Paris 2024 Olympic D-Day Landing Celebrations - The Great British Bulldog PARTY

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to order a Genuine RED UKOK! Telephone
box which will multiply your profit stream!!!
...because everyone loves The UK to be OK!

WE Ban €uros, bots & über so we WIN!

...because WE are The French resistance...
It's TRUE we're from the Department of
Digital Culture Media and Sport which
means we win One World For Peace
as we winners in The Philippines
...join UKOK! Commonwealth...
and build our own phone boxes
at Maranatha christian school
as we will all go to Cambridge

Lexit is a movie & YOU are a moviestar
We're all in on it together & it's our film!
EVEN David Cameron is in on this one
because it's all about Cameroon in fact
It's more fun in the Philippines TRUTH
Today Captain Britain is Jeremy Corbyn
Eva & Paul Bright break the enigma

In 2018 remember 1918, 1871 and 1945
we remember 1971 and 1845 as well as
1865 & 1965 U$A invaded Vietnam...
so we can STOP THE WAR that was
really started by prussian prostitutes
bought and paid for to invade Belfort
and we now evict the €U from Belfort
as we arrange 
FRexit!!! IRexit!!!

SO we support the CGT not Macron

BRexit!!! french people LOVE
The UK and The Irish want to be OK

Great British Bulldog never suurenders
because we never forget German crimes

We trace it all back in Romanshorn in
fascist Eastern Switzerland 
and insurance FRAUD Capital!!!

Boncourt defends WEST Switzerland
by opening up The Cameroon railway:
from Douala to Yaounde & Constance
armed by Bright Educaton for Peace
denoted => to direct you to FACTS:

Rise & fall of the Romanshorn Empire

First: R€ich U$A Rebel Tea Party 1776
=> U$A prints dollars & arms Prussians
2: Second: R€ich & 1871 Siege of Belfort
=> Illegitimate Deutschland bastard state
born "Deutschland über alles" we hear!!!

=>Deutcshe colonial Namibian Genocide
3WW1 1914
1918 Armenian Genocide
=>The Germans did vote for Adolf Hitler
4:  Third: R€ich 19331945 1939 WW2
& Volkswagen steals Gold
 Gold is on a ship to Romanshorn
=> Nazis get on board at Friedrichshafen
sailing to Romanshorn to plot the
evil €U

5: Fourth R€ich by treaty of Rome 1957
=>European Union murders UK children
6: €U Wars: Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Syria
=>Turkey, Russia, China & €U Dictators
7: World War Three 20
2018 11/11
=>Nazis in AUTOMAIDAN Volkswagen
BMW, Audi, Mercedes & Porsche 9-11s!

Enough was Enough so David Cameron
called it a BRexit!!! referendum in 2016
Red for a repubican TRUMP revolution
Green for One United Ireland once again
BLUE because it's in the Deep Blue Sea
as The Royal Navy is in Scarborough

We did Vote Leave so we can take back
Control of Scarborough shoal in fact
HMS RMT GBR fleet admiral bright is in
=>actual fact RMT Member 0129053
working to STOP RISK on the railway,
on land and at sea & in the air as MH17
was shot down by Ukrainian rebels as it
was oneworld and so in competition with
the German Lufthansa Star alliance so we
bring back British Rail to

British Commonwealth 
BRexit!!! ends
the corrupt fascist regime of the €U that
put private political profit of the few
above public welfare of the many.

VOTE LABOUR for the many,
not the few who murder children!

The RMT UNION conference now in
Doncaster at the RMT Learning centre
asks "what if Jeremy Corbyn was PM?"

Well: Everyone in Germany and Russia
would be Cambridge IGCSE educated
about The Siege of Belfort, WW1 &
WW2 as well as The Holocaust so the
Germans and Russians would join our
General Strike to

In 2018 we remember 1918 and 1945

together so we can STOP THE WAR
and Jeremy Corbyn is the Democratic
Prime Minister with over 76% in polls
so it's not what if but WHEN WILL
to make with

The NEW Department of Education
TRUE Great British Schools offer all
Global students the opportunity to study
for The University of Cambridge exams
to build One World For Peace with
common Global British Education
to gain admission to the BEST
Univeristy in The World:

The United Kingdom of
Great Britain and the rest
of the world is OK! because
oneworld for Peace is leading
the world with British Airways
and Global Travel Partners.

The oneworld British Embassy
at the foundation of Switzerland
today helps UK allied nations &
All Commonwealth nationals
to do business across EurAsia
now the old EU has collapsed.

From UK office space to UK
visas, NHS fitness tours to
luxury appartments, Russian
visas to Railways, UK Sealink
to TGV Travelling at Great
Velocity we get you where
you want to be, VERY fast.

From Disneyland: London and
Boncourt, the SWISS Jurassic
Republic capital are three hours
away, door to door, including
time to walk to the station.

The Revolutionary Village
Railway RVR station has a
hilltop observation tower so
you could take a cable car or
enjoy an NHS fitness hike
to reach the summit.

The World Economic Summit
Teambuilding WEST 2017 events
held at the Grand Hotel Sauna
& Swimming Pool are open to
everyone following the theme
of Inclusive Commonwealth
for World Peace 2014~2018
by remembering 1914~1918

We explain our PLAN
to integrate Germany and
East Switzerland into
West Switzerland
and the rest of

We are delighted to welcome
SWISS International Airlines
home to oneworld affiliates
with Great British Airways
and Great British Russian
and SBB Swiss Railway
connections to the UK

We now offer excellent ground,
sea and air connections from
Zurich to London and New
York as well as Moscow,
Beijing and the Pacific.

We remember our HEROES
of all conflicts who have made
oneworld of Peace possible:

Image result for royal british legion

Remembrance of past conflicts enables peace today.

We promote remembrance in Germany, Switzerland
and Austria so that German speaking people can join
in our World Peace armistice celebrations in 2018.

The German speaking people are cordially invited to
Join the Commonwealth and the United Kingdom with
France, Russia, China and our American friends for
World Peace today. The renaissance of China, Russia
and The Commonwealth means that the European
Union and it's protectionist regime as well as it's
secretly funded terrorists are finished now.

France has woken up by remembering 1914 to 1918
and will achieve Peace from 2014 to 2018 together
with Russia and Great Britain as we formed the
triple entente in 1907 precisely to resist the
predicted aggression of Germany and
the triple alliance. Italy was on the
wrong side in 1914 but refused
to support German aggression
joined the UK side in 1915.

We do not seek to humiliate German speaking people
today by reminding them of their sad past. We do seek
World Peace and International Friendship together
by understanding each other. We learn German
and they learn English and we become one
happy family working for Common Wealth.

By working together with the German people on our UK
Public Transport projects we promote a shared history

of remembrance so that war will never happen again.

We campaign via
@RoyalNavyNews for a real UK
government that promotes peace. Already we have
toppled the dictator David Cameron and our New Prime
Minister is promoting World Peace with better UK and
Russian relations. In The Philippines we promote sea
reconciliation with China and a Royal Navy peace
base on Scarborough Shoal for friendship and
HMS Royal Megayacht Travel ships to China.

The Royal Navy has always stood for World Peace
and international friendship with the Triple
Entente now remembered from 2014 to 2018 so
we can stop the 1914 to 1918 war, permanently.

Visit the museum at Uberlingen to learn more:

Remembering the war of 1914 to 1918 is the way to achieve
World Peace today. From 2014 to 2018 we are remembering
1914 to 2018 because the UK stopped Germany in 1918 and
an armistice was agreed. We promote remembrance so
that war will never happen again. Germany started
the war in 1914 by bribing a Croat to shoot an
Austrian in Serbia and world war one
started, certainly it was no accident
because Royal Mail Ship Titanic
had already been hit by a
German U Boat before
hitting the iceberg...

Every day from 2014 to 2018 we are remembering
the same day 100 years ago so that by 2018 we
will now achieve total German surrender.

Learn about the evil companies with a Nazi past
and think twice before you do your shopping!

Visit Queenstown (aka. Cobh) in Ireland
and learn about the true story of the Titanic and
visit the Titanic Memorial gardens to pay your
respects to the passengers and crew of the
Titanic and also RMS Lusitania sank
off Ireland by Germany in 1915:

Great Britain and the UK were founded in 1603 by Good
King James of Scotland who accepted the challenge
to serve as King of England, Wales, Ireland and
France. This is the basis for World Peace as
is explained in the introduction to the
King James Bible published in 1611
as well as the Queen Elizabeth
2016 introduction to the holy
Bible, Koran, Torah and
books for all faiths.

In 2016 we remember 1916 to stop the war Germany
started in 1914. We remember UK history for Peace
which is why we voted for the British Rail BRexit.

UK is OK because we stopped Germany in 1945
We stopped Germany in 1918 and we stopped the German
EU the other day in 2016 with the BRexit for British Rail.

We in the UK have a tradition of making the world OK and
it's not just about stopping Germany because we also stop
all risks such as Napoleon which we stopped in 1815 at the
battle of Waterloo. We stopped a Spanish Armada in 1588
and we stopped the Armada again in 1982 by defending
the Falkland Islands so the Galtieri regime collapsed.

Learning about our Glorious UKOK! Royal Navy history is
key to understanding why the RMT UNION is on strike now
over the UKOK! Family Work Life balance at Eurostar since
people must come before profits in order to defend UKOK!
family life for all families in the UK to be truly OK!

It is a good idea to travel to France with your family and we
have therefore created this website to promote family travel
to France, Ireland and Spain as well as the rest of Europe and
the world in order to visit historic battle sites where UKOK!
HEROES have fought to defend our freedom to a happy
family work life balance. We do not accept slavery
in the UK as the Royal Navy abolished slavery in
the century before the last one so we are not
going to accept EU imposed slavery today.

Quite simply the UK is OK with!

The RMT struggle is the struggle of all working
families in the UK and the rest of the world to live
a normal happy family life. We therefore support
the RMT UNION by promoting responsible travel
and remembrance of all UK allied forces who
have fought to defend freedom over the centuries.

Trading as HMS Royal Megayacht Travel service and Great
British Railways we are deployed from Bournemouth, UK to
the rest of the world in order to promote the UK and develop
Global Public Transport so as to be as comprehensive as the rail
network in Switzerland. Our primary puropose is to promote
Public Transport.
Public Transport by rail, ship, bicycle and
foot as well as mobility buggies removes the need for cars
and provides local employment. Following BRexit for
British Rail our work is of timely importance as we
prepare for a Labour Government committed
to investment in Public transport for all.

NHS Outcomes in terms of life expectancy and public health
can be dramatically improved by replacing cars with bicycles
and Great British Railways as was the case in 1948 when the
NHS was founded. We ask all local councils to help our work.

We are the Global campaign to STOP RISK on the roads and
we work to support the United Nations Decade of Action for
Road Safety 2011~2020 by replacing cars with Bicycles and
Public Transport for all. We are a non political organisation
dedicated to Public Safety and the improvement of life for all.

We in the UK all share the same NHS and we all depend on
each other to survive as one United Kingdom. Over the years
the EU did corrupt many of our politicians such as John Major
who sold out British Rail as well as Yugoslavia to German EU
imperialism. Tony Blair was also corrupted by the EU and
lied to parliament about Iraq as we all know from the
Chilcot enquiry to attack Iraq instead of stopping the
deadly imports of German cars that used Iraqi oil.

There is always a Peaceful British way to solve problems and
strengthen our UK economy without wasting money on silly
weapons and wars that do not help our security at all and
in fact make things worse as was know from Iraq following
the Chilcot report. Instead of attacking Iraq we could have
stopped German car imports and renationalised British Rail
to deliver lower fares and safe travel for everyone in the UK.

Following BRexit Her Majesty's Scottish Royal Megayacht
Travel service is now able to actively promote UK=OK! real
Great British solutions to the pressing issues of our time.

With our central seat on the United Nations security council
we can influence our American Friends to allow our Great
Philippine friends to negotiate directly with China about
access to the Scarborough shoal where we are planning
Scarborough Fair which will be a Royal Navy Pacific
outpost for The British and Australian Royal Navy
passenger shipping servces from the UK to Australia.

We have very good diplomatic relations with China and
Russia is eager to talk about nuclear disarmament so we
can replace trident with a multilateral deterrent based
on diplomancy with Russia, China, our American freinds
and the Commonwealth for ONEWORLD of UK=OK! Peace.

Remembrance of our HEROES who have served in the
armed forces is key to uniting the Commonwealth and
bringing our American, Russian and Chinese friends to
be all firmly on our side as we unite to fight terrorism.

Terrorism started with the Germanic invasion of Belgium
in 1914 and was restarted in 1939 when Germany invaded
Poland. Not satisfied with Peaceful development the evil
German regime founded the EU to advance evil German
car and chemical manufacturing with monopolistic EU
domination. In 2014 the evil EU organised a bloody
coup in Kiev to invade Ukraine again as in 1941.

Today ISIS terrorists which were supported by oil trading
through Turkey to the EU are a major threat but there is
noting at all islamic about them. British Intelligence knows
that all terrorism originated in the Berlin Bunker where
Angela Merkel plots with her Germanic industrialists to
dominate Europe. Only by educating the British People
about the German threats to our way of life can we
stop risk on the roads and save the NHS we all love.

Volkswagen has been found guilty in the United States
of lying about defeat devices on their cars. Volkswagen
cars (and all cars use some volkswagen parts) are so
deadly that our American friends are taking action.

We in the UK can take action today and STOP RISK on
our roads by stopping all Volkswagens which are known
to produce deadly chemical pollution which causes cancer.

A United Kingdom campaign to STOP RISK on our roads will
STOP ISIS terrorists as oil will no longer be bought from them
once cycling is safe on our beautiful car free Green UK streets.

The Good German people are already cycling and Volkswagens
are not popular in Germany so by fighting EU lies with British
Truth we can give power to the Good People in Germany &
the rest of Europe. This is the way to stop terrorism and
save the NHS and save British steel as we will need to
rebuild our Railway Branch lines which all need steel
rails for Trains that are actually made in the UK and
so are OK! with Drivers, Guards, Restaurant staff
and platform staff to help passengers on every
stage of their Great British Rail Journeys.

Great British Railways with HMS Royal Megayacht Travel
connections save the NHS and enable nuclear disarmament.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Bright CEO Great British Railways GBR RMT NHS
Follow us @RoyalNavyNews

Great British Railways connect the world for Peace with
through trains from Glasgow to Gorky and on to Beijing
and Hong Kong for the RMT (Royal Navy Passenger ships)
sailing to Scarborough Fair and Cavite, Philippines, where
the Royal Navy liberated Manila from the Spanish armada
which greatly helped end the seven years war with Spain.

The Royal Navy has always worked to STOP RISK by our
Global Promotion of World Peace and International UK
Friendship to all people in all nations. We do not talk
to Terrorists or regimes which is why we voted to
Leave the European Union (EU) which will now be
replaced by Free and Fair Commonwealth trade.

Throughout Europe people are saying ""

The Philippines is also saying "NO" to U$A domination so
we continue with Philippine National Railways to Davao
where President Duterte is currently restoring PELNI
UK=OK! Indonesian Sealink shipping to Bitung, Bali
& Darwin Australia for Queensland Rail to Brisbane.

Everyone loves the UK=OK! Great British Commonwealth.
God Save The Queen. Say NO to the €U R€GIM€. STOP RISK!

YES Scotland is the REAL UK=OK! Since 1603 93 visitors today to The REAL UK=OK=CHURCHILL FOREVER !