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Welcome to  Hotel CHURCHILL De Gaulle PANGANIBAN


We confirm our 
appointment with Richard Fleury on
 Thursday the 14th of September 2021 at 11.00.

This appointment is confirmed as OK for us and we look forward to meeting you at The BAT restaurant at 11:00 at Rue du Stade 8.

The BAT restaurant will be used by our hotel guests so it is a very good place to begin our meeting at lunchtime. 

Just to confirm we have currently 8 rooms needing phones and at the moment we have one line with a desktop phone. 

The Address for the installation of the HOTEL TELEPHONE SYSTEM is Hotel CHURCHILL, Rue du Stade 2 - 2926 Boncourt, JURA.


Families are complex social structures and public officials must be 100% clean and uncorruptible. Communication with Police is vital.

Marc LABBE from Frote and Partner has been identified as a major contributor to extreme domestic violence against the BRIGHT family.

The imposition of "curators" by Christian MINGER has caused many families to loose property and children and some have lost their lives.

This is why we invite the SWISS BAR ASSOCIATION to take immediate action to clean up the Judicial system in Switzerland today.  

Property extortion is the usual motivation for all sorts of violence including the GERMAN invasion of France at Joncherey in 1914.

Promoting remembrance tourism to Boncourt from France and all allied countries will greatly help to STOP VIOLENCE in general.  

We are creating a unique hotel experience that will genuinely takeour guests back to 1945 so we will use traditional telephones;

these telephones use a traditional dial but have a tone generator so they can use your SWISSCOM internet lines (tried and tested)

Bakelite telephones at the Cabinet War Rooms are very famous as we all now remember the importance of remembering the war

The style of telephone we plan to use is illustrated in attachment one. We are also planning on installing a public telephone box.

So we will be needing some sort of automatic switchboard as guests will be able to access outside lines and will need a telephone bill.

Telephone bills will then be payable by the guests when they are checking out of the hotel in the usual way that things used to be done.

We are very happy with the current SWISSCOM Yealink modern phone which we would like to move from the landing to the office. 

We will be very happy to discuss the various options and agree a timescale for the engineering work required over lunch in the restaurant.

We then propose moving to the site of the hotel (100 metres along the road) where we invite you to park as we have 3 private parking spaces.

This is a Major Project for SWISSCOM and for Switzerland to regain first place in the Hospitality league tables and win many new customers

WINNING The War that was started by Germany in 1914 is now within reach as we all remember our history as history comes alive in Boncourt

NEW Remembrance Tourism Educational Information boards in Boncourt have been specifically installed in order to promote our important work.  

new educational board is now planned for Rue Du Stade 2 informing visitors of the history of the building and our family contribution to Peace.

World Peace Today, in our time, is possible by remembering the importance of the Philippine Independence movement led by PANGANIBAN:  

By supporting our Hotel Project everyone in Switzerland will benefit as we now reorient the whole confederation to the WINNING ALLIES of 1945.

By remembering CHURCHILL and his famous visit to Switzerland in 1946 we can guarantee everyone in the JURA a very rich and prosperous 2023.  

All this incredible progress has been made possible by the BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED project to restore the historic 1921 Railway connections in 2021.  

Further political work is now being undertaken by our Mayor Lionel MAITRE who is contacting Boncourt in France to develop a shared project.    


The Department of Education is fully committed to helping Switzerland in Addressing the Challenge of Quality in Basic Education so that everyone can live in Peace.

Please contact the department directly for further details of the GLOBAL British and Philippine Government remembrance projects happening all around the world in 2022.  

Remembrance of 1944 in 2021 ensures VICTORY for Peace and LOVE in 2022 as we remember 1945 in BONCOURT by The Grace of God !


Thanks and best regards,


Eva and Paul BRIGHT


London to Berne and Genoa as shown on the Bright Rail Map:

Metropolitan Police operation PATTERN is Police Action Targeting Extremist Racist Networks of TERRORISTS like Pascal STUCKY, Marcel RYSER, Christian MINGER and their terrorist testifiers like Maria ANISIMOVA who they FORCE to give false testimony as they want to harm British Interests in Switzerland. At BRIGHT RAIL we do not tolerate racism on the trains, on the platforms or in surrounding villages like BONCOURT so Dominique GELIN of Rue De La Cote 3 has a lot of explaining to do to JURA POLICE as to WHY he tried to steal all our family documents...

