On Her Majesty's Service - Solidarity with all women of the world

Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT 19/02/71
Department of Education Teacher ONE
Lanton Elementary School, GENSAN
K12 Early Years and specialist with
30 years of DepED Philippines
Child Protection Experience

00 63 905 689 2624 / 00 41 32 599 1073

Victim Support from BRIGHT
RAIL Maritime and Transport Limited
Supports Royal British Legion
by stopping Vicious Vladimir PUTINS'
Child Trafficking racket FULL STOP
by arresting EVIL Child Traffickers
Solidarity with the women you cannot see
requires attention to details such as parents
as listed on Brith Certificates and total
vigilance of the authorities at PORTS
and Airports as well as SCHOOLS.

It is a SAD FACT that millions of
innocent children are trafficked
from poor mothers to richer
women who sell the kids
for CA$H in order to
get even richer.

Sadly for her, our own secretary did
try this on with our own daughter
Rachel and also with the legal
daughter of Paul BRIGHT
who is Sophie BRIGHT.

Working with JURA POLICE and also
POLICE Scotland and the French
and German Police we stopped
this extreme RISK to our own
flesh and blood but Sophie
is still at RISKof being
FRIDAY after


We are Eva and Paul BRIGHT working
to support the millions of victims of The
Vicious Vladimir PUTIN regime around
the world. Millions of refugees have lost
everything and families are broken up.

For centuries The Royal Navy has stood
up to FREE THE SLAVES of regimes
of Corruption, Racism, Antisemitism
and Prostitutes in Public offices. In
1579 Sir Francis DRAKE landed
near Davao and inspired the
Panganiban resistance to
European colonialist

Dear Librarians of the JURASSIC RAILWAYS,

Thank you so much for your wonderful books on The
Siege of Belfort from 1870 to 1871, World War One,
World War Two and The HOLOCAUST which do
help us as teachers pass on the important stories
of the past to stop the terror of the GERMANS
and BOLSHEVIKS ever happening again.

Sadly today in 2019 there are those who do not  see the
importance of remembering 1919 or 1944 and the ways
in which war was stopped 100 and 75 years ago. If we
remember now then GERMANY and RUSSIA will
STOP supporting Iran and nuclear war can be
avoided, saving countless millions of lives...

InterBIB 2019 is proposed by The Pacific Association
to enable readers to return books to ANY Library
to promote reading on the move in association
with SNCF and CFF Public Railway firms.

This initiative will greaty increase the revenue of
the public library service as it will encourage
membership and also encourage books to
be returned on time. Additionally it
will promote the public education
of the population and ensure all
people enjoy equal respect.

Bright Rail Limited is pleased to promote and
help the Public Library service in order to
also promote our NEW Railway services
from Moutier to Manchester which are
planned to begin operations following
the 2020=1945 celebrations of the
end of the war next year. This
year we re-enact the 1944
D-Day landings and the
1919 Treaty of Versailes
in association with the
Royal British Legion.

Thank you all very much for your support,

With Best Wishes and cordial greetings as
we remember the Entente Cordiale together.

Eva and Paul BRIGHT
The Pacific Association of Boncourt
Signed on the 6th of April 2019 (D-Day-60)

Bildergebnis für love franceBildergebnis für love russiaImage result for love china heaRTOK!
The InclusiveCommonwealth
Remember 1914~1919 from 2014~2019
to provide Public Services for everyone

File:Flag of the United Commonwealth (13 Fallen Stars).svg Bournemouth cordially invites all  File:Flag of the United Commonwealth (13 Fallen Stars).svg
Eurasian Commonwealth Global schools
to The UK for The Treaty of Versailles on
the 28th of JUNE 2019 as we remember
1919 and so also invite the GERMAN
President to SIGN The Treaty once
again and pay the reparations
to FRANCE and the UK that
were due and to totally
disarm in the name of
God and the Queen.

Her Majesty The Queen will then be
able to declare Peace in Our World.

We are delighted to announce the FREE
School trip project with The Coastal
Schools Partnership for UK=OK!
Commonwealth World Peace today
as we remember war for Peace with
Churchill Night Line UK Trump Trains
connecting the World for Peace with the
new Bering Strait tunnel opening in 2020.

HMS VICTORY was instrumental in delivering
World Peace in 1815 and Admiral Lord Nelson
stands at the top of His column in Trafalgar
Square forever. London Waterloo station is
a short walk away. Trains From Waterloo
connect London to Portsmouth for the
1944 D-Day landing reenactment which
is detailed on your invitation letter.

We sail to the UK by ship and visit the
birthplace of Charles Dickens in the
morning followed by D-Day landing
experience and Royal Navy Historic
dockyard in the afternoon. With our
knowlege of history & world wars we
are able to deliver World Peace now.

As explained on the letter sent to all
local schools, transport to the UK is
provided by BSB, SBS, Vorarlberg
lines, Bodensee & Rhein, SBB CFF
FFS, Brittany Ferries, DFDS Seaways,
Stena Line, P&O cruises and the UK=OK!
Association of Train Operating Companies.

The United Kingdom is now joining The
United States with the UK=OK! United
Kingdom = Our Kingdom Fair trade
agreement promised by President Trump.

All former EU states will be invited
to join this agreement that ensures
first priority for locally produced
traditional goods and services.

Free and Fair international
trade is promoted.

Every transport business as well as
every business in the European Union
stands to benefit from the New Global
Order of remembrance as we remember
1914~1918 in order to stop all war
from 2014~2018 when Her Majesty
The Queen will be able to finally
declare World Peace and disarmament
in Her Inclusive Commonwealth of Peace.

The Inclusive Commonwealth theme for 2016
ensures that everyone is given the opportunity
to be included in The Commonwealth of free
nations. Russia, China, Germany and The
Philippines as well as the USA and all
other states will be formally
invited to join in due course.

Sir Boris Johnson is our current UK=OK!
Foreign Secretary and will be delighted
to answer any questions. Boris
can be contacted at the
House of Commons
in London.

All students as well as teachers
participating in the 2017 Global Education
Free School Trip can see Boris personally
from the public gallery in The House of
Commons as part of Our 2017
London Experience.

We are all now doing our best to connect
all Schools, Education, Sport, Housing,
Health and Transport companies
and all our other businesses
interested in participating.

We can be contacted at this email:

2017 and then 2018 will arrive very
soon indeed so we are all extremely busy
arranging the Global Alignment required
to restore World Peace on the 11th Hour
of the 11th day of the 11th Month of
2018 exactly as in 1918.

I am Looking forward to meet you
and wishing you a Good Week.

Sincerely, On Her Majesty's Service,

for the UK=OK! Schools Project

Listen to Boris Live at London Bridge:

The UK=OK! Foundation for World
Peace promotes sustainable Global Public
reliable Transport for World Peace with
Inclusive UK=OK! Commonwealth
Values of Fair Pay, Fair Play,
UK Freedom, Democracy
and Education for all.

Britain’s role in the world is to
forge a Global Fair Trade Alliance

#BRexit @RoyalNavyNews

Welcome to life after The 2016 BRexit 
real Global British Education for everyone

Global British Education promotes World Peace
and gives all children equal opportunities in life
with the Public Ownership of Public Services.

We are the Global UK Department of Education
expanding the GREAT British UK National school
curriculum to the rest of the World for Peace.

Many children are denied a proper British Education
due to EU corrupted education policies, for example
in Germany children do not learn about the Wars that
their country started or about the Holocaust. We will
NEVER FORGET so we now share our excellent
UK national curriculum with the rest of the world.

The British Education Schools Team helps foreign
governments introduce the UK International Curriculum
to local schools so that every child will be able to enjoy
the very best opportunities in the Global environment
led by the UK since our founding by Good King
James of Scotland in 1603. The UK is OK!
and now deploys Royal Navy ships all
over the world to keep the peace.

History is the foundation of the future so learning
about our shared history is of vital importance
for our common future prosperity.

School trips to London by Train and Ship enable
students to visit many historical sites on the way
including the Maginot Line and Sword Beach
as well as Paris and Portsmouth. Taking the
whole class on trips ensures that everyone
can contribute to class discussions when
back in the UK Global classroom.

We are based in Bournemouth on the South Coast of
England and are currently converting schools across
Eurasia to the UK International Curriculum as
all parents want the best for their children.

We invite all local authorities to contact us and
discuss how we can help achive the very best results.

We are currently recruiting teachers for September and
if you are a qualified native English speaking teacher
 we would love to hear from you by email.

Everyone in the UK can continue to university which is paid for by
the government. Grants and loans to cover living costs are also
paid so the whole university experience is free of charge when
actually studying and everything is paid for later ~ but only when
income is sufficient to cover all living costs. Currently the system
in England is based on loans but free tuition applies in Wales,
Ireland, Scotland and many other European countries where
higher education is provided in English such as Germany
and Switzerland. The UK International curriculum
enables the best Education for all.

Bildergebnis für cambridge university logo

Everyone can go to university once having achieved
the entry requirements such as the IB or A level qualifications.

Today you can study right now with our interactive
school and books from our affiliated BBC Bookshop
which support the UK national curriculum for home education.

The BBC Bookshop

The UK National Curriculum
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We have a growing network of affiliated tutors all over the world
so if you would like private tuition please email us at:

Enjoy learning in real life with educational visits
to museums and science parks as well as historical
sites all over the world. Family travel with UK=OK!
can be booked by clicking on the pictures of the
various Trains, Boats and attractions at:

Study history in the field and learn the history that
shaped the current map of Europe by visiting the
numerous war museums of remembrance
to Commonwealth HEROES who
gave their day for our tomorrow.

The UK is OK! and you are WELCOME!
One Happy Family

Public Services for all
Travel ~ Health ~ Fitness
Housing ~ Education


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