Paris 2024 Olympic TRAVEL - School Exchange

Dear People of JRA 

Welcome to Victims Together.

We are organising The JURA School Exchange to promote Human Rights in Switzerland by encouraging the development of Cultural and Economic Partnership.

Everyone benefits from a clean business environment which is free from corruption and where Human Rights are respected.

Everyone in Switzerland will benefit from increased revenue from tourists travelling sustainably by rail and sea and there are huge investment opportunites in The United Kingdom.

The Promotion of Human Rights in Switzerland and the fight against Corruption and Racism is very important for everyone so we cordially invite you to share The Freedom Project and support all local business

Ending Human Rights abuse in Switzerland requires civil courage and the public exposure of Christian MINGER the Corrupt President of the Authority for the "Protection" of Adults and Children in Delémont.  Mr. MINGER recognised a FAKE Russian "marriage" in order to TRAFFIC three British schoolgirls into the care of their KIDNAPPER Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who is wanted by Bernese Police officer Philippe JOSS for help with his enquiries. It is all about MONEY and a MILLION EUROS from the BRIGHT family apartment following the MURDER of the grandmother by Serbian Gangster son-in-law Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964. The GANGSTER has now removed his photo from Linked in but the British Police are awaiting his return to the UK so he can be detained. 

Meanwhile in Porrentruy
Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 is helping officers ESCHMANN and POC310 and The Chief Constable with their enquiries into the intimidation of Christian MINGER  which provoked the attack on the S3 Train at Porrentruy railway station where Mr. BEDIN pushed his walking stick into the forehead of Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 so as to leave an assassination mark (a typical MAFIA thing to do). Pascal BEDIN committed a more serious attack in Delle, France on Saturday 9th October 2021 when Paul BRIGHT was actually pushed so as to be hit by traffic and KILLED.

Pascal has since appologised for the violence and explained he was "nervous" because of the immense pressure he has been placed under because he was deceived by Mara ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 into helping her file false taxation records that helped her to claim to be the "wife" of the director at the expense of his real wife. Sadly some people do not respect the Human Rights of others and this is why we need to have HONEST People in positions of authority and say NO to Corrupt Criminals like Christian MINGER.

The MENACE of Christian MINGER namely Marco LORENZINI continued to MENACE Eva BRIGHT the wife of Paul BRIGHT. MAFIA intimidation is the name of the GAME that Christian MINGER plays. Sadly he is working for Andrew POSPIELOVSKY at the infamous "Authority for the Protection of Adults and Children" in fact and it is all about MONEY. These days are over now as the case has been handed to the BELFORT Judicial service and BASEL Police as well as JURA and BERNE Police and the UK Metropolitan Police so we cordially invite everyone to visit the local Police station and report your MAFIA experiences as Mr. BEDIN has been abused by
Mr. MINGER who has been ON THE GAME of Child Trafficking for a very long time indeed...

APEA President MINGER tried to destroy a family by recognising a FAKE RUSSIAN "marriage".

SECONDLY the APEA MENACE Marco LORENZINI was used to intimidate Eva BRIGHT into accepting the FAKE Marriage so she would abandon her husband and their kidnapped children. This is outrageous behaviour from a Public official who should have been offering support and help to achieve justice instead of trying to break up a happy family. 

THIRDLY the Hotel CHURCHILL would be foreclosed at the office of pursuits at a very LOW PRICE and then MINGER would buy the house for a low price with a local estate agent and SELL  IT  ON  at a HUGE  profit AND also make additional PROFITS from imposing CURATORS on the VICTIMS !!!

Many families in The JURA have been affected and clearly it is time for this nonsense to be stopped by INTERPOL.

Pascal BEDIN has testified how MINGER operates so that is why MINGER  PAID Alain GIRARDIN to assassinate him at Porrentruy Railway station. CLEARLY Switzerland is extremely dangerous and that is why we advise against all travel until the unaccountable APEA in Delémont is brought to JUSTICE.


We would like to thank everyone at Delle Gendarmerie for helping us
STOP RISK of more family violence against women and children in The BRIGHT Family.
Thank you all very much and God Bless You all.

In order to thank you all for supporting our family who are French, British, Filipino and Australian citizens we are organising the 2021/2022 JURA International school trips. For Christmas there is Paris and in Springtime there is Portsmouth and in The Summer we travel back to our family in The Philippines and Australia then continue to New Zealand, Fiji, Rarotonga, Tahiti, Los Angeles, New York and back to London HEATHROW. Philippine Air Lines around the world tickets really are on sale at Concorde Travel in Delémont now and Philippine Air Lines really will be landing at BRESSAUCOURT in time for the 2025 BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED train services to Glasgow and Genoa via Porrentruy:

Switzerland has a lot to gain from promoting English as The Second United Nations official language after French because the market for Swiss made railway and cable car systems is HUGE in The English Speaking world.

Constructing The Philippine National Railways high speed TGV Network will keep Swiss company order books full for many years! Philippine as well as Australian mountains all need cable car systems to reach the summit and Great British Railway customers welcome the HUGE investment announced by Boris JOHNSON the UK Prime Minister.