Valerie FALBRIARD at the Town Hall also has a lot of explaining to do as to WHY she refused to photocopy important documents prooving we are a CATHOLIC Family as the parents of Eva BRIGHT were both Catholic and married legitimately when she was born. Racist and religious as well as Political violence is a very serious problem in Switzerland where socialist candidates Rosalie and Nathalie have been menaced a lot including the vandalism of their posters with KNIFE ATTACKS. This violence is clearly incompatible with democracy. 

On Friday 7/5/2021 Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 who is the REAL Elected Mayor of Porrentruy will testify to Dr. Jens SOMMER about the violence he and his son have been subjected to. BOTH The Bright and Bedin familes have been menaced with economic and physical violence because we do not support the NAZI MAFIA of MINGER, RYSER and STUCKY. Many incidents are recorded on CCTV and Berne supreme court case BM203770 is now being heard. If you wish to submit evidence please contact Police Forensik Psychiatrist Dr. Jens SOMMER who will arrange an interview and record your testimony.

Together we WILL defeat racism in 2021 as we remember 1921.
Long live the Treaty of Versailles and VIVE LA FRANCE...
avec La Royaume-Uni, Les Etats-Uni et La Commonwealth.  

Metropolitan Police Hate Crimes
Court reference number 4/12/19:
Porrentruy TC Ref: 39/19 & 106/19
Dorset Police ref: 12-0275
BELFORT TGI ref: 19/220/03
MET CIN-24896-19-0100-000

British Embassy Berne Ref: ENQW067944

Metropol Criminal Crime Ref: CCR-2233-19-0100-000
Met. Crime Incident Number CIN-28500-19-0100-000
Airport Trafficking Heathrow ATH-3311-19-0600-000

UK Embassy Berne Ref: ENQW067944
Amb. Jane OWEN: 00 41 31 35 97 700

UK POLICE: 00442072301212
Eva and Paul BRIGHT work Hard, Fear God and are HONEST to STOP THE EVIL 21st century slave trade called the Trafficking of Human beings for profit by the SWISS MAFIA.

Well organised crime and Institutional RACISM are very serious problems in Switzerland.

SWITZERLAND WILL ONLY BE SAFE FOR INTERNATIONAL FAMILIES AFTER 8/5/2021 when we celebrate VICTORY over Racism, Antisemitism, Corruption and Extortion of Her Majesty's Property at BRIGHT RAIL Ltd.

Pascal STUCKY (Far Left) actually FIRED Pascal BEDIN (who will testify on 7/5/2021 in Berne) that he was only trying to help our family correct the falsified Population records and Tax records in Delémont in 2012. Sadly in Switzerland Racism, Antisemitism, Corruption and EXTORTION of property in The JURA is especially problematic since we organised to reopening of the international railway line through BONCOURT from Berne to London. Many people in JURA behave like wild PIGS and it is certainly NOT SAFE for international travel at the current time

The criminal actions of our secretary were made possible by Pascal STUCKY and Marcel RYSER at the contributions office and RACIST Population office but organesed VIOLENT crime against our family was only possible with the recognition of a FAKE RUSSIAN MARRIAGE by Christian MINGER (FAR Right FASCIST SVP Member) who is the President of the Authority for the "Protection" of Aduts and Children; APEA Delémont.  

BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED Secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 is WANTED by UK Police for obtaining a British Passport by deception and then TRAFFICKING Rachel and Sophie BRIGHT as children to Switzerland for EXPLOITATION by her MAFIA Man Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 who is now in POLICE CUSTODY.

Pascal BEDIN has explained that he was trying to correct our family tax records and was then FIRED by Pascal STUCKY  attcked Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 with his walking stick on the S3 train beacuse Paul refused to betray his real wife and refused to accept the TRAFFICKING of his children.

