Paris 2024 Olympic D-Day Landing Celebrations - Saint Michael The Archangel
 ! Lilipad para abutin anglahat ! 
Connected by Saint Michael The Archangel


Inclusion Peace

Liberty Equality 
Mobility Peace

L'Avenir en commun avec La Transport en commun
A Future together with a connected commonwealth

As brexit day approaches many HUGE business
opportunities await the millions of entrepreneurs
who help Bright Rail Limited deliver A Connected
for Her Majesty The Queen with a
network of safe streets for Bamboo Bicycles made in
The Commonwealth connecting everyone to Bright
Rail Stations and connected bus and jeepney stops.

The Philippines plays a special role in A Connected
as The Philippines has helped The
Commonwealth by fighting TWO World Wars in
support of Great Britain and her allies as well as
flying daily Philippine Air Lines flights to The
oneworld HUB at
London Heathrow and on
to Melbourne in Australia. These flights will
now be supplemented by regular passenger and
rail cargo ships to Sandakan in Malaysia as well as
Sanya in China and also to Darwin in Austrailia via
Bitung in Indonesia as A Connected Commonwealth
welcomes NEW Members to our growing network.

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