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Remember 1919 for Peace in 2019!


We are delighted to announce our partnerships with SNCF as well as GCHQ for the D-Day 1944 permanent way of remembrance from Portsmouth with Brittany Ferries to Sword Beach which is commemorated from June 5th 2019.

Passengers continue to Paris and The Historic stronghold of Belfort to learn about the Siege of Belfort from 1870 to 1871 and then on to Joncherey to remember Corporal Peugeot who was the first casualty of World War One killed by an invading German patrol 30 hours before Germany actually declared The Great War in 1914.

On the 28th of June 2019 we remember the Treaty of Versailles signed in 1919 to STOP THE WAR in the hope that German President Steinmeyer will do the decent thing and sign again to STOP THE WAR since Germany and the EU regime today sponsor terrorrism and prop up the undemocratic regimes of Putin and Xi which has invaded the WEST Philippine sea.

We sincerely hope China will peacefully leave Scarborough shoal and mischief reef and normal freedom of navigation and Philippine fishing activities can resume in our own Philippine seas again. We love Peace and respect China so all we ask is for China to respect us.

The Russian People all want Peace as do the German People so Democracy must prevail so there will be Peace. In Switzerland the people of Moutier voted to JOIN THE JURA so we remember Maurice WICHT who gave his life for Jura to be independent on the 9th of July 1974. Come and visit the memorial in Boncourt and learn more about the centuries of struggle for World Peace and International friendship with an independent Jurassic Republic. Everyone is welcome!


The Great British Philippine Department of Education is bringing FREE Kindergartens in English to all families in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia and the rest of Europe once the EU regime is defeated with a true Brexit that actually means BRexit! for Bright Rail trains from Glasgow to Genoa and General Santos in the Philippines with Her Majesty's Scottish Royal Megayacht Travel service.

Investments in Public Transport mean lives are saved on the roads in accociation with the United Nations Decade of Action for Road safety 2011≈2020 so we are saving millions of lives by the Grace of God !

Older people will enjoy our special adult education classes to inform themselves of the correct version of history as we remember 1919 and 1944 together to achieve World Peace in 2019 without any more wars.

Learn more about our course topics and worldwide opportunities as we build A Connected Commonwealth for Her Majesty The Queen as we celebrate with GCHQ

We promote GCHQ Puzzle Books in order
to encourage everyone on our planet to
promote World Peace with intelligent
remembrance to

By remembering The 1870 to 1871 Siege
of Belfort, The Namibian Genocide,
Armenian Genocide, World War One,
World War Two and The Holocaust
as well as the Nakhba we can help
Germany learn from it's past and
bring peace to the Middle East
with Israeli and Iranian dialogue.

Humans are all intelligent beings so
we learn from our mistakes and we
appologise for errors as was the 
lesson of 1919 at the treaty of
Versailles ending World War One.

The Good German people are humble
today and seek World Peace and true
international frindship which is
why The LEFT GREEN allies
are winnng the elections...

In 2019 we STOP RISK of German
AUTO domination of Europe. This
means NO Volkswagens, NO BMW,
NO Audis, NO Mercedes and NO
Porsche 9-11 Types of terrorism.
In the City of Constance buses are
very popular and we are planning
a tram as well as cable car system

that will connect to Uberlingen
so everyone can visit the World
War One Museum and enjoy
remembrance together as 

Good People of Constance are all
very helpful and supportive of
my efforts and it is my Great
pleasure to offer everyone at
The University of Constance
and the City of Constance
help solving GCHQ puzzles.

Whatever happens with "brexit" I explain
to Her Majesty's Government in London
writing to my MP Conor Burns as well
as Prime Minister May that the German
people all want much closer relations
with Great Britain for our common
wealth so indeed Germany will
be joining the Commonwealth.

Her Majesty The Queen has deep German
family tree roots but the Windsor family
left Germany in order to enable Great
Britain to STOP Germanic fascism.

Everyone in The UK and Germany
wants to be good friends these days!

So we support the
and the peaceful GREEN PARTY
for World Peace and True
to achieve a United Ireland and
Bring Back
British Railways...
Great British Schools promote travel
around the world to build one world
for peace and stop all war today... selling your car and investing in
education and public transport you
can do your bit to build a better
world of peace for the next
generation as previous
generations have
fought for our

To stop World War Three we need
to live sustainably and stop invading
countries for "regime change" and
access to oil and raw materials...

...Education is the key to World Peace
and it's all about transport. The German
corporations dominate the world wide
transport industry, bribe politicians
and close down public transport...

World War One made huge profits for
German weapons makers like Krupps
and then World War Two made huge
profits for Volkswagen, BMW, Audi,
Mercedes and Porsche 9-11 types of
corrupted politicians like Hitler.

Today politicians like Macron, 
May and TRUMP are all corrupt:
prostitutes bought and paid for by
the huge corporations that make
money every time a missile is
fired, a car sold and fuel is
pumped into the tank...

The EU is a mafia state with an
aganda to replace democratic and
public transport on the railways
with privatised autobahn travel
as we can see with Mr. Macron
attacking the SNCF workers.

EU rail privatisation and road
building serves Volkswagen,
BMW, Audi, Mercedes and
other corporate interests
like motor insurance &
corrupt petro states...

The RMT UNION opposes
EU privatisation and supports
democratic public transport so
support the RMT strike, GCT
strike in France, GDL and
Lufthansa strikes in
Germany so we
can stop war.

War only benefits the corrupt,
evil politicians. Remember that
The Royal Family and British
commonwealth stand for
World Peace today...

Her Majesty The Queen unites
us all to STOP THE WAR and
build One World For Peace.

Rememberance of WW1 and
WW2 is the way to stop WW3.

Join The Royal British Legion
for Peace and Vote Labour

...because every generation has
the duty today to pass on the gift
of remembrance to secure a
much better world for our
children tomorrow.

Learn more with remembrance
and email us for help planning
family school trips with public
transport to Stop The War.

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