Paris 2024 Olympic TRAVEL - War and Peace 101

We remember 1916 for Peace in 2016

Hillary Clinton
is an FBI suspect under
investigation and will soon be known as
a WAR CRIMINAL as will her Husband
Bill because they did deliberately
start wars for their own ends.

Both Bill and Hillary are responsible for
millions of deaths in Jugoslavia, Albania,
Libya, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen.

The WAR CRIMINALS must be stopped
so that we can restore World Peace and
avoid their planned war with Russia.

Just like Hitler the Clintons want to
invade Russia in 2016 just as if we were
back in 1941. They want to continue
the evil EU coup against Ukraine and
NATO aggression on the Russian
border from within the Baltic states.

Deeply connected with the evil EU regime
euro-fascist Clintons support the very same
extremist CDU faction in Germany that is
very closely aligned with the Nazis from
World War Two. The Clintons, just like
the nazis are financed by corrupt banks
and deadly German frims such as the
evil Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Porsche
and IG Farben group who manufactured
the Zyklon B gas used to murder Jews and
anyone who argued with the Hitler regime.

This is WHY we British voted for BRexit
with British Rail replacing German cars

and are supporting Donald Trump for Peace
as well as Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister.

Following BRexit on the 23rd of June 2016
UK=OK! Independence day we are leaving
the evil EU regime but are still connected
which is why the UK is guilty of war crimes
in Yemen. The REAL UK will NOT sell
weapons to the Saudi regime that is not
in any way democratic or peaceful.

This is why there will be a UK General
Election so that Jeremy Corbyn can
take over to deliver the REAL UK
which will be OK! and Peaceful.

All nations sharing British NHS values
People First (before profits) will be invited
to join The Commonwealth. Ireland will be
fully indpendent and The United Kingdom
will be known as The United Kingdom of
Great Britain and the Rest of the World

Everyone loves the Great British NHS and
Great British Railways now operated all
over the world by friendly business and
commercial partners such as Russian
Railways RZD, Amtrak, Chinese
Railways, Indian Railways and
French Railways SNCF, etc.

The Royal Navy will protect our national
borders as will navies and armies of all
states to ensure no more trafficking
of people, drugs and weapons.

We are creating ONEWORLD of Peace.

The original United Kingdom, Our Kingdom
of Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland and France
was founded by Good King James in 1603 to
promote World Peace and stop the evil
european Unholy Roman Empires
of evil from dividing people
to create war & profits.

The Elizabethan age of World Peace
began with the reign of Queen Elizabeth
in 1558 and continues to this day with
Her majesty Queen Elizabeth head
of The Commonwealth of Good
Friendly democratic nations.

The European "Union" is not really
a union at all but a forced occupation
by banksters of European nations so
we are promoting BRexit for World
Peace and International Friendship.

Scottish independence is what we call
a RED HERRING because Scotland is
the founding nation of the UK from 1603
so independence is naturally Scottish but
the EU R€GIM€ of corruption has now
corrupted Westminster with the NOT
British David Cameron wholly in
the pay of the European Union.

We use the € symbol of the euro
currency unit to denote the fact that
the EU is in fact the €U R€GIM€ of
printed money for banks and crony
capitalists and it pays off anyone
foolish enough to believe in
Nazi German nonsense.

Nazi Germany was the original
concept of the European Union as
we can see by the sponsorship of the
Hitler regime, just like the Merkel
regime of Vicious Volkswagen lies,
BMW Bribery, Audi Aggression,
MAD Merkel in the Mercedes
and Porsche 911 Types of EU
sponsored ISIS Toyota Terror.

Essentially huge and corrupt
corporations have taken over the
streets putting the lives of people
at risk and together with the EU
privatisation directives forced
people to buy deadly cars.

We can all remeber better times
when we had excellent UK=OK!
Public Transport with the British
Railways and Corporation Trams
publicly owned by every town in
the UK and indeed worldwide
British Public Transport is
very popular indeed.

Public Transport and other Public
services like the NHS do not make
people rich but they do keep people
healthy and mobile so we must
logically defend Public services.

This is why we promote the UK
Labour Party of Jeremy Corbyn
and the BRexit so that Britain can
lead Europe to Peace and happy
prosperity in 2016 as in 1945.

Always and Forever REAL UK=OK!
with real Scottish Values for
People First UK=OK!

Introduction to the book "War and Peace 101"

by HMS RMT Fleet Admiral #Bright of Glencoe
because World Peace is normal and war is wrong.
Germanic imperialism started the war in 1914 &
after 101 years of war it is TIME for PEACE.

Her Majesty's Scottish Royal Megayacht Travel
service connects Our new World for Peace with
sustainable safe RMT Public Transport for all
creating millions of Good Green UK=OK! jobs
as we convert warships to passenger ships
and replace cars with bamboo bicycles.

The REAL UK has always been OK and was founded
in 1603 when King James VI of Scotland saved the
rest of Great Britain from invasion by accepting
the invitation to become King James I of Wales
and England, uniting three nations as Great
for the first time while respecting
separate parliaments North and South
of the border. This is what Scotland
wants today, a return to the UK
that is OK with freedom for
Scotland to live by the
values of Scotland.

Scottish values are clearly defined as Decent
Democratic Royalist values of respect, equality,
opportunity, compassion and integrity.

Her Majesty the Queen will continue to be our
head of state after independence because King James
is her
9th great-grandfather which means the Royal
UK will continue to be OK and indeed be more able
to lead the World to Peace by scrapping trident.
Join CND today and help scrap trident.

Scotland has always stood for freedom and respect
which dates back to 123 AD when The Scottish People
defended our territory from the invading romans.

Today most people North of Hadrians' wall wish to be
included in Scotland as indeed do most of our English &
Welsh neighbours who want to live in the NEW UK=OK!
  with People as the First priority in a real democracy.

The NEW World Wide Winning UK will be OK!
For Real Global Democracy
...because we always do
Democratic Europe. Total Liberation.
We love Europe so we will lead it
to Peace Always and Forever.

We Remember our HEROES
of World War One
&World War Two
who saved the world together with our
Commonwealth, Russian, Chinese
American and allied friends by giving
their today for our tomorrow so
that we could live in Peace.

The "little Britain uk" of Theresa May is
NOT OK! but a corporatist regime bent on profits
for the few at the expense of the many, both in the
UK and around the world where May and co. make
war for their own private gain through arms sales.
Join to stop Tory wars.

We reach out to the world with this book and hope
that we can explain exactly why everyone in the
UK should vote YES for Labour and NO for
trident as we really need the money to
invest in Education and Health as
well as Public Transport for all.

Remembering our HEROES who have served in
Her Majesty's forces is key to realising why
we need to STOP RISK and STOP WAR
today so the REAL UK can return to
our role as Global Peacemaker:
the UK that is OK! always
& forever UK=OK!

We defeated the Napoleonic nonsense in 1815
We defeated the Krupps Kaiser krauts in 1918
We defeated the Nazi German nutters in 1945
We shall defeat the Corrupt Clinton in 2016
YES Scotland is the REAL UK=OK! Since 1603 132 visitors today to The REAL UK=OK=CHURCHILL FOREVER !