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HMS Royal MegayachtTravel Service
Welcome to New Great Britain & Ireland
Enjoy Discovering CommonWealth by train

We are Eva and Paul Bright On Her
Majesty's Service from The Royal Navy
Historic Dockyard Portsmouth. We met
at Churchill college; Cambridge UKOK!
We book school trips to Her Majesty's
Royal Navy Historic Dockyards and The
Churchill War Rooms; London UKOK!

mail: for royal global democracy

Our BRexit means FRexit & IRexit too!

The Great British Royal BRexit! is now
on: an Absolute Brexit as promised by
Sir Jeremy Corbyn QC of the 
Labour Party 
supporting Sir Winston
Churchill for the BEST DEAL for
Britain with NO MORE MAYBE

MAYBE getting NICKED since
she is NOT Winston Churchill!

Churchill College Grads Eva & Paul
propose a British Rail BRexit! meaning:
Oneworld with The Great British LION
of BELFORT from Bartholdi in 1871...

We remember 1918 in 2018 in
order to STOP THE WAR that
was started in 1914 by Germanic
corporate interests and resumed
in 1939 and 2014 with the coup
d'etat in Kiev. Remembrance
of The 1870 siege of Belfort, 
The Namibian & Armenian
genocides & The Holocaust 
STOP RISK of all wars
and win The Great PEACE...

TGV and Churchill Trains from
Batman which is now in Kurdistan
continue WEST to Constantinople,
Belfort and Paris, Caen, Cherbourg
and Roscoff as well as Amsterdam
to connect Glasgow & Liverpool
to General Santos and Darwin
WE GO ON to Moscow from
Morvillars and don't stop
in Beijing or Sanya...

We remember 1918 in 2018 to
make school day trips possible
for everyone to learn more so
we can build a better future.

Justice for all The British Filipino
Commonwealth allies of The Triple
Entente means we remember the
wars of yesterday to win Peace
for all future generations...

Armistice day 2018 therefore will
be very special as Her Majesty
The Queen will be declaring
One World For Peace with
The Commonwealth as we
move forwards together...
Towards a Common Future

As The €U and U$A face more
and more challenges we in The
Royal Commonwealth Society
welcome every nation to The
Commonwealth for Peace.

The Philippines as well as The
United States of America will
be joining us together with
Russia and China and all
nations of Our World for
a true Jurassic Century
with Public Transport:

Forward Planning for The Jurassic
Century began in 1983 following a
Road Traffic Incident that caused
Traumatic Brain Injury to Royal
Navy Sea Scout Paul Bright of
Braunton CAEN Troop.

Recovery from Traumatic
Brain Injury is possible by
rebuilding neural networks
based on memories from
before the Brain Injury
so Paul recovered by
remembering many
Royal Navy days
in Plymouth, as
his loving mum
had taken him
there before...

Ambitious to Serve God and
Her Majesty The Queen, Paul
set sail to Australia in order to
connect One World For Peace
Fleet Admiral BRIGHT
On Her 
Majesty's Scottish
Royal Megayacht 
service since The Royal
Navy has always stood
up for World Peace and
International Friendship...

From Porrentruy, The capital city
of The Jurassic Kingdom to The
Britanny Ferries 2GO ships in
Davao where Paul first met his
beloved wife Eva on board 
The Princess of The World school
trips to celebrate 1579 in 2019... with
remembrance of Sir Francis Drake are
now Possible by TGV from Belfort and
are Happening with The Department of
Education region 12 in General Santos
by The Grace of God and The Queen!

HM Royal Navy & The Philippines have
a deep and long relationship that began
in 1579 when Sir Francis Drake landed
near Davao in Mindanao so we enjoy
trips to the Royal Navy Historic 
Dockyard in Portsmouth...

IMO 7127194 was the ship
carrying RMT member 0129053
who became a Royal Naval Asset 
 thanks to the Peace and Love
he found at sea together with
his beloved wife Eva who
took him to Her Beloved 
Church in General Santos...

Jesus of Nazareth was born in the year
zero a.d. and now after 2018 years the
Holy spirit is returning as more and more
people realise that the evil U$A and
€U R€GIM€$ can be toppled...
in the Name of Almighty God
and Her Majesty The Queen
with The Holy Catholic
Church and all people
of FAITH who truly
believe in Britain...

Julius Caesar of the unholy roman
empire murdered OUR LORD and
saviour Jesus Christ so we all know
just how difficult BRexit! for British
is going to be. It will be easier
if more people believe in Britain
and understand the business of
Peace : Great British Peace.

The USA regime was an illegal
"declaration" of "independence"
as a few evil rich slave owners
simply wanted to dominate
the world with weapons.

George Washington does not
deserve a statue and Our Native
American friends want their land
returned. The European settlers
ought to pay rent as nobody
said the land was theirs.

We can see today in the U$A
their rebellion is fruitless. The
Donald Trump regime does not
serve the people any more than
the terrorist supporting Barack
Obama regime did. Obamacare
was simply a protection racket
for private health insurance.

Only The Great British NHS
can offer everyone healthcare
free at the point of need and so 
our mission is to Save Our NHS

We Save Our NHS by remembering the
NHS was created in 1948 before deadly
German cars invaded our streets using
EU Freedom of movement. The EU is
in fact such a disaster that even people
now are compelled to be trafficked to
the UK as the last bastion of freedom.

Europe has lost it's way because it is
not with Jesus Christ but the modern
day Julius Caesar called JC Juncker.

We have our very own JC Jeremy
Corbyn who will END THE EU
and Stop The War that Germany
started in 1914 and resumed in
1939 and then resumed in 2014
with the fascist takeover of Kiev.

 MH17 was shot down by Ukraine
and the blame shifted to Russia as
is now being uncovered by our UK
Air Accident Investigations branch.

In the meantime we are active in
Germany promoting the Economist

Learn more about Fleet Admiral
BRIGHT and his historic mission
to export Zeppelin Airships to the
Philippines for flights from China
at Scarborough Shoal Royal Navy
PLAN (Peoples Liberation Army
Navy) Base. We mean business!

Jesus Christ is returning not by our
own efforts but by The Grace of God !

We are opening a NEW CHURCH here
in Friedrichshafen to unite everyone
and share the GREAT NEWS of
BRexit! for British Rail and
Zeppelins to Borocay all
things are now possible
with Jesus Christ.

Jesus said "Love your neighbour" so
we The British love our German and
other european neighbours. The NEW
Left/Green/Liberal/CSU/SPD coalition
has got over 62% bundestag support so
clearly it is time to reserve your ticket
on your Zeppelin to Borocay today...

The Pirate Party promotes Great British
Internet FREEDOM from the Evil EU
R€GIM€ of censorship and control.

We did Vote Leave so we could now
and the rest of Germany. There will be
NO VW, NO BMW, NO Mercedes,
NO Audis and NO Porsche 9-11
types of Nazi German Transport
for I$I$ Terrorists in Toyotas
as The United Nations 2011
to 2020 decade of Action
for road safety wraps up
the Jurassic decade...

We are now delivering proper British
Education to Eurasia in order to Stop
the endemic risks of Corruption and
Racism as well as Antisemitism and
Prostitution of Public Offices and
betrayal of British People in fact
because Theresa is a Terrorist!

Supporting Our NHS we STOP Tories!

In 1983 the NHS saved my life so now
it's time for me to return the favour. We
are saving the NHS by replacing evil
and deadly imported cars with Great
British Rail connections and the UK
OK BAMBIKE from The Philippines 

We are delighted to support the British
Royal Family Heads Together campaign
to encourage everyone to talk about the
serious issue of head and brain injury.

Millions of peope are affected by brain
injury on the roads often without any
compensation, leaving families and
friends to struggle to provide help.

The serious lack of legal attention at
the time of incidents means insurance
companies are able to profit out of the
misery caused by their deadly drivers.

Without justice in the courts many
more serious injuries and deaths
will occur so we are delighted to
promote responsible legal firms
who can help, especially in cases
of Traumatic Brain Injury where
victims are often unaware of the
true nature of injuries for years.

The symptoms of Traumatic Brain
Injury include the inability to keep
up with modern life, confusion, a
deep sense of complacency, then
euphoric belief and determination
only to result in dissappointment.

Holding on to a job was always very
difficult for people living with TBI
but in the economic conditions of 
the "Gig" economy it is impossible.

The only solution is to finally team
up together with The Royal Family
Heads Together campaign and do
our best to promote lawyers that
really want to help, not to just
earn fees but to seriously make
roads safe and stop the violence.

Roads should be friendly places
like railway stations where people
meet and enjoy travelling together.

Deadly cars clearly do not have a
place on safe community roads.

Therefore we support Sustrans
and promote Walking, Cycling
and Public Transport for all.

We oppose the EU and euro currency
that has given German car makers
a very unfair set of advantages
over local public transport.

We oppose rip-off private insurance
firms that do their best to defraud
road incident victims of a life.

Following life changing injuries
victims must be "made whole" in
the legal sense meaning that they
will enjoy life as if the incident 
had not happened. In the case
of Traumatic Brain Injury
a lifetime of earnings
will be lost.

It is not right that the NHS and family
members have to support victims of
deadly drivers for the rest of their
lives. It is imperative that full 
and just compensation is
achieved in court.

Our mission is to help Save The NHS
by making roads safe. Bringing back our
Great British Railways to connect every
village will ensure that We The British
can lead One World For Peace now,
once again, as from 1815 to 1914.

We are delighted to support The Royal
Family "Heads Together" campaign to
help our HEROES overcome brain and
other injuries with the help of The Royal
British Legion "LIVE ON" campaign.

We defeated the evil EU regime at The
BRexit referendum so we can STOP
The War
that the EU and USA were
all sponsoring in Syria and Ukraine.

Great Britain has always existed to
STOP THE WAR and this is why
Remembrance is so important. Our
HEROES did fight to Stop The War
even though at times we needed to
deceive the enemy regimes as
we are just a small island.

Working with Russia and China for
the One Belt, One Road, One World
initiative we do now really connect
One World For Peace as intended
by Sir Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

This is why the One World For Peace
mission explained the peaceful way to
STOP ALL WAR to everyone in the
German speaking world which is
now thankfully happening as
we prepare to remember the
1918 armistice together in 2018.

Originally the German regime started
The Great War in 1914
, sponsored by
Germanic industries like KRUPPS.
It continued in 1939 and once again
restarted in 2014 with the coup d'etat
in Ukraine as well as the sponsorship
of Terrorists in Syria. Jeremy Corbyn
and Her Majesty The Queen were all
against these continuations of the
Great war. It is important for us
to understand That The Royal
Family always stood up to
Germanic aggression so
that is why we all sing
God Save The Queen!

Following the Great British BRexit!

for British Rail we will, once again,
lead The World. We did Vote Leave
so we could Take Control with a
decent British Government
led by Jeremy Corbyn
to Put People First.

Life with Traumatic Brain Injury involves
many hidden disabilities and means total
dependence on others. Simple everyday
tasks like filling in forms or organising
things are extremely difficult. Memory
problems, mood swings and low speed
thinking all present serious problems.

Driving a car is not possible (it would
be very dangerous) and coping with
daily life is a constant challenge.

Thankfully thought is possible and
due to the support of family and 
friends I have been able to write
this website. Putting people first
before Germanic 
EU corporate 
motor and insurance industry
regimes will restore the old
risk free UK where roads
were safe and our Public
Transport was excellent.

Following a very serious
Road Incident in 1983 The whole
Bright Family has been dedicated to the
care of the road incident victim Paul
who has found purpose in life with
Traumatic Brain Injury planning
how to make roads safe.

Over the years Paul has considered
the existential questions of life and
death and wondered why the roads
go to be so damgerous in the first
place. It was all about money, in
1914 Germany started The Great
War to damage British Public
Transport and shipping.

Having damaged British Railways
extensively from 1914 to 1918 the
Germans then decided to rearm and
try it on again from 1939 to 1945.

Only now following the BRexit
vote for British Rail can we as a 
nation, once again lead the world
to safe and sustainable travel with
Great British Public Transport and
The Bicycle. Join us in our quest
to save millions of lives and
lead One World For Peace.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain
has the mission to restore World Peace
as British Intelligence remembers so
Join The Royal British Legion today:

The historic mission of Great Britain
is to Stop The War which is why we
remember 1914-1918 from 2014-2018
to restore the Armistice on 11-11-2018
together with The Good German people
who are voting for The LEFT PARTY
because it is our RIGHT to
Stop War

Everyone in Great Britain & Germany
today wants World Peace. There is no
support for the fascist Donald Trump
USA as Great British HERO of
remembrance Jeremy Corbyn has
managed to STOP Theresa May
from holding his deadly hand...

The USA regime of war is over.

The USA has been sponsoring war
ever since it was founded in 1766
but usually ends up on the correct
side of history, together with us,
The Great British in the end...

Donald Trump today is trying to
start a major World War exactly as
Hitler did in 1939 and The Kaiser
did in 1914. Only remembrance
can Stop The War as Korea is
NOT a colony of the USA!

The Korean people do Stop The War
with Great British help as we do
not support the fascist Trump.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain
is for One Korea with NO USA in Asia
because the USA is trying to start war.

The American People clearly do not
want to start yet another war and the
Good American People who voted
for Donald Trump did not expect
he would become a warmonger.

Sadly now it is clear that the USA
"deep state" of corruption is addicted
to war and Afghanistan is paying the
price for USA profiteering and the
rise of USA war stocks on the
USA stock markets in fact...

Lockheed Martin is doing well as is
Boeing and other USA war making
corporations who profit from war.

It is now up to all Good American &
Great British people to Stop The War
with intelligent remembrance of all
our HEROES who stopped world
wars One and Two so we can
Stop World War Three

France, Russia and China are our
important partners for Peace together
with The Great Commonwealth nation
of India. Nobody wants war so our
Great Commonwealth nation of
Pakistan loves China for Peace.

The Commonwealth for Peace is the
Key to World Peace today in 2017 
and so we prepare for the 2018
armistice together in Germany.

The Good German people understand
that World War One was started by
corporate interests like KRUPPS.

Krupps made weapons for Germany
in World War Two as did VW, BMW,
Audi, Mercedes and Porsche. These
same companies make weapons now
and together with others profit from
war. War is used by companies to
make unreasonable profits and
unsustainable products like
automobiles. Politicians
are corrupted to make
war but intelligence
can Stop all War.

It is important to know that Angela
Merkel, just like Hitler, goes around
in a Mercedes and was bribed by
BMW to form the fascist Grand
coalition with the SPD in 2013.

This is why we recommend that
all Good Germans vote LEFT
so as to be ALL RIGHT and
help us to Stop The War.

It is RIGHT to Stop The War...

It is important for Germany to avoid
supporting the fascist Donald Trump
and his NAZI NATO panzer tanks
in Ukraine and the baltic states.

Remembering that the Great British
role in the World is to Stop The War
is the purpose of British Intelligence.

In 1588 Sir Francis Drake did manage
to Stop The War intended by invading
Spanish armada forces at Plymouth.

In 1815 Great Britain and our allies
did manage to Stop The War that the
evil Napoleon had started in Europe.

In 1918 Great Britain did manage to
Stop The War that Germany had so
most deceptively started in 1914.

In 1945 Great Britain did manage to
Stop The War that Germany had also
deceptively started in 1939 by the
invasion of Poland.

We cordially invite everyone to the
NEW UK that will be OK as we do
Stop The War to bring World Peace
& International Friendship to earth.

We are sorry about the persistent
corruption that has infiltrated the 
"conservative" party as Theresa
May ought not to have sold
weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Please be assured we will seek
justice for all and the corrupt
will be brought to justice.

Visa fees will be refunded where
the wrong type of visa was applied
for as we have a duty of care to all
visa applicants especially where
children are concerned. Please
apply for your refunds and
new visas at your local
British Embassy.

The NEW Switzerland will focus on Travel and
Tourism. As the world leader in hospitality and 
tourism Switzerland is guaranteed a BRIGHT and
happy future as The Republic and Canton of JURA
is once again the Gateway to Paris, London, Moscow,
Beijing and the rest of the world via the border at Delle.

Europe today is in a mess caused by the EU and the € Euro
€ currency, which is printed in Germany to bail out G€RMAN
banks while impoverishing all the rest of Europe. Greece as well
as Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Poland, Czechoslovakia (now also
divided into Czech and Slovak republics), Spain, Portugal and
Ireland all suffer great economic stress. Refugees are prime
victims of Germanic aggression abroad with NATO and
USA imperialist wars having caused massive losses to
the people of Iraq, Syria, Yemen and The Ukraine.

We are all  badly affected by Euro imperialism with policy
dictated by Angela Merkel in Berlin. Previously Hitler was
not able to colonise Europe and neither was the Kaiser.

Germany today thinks it has won; well we The British and
our allies have another idea, we will LIBERATE EUROPE
in 2018 just as we did in 1945 and 1918 with the armistice.

The German people all support us today as they have been
suffering austerity just like us. Everyone says together now
"Enough is Enough" it is time for Europe to move LEFT.

One World For Peace is The World We Want.
Remembrance of 1914 to 1918 ensures we can build
One World of Peace from 2014 to 2018. With the 2018
Global Armistice remembrance celebrations on The
Lake of Constance we are all one happy family.

The Federal Tribunal of Switzerland which is The Swiss
Supreme Court has ruled against the Fascist SVP party
and their infamous "White sheep and black sheep" ads.

The offending advertisements featured a gang of white
sheep kicking a black sheep of the map of Switzerland;
this was declared racist and rightfully ordered stopped.

Still there are serious problems in the fascist German
parts of Europe where corrupt officials have the cheek
to call German "The official language". Obviously we
all know German is NOT an oficial language since the
United Nations in 1945 only Arabic, British English,
Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish are deemed
official languages. This is international law and
this is why it is important to uphold The Law
in order to STOP the RISK of Fascism,
Racism, Antisemitism and Corruption
from dominating Europe once again.

Sadly the risk of racism, xenophobia, antisemitism,
fascism and coruption is not yet eliminated but evil
posters were taken down. The struggle for freedom
and democracy continues. Opening up the German
speaking world to One World For Peace is our mission.

World Peace and international friendship is our goal
as I agreed with my Russian friends back in 1993 just
after the Berlin wall fell. We remember Lady Thatcher
was against the reunification of Germany and today our
New Patriotic Great Leader Jeremy Corbyn reminds us
all of exactly why we voted for The British Rail BRexit.

Taking back control of our borders and trade will stop
the risk of deadly German cars on Great British Roads
which has been the life purpose of Admiral Paul Bright
ever since he was a victim of road crime in 1983. From
victim to victor, this is my mission, what I am about.

I am grateful to my family, friends and all who help me
in so many ways, there are Good People everywhere as
well as the intolerant fascsits who want to forget the war,
deny the holocaust and insist that German is the "offical
language of Switzerland" well, we're not having THAT.

Switzerland and The UK as well as France, Russia and
all of Eurasia and the rest of the world have a BRIGHT
future with Royal Navy supporter Admiral Bright now
deployed to explain the historic mission, task and purpose
of the reopening of the Line of Resistance as used by the
French resistance in World War Two and as used by
the French army defending Belfort in World War
One as well as the siege of Belfort 1870-1871.

Belfort is a strong town resisting Germanic imperialism
now and forever, together with Great Britain and Russia
as we remember The Triple Entente and 1914 to 1918
from 2014 to 2018. This time The German People
are our friends, invited to join us for VICTORY.

Victory today means the end of EU austerity and the
end of the corporatist VW, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and
Porsche 9-11 types of transport for terrorists made in
Germany and fueled by ISIS extremist Saudi Arabia
armed by the fascist Theresa May and her husband
who have been found to be selling deadly British
weapons illegally from their kitchen cabinet
of cronies at Number 10 Downing street!

We are moving Switzerland on, together with the
Federal Tribunal. We stand against racism, fascism,
antisemitism and corruption as we want an end to
war and terrorism that has been secretly paid for
from Swiss bank accounts for far too long.

The NEW Switzerland will focus on Travel and
Tourism. As the world leader in hospitality and 
travel Switzerland is guaranteed a BRIGHT and
happy future as The Republic and Canton of JURA
is once again the Gateway to Paris, London, Moscow,
Beijing and the rest of the world via the border at Delle.

Switzerland has been harbouring money laundering
tax evading terrorists for many years and is well known
as an infamous tax haven visited too often by corrupt
officials such as former UK Prime Minister Theresa
May who we always suspected Maybe a Terrorist.

Her Husband, just like the husband of the late Maggie
Thatcher the Milk Snatcher (because she snatched milk
from British children before Theresa May started on 
her crusade to snatch their lunch and breakfasts)
is well known for facilitating SAUDI arms sales.

Selling (Infact giving because of the ECGD Export
Corruption Guaranteed Department) to Saudis who
are NOT Arabs but stole Sandy Arabia for their own
personal gain is totally and utterly morally wrong,
especially when it leads to murder of children in
Yemen, Syria, Libya and The Ukraine.....

The Ukrainian connection is especially relevant 
since Switzerland backed the evil fascist dictator
Petro Poroshenko who we all know is an extremist
right wing BANDERO international war criminal...

Speaking the truth gets you arrested and imprisoned 
as a lunatic in The Fascist Canton of Thurgau at their
infamous "Munsterlingen Spital" which deserves a
good SPITTING AT with a SPITFIRE preferably
during war time but somehow we missed THAT
target but managed to bomb Schaffhausen...

Well, not us but our American friends. Anyway, back
to reality today, in 2017 we are remembering 1944 and
1917 in order to achieve World Peace and nuclear
disarmamnet by 2018 when her Majesty The
Queen will declare World Peace on 11.11.18
at the Zeppelin Museum from the balcony.

First however we need to topple the SWISS evil
banking regime and SWISS dictatorship in Thurgau
as well as topppling The Theresa May regime in the UK.

Therefore I am issuing a demand for payment to the evil
Munsterlingen Spital for SIX MILLION Swiss francs to
be deposited in my UBS safety deposit box in Arbon, I
cannot remember the number but the manager can.

The cash will be supplemented by my fees of 100,000
Swiss franks per year I have been working on this case
in Switzerland since 2007 so it is an additional million.

The six million Swiss francs is for every Jewish victim
of the Holocaust and is to be forwarded by the manager
of UBS Arbon to The Holocaust Educational Trust in
the UK immediately on receipt.
(don't let me spend it as it is NOT mine at all).

Mine is Mine and Theresa May is hers. I want that
prostitute sent to Siberia on a one way ticket with
Russian Railways Churchill Night Line so it is

What is morally wrong passes for RIGHT in fact far
right, extremely far right, further to the right than the
evil Adolf Hitler and Rommel in the desert of Libya
stealing libyan oil for panzers in World War Two...

Since Switzerland has no morality, no justice and only
a blind worship of CA$H and €urodollar$ it does not
come as a surprise that Theresa May, just like Maggie
is sent by her husband to Switzerland on walking tours
to deposit the ill gotten $audi Dollar$ as stolen Jewish
gold in the safe deposit boxes of UBS in Zurich....

ZU Rich Zurich, too rich by half. The idiots cannot even
speak English so how did they manage to get all that gold?

Understanding the past is the key to a peaceful future
with Bright Education services we help everyone learn
about the historic role of The Royal Navy in creating
the peaceful world we enjoy today. We also stop the
risk of politicians creating conflicts by respecting
international borders for World Peace. Global
Nuclear disarmament is our objective with
the resources saved used for Education.

Our civilian fleet deployed from Her Majestys Naval
Base HMNB in Portsmouth known as Brittany Ferries
connects The World for Peace. We sail to Sword Beach
every night at 23:00 and also have day time sailngs in
the morning and afternoons. Our ships are ideal
for family travel and you can book half price
cabins if you are on a Sword Beach
remembrance family tour.

We land on Sword Beach just as our HEROES did
in 1944 to Liberate France from the Occupation by
The Germans. In 1945 we, The British, together with
Our Commonwealth, American, Russian, Chinese and
allied friends liberated all of Europe and brought real
Peace to The World. We did it before in 1918 as well
and in 2018 we are remembering The Armistice
together with The Germans and The German
speaking world in Switzerland and Austria.

We promote family holidays to the UK via the
Normandy ports making remembrance fun for all.

Everyone in Europe and the rest of the World is very
grateful to The Royal Navy and allied forces who together
liberated France and Europe for World Peace since 1945.

By remembering the past we stop the fascism of corporate
corruption today and establish World Peace for future
gernerations. Educating future generations well
is of vital importance for a peaceful future.

New Festyland attraction on bus line number 3

from The SNCF station at Caen. There is no
need to say which boat you are sailing on
so enjoy Caen and Sword beach at
your leisure in total freedom.

We are grateful to our sponsors and partners for
Peace: The Royal British Legion, RMT UNION,
Cycling UK, UK Commission for Racial Equality,
Brittany Ferries, SNCF, Thurgau Canton bank,
IHK Turgau, CARITAS Thurgau, University of
Constance International Office, Tourist information
Constance, BSB, SBS and our local mediator Mrs.
Tobler at the Line Crossing mediation office.

European Health Insurance Cards are valid for
business and tourism throughout the EEA and so
we uphold the treaty for the benefit of Free trade.

The Law is The Law and must be respected by all.

We do not cross the line at Kreuzlingen so we
remain firmly committed to European values of
Equality, Inclusion and Fairness. We do not accept
the extremist Theresa May or Angela Merkel or
the extremist right wing SVP and FDP agenda
of social exclusion and racism in Switzerland.

We did vote to LEAVE the EU so that we could
LEAD Europe to a better future with NO Offical
languages, NO Rathaus, NO Racism and NO Trump.

Working with my friends The KIMS at both the
North and South Korean embassies in Berne we
have agreed World Peace and Family reunification
and our special DDR train is waiting to cross the
line at Dorasan station restoring One Korea.

The United Kingdom is for One Korea: UK=OK!

We overcome political extremism and exclusion
by reminding The German speaking world that
German is NOT a United Nations official language
and it is morally wrong to force people to speak any
sort of language or do things against their own free will.
In The United Kingdom there is no "official language"
as we believe in Freedom and real Democracy for all.

Everyone is welcome to learn English at their own pace
and if you get into trouble in The UK our courts all provide
a FREE translation service for you to achieve real justice.
Test your english now and find it more today!

Currently justice is denied to foreigners in Germany,
Eastern Switzerland and Austria as only German is
accepted by courts of law. Millions of refugees who
had been invited to Germany by Angela Merkel
now find themselves once again on the move.

Moving about constantly and searching for very
precarious work is exactly what the German firms
want as this gives them cheap labour with no trade
unions. This is exactly what the nazis achieved and
exacly how Volkswagen gets cheap labour today.

As a Jewish Trade Unionist I am opposed to abuse
of my Syrian Sisiters and Brothers by the fascist
collusion of German frims and their government
agencies. This sort of thing has got to be stopped.

One World For Peace brings Peace to The
World by remembering World War One and
World War Two to Stop World War Three.

We are a UK based Global organisation promoting
remembrance of previous conflicts in order to achieve
World Peace in our time. We can do this because the
United Kingdom together with France, Russia and
China can stop the USA escalating conflicts, for
example with North Korea. Only diplomacy
and respect for North Korean sovereignty
with peaceful reconciliation can stop war.

The United Kingdom for One Korea will reunify all
Korean people peacefully by inviting both North
and South Korea to pursue peaceful family
reunification without outside interference.

There is no need for anyone to have nuclear weapons
so the new Great British Labour Government fully
supports multilateral disarmament. We work with
all parties to explain this and encourage people
to talk about everyday problems like debts as
well as housing, education, employment and
public safety. Disarmament will enable all
people to live better lives because money
wasted on weapons can instead be spent
on Public Services and invested in the
real economy creating useful jobs.
Churchill Night Lines connect the UK common
travel area of Great Britain and Ireland together
with the rest of Europe and The World. Brexit
really does mean BRexit with British Rail
connections to Brittany Ferries ships.

Sir Jeremy Corbyn, the new UK Prime Minister is
committed to Bring Back British Rail meaning that
wherever you wish to go in the UK it will be easy
to get there by train from one of our ports.

Our Plymouth to Cork via Roscoff services connect
Ireland to Great Britain in style and comfort with
the opportunity to visit the famous Ile de Batz.

The Great Royal Navy cities of 
Plymouth and
Portsmouth are connected via Saint Malo and
SNCF to Roscoff. Sailings from Cherbourg to
Poole bring you home to Bournemouth Beach.

Europe and the rest of the world with overnight
sailings from British and Irish Ports mean days
are saved by not needing to travel to airports.

Our services are expanding worldwide with new
Philippine Island connections from China, Malaysia,
and Indonesia for sailings on to Australia so we are
delivering the promise of Sir Isambard Kingdom
Brunel as well as Sir Winston Churchill for
One World Of Peace in our time,  today!

There is a simple reason why some countries
are more developed than others, war has done
huge damage to developing countries while the
so called developed countries profit. Germany
supported the war against Syria with the EU
in order to try to build an autobahn from
Berlin to Riyadh against the will of the
Syrian people. We Stopped The War
as it was ridiculous. Theresa May
and David Cameron were in
fact supporting terrorists!

Remembrance of previous conflicts by the
Royal British Legion helps to Stop The War
today and save the lives of British forces so
that we can Live on peacefully together...

Surprisingly not everyone in The German
speaking world wants to remember the
wars. Understandably many lost family
members as did those on our allied side
but surely remembering the wars together
as friends can help all of us Stop The War.

It is important to remember that in 1945
although war was declared over many of
the German firms that profited from the
war were restarted and now manufacture
deadly weapons as well as automobiles,
which are also deadly but very profitable.

Overcoming these corporate interests is
our central task and that is why we have
formally founded our organisation as One
World For Peace. The United Kingdom is 
a key Global Power at the United Nations
security council so we can Stop The War.

We do not support Donald Trump and we
do not support Kim Jong Un or Vladimir 
Putin or Theresa May. We really do support
World Peace and International Friendship.

Every nation must live in Peace and respect 
the other nations so Donald Trump and his
USA regime need to leave Korea alone so
we can reunite Korea peacefully as One
Korea OK which is the mission of the UK

World Peace and International Development
studies are commencing at many universities
in 2018 as we remember the 1918 armistice.

HMS Alliance from Portsmouth is the last 
Royal Navy submarine built to serve in
World War Two. Refloating HMS Alliance
and sailing to The Lake of Constance will
ensure permanent respect for The Royal
Navy in The German speaking world.

Royal British Legion member Admiral Bright
who is known as RN008 is responsible for
promoting remembrance to the German
speaking world diplomatically. We must
remember WW1 and WW2 to Stop WW3.

Over the years Admiral Paul Bright, who
plans that all warships can be refitted as
passenger ships, has been travelling each
day to Germany to explain these facts to
The Good German people who will listen.

Admiral Paul Bright has an international
team and has managed to link up with the
German LEFT party in order to remind all
the German people that Angela Merkel,
just like Hitler has no majority in the
German parliament (bundestag).

The Majority of seats are held by the
Green, Left and SPD parties who have 320
since 2013 while Merkel has only got 311.

We all know 320 is more than 311 as surely
as we know that 2+2=4 and it will never be
five! The German constitiution is based on
fascism with democracy taking second 
place. This is because west Germany
was allowed to dominate East
Germany upon reunification.

Our mission is therefore very simple...

To bring Great Peace to The World by
promoting remembrance of previous wars
so that humanity can avoid future conflicts.

We are The United Kingdom foundation for
World Peace and International Friendship.

We now connect The World For Peace by
promoting sustainable Public Transport
connections between all oneworld and
skyteam airports. Our connections are
environmentally and socially sustainable
using RMT UNION approved Public Travel
solutions such as State Owned Railways and
fully safety compliant shipping operators.

We bring real sustainable development to
lift up nations for Global Peace and Equality.

Philippine National Railways are a state owned
enterprise providing real livelihoods to people
and saving millions of lives by replacing deadly
cars with sustainable Public Transport. We
promote The Mindanao Railways as well
as Passenger shipping to China and
Indonesia as well as Malaysia.

In The United Kingdom we remind everyone
that The Royal Navy stands for World Peace
and has done for centuries. In this way we
proove that Theresa May is NOT Churchill
but is clearly working for the WRONG Side!

Jeremy Corbyn is coming to save The UK and
make it OK! for everyone hence our UKOK!
headline title for our Global Project for Peace
as we turn the UK RED with The Labour Party
and create millions of new Green railway jobs.

Every new job means new trains, new stations,
new homes and new hope for families as we
stop the war and save our NHS! By restarting
the UK economy to put People First we also
make a profit as millions of tourists from the
rapidly growing eurasian union will arrive
to study in the UK and invest in Great Britain.

It was little britain with Theresa May but
now it will be GREAT Britain with Jeremy
Corbyn, we will even say GREATER Britain
with more and more nations applying to join
The Great British commonwealth for Peace!

Everyone loves The Royal Navy so we have
a special responsibility to ensure that British
governments promote peace. Our UKOK!
has helped to STOP THE WAR
in Syria as our mission is to STOP WAR
together with our allies from WW2.

We oppose the warmongering of Theresa May
and David Cameron who are NOT British
but bought and paid for warmongers.
Our efforts will stop their nonsense! 

We can stop all war by remembering
previous conflicts and so build on the
peacemaking effforts of allied HEROES
in World War One and World War Two
in order to STOP ALL WAR today.

Together today we are ready to
build a new world of Peace and Love
with Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn.

Remembrance is the key to World Peace.

In 1943 a few Good men set out from
RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland on a mission

to STOP THE GREAT WAR Germany had resumed against
Great Britain and our allies in 1939 by invading Poland.

The Dambusters are now World Famous and are
loved most of all in Germany and Russia since a
few GOOD Germans and The Russians were on our
side, the side of Peace with The Commonwealth,
The Free French and our American friends.

Nazi Germany was defeated in 1945 but still
the fascist German industries of Volkswagen,
BMW, Audi, Mercedes and PORSCHE exist.

It is well known that wars are started to secure oil
and minerals needed for the unsustainable industry
of German corporations. We also know that these
corporations lie and cheat their way to profits.

Replacing the unsustainable cars with bicycles and
public transport and remembering that corporate
fascism is always a menace is the way to stop 
the war today, in particular by working with
our German sisters and brothers so we can
defeat the EU regime and live in peace as
one world as we pursue a post brexit Europe.

Our MISSION therefore replacs all fascist cars with
bicycles and Public Transport enabling WORLD PEACE
and International Friendship. One World for Peace.

Development studies courses at The University
of Constance as well as Sustainable business in
tourism as found on the Island of Mainau means
Germany has a bright future after brexit building
technology for peace instead of war machines.

Today we promote peace in the middle east and
Ukraine by remembering our friendship and
cooperation with Russia in both world wars.

In 1943 Russia had already defeated the Nazi
Germans in Stalingrad so we could go on to do
the HEROIC Liberation of France after we landed
on Sword Beach in 1944. We are remembering it
all so we can have Peace and STOP ALL WAR now.

It is important to remember the Dambusters did
manage to bust the dams only becuase Russian
HEROES defeated the nazis in Stalingrad and
therefore Britain and Russia are allies today.

Thankfully all of Germany is with us today too!

 THE reason we had to do it
was to defeat Hitler just as
we are doing it all over again
metaphorically speaking to bust
Angela Merkel and her hold on
Europe. Greece shall defeat
austerity and Ireland will
be reunited as in 1914.

Restoring British respect and
prestige in Germany requires much
investment but pays dividends as
we are promoting the UK national
curriculum with English Language
and Royal Navy Bases in Europe.

Fly or sail to PORT ROYAL with
British oneworld for your holiday!

I am air Marshall BRIGHT and
I am especially grateful to the
help given to me by German Police
in decoding the SWISS ENIGMA of
Private health insurance fraud
and SWISS banking fraud...

We know Theresa May has got a
lot of OUR UK cash hidden up in
SWISS mountains where SHE likes
to go for a walk. That cash was
stolen from UK taxpayers and
privatisation of OUR NHS.

Is it an episode of SHE who
must be obeyed? After all she
LOST the recent election in 
a most TITANIC BREXIT sort
of Boris the Johnson way.

Well, we have busted the last
High Dam of the Bodensee with
our Royal Navy Passenger ship
canal and Theresa May is now
at the TOP of The Metropolitan
Police most wanted list, along
with Petro Poroshenko who is
responsible for the loss of
all life aboard MH17...


Royal Air Force Incident
Special Investigations Branch
Air Accidents Investigation Branch
Royal Air Force 
Signals Intelligence has
detected aviation
 CRIME in Zurich
as Swiss banks suppport ISIS
so oneworld is moving to FDH

Zurich Airport Police (KAPO Zurich)
are refusing to help us in our ongoing
investigations into SWISS Insurance
and banking FRAUD and say FRAUD
is 'not a matter for the police' and
neither is the downing of MH17

As all ONEWORLD passengers know
only too well MH17 was hit by a BUK
missile which was made in Ukraine
and fired from The Ukraine and the
regime in Kiev tried to blame Russia.

This is because the EU regime is now
bankrupt so needs invasion
in order to secure natural resources
and cheap labour to keep afloat just
like nazi Germany in 1941 the EU
staged a coup in Kiev and needs
to blame Russia for everything.

This is why Petro Poroschenko is
refusing to implement the Minsk
peace accords as he needs a war.

Just like Hitler in 1941 Poroshenko
needed a war in 2014 and so did eu
muppet David Cameron and Theresa
May the terrorist leader who sponsors
ISIS via her Saudi arabian chums as
she steals our NHS by privatisation
and even tries to steal lunch from
UK school children. Honestly how
long can this UK pantomime last?

As you will remember the Russians
supposedly drove a HUGE
type of missile launcher SYSTEM in
to Ukraine and then REBELS fired
the missile and THEN Russians
drove their BUK back home...

Well, some people believe that 
the USA
 actually went to
the moon and Neil Armstrong
did not just get sandy feet in
florida. It is up to you to

This has been explained to KAPO
in Winterthur and Zurich but NO
action was taken. Still the MH17
lies persist and SWISS insurance
FRAUD and banking FRAUD is all
too PERSISTENT so we have left.

 has moved to:
Family Direct Holiday airport
Friedrichshafen (code #FDH)
and all passengers will recieve
FREE DRINKS and an upgraded


Obviously it will take a few days
to redeploy all OUR flights so in
the meantime please keep calm
and carry on flying in Zurich...

If you would prefer to be safe &
then please call ONEWORLD and
rebook with your ticket reference
"WAS #ZRH now #FDH please"
is all you need to say to be
and oneworld for Peace.

British Airways is the civilian
branch of The Royal Air Force
so we have got SIGNALS that
Zurich is GOING
 DOWN fast.

THEY bombed MH17 and THEY
covered it up because THEY put
profit before people. WE DO NOT
talk to terrorists in Terminals so
we have LEFT ZURICH and will
not be going there on holiday!

REAL holidays are now available...
with applied university studies combine
your English & French linguistic travel
with our Royal Navy achievements.

Your UKOK! World Peace Diploma
with IELTS and your Life in the UK
 leads to British Commonwealth
employment visas and citizenship.

With The 2017 RMT UNION BRexit for 
British Rail we are restoring Public and 
Democratic ownership of British Railways
bringing safe and affordable travel to all with
NEW UK Churchill Night Line services from The
French resistance stronghold of Delle
 in The EU 
occupied zone of South East France to the NEW
Rail PORT station at Cherbourg in newly
Liberated Northern France 
for World famous
 Brittany Ferries Churchill Night Line sailings
to Poole, Bournemouth and Portsmouth 
for your TrueBRexit 
UK connections
returning to Sword Beach.

Image : Plan de Sword Beach

NEW United Kingdom Prime Minister
Jeremy Corbyn
has already announced
the policy framework and we will now
use this opportunity to ensure full and
proper respect for our HEROES who have
served in Her Majestys Armed forces so
2017 can bring World Peace as in 1945
by remembering the Truce of 1914.

An end to EU USA wars and conflict across
Europe and The Middle East means we can
resume the Great British Railway projects
that were already planned in 2007 before
the disastrously corrupt bank bail outs.

While the last decade has been good for
banksters and Tory Election fraudsters
it has been disastrous for the people.

Great Britain stands with all the oppressed
people who have suffered so much war and
poverty as a result of purely evil Tory greed.

Peaceful rebuilding of Great Britain now
means we can to reopen all our railways
since there will be no more arms sales to
Saudi Arabia and no more single market for
VW, BMW, Audi, etc. so we will be returning
to the railways, our GREAT British Railways.

Throughout the Commonwealth people
love British Railways and we are now on
course to connect the permanent way from
Bournemouth via Cherbourg to Cape Town
and Cairns via MoscowBeijing & Davao.

South African railways will be running
through trains to London with special
boat carriages rolling on to Brittany
ferries in Cherboug on all sailings.

Australian Queensland rail will likewise
run through trains across the sea to Bali
from Darwin and on to Davao in Mindanao.

Great British popularity and influence will grow
because our Prime Minsiter Jeremy Corbyn is
bringing Peace to the World so everyne will
be eagerly learning to speak English. Our
new soft power will mean a huge global
demand for English Teachers in every
nation as well as Nurses qualified to
British NHS Professional standards.

The Philippines is the newest Commonwealth
member and English teachers as well as nurses
eagerly await their train to the mainland. We
are a small island chain just like the Pacific
islands of The Philippines. Great Britain
and the Philippines have been at
work together since 1580 when
Sir Francis Drake visited his
adopted homeland near
to Davao Mindanao.

Several Royal Navy missions over the
years have ventured forward to help
liberate the Philippines from Spanish
and USA domination. Great Britain
liberated Cavite and Manila from
Spain in the seven years war.

Following several around the world
trips and Russian roulette type of
things we are now thankfully in
the process of rebuilding The
Philippine National Railway.

GREAT British Railways are indeed GREAT

World Peace and the United Kingdom of
Korea as well as making America Great
British again are all achieved by following the
Royal Naval Narrative to logical and inevitable
VICTORY for our HEROES by the Grace of God.

is the key to learning exacly why REAL
UK is OK and we have a Plan for PEACE
with Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn.

We are NOT Political and we support the
politician of the day who is best, in our
honest opinion, to bring us PEACE.

Previously Sir Winston Churchill of The
Conservative Party restored World Peace
in 1945 and in 2017 it is the turn of The

I am Fleet Admiral Paul BRIGHT of 
HM Royal Navy Counterintelligence which
existing from 1914 as department MI7
but officially closed down in 1918
but I am here so we are OPEN!

Our global UK mission is To #StopTheWar
with the #Commonwealth4Peace theme
for 2017. Click HERE to find out more.

The GCHQ Royal Engineers have the task
of ensuring politicians today uphold our
UK mission for World Peace. We work by
promoting the UK and GCHQ sites of interest
such as Bletchley Park and all the historic UK
military museums. Please help us by adding your
comments and advice, including your site on  
this guide and joining our online discussion
forum @RoyalNavyNews all views welcome.

After we achieve World Peace The Royal Navy
will be able to connect the World for Peace and
The British Army will be able to operate Great
British Railways while The Royal Air Force
will be incorporated into British Airways.

Civilian roles require the same skills as military
life such as precision timekeeping for railways
and embankment making and vehicle control
for the army. Terrorists will always need to
be stopped so roadblocks are required!

Terrorists are people who think their business
has a God given priority and so they kill others,
this is wrong so terrorists obviously need stopping!

The Vicious Volkswagen driver speeding around
a corner before he kills a child on a bicycle is just
as guilty of taking a life as a suicide bomber so
always remember why Police are enforcing
UKOK! enhanced road safety controls!

Because roads are deadly and incidents do
happen we provide a detailed map to all our
promoted attractions so that no cars are needed
and visitors can reach destinations by British
Rail trains as well as buses or by walking,
cycling or using mobility buggies.

The UK is OK and you are welcome!

Traditionally the UK is a peaceful country
and our armed forces have the duty to maintain
World Peace. Because we are only a very small island
in the sea British Intelligence is needed to achieve
our mission which can be understood by
exploring our global history.

Many people jump to confused conclusions
about the UK and our true intentions. People ask,
for example, why we deployed to The Falkland
Islands, why Afghanistan, why are we selling
weapons to the Saudi Arabians?

These are all very good questions about a
nation that claims to be for World Peace and
I hope to be able to help answer those
questions on this website.

The Great war started in 1914 and today
we are remembering 1914 to 1918 from
2014 to 2018 together with our German
sisters and brothers. In this way we will
celebrate the 2018 Armistice together and
Her Majesty The Queen will be able to
declare World Peace in our time.

British Citizens all want World Peace
and we are working on it! Let us begin by
remembering the Peaceful World we used to
live in after defeating Napoleon at the
Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

We fought against Napoleonic terror
with the help of our Russian and other allied
nations because Napoleon was evil and had
brutally invaded many countries including
Syria. This is one reason we know that
it is wrong to support the war now
so we are promoting real Peace
together with our Russian
partners for Peace

World Peace was achieved in 1815 and
visitors to the UK can pay their respects
to our HEROES who gave their lives for
our freedom whose names are engraved
at Waterloo station. Sadly in 1914 Germany
invaded Belgium and France and this was
called The Great War, the war to end all war.

It is of course very important to remember
the terribly evil things the Belgians had done
in The Congo so many people thought that
in fact Germany was doing the right thing.

Of course we know now what happened 
so we can avoid future wars by talking
about peace and stopping injustices
peacefully through courts legally
instead of starting illegal wars.

It is for this reason we opposed the Syrian
intervention by David Cameron supporting
terrorists even if President Assad was not
perfect. David Cameron and his EU regime
were certainly not perfect either!

In 1918 an armistice was agreed but as we
all know sadly Germany started the war again
in 1939 invading Poland and in 1941 invading
Russia and Ukraine. Remembering past battles
enables us all to understand that the
Great War is not yet over because in
2014 Germany (via aggressive EU
expansion) invaded Ukraine once
again with the Maidan coup.

Surely after 100 years The Germans would
not think it possible to rewrite history?

Events inform us. Angela Merkel tried, and failed,
to argue that Nazi German allies liberated the
nazi German concentration camps, Russia
was of course offended by these lies.

At the time British Politician David Cameron
was clearly on the German side! Only thanks to
GCHQ Remembrance were we The British able
to stop his madness! Learning more about our
past battles clearly helps stop the war today.

We have many wars to stop. British signals
intelligence exists to ensure our troops
are deployed to STOP WAR rather than
start new wars. This is why we live in a
democracy and voices opposing
government policy have
the protection of law.

Let us begin our tour of UK History with a
visit to the Great War Tank museum where
visitors can learn how our HEROES fought and
won the battles of 1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945
as well as subsequent battles against the
extremists who are funded
by corrupt regimes.

At all times we remember our privilege
to explore and our freedom that
was won for us by HEROES.

Welcome to The Bovingdon Tank Museum
Enjoy a nice riverside walk from the railway!

YES Scotland is the REAL UK=OK! Since 1603 4 visitors today to The REAL UK=OK=CHURCHILL FOREVER !