CORRUPT APEA President Christian MINGER then framed Paul up so as to impose a curatorship and Pascal BEDIN then had the audacity to say "Paul is not a good father" after helping to frame up Paul. At the end of the day it is all about money. 

TRAFFICKING CHILDREN is BIG BUSINESS in Switzerland and as families are destroyed by The APEA thier houses can be sold on and illicit profits made. Sadly the brother in law of Paul convinced Maria The Secretary to KIDNAP the children on 28/04/2019 which was the same day as the JEWISH Population was deported from Belfort to NAZI German death camps in World War Two so this is classed as a SERIOUS TERRORIST INCIDENT by British Embassy in Berne.

Persons with information about SEX CRIMINALS are requested to pass this information to Damien RERAT via the Police stations in Porrentruy and Delémont. Persons with information about Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who is now a DRUG ADDICT are requested to pass information to Philippe JOSS at Berne Bumpliz Police station.

Maria is WANTED by UK Metropolitan Police in CROYDON in connection with the MURDER of Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937 which is being investigated by Police officer KAYTON. The criminals are masters of deception, denial, deceit and duplicity. Though Maria is BRITISH she is posing as a RUSSIAN in order to evade capture.

Pascal STUCKY must now help our family and Her Majesty's Government recover stolen assets by Maria ANISIMOVA and also to testify as to exactly what on earth is going on at the APEA and the Population offices, if he is innocent, in fact.

Switzerland is corrupt, very racist and very antisemitic: there are officially NO JEWS in JURA which is ridiculous as we are a JEWISH. When will the SWISS every learn to just open up and be hoest about their country and the HOLOCAUST ?

In the meantime, we keep calm and carry on working to bring BRIGHT RAIL Trains to Switzerland so we can open up the railway market to proper, Great British Railways from London to Berne and on to Genoa and MANILA for Melbourne with Her Majesty's Royal Megayacht travel services:

The Global Flip Flop Market is forecast to grow at the rate of 10% per month in Swiss Franc Terms as everyone realises that "it's more fun in the Philippines" and books their 2020 summer holidays as soon as they possibly can by The Grace of God !

Realisation that Family Ties are stronger than business ties has ensured the market for family friendly travel is also growning with the new railway line from Geneva and Zurich via Berne and Boncourt to Paris and The 1944 Normandy Landing beaches enjoying rapid passenger growth. Remembrance tourism not only benefits the tourists but also encourages One World For Peace in our time and does actually, in reality STOP THE WAR that Germany pointlessly started in 1914 and has sadly cost over 100 Million innocent people their lives.

Stopping all war was always our intention as Great British Filipinos and now our Flip Flop business can benefit as people realise that nobody really needs expensive business shoes when fishing is the most profitable business in town. Flip Flops are GREAT for fishing as you can walk on the riverbed and actually become like a fish to catch a fish and feed your family for another day by the Grace of God ! 

Located at the Hotel CHURCHILL De Gaulle PANGANIBAN in BONCOURT on the border with France, Eva and Paul BRIGHT together with their children Sophie, Jacob, Rachel and Kristina welcome you to enjoy the NEW BEACH at Boncourt as well as the HAMMAM and Sauna at their Swimming Pool which is open to the public.

Leaving Switzerland is easy if you have an onward ticket with Philippine Air Lines PAL from Heathrow to Manila and Melbourne. Trains depart every hour to DELLE in France where you can stay at the Hotel Du Nord which is by the Banque National Paris Roundabout and Health and Beauty Massage Centre. There are many restaurants in Delle and many war memorials from The Siege of Belfort, World War One and World War Two as well as more recent conflicts we all remember. 

Remembrance tourists who wish to enjoy France before crossing the channel from Sword Beach to Her Majesty's Historic Portsmouth Royal Navy Dockyard can learn all about World Peace and International Friendship at the Corporal PEUGEOT Memorial in Joncherey near the Yellow Brick Road ROCKETMAN Reading Room at the Public School Library. The ADAMS FAMILY Diner next to The New York Times Newsagent is near the railway station and has FREE internet access so nobody needs to bring any sort of mobile telephone. 

