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Thank God It's Friday...
...or at least it will be soon...

Welcome to the British American
oneworld Embassy BONCOURT

The GREAT British Embassy is now opening for business
to promote the UK and promote Great British Railways
NEW Sealink services to PORTSMOUTH from Bern
as well as Geneva and Zurich via PARIS from the
Switzerland by train and ship

We can help you get back to the UK with TRAVEL ADVICE
and you can also use the internet at
DELLE railway station.

Kindly note we are NOT the "official" British Embassy so
if you need their services you will
still need to go to Bern
and will need to
make an appointment to see someone.

CHRISTMAS has come early for The Great British citizens
of England, Scotland and Wales and we are also able to
help Irish citizens get home in an emergency such as
awaiting a NEW PASSPORT due to our Railway station
which is useful for getting to
Roscoff for sailing to Cork.

The NEW SBB CFF FFS Railway station is just 5 minutes
walk away from the Embassy at Stade II which is next
to a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD in case the Germans want
to play football as we remember 1916 in 2016 so we
welcome Good Germans (with footballs, not guns).

We even have a Wehrmacht football (quite deflated)
so due to the deflation, of the football, we serve beer
from Bavaria (which is now independent again) and
we also serve GUINNESS and MURPHYS as well as UK
OK special stout rations supplied by
HM Government

We are awaiting news from the government about many
topics such as our ability to help people pay tax and send
in official forms. We will keep you updated about this.

The UK is OK! and we love the World so we at oneworld
for Peace are pleased to serve Her Majesty The Queen.

Travel Services are available from the UK with
Brittany Ferries now sailing day and night to connect
with SWISS trains and the
SNCF as well as UK National
Rail networks. There is no need to book in advance as
you can just
turn up at the port with your passport.

Kindly note
and if you need a UK visa you can click to apply


GREAT British Embassy to the Jurassic Republic,

Allied British, French, Syrian
USA, Russian, Chinese, Philippine
and all Commonwealth ambassadors.

Monday September 5th 2016, remembering 1916

Dear World Leaders,

We are delighted to cordially invite all nations to join our celebration of the Chinese Belt and Road which connects The Jurassic Republic from the North of Switzerland to Dublin, Lisbon, Madrid, London, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw, Moscow, Beijing , Manila, Jakarta, Canberra and Wellington by sustainable High Speed Passenger Rail and Sealink ferries. Our SNCF link now opens in 2016.

Sustainable travel for everyone is the key to building an inclusive commonwealth as planned by Her Majesty the Queen and her Chinese friends at the recent state visit of China to the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom was founded in 1603 by Good King James in order to Stop Risk of corruption and foreign meddling that had so troubled Great Britain since the Rotten Romans invaded in AD43.

The Elizabethan age began with the ascension of Good Queen Elizabeth I to The Throne in 1558 and continues to this day with Queen Elizabeth II our most popular ever head of The Great British State.

Great Britain has always stood for World Peace and International Friendship which is maintained by The Global Commonwealth of friendship and our key strategic historical allies The Philippines, Ireland, Russia and China. We are remembering 1916 in 2016 to give due appreciation and pay our respects to those who gave their day for our tomorrow 100 years ago. As each day passes we now all remember that same day 100 years ago to understand history so we can stop all war today thanks to the internet which was invented by Great British Signals Intelligence branch of The Royal Navy.

Now that the United States has withdrawn from the South China sea and has decided to respect the right of the Philippine people to full and unmolested independence we are delighted to invite all interested parties to bid for concessions operating Her Majesty's Scottish Royal Megayacht Travel service Sealink ferries from Sanya Port to Cavite Sangley Point (former US Navy & Airbase) for our Dear Passengers. American companies are of course invited to participate on the understanding that there shall be NO USA armed presence in the South China Sea but the Royal Navy UK is OK!

The reason why we, GREAT British people, all supporters of HM Royal Navy, have taken this decision is because of the many years of abuse suffered by our Philippine friends at the hands of American occupation and the recent sponsorship by the Obama regime of Terrorism in Syria. We do appreciate our American Friends at the CIA who stopped Hillary Clinton from corrupting The United States Army, Navy and Special Forces and we are sincerely grateful to the Good American HEROES who have brought the wretched Clinton war machine to justice.

The REAL USA like the UK is OK!

God Save the Queen!

Paul Bright

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YES Scotland is the REAL UK=OK! Since 1603 1 visitors today to The REAL UK=OK=CHURCHILL FOREVER !