their chidlren snatched away and then being deprived, denied, disrespected and degraded by corrupt officials like Marco LORENZINI and his boss at the APEA Christian MINGER so now all of humanity can be happier now by the Grace of God ! 

!!Lilipad para abutin ang lahat!!

Speech delivered in Boncourt on June 23, 1999 during the commemoration of the tragic death of Mauritius Wicht, activist in Aries, 25 years ago in Boncourt.

We do not assassinate the desire for independence of a people!

Ladies and gentlemen, dear Jura friends,

It is always difficult to express yourself in these circumstances. He is still 
less easy to talk about someone we didn't have time to know because we simply weren't born in 1974! But we know that Maurice Wicht is more than a friend. And if today, as in the past, there still worth honoring his memory is that through his tragic death he will remain an eternal conqueror of Liberty!

For having raised the colors of the Jurassic People, Maurice Wicht was 
murdered. This is the main thing. A young man who strongly defends his convictions don't hesitate to take action. Maurice Wicht knew that flag is more than just a piece of stuff. It doesn't matter if he had this precise moment a real conscience. But he knew that by hoisting him, he affirmed the will of independence of the Jura people, a feeling that cannot repress forever and which must one day burst. The Jura people were slow to acquire a unifying emblem. And he is symptomatic that the Jura flag was born in 1947 precisely, year of bullying and strong demands. From that moment it was for Jura militants an instrument of identification which in fact constituted a powerful combat weapon.

At his sight alone, our adversaries had 
instantly strong hives. In December 1997, with a small action, the Bélier Group celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the Jura flag. On this occasion, we we said in particular about him: “We made a cantonal badge. Fatal fault. Could we recognize ourselves in this half of the state! The flag Jura crosses institutional boundaries. The time has come for Jurassic people to re-appropriate this symbol which must once again become a project future. " This remains topical, especially since our emblem, that of activists from the Jura who are fighting for independence and the reconstitution of their homeland, was strongly distorted by becoming the official coat of arms of a Swiss canton.

Groupe Bélier knows that it is always necessary to mark the field and assert it's opinions, showing the way forward. It’s the heritage of Maurice Wicht! In
this spirit we have at the recent Jura Youth Festival placed
on the pediment of the Town Hall of Tavannes, the Jura flag. It seems that
this action, in our highly symbolic sense, greatly displeased the
President of the Jurassic Parliament, present on the scene who left
immediately place. However, such actions have been and will remain
always acts necessary for the conquest of freedom. And that it bothers
and displeasure, the Aries Group does not care. He will continue like Maurice
Wicht clearly stated the colors.

Long live the Jura Libre from Boncourt to Neuveville

Welcome to Boncout, the home of Groupe Bélier fighting for The Freedom and Democacy of everyone in the JURA.

We are Eva and Paul BRIGHT married in London in 2002
and dedicated to protecting our FOUR Children as well as
all children affected by Human Trafficking and deception
which funds TERRORISM and undermines normal life
which is based on trust and family based relationships.

Our daughters have been to hell and back, quite literally
as Switzerland Today is a place from HELL & intolerance
and that is because Maria ANISIMOVA makes a profit
out of human misery by imposing herself on the 
BRIGHT family and has KIDNAPPED ALL The
BRIGHT daughters: Sophie, Rachel and 
also Kristina for her SEX TRAFFIC
operations and BROTHEL in 
Berne at Belpstrasse 45. 

By understanding our suffering for 18 years
we hope to help others realise that evil
can be defeated and persistence
does pay as criminals are all
eventually brought to

OVER ONE MILLION British Pounds has now been lost
to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and the Russian
UK Tax Evader Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 is in Berne.
HATRED for the UK and our harmonious multiracial way
of life is what motivates her as she has KIDNAPPED
BOTH of our youngest daughters to EVADE TAX

by trying to silence us but BEDFORDSHIRE
POLICE are on the case with INTERPOL
Anti Terrorist Helpline:

Met ref: ATH-14-20-0100-000

 Ref: CRI/40/IQN2/212020

Updates: EvaBrightEducation@Gmail.com

MAYORS who tolerate SEX TRAFFICKING and the 

On the 28th of April 1944 The Jewish Population 
was deported from Belfort to NAZI German death
camps and we were going to remember this as a
family with our friend Damien MESLOT who
is the Mayor of Belfort reponsible for promoting
remembrace of The Siege of Belfort, World War
One, World War Two and The Holocaust so we
can all, as on HUMAN RACE actually STOP
The War now. Sadly our Russian secretary
had very different ideas about remembrance
as instead of remembering the HORRORS of
World War Two she decided to join the OTHER
SIDE in World War Three and KIDNAP our
children. Seven months have now passed
since I reported the KIDNAPPING
and nothing has been done to
Save Our Sophie 14 or to
Rescue Our Rachel 16. 

14 and 16 Year old sisters are now 15 and 17
years old and instead of helping us back to the 
UK The Child Protection Authority asked me
if Rachel could rent her own apartment!

Only time will tell if Nathalie ZAUGG was 
telling the truth when she promised that 
our British Filipino French family life 
would be respected as is our right 
according to the United Nations

Switzerland is a VERY DANGEROUS
UK POLICE do respect the family!

Operation PATTERN is a UK POLICE initiative
Switzerland where normal laws do not apply as
Russian MAFIA and secretive BANKSTERS
rule with RUSSIAN MOB$T€R$. Sophie &
Rachel BRIGHT need you to fight this evil
by emailing the Child and Adult protection
services to make them understand it is 2019
and we do not tolerate terrorists kidnapping
OUR Children and stealing British Passports.

It's 2019 and we remember 1939 just 80 years 
later on as NAZI RU$$IA has declared war on 
freedom and democracy, demanding total & 
obedient loyalty to the PUTIN dictatorship
that openly kidnaps British Children. We
defeated the NAZIS in 1944 and 1945 so 
now we do it all over again with MUSIC.

The SWING KIDS where Sophie once enjoyed 
a happy childhood remember Sophie BRIGHT 
and rally support in Switzerland to help Sophie 
escape from The very EVIL FORCES in BERNE.

Band leader Dai Kimoto is helping Trombonist
Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT now forced to be a
HOSTAGE at Belpstr. 45 in BERNE for an
apartment in Paris demanded by
. Please help Sophie to
send daily 
emails to all SWISS
authorities. Please help Sophie
and her sister Rachel to be
FREE AGAIN and then
return to the UKOK!

DAY SLAVERY with the UK, French and The
Philippine Governments to STOP RISK of
EVIL RU$$IAN child trafficking MAFIA
thugs that also enslaved our secretary
Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971

who is in charge of International Rescue to
KEEP The UK Safe from Russian Mafia &

Save all The Children:
BrightRailLimited@Gmail.com 00 41 32 599 1073
EvaBrightEducation@Gmail.com 00 63 905 689 2624
UKOK.fr.gd StopRisk.de.tl

VIA BELFORT in France as we

Metropol Criminal Crime Ref: CCR-2233-19-0100-000

Met. Crime Incident Number CIN-28500-19-0100-000
Airport Trafficking Heathrow ATH-3311-19-0600-000
PLEASE email or call and HELP
US to repatriate all lost children:

Dorset Police ref: 12-0275
BELFORT TGI ref: 19/220/03
MET CIN-24896-19-0100-000
UK trafficking victims and
RACIST Human Traffickers

PUTIN=ISIS=Agent Anisimova (Child Trafficker)\

Swiss Police
00 41 32 420 95 00

Manchester Police 
00 44 161 856 0250
Modern Slavery Helpline & Resource Centre Ref: 15170.
Bournemouth Police 00 44 1202 222 222  Ref: 55190107045
UK action FRAUD REF: NFRC 190803128509
BRITISH AMBASSADOR Jane OWEN Phone: 00 41 31 359 77 00

VICTIM STATEMENT by Eva & Paul BRIGHT: "Human Trafficking is the most serious problem on our planet and we understand the reality of this evil trade having become victims of it. We trusted Maria since we met her in Russia in 2001 but she deceived us, betrayed us and has even brainwashed our own daughters against us. Rachel & Sophie have suffered Extremist (NAZI Russian) Emotional Abuse as well as Violent Physical Abuse. Police suspect Maria plans to TRAFFIC the children to RUSSIA and Romania for MURDER and HUMAN ORGAN THEFT. Sadly Paul is too old to be much use so he has been abandoned at Rue Du Stade 2 in BONCOURT on the SWISS BORDER with FRANCE. The children are in BERNE where Sophie is USED to play the TROMBONE and Rachel is deprived of BOTH her mother Eva and father Paul while being brainwshed against them by Maria (a crime known as GROOMING).

We are a British Family as Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT 01/03/1971 married Paul BRIGHT 28/10/1969 on the 6th of January 2002. Paul had TWO British Parents Enid and Michael BRIGHT but Enid BRIGHT 17/04/1937 was MURDERED on 20/04/2013 after an agonising death caused by a LACK OF CARE at a private hospice in CROYDON where lights were LEFT ON at night to speed the DEATH of Enid. The Royal Navy is deployed on 24/24 alert 7 days a week, 365 days a year to STOP RISK of Russian attacks on the UK as we do not tolerate HUMAN TRAFFICKING or MURDER. Enid was murdered and Sophie was TRAFFICKED and KIDNAPPED to EXTORT the apartment at 24 Rus Philippe De Girard from Eva and Paul BRIGHT and hand it over to Maria ANISIMOVA for her RUSSIAN R€GIM€. Gendarmerie in DELLE and BELFORT are on the lookout and other Police forces are joining the effort to Save Our Sophie and Recue Our Rachel from HUMAN TRAFFICKER and MURDERER Maria ANI$IMOVA who is victimising our family in order to EXTORT the apartment in Paris away from our children.

Her Majesty's coroner service in Croydon is investigating.

Our family apartment at 24 Rue Philippe De Girard in Paris next to the Gare Du Nord and the EUROSTAR in in succession. Maria in fact KIDNAPPED SOPHIE and her sisters to EXTORT the apartment. 

Kidnapping for ransom is a crime!  

The apartment is worth about a million euros so Maria is MOTIVATED to KILL OFF PAUL and claim she was his wife in order to win herself a MILLION QUID... Talk about gratitude for helping Maria over the last 24 years to achieve her job at ZHAW in Zurich. If this is how she treats her friends, you don't want to be her enemy, so we ask you to please talk to Maria today becuase either her behaviour must change or she will fact many lifetimes in PRISON.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING was carried out to weaken the family as without UK Police and Social Services the family is very vulnerable and dependent on Maria who gives the children some food to earn thier TRUST and LOYALTY so they can be more easily TRAFFICKED when the time is right for Maria from ZURICH Airport.

Maria works at ZHAW in Wadenswil and was born in 01/03/1971 just 10 days before Eva and is PSYCHOTICALLY LOYAL to Vladimir PUTIN the fascist dictator of Russia. This is all about money as Putin wants his corrupt regime to survive and Maria is afraid to stand up for humanity so she does the easy thing and holds her friend Paul who trusted her in 1995 as a hostage and abuses his wife and children. FRAUD has been committed against our family firm BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED as we sold TWO houses and an apartment in the UK to support Maria in her studies to get the good job in ZURICH.

The plan was for Maria to help us once she had a good job and money but she decided to betray us instead. This is the sort of behaviour RUSSIAN business partners do all the time so Paul was taken advantage of as was his wife Eva who met Maria with Paul in person in 2001 before they got married. Please help us. Call the POLICE and NSPCC and if possible come and rescue us from Switzerland as it is very cold here and REALLY HOSTILE as without money we are nothing. There is NO NHS and NO Social Service to speak of. We really need help from the UK=OK!

Eva and Jacob BRIGHT managed to escape from captivity and are safe with our family in The Philippines where Philippine National Police are helping arrange an international coalition to TAKE DOWN the fascist PUTIN Regime that funds Maria and her EVIL Employers at ZHAW in Wadenswil so we need help NOW.

Dear Justices of The High Court, Mayors Ronnel RIVERA, Damien MESLOT, Their Excellencies Denis Yap LEPATAN and Jane OWEN, Presidents MACRON and DUTERTE, Prime Minister Boris JOHNSON and Conor BURNS MP,

We STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING by placing Gendarmes on every Train, Bus and Boat in the same way as airport security at Saint Louis BRIGHT JAZZ Airport (aka. Basel Euro Airport) control all adults who accompany children on flights.

Family names on PASSPORTS must be identical and in accordance with the LEGAL CODE of the Philippines, France, United Kingdom and Swiss JURA meaning BRIGHT=BRIGHT and NOT "Anisimova" who is our secretary with a PACS agreement NOT a marriage contract as she knows well. 

TRUE FAMILY Happiness requires a loving MARRIED COUPLE who are serving God like Eva and Paul BRIGHT who employed the services of "Mary Poppins" but Mary Poppins is a NANNY and NOT a Parent and we should all be aware of this fact!

FAKING the character of an official DISNEYLAND Character to GROOM a child or children is an OFFENCE against the law of copyright and also a SERIOUS CRIME against humanity if it results in the TRAFFICKING of a Philippine British or French British child to Switzerland for Exploitation. CHILD TRAFFICKING IS A SERIOUS CRIME !!!

by The Grace of God !
HMS Royal MegayachtTravel

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