Public Telephones are available at the Port at Sword Beach and are operated by EURO Coins so everyone can confirm their flights before boarding the Brittany Ferries ships which will speed entry to The United Kingdom. Transfer from the Port to the Airport is by National Express Victory Liner services or by British Rail from Portsmouth Harbour station where passengers can also enjoy a trip to the nearby Isle of Wight Steam Railway and numerous tourist attractions on the island. 

We are delighted to share our family and company history with the public and offer all inclusive guided tours of Switzerland, France, The UK and The Philippines as well as Australia where we are delivering a Connected Commonwealth in association with The Royal Australian Air Force and allies. Everyone is welcome on our tours and we look forward to receiving you bookings, flip flop orders and travel enquiries.  

With Eva Bright Education you can help Save The World as well as learning English at your own time and pace in the UK as you'll be OK with us in Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Plymouth travelling as an honoured Royal Guest On Her Majesty's Service. We are delighted to accompany Saudi Royal Family members and friends on day trips or longer diplomatic excursions to Great Britain and Ireland. 

We also sail to cork from Roscoff and we will accompany you from our family holiday home in Switzerland so there is nothing for you to worry about. Whatever you want to do our hotel charges are the same so you can leave your things in the room in Switzerland and just carry hand baggage or you can bring your Golf Cart and all the clubs in your quiver. 

Truly the enemy will quiver so much by the sight of our Golf Clubs on the SNCF Trains we won't need to worry about evil agents of darkness like Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 or his Child Trafficking mafia boss Maria ANI$IMOVA 01/03/1971 because they are cowards hiding away in BERNE. 

The Bernese Police may be too afraid of them to do their jobs properly and simply arrest the scum but GOLFERS are on their way to The Restaurant Atlantico and the prostitution apartment obove where our daughters are FORCED to play the Trombone and Trumpet (not for Donald Trump we might add) and also do a Piano accompianment. 

Child exploitation takes many forms but only a Russian Prostitute with an Italian Mafia boss could have pulled this Extortion with a racist character off after their SERBIAN Banker Andrei PASPIELOVSKI married sister Caroline who was his student at SSEES The School of South East European Studies in London (or was that the School of Slavonic and East European Studies) what's the difference?

Switzerland is still VERY dangerous so do the WISE thing as a Friend of King Saud in Geneva or Zurich and head to BONCOURT where we will meet you at the Railway station. Please let us know your dates of travel so we can meet you and prepare you documents for travelling across France where we will look after you in our apartment. 

There is a HAMMAM at the Grand Mosque of Paris and also a swimming pool across the railway tracks (accessed via a bridge so you won't get hit by a train) but we do want our enemies to get hit by trains so it's time to tie up Vladimir PUTIN and Maria ANISIMOVA on LINE 4 and let's make it an SNCF QUAGMIRE for their good for nothing Emmanuel the MACRON who is a MACAROON in fact !

Happy Travelling and please email:


Learn English with the Grace of God!

! Lilipad para abutin anglahat !

God Save    

HMS RoyalMegayacht Travel


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Enid Valerie BRIGHT was born SCOT in Bradford, England and was from a Scottish family (because her maiden name was SCOT). Enid has two surviving children, Paul and Caroline who are dedicated to continuing her Great Work On Her Majestys Service for the BRAVEHEARTED People of BELFORT who so bravely resisted the Germanic siege of Belfort from 1870 to 1871, World War One from 1914 to 1919 and World War Two from 1939 to 1945. Many French resistance fighters gave their lives for the FREEDOM that we enjoy today in 2020 as we all remember 1945 together as One Happy Family by The Grace of God !



Had the Good People of Belfort not resisted so bravely then France would not exist (it would be called PRUSSIA) and England could well be a GERMAN speaking land, perish the thought! God only knows we might even be using the €URO currency and not be about to enjoy Leaving The European Union! Thankfully, we can all LIVE ON With One World For Peace by the Grace of God !

YES Scotland is the REAL UK=OK! Since 1603 131 visitors today to The REAL UK=OK=CHURCHILL FOREVER !