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At EvaBrightEducation@Gmail.com we expose the NAZI SWISS BANK
millions of innocent people in World War One, World War Two and now
because the FASCIST MURDEROUS MAFIA THUGS date back to 
when SWISS BANKERS sponosred the FASCIST LENIN to terrorise the
Russian people into giving up the fight against EVIL Genocidal Germany
and SWISS BANKS still hold Russian cash so we give FREE Education!!!
LogoFormer NATO Chief Rips Into Macron Over Approach to Ukraine, Putin
https://www.politico.eu/cdn-cgi/image/width=1200,height=630,fit=crop,quality=80,onerror=redirect/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/07/GettyImages-1066905064-scaled.jpgPutin meets far-right French candidate Le Pen, denies election ...Russian official: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin reached 'verbal ...

Help Police STOP Terrorism
by reporting child abuse so
Police can arrest terrorists
and democracy will rule:

 The SWISS MAFIA is Deadly 
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 Report all abuse of children 
Résultat d’images pour stop child trafficking
Help INTERPOL & Police STOP Inheritance Fraud
Done by The NAZI SWISS Minger Mafia of Abuse
Kidnapping, Inheritance Fraud & Child Trafficking


Eva and Paul BRIGHT who are TEACHERS promoting World Peace and are dedicated to Help Refugees with remembrance of 1942 in 2022 so that we can STOP THE VIOLENCE Vladimir PUTIN and his MAFIA unleashed on The Good People of Ukraine in a secret DEAL to provoke Vladimir PUTIN to expand his BRUTAL and INHUMAN invasion of Ukraine which followed the BRUTAL and INHUMAN bombing of civilians in Syria and EXTREME FRENCH VIOLENCE in "La Republique Democratique du CONGO" and ALGERIA. Only by promoting remembrance in FRANCE of The Namibian Genocide, World War One, World War Two and The HOLOCAUST can we now STOP World War Three because UK Police and ALL Good People say: NEVER AGAIN:

FRANCE must now STOP supporting Vladimir PUTIN and generals in Algeria who do not even want to speak French! Emmanuel MACRON was so wrong to do a deal with the Algerian dictatorship.
 France is now supporting a dictator just to get some cheap and NAZI Oil. European violence against Africans has been going on for a very long time which is why Spain STILL has colonial settlements in Morocco and many FRENCH FASCISTS honestly believe that Algeria belongs to France, in fact! Marine LE PEN is a FASCIST and Extreme right TERRORISTS in France beat up Muslims and Jewish people and Black people and British people, sadly Fascism is a serious problem in The Police force in France and this was demonstrated when British Women and British Children as well as British Family Men protecting them were violently atacked in Saint Denis and Homeless families were attacked by Police in Paris:

FRANCE and Russia have unleashed violence on Syria, Libya and Ukraine in order to colonise Europe and Africa. Nobody wants to buy FRENCH Exocet Missiles like the one that sank HMS Sheffield or Russian weapons that shot down Malaysian Airlines MH17 in COLD BLOOD so the evil Emmanuel MACRON and Vladimir PUTIN simply bomb or beat up populations and installs client regimes who will buy the weapons. Syria and Algeria have now got client regimes and buy Russian and French weapons but nobody in Damascus or Algiers approves of MACRON. Unlike in 2011 there can be no uprising in the fascist Russian and French Police states because of BRAINWASHING but we do have our own BLACK BOX to DECODE what has been going on in France and UNDO the RACIST BRAINWASHING of the FASCIST MACRON R€GIM€ in association with Black History Month and The BLACK HORSE:

Racism in France is not a joke and needs to be seriously challenged by EDUCATION so that FRENCH People can understand how The R€GIM€ of Emmanuel MACRON who only loves MON€Y has brainwashed them with MOBLE TELEPHONES and the removal of PUBLIC TELEPHONES. Few people now even remember the Good Old Days of France telecom Public Payphones when we could all easily call home to Our Commonwealth Families in Africa and Asia as well as The UK: BUT The REAL Target of the MACRON Regime has been the children of France who were easily brainwashed by EVIL ORANGE MAFIA MOBILE PHONES that also FUND the R€GIM€ CRONI€$ of MACRON

Mobile phone with an evil face. Cartoon flat illustration

The FASCIST REGIME has even invaded the Public Libraries! Sadly EVEN in Metropolitan France and in PARIS at the Public Library of Information it is VERY HARD to get Public information as YOUTUBE is BANNED and there is NO Financial Times and NO New York Times in the Lobby. The ECONOMIST is kept in the reserved section for ECONOMISTS but is also VERY DIFFICULT to find !!!

To understand WHY FRANCE is SO RACIST and Anti-American as well as Anti-British and Anti-Commonwealth it is important to talk to the FEW Good People in France like the Republican Mayors. In JONCHEREY our YELLOW BRICK ROAD Project is helping French children to see YELLOW BRICH ROAD for the FIRST TIME as they were deprived until now by RACIST French parents, we are sorry to say. At Eva Bright Education we believe every child has the RIGHT to a proper British Philippine K-12 Good Old British American Education and we say NEVER AGAIN to Fascist French BRAINWASHING !!! 

The ONLY way to STOP The Violence is with Remembrance Education
Women's March on Twitter: "The Holocaust did not begin with killing; it  began with words.” - @HolocaustMuseum. Never again means NEVER AGAIN.  #HolocaustRemembrance https://t.co/IQhA0VQDLW" / Twitter
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Putin meets far-right French candidate Le Pen, denies election ...Russian official: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin reached 'verbal ...

Eva and Paul BRIGHT are dedicated to Help Refugees with remembrance of 1945 in 2022 so that we can STOP THE WAR that Russia has unleashed on Syria, Libya and Ukraine in order to colonise africa. Nobody wants to buy Russian weapons so the evil Vladimir PUTIN simply bombs populations and installs client regimes who will buy the weapons. Egypt has now got a client regime and buys Russian weapons but nobody in Egypt approves of Sisi. Unlike in 2011 there can be no uprising in the fascist Russian Police states.

Remembrance of 1945 in 2021 enabled us all to realise that the Soviet HEROES who fought fascist Germany from 1941 to 1945 together with the British American and Allied forces are being betrayed by Vladimir Putin. Our own work to promote remembrance in Switzerland has been betrayed by our Russian secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who KIDNAPPED our children with accomplice Christian MINGER who is STILL a SWISS Government employee! The kidnapping followed a meeting with Andrei POSPIELOVSKI who is a Serbian nationalist LOAN SHARK banker. Incredible crimes are committed by Russians in Switzerland and corruption SHAMEFULLY covers it all up.

Everyone can help our project to expose the hipocrisy of the Russian regime and STOP THE WAR today. Please pass on our website and our story as the evil Russians can, must and will be stopped by The Grace of God !

The One World Yellow Bright Road Primary School ROCKETMAN Reading project in Joncherey France brings all families together with our HEROES who have served in World War One, World War Two and Vietnam as well as Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, Libya and all other conflicts of The Great War. Understanding that the "Great War" started in Joncherey is the key to our work today to STOP THE WAR with the BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED Railway remembrance project. Learn more on our websites and JOIN US for the Normandy landings on Sword Beach on the 6th of June 2022.


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