Opening up the JURA so that it is inclusive for everyone is the first step required to WIN orders from the English speaking world. MOUTIER VOTED to JOIN THE JURA and STOP BERNESE RACISM so we are very happy investing in The JURA and continuing with our HOTEL CHURCHILL Project with our local Catholic Church by The Grace of God !

We are very happy that the top priority of Government in The UK as well as France and now also The Republic and Canton of JURA in Switzerland is to fight racism so that everyone will now be FREE and EQUAL...

The RACIST Christian MINGER is being replaced by a NON racist who is NOT corrupt and will NOT help criminals traffick children in order to extort properties. JURA Police chief Damien RERAT is currently questioning Monsieur MINGER with the help of Psychiatrists to understand WHY exactly he recognised a FAKE Russian document and ignored French, British and Philippine official government documents. Corruption in Switzerland is a HUGE problem and we are very happy that JURA is leading the fight against corruption and racism today.

We would like to thank everyone at as well as and The Bureau de l'intégration des étrangers et de la lutte contre le racisme for helping our family deal with the serious FRAUD committed by Marcel RYSER who was previously at the office of population. Rescuing our kidnapped and trafficked children and saving their properties in Boncourt and Paris from racist extortion by my RACIST Serbian brother-in-law Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 who abuses my little sister and seeks to eliminate my wife and myself will not be easy.

Rooting out racism in the family is a challenge and I was greatly helped by The KESB in Berne who initially explained to me "Pospielovsky is the problem" because he controlled our secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who actually did the kidnapping and then claimed to be my WIFE at the APEA !!! Some Russians sadly do not believe in God but believe "Vladimir PUTIN is God" very sadly and delusionally or just CRIMINALLY as a way to explain their CRIMINAL behaviour Of course...

In reality we cannot blame our secretary at BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED as my loving father in Australia said "It's not only Maria" and clearly he was right. CORRUPTION in Switzerland controls people and anyone can become a victim of corruption. Working together with our BELFORT POLICE HEROES in Berne as well as Basel and Jura and Paris and Bournemouth and Croydon and Manchester and Manila and Brisbane we have managed, today, the 30th of September 2021 to finally NAME the VERMIN of corruption as the GUILTY PARTY. Corrupt officials like Christian MINGER who PROFIT from RACIST VIOLENCE in the family need to be rooted out so if you have a problem TALK TO THE POLICE!

The Hotel CHURCHILL promotes remembrance to build One World For Peace and ensure we are all OK! as if we were actually in the UK
 by The Grace of God !

Clearly we really do need to fight racism in order to STOP CORRUPTION because corrution is very BAD for Business and JOBS that we all need. We therefore commend our school trip website to you and also invite your participation in the SCHOOL FILM called "DER Schwiegerbrüdern" which will of course be a COMEDY as we all need a Good LAUGH at the end of a terrible ordeal by the Grace of God !

Switzerland stands to benefit from the NEW BREXIT deal announced by UK Prime Minister Boris JOHNSON and therefore there has never been a better time to learn English and join the 2021 Porrentruy Lyceum and Commercial School Trip to Portsmouth in the United Kingdom sailing from Sword Beach 1944 near CAEN in France which is reached by The SNCF TER Regional Express Train from Delle next to Boncourt on top of !

The educational reason is because we visit the historic beach where the liberators of Europe landed in 1944 which enabled us all to enjoy a Peaceful life of FREEDOM and EQUALITY which we now seek to pass on to our children by the Grace of God !

The practical reason we are sailing from CAEN is because we can easily reach the port in time for the 21:00 check in sailing at 23:00 to arrive at 07:00 in the morning. All passengers are guaranteed a good sleep and therefore save two days of travelling time and hotel bills. We arrive well rested and ready to meet our hosts at The Continental Ferry Port in Portsmoutd which is the BEST connected Port in the UK
The Philippine Commonwealth allies of World War Two are now practically arranged as allied nations dedicated to defending World Peace and International Friendship formally announced by Boris JOHNSON with our allies at the AUKUS signing ceremony as seen on TV:  

Parents can travel with their children in family cabins so this can be an educational school trip for the whole family together. The British Tourist Authority can help families arrange onward travel in the UK while students may stay with their host families in Portsmouth.

In Portsmoth we are proposing The Admiral Lord Nelson School as our partner school as it is an excellent school and near to the port. We also propose Bellerbys Collegea which offer a one year transfer course to go directly to a TOP British University like Cambridge:

All families are equally invited to participate in the organising of the school trip and can directly book with SNCF and Brittany Ferries and contact the UK Partner schools because we are all FREE and EQUAL under Almighty God and Her Majesty The Queen. We offer full support to all parents seeking a proper British Education for their families.
God Save The Queen and THANK YOU

YES Scotland is the REAL UK=OK! Since 1603 121 visitors today to The REAL UK=OK=CHURCHILL FOREVER !