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Dear Conor Burns,

Bournemouth is our premier UK resort and we depend on English
Teaching and student exchanges for our year round income. The
summer tourist is supplemented by The winter tour students who
will increasingly be coming from Winterthur by Great British Rail.
We are One World For Peace, the leading international tourism
promotions agency. We help everyone enjoy a better life with a
year round income and economic security by promoting tourism.

The NEW Royal Navy Special Boat Service (SBS) World Peace
Park and Playground called 'Robins Horn' is specially created to
enable families with small children to enjoy using Public Transport.

Travelling with special pirate 'Bollerwagens' the little ones can sleep
while on the move and parents can also carry luggage for the family
easily by Train, Bus and Boat. This promotes SWISS Public Travel.

For well over 100 years now Switzerland has been leading The World
in Rail and Sea Travel. With connecting Trams, Buses and aeroplanes
at Zurich, Basel, Berne and Geneva airports everyone can now join in!

Global Public Transport integration is sustainably in flight with Zeppelin
Airships now providing ONE WAY fares from 99 euros which include a
train, bus and boat pass for the return journey via The World Peace Park.

The Europa Park as well as Legoland, Disneyland, Sea Life and The
new Jurassic Republic Dinosaur gardens at Jurassica are all joining in.
Switzerland, Germany and Austria are all connected by the lake
of Constance with The River Rhein providing a natural connection
From France, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands and The
United Kingdom where we are based in Bournemouth.

We deal with practical problems by creating business opportunities.

We face up to the challenges of today and move on together for tomorrow...
Unemployment and poverty are serious problems in The Far Eastern
Swiss canton of Thurgau where politicians use social problems to be
elected by blaming 'unintegrated foreigners' for the lack of jobs.
The reputation of Switzerland was severely damaged by the SVP
'black and white sheep' poster which was publicly displayed at the
SBB railway stations. Thankfully the Federal Tribunal in Lausanne
ruled this poster to be racist and it has now been taken down.
Though the offensive poster was removed racism sadly continues
at the Town hall and Thurgau parliament and even in Zurich canton
Police do not seem able to speak English outside of the airport.
We hope that Switzerland wants to be more than just an airport,
though Zurich airport is very nice nobody gets a train to Thurgau as
the local councils do nothing at all to help international tourists.
Winterthur Tourism has made a serious effort to improve and we can
now list the improvements that are urgently needed all over Thurgau:
1 - Signs ought to be in English, with English as the First language.
2 - Especially in Police stations and Town halls, English must be spoken.
3 - International documents (Passports, health cards etc.) to be recognised.
4 - Safety barriers to be installed on harbour walls and at each end of ships.
5 - Better Education is needed for the local population, especially in English.
6 - War memorials and museums to be created to promote remembrance.
7 - Serious political work is needed to STOP FASCISM and STOP RACISM.
8 - All children ought to have equal academic opportunities until age 16.
9 - Better coordination is needed between various tourist offices.
10 - An all year round season can now be promoted by IHK.
We will be delighted to help you improve Switzerland for tourists and this
will create many good jobs all year round. I have explained the need for the
teaching of English at the same time as German to Frau Hug at the local
integration and social assistance office in Romanshorn.
English is vital as without English it is impossible to work in Global Tourism.
Other United Nations official languages are also very useful: Arabic, Chinese,
French, Russian and Spanish are all spoken widely and should be promoted.
Since many refugees already speak Arabic and English as well as French it
makes sense to treat the refugees well as they can help Thurgau and other
German speaking areas most of all. The new map of Europe is shown here:

I am always available to meet up for discussions on the boats between our
lakeside ports and give detailed examples of the various projects we are
all working on including The Zeppelin day trips to Romanshorn, The
new Mc Donald's cafe and restaurant in Romanshorn and on the
ships, the new adventure park in Romanshorn, the new museum
at the harbour featuring how Romanshorn helped save many of
the refugees in World War Two and our year round season here.
With very best wishes,
Paul Bright CEO One World For Peace

Welcome to Switzerland all year 365/365
Royal Navy Swimming Club Romanshorn

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NO Racism allowed!
NO Antisemitism here!
NO Prostitute politicians either!
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