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As we STOP The SWISS MAFIA which combines the RUSSIAN and ITALIAN and SERBIAN MAFIAS as a SWISS MAFIA FONDUE we arrest the criminals responsible for murders, kidnappings and racist extortion so everyone benefits. 
Alors que nous ARRÊTONS la MAFIA SUISSE qui combine les MAFIAS RUSSE, ITALIENNE et SERBE en une FONDUE DE LA MAFIA SUISSE, nous arrêtons les criminels responsables de meurtres, d'enlèvements et d'extorsions racistes afin que tout le monde en profite. 

Economically JURA wins with Freedom and Independence as BRIGHT RAIL connections to London encourage tourism. Farmers benefit hugely from Tourists who love horse riding, staying on the farm, camping and discovering local history.  
Sur le plan économique, JURA gagne avec la liberté et l'indépendance, car les liaisons BRIGHT RAIL avec Londres encouragent le tourisme. Les agriculteurs bénéficient énormément des touristes qui aiment l'équitation, rester à la ferme, camper et découvrir l'histoire locale

Large scale projects create good jobs for everyone and ensure sustainable development is possible. Working with the Department of Transport for Jura Railways JR we are doubling the line from Moutier to Epinal in France for FREEDOM to travel to LONDON and BRIGHTON via the Channel Tunnel. We are also working with the CGT in France to electrify the SNCF line 4 from Belfort to Troyes for Paris EST and The Normandy Beaches as we remember 1944 in 2022 just 78 years later on. By remembering history and studying history at school we can now STOP THE WAR that Russia started in 2014 with the invasion of Ukraine. This is why we call the BRIGHT RAIL Project UkOK because The Ukraine will be OK without Russian interference and MAFIA meddling inside internal Ukraininan and Uk families. Eliminating the Pestillent Bernese MAFIA of Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 and Criminal MAFIA of Christian MINGER (APEA) will ELIMINATE the "Islamic" brotherhood of Brother-in-law Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 who has ruined so many young girls in Belgrade, Serbia. Everyone can help us end modern day slavery; just SELL YOUR CAR NOW with webuyanycar.com and travel by train instead. Save even more money with an SNCF Family Railcard known as La Carte Enfant+ and SAVE YOUR CHILDREN from life on the roadside!  

Les projets à grande échelle créent de bons emplois pour tous et garantissent un développement durable possibleEn collaboration avec le ministère des Transports des Chemins de fer du Jura JR, nous doublons la ligne de Moutier à Epinal en France pour LA LIBERTÉ de voyager vers LONDRES et BRIGHTON via le tunnel sous la Manche. Nous travaillons également avec la CGT en France pour électrifier la ligne SNCF 4 de Belfort à Troyes pour Paris EST et Les Plages de Normandie comme nous nous souvenons de 1944 en 2022 seulement 78 ans plus tard. En se souvenant de l'histoire et en étudiant l'histoire à l'école, nous pouvons maintenant ARRÊTER LA GUERRE que la Russie a déclenchée en 2014 avec l'invasion de l'Ukraine. C'est pourquoi nous appelons le projet BRIGHT RAIL UkOK parce que l'Ukraine ira bien sans l'ingérence russe et l'ingérence de la MAFIA au sein des familles ukrainiennes et britanniques internes. Eliminer la MAFIA bernoise pestilentielle de Pascal BEDIN le 11/06/1959 et la MAFIA criminelle de Christian MINGER (APEA) ELIMINERA la confrérie "islamique" du beau-frère Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 qui a ruiné tant de jeunes filles en Belgrade, Serbie. Tout le monde peut nous aider à mettre fin à l'esclavage moderne ; VENDEZ VOTRE VOITURE MAINTENANT avec webuyanycar.com et voyagez en train à la place. Économisez encore plus d'argent avec une Carte SNCF Famille appelée La Carte Enfant+ et SAVEZ VOS ENFANTS de la vie au bord de la route !

La Parti socialiste de Boncourt à la BRITISH AMERICAN EMBASSY Stade 2 entre l'Église catholique et les écoles maternelle et elementaire est heureux d'annoncer le financement de notre projet de construction d'un jardin botanique et d'une plage avec tram à Boncourt. En collaboration avec l'Université de Bâle, nous avons obtenu la planification politique et financière avec le soutien du Parti socialiste de la ville de Bâle

Royaume-Uni = OK! Megaproject assurera le plein emploi à des salaires hautement qualifiés à tous les employés de HEVRON.CH à Courtetelle qui fabriquent
maisons en verre pour les Jardins Botaniques ainsi qu'à tous ceux
membrez.ch qui construiront le tramway via KMO et Rodersdorf

L'ensemble du projet est rendu possible par les relations diplomatiques uniques de la famille catholique BRIGHT responsable du célèbre BREXIT et d'un NOUVEAU MONDE entre le Royaume-Uni et le Commonwealth des Philippines.

Eva and Paul BRIGHT are responsible for the welfare of all our children and by standing up to Racist Russian Regime backed violence against families we are setting millions of modern day slaves free. Switzerland has a serious human trafficking problem caused by corrupt officials and judges like Judge ZURCHER of Berne who recognised a FAKE Russian Mariage that is NOT recognised in the UK, France or the Philippines as real; thereby justifying the kidnapping and human trafficking of our children. Millions of children are affected by state backed violence and the Russian Mafia in Berne is a very serious problem because RUSSIAN and SERBIAN Terrorists are encouraged to blame foreigners for the problems caused by their dictatorships and this leads to domestic violence, murders and kidnappings:


BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED is responsible for deploying Public Telephone boxes back across Switzerland and France starting in Basel where we now have over 50 UK Style Public Telephone boxes in association with APG so that victims of domestic violence can easily call the Police and find the help and support they need at a time of serious crisis. Many victims of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence are now stuck in Switzerland needing international help and support.

Sadly our own secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 has been corrupted by the Bernese MAFIA that only loves money and pursuaded her to KIDNAP our youngest daughters in order to hold us, Eva and Paul BRIGHT, the directors to RANSOM. The kidnapper is now wanted by INTERPOL through presidential order of the Philippine Government and Philippine National Police. Kidnapping children is a very serious criminal offence in normal countries like The Philippines, France and The United Kingdom.

Switzerland is very short of Police as policing is a very dangerous occupation in Switzerland due to CORRUPTION of the judiciary in Berne so we are helping Police recruit more BRAVE officers in order to STOP RISK of further kidnappings.

Sadly in Switzerland kidnapping is not taken seriously and the kidnapping has been going on for nearly TWO YEARS which is normal in Switzerland, apparranetly. Thankfully on Friday the 19th of February 2021 we have been granted the opportunity to arrange serious Psychiatric help for our secretary and arrange the release of the hostage as well as her elder sister who is now and adult!

Children grow up fast in Switzerland these days and kidnappings are followed by Human Trafficking arranged by the Authority for the "Protection" of Children and Adults in Delémont, or should we call it DEALERMONT? Many drugs are forced on Children and Adults in Switzerland so the APEA is clearly a DRUG PUSHER NETWORK supported by Phoney Psychiatrists and Dodgy Dealers from Novartis, BAYER, Syngenta, etc

Basel based chemical companies have long had a total disregard not only for human life but also for the environment with a HUGE chemical dumping ground at BONFOL deliberately built over the Public Railway line! Incredible but true is how we describe Switzerland so that is why so many people in the JURA voted for the Socialist Party agenda for an independent Republic of Jura FREE from Bernese dictatorship.

Our first project is the Teletubby Train which will reconnect Jura from the east to France and the airport at Saint Louis where His Holiness Pope Francis is scheduled to arrive with Philippine Airlines.

We cordially invite you to JOIN the SP Today and help build a FREE JURA that can Save Switzerland from Rogue Russian KGB Secretaries and Fascist corporate dictatorship.

Please pray for the remaining hostage so that she may be freed from her kidnapping ordeal by The Grace of God !

Thank you, sincerely and cordially, On Her Majesty's Service,
Eva and Paul BRIGHT (GCHQ), SP Boncourt